Decoration Of Handan City Management

Original Language Title: 邯郸市装饰装修管理办法

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Decoration of Handan city management

    (September 27, 2010, Handan people's Government at the 35th Executive session on October 25, 2010 132th Handan people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2011) first to strengthen the management of construction engineering decoration activities, standardize market order, guarantee the quality of decoration and fitment engineering and security, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of the parties, according to the national and provincial laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.

    Article decoration activities in the administrative area of the city, and implement regulatory decoration activities shall abide by these measures.

    Laws and regulations on ancient architecture, important modern buildings and the military provisions of decoration of the building, from its provisions.

    Article decoration in these measures refers to use of decoration materials, modified for public buildings, structures and internal appearance, and prior to the acceptance of House under construction (hereinafter referred to as the whole House) modified the external or internal processing activities.

    Decoration of people mentioned in these measures refers to the buildings and structures are owners or occupiers of the decoration.

    Fourth, Handan city construction Administrative Department (hereinafter referred to as city decoration departments) is a decoration of the city activities of administrative authorities, municipal construction of its Management Office (hereinafter referred to as decoration, management) decorating and regulatory responsibilities, decoration activities, specifically in charge of the supervision and management of the day-to-day work. Counties (cities), decoration of the fengfeng mining district administrative authorities are responsible for decorating the supervision and management of the activities within their respective jurisdictions.

    Ma Tau Industrial City economic development zone, Handan city building departments, commissioned by the municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for supervising and administrating the decoration activities in their respective jurisdictions.

    Housing property management, environmental protection, fire, business, planning, human resources and social security, law enforcement administration, quality supervision departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, common good management of decoration. Fifth decoration shall comply with urban planning, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety, fire prevention and other relevant regulations and must not harm national interests, public interests and the legitimate interests of others.

    Encourage the introduction of new environmental protection and energy saving technologies, new materials, new technology. New residential projects in the urban downtown advocates fully delivered.

    Specific decoration acceptance criteria formulated by the municipal construction Administrative Department.

    Sixth in the city engaged in decoration and design, construction, supervision, detection units should be in accordance with the laws and administrative regulations with appropriate qualifications and conduct business in their level of qualification within the certificate.

    Units engaged in decoration shall take the business license, qualification certificate, decoration, and professional information related to authority records.

    Individual practitioners engaged in building decoration construction activities must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this municipality, apply to departments of the decoration for the qualification procedures, qualifications. Seventh decoration unit shall establish and improve the system of education and training, strengthen vocational training for workers, skilled construction personnel should be trained.

    Engaged in decoration and design, construction, supervision, testing and other specialized technical personnel shall obtain a relevant qualification certificates, and within the scope of their qualification certificate licensing practitioners; do a special type of construction technician or shall obtain a special work permit. Article eighth decoration not subcontractors do not have the appropriate level of qualification of units. Decoration and fitment engineering services jobs should be subcontracted to qualified services unit.

    Subcontracting the contractor's work may not be illegal.

    Nineth, implementation of decoration, this unit in China and the related credit system, the specific measures shall be formulated separately by the city decoration departments.

    Decoration article tenth City Department together with the municipal administration for industry and commerce, in accordance with the provisions of contract law contract demonstration text decoration project, and to the public.

    Decorating a contract shall include the following:

    (A) the name, address, contact details of the parties;

    (B) the decoration project address, location, number of houses, construction area;

    (C) contents of the decoration, pattern, specifications, quality requirements and acceptance;

    (D) the time of commencement and completion;

    (E) warranty the content, duration of the project;

    (F) standard price, price and mode of payment, time;

    (VII) share of security responsibilities;

    (VIII) modification and rescission of the contract conditions;

    (I) the breach of the contract and the way to resolve disputes;

    (10) the effective date of the contract;

    (11) the parties consider it necessary to clear other terms. 11th decoration should be used to comply with national standards for environmental protection and energy saving materials and equipment. Decoration materials, equipment, product quality inspection certificates, marked in Chinese product name and manufacturer name, product identification.

    Prohibiting the use of State has been officially eliminated or do not meet the energy saving and environmental protection requirements and product quality standard of decoration materials.

    Decoration may not explicitly or implicitly the construction side do not meet the energy saving and environmental protection requirements and product quality standard of decoration materials.

    12th decoration activities shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) the decorative design, construction, supervision, testing should ensure that the quality and structural safety of the building, and the implementation of national mandatory standards and industry standards. (B) involving changes in the main building, the load-bearing structure of the building decoration engineering, fitting shall, before construction of the original design unit written consent or accreditation body for housing experts meet the safety requirements, and design units or delegate has the appropriate qualifications structure construction drawing design documents, and submitted to the approval body.

    No construction design documents and construction drawing design documents without a review mechanism to review, not construction.

    (C) without the approval of the Administrative Department of planning shall not build a building, structure or change the facade of a building without electricity, running water, heating, gas and other related departments shall not demolition of pipelines and facilities; changes to waterproofing layer should be in accordance with waterproof construction scheme of standard-setting;

    (D) no water requirements may not be room or kitchen to bathroom, a balcony, brick and concrete walls of the balconies or dismantle connections;

    (E) shall not damage the original housing facilities or reduce energy;

    (F) comply with fire safety regulations;

    (VII) not allowed to occupy the city roads and facilities, allowed to occupy public space or damage to public areas and facilities;

    (VIII) in the construction of construction waste shall not be mixed with solid waste, provisions and in accordance with the storage, transportation and disposal; construction materials, tools and equipment in and out of rehab, or polluting the public environment.

    13th costing more than 500,000 yuan, according to law should carry out the bidding of building decoration engineering, decoration items shall not be dismembered, avoiding bidding management.

    14th cost at more than 300,000 yuan architectural decoration engineering, fitting shall, before construction, in accordance with the relevant provisions of engineering quality supervision and record-keeping procedures and construction permits.

    Article 15th building decoration projects should be subject to supervision according to law, decorate shall entrust decoration engineering supervision units carry out the supervision.

    16th decoration construction in architectural decoration of the construction activities shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) listed on the construction site, publicity head of unit names, construction name, contact information, start and completion dates, and telephone.

    (B) strict implementation of the regulations on the management of construction engineering quality, establish and improve construction quality inspection system, strict management of process, do a hidden project quality checks and records to guarantee engineering quality.

    (C) compliance with safety provisions of laws and regulations, and development of safety management systems and safety accident emergency plan, decoration and renovation construction safety protection and undertaking the project safety production responsibility according to law.

    (D) strict implementation of decoration-related specifications, not to cut corners, crude and brutal construction, endanger the safety of the building itself;

    (E) in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations on environmental protection, measures at the construction site, prevention or reduction of waste gas, waste water, dust, vibration, noise, lighting and construction of solid waste pollution and harm to people and the environment.

    (F) between the 12 o'clock to 14 o'clock, 20 o'clock to seven o'clock the shall not be used in residential construction noise or vibration tools. Article 17th decoration engineering implementation of the warranty system, building decoration engineering warranty period in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State. Residential interior decoration during normal conditions of use, the warranty period is two years, water resistant requirements of kitchens, bathrooms and the seepage of outer wall for a period of five years.

    Warranty from the date of decoration and fitment engineering acceptance of calculations.

    Decoration upon completion and acceptance of the works, construction decoration transfer should be water, electricity, heating and other related drawings and technical information, and handed over to the urban construction archives management according to relevant regulation related technical information. 18th decoration and renovation activities in the dispute, by mutual consultation, civil mediation or decoration of authorities and regulatory bodies, initiate litigation to the people's courts and other channels.

    Have agreed in the contract, according to the provisions.

    Article 19th after the completion of building decoration, decoration shall entrust a qualified testing agency to detect indoor environmental quality without detection or detection of substandard construction and decoration works shall not be put into use.

    Failed to pass the inspection, construction should be rectification, and responsibility in accordance with the terms of the contract. After inspection, the 20th building decoration engineering, decoration shall be in accordance with organizational acceptance, and from the date of acceptance of the 15th the completion report, indoor environmental quality and inspection reports and related information decoration management agency records.
Without acceptance record shall not be delivered.

    21st decorated people in front of the decoration shall inform the people of neighboring rights.

    Decoration caused neighboring rights holders wall damage, pipes get clogged, water leakage, water power, construction and decoration shall be repaired in a timely manner; according to law by the person liable for damage caused by compensation; losses caused by construction, decoration construction of the person should be offered compensation to recover.

    22nd decoration department shall perform the following functions of supervision:

    (A) is responsible for the decoration industry management and marketing management;

    (B) implementation of permission and acceptance of construction decoration engineering management;

    (C) implementation of decoration and personal qualifications, qualifications and credit management;

    (Iv) is responsible for the decoration project quality and safety management;

    (E) is responsible for the decoration industry promotion, education and vocational skills training;

    (F) investigate and deal with illegal and irregularities in the decoration.

    Article 23rd decoration after authorities received complaints from the parties, shall investigate and deal with, reply to the complainant within 15 working days; belonging to other administrative departments, shall be referred to the relevant authorities within three working days, and inform the complainant.

    Article 24th decorating and regulatory enforcement personnel when performing their duties of supervision and inspection, and the right to take the following measures:

    (A) require the unit to be checked on the quality of decoration engineering documents and information;

    (B) enter into the inspected unit construction site inspection;

    (C) find decoration engineering responsible for violations of the laws and regulations, shall be ordered to desist from the illegal act, rectification, and impose administrative penalties according to law. 25th article violation this approach sixth article first paragraph, and seventh article, and eighth article, and 12th article second items, and 16th article fourth items and sixth items provides of, by construction administrative competent sector in accordance with People's Republic of China building method, and People's Republic of China tender bid method, and construction engineering quality management Ordinance, and construction engineering safety management Ordinance, and construction engineering survey design Management Ordinance, and construction Enterprise qualification management provides, and Hebei province building decorative decoration management provides, and

    Handan city air pollution prevention and control regulations and other relevant laws, rules and regulations shall be punished.

    26th in violation of paragraph II of this article sixth, allowed to contract decoration business by building rectification by the Administrative Department; it fails, fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    27th disobey article sixth, 11th and 12th Disan、SI、Wu、Qi, 16th, 17th and the first paragraph article, 19th and 20th, respectively, by construction, fire protection and environmental protection, and other relevant departments according to the relevant provisions of a rectification; fails, between 1000 and 500 Yuan Yuan fine.

    28th article decoration Department staff in the supervision and administration of neglect, abuse, deception, illegal act, subject to administrative sanctions by the competent departments, constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 29th these measures come into force on January 1, 2011.

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