Amendment To Complaint Way Of Hebei Province

Original Language Title: 河北省旅游投诉办法修正案

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Amendment to complaint way of Hebei province

    (November 30, 2010, Hebei Province [2010] the 10th release come into force on the date of promulgation), title changed to: "the complaint handling of Hebei province". Second, the second paragraph is amended as: "the complaint mentioned in these measures refers to tourists believe that the tour operator to prejudice its legitimate interests within the administrative area of the province, in written or oral form to the travel administration, tourism quality supervision and complaints with the authorities, to deal with civil disputes between the two sides.

    ” Third, the article is revised as follows: "above the county level shall travel administration is complaint handling, tourism quality supervision and administration authorities (hereinafter" complaint handling body "), in charge of the administrative areas of complaint.

    ” Article IV, sixth revised as follows: "complainant's complaint to the complaint handling body of the limitation period of 90 days, the limitation period since the date on which the contract ends. Exceeding time limits complaints request inadmissible.


    Five, the seventh and eighth, the Nineth and tenth and 11th in the "complaint authority" is amended as "complaint process".

    Six and eighth amended as: "the following acts to tour operators, the complainant may make a complaint to the complaint handling body:

    (A) consider tour operators do not perform the contract agreement;

    (B) caused by the responsibility of the tour operator tourist personal injury or loss of property;

    (C) due to force majeure, accidents resulting in the contract cannot be performed or not performed, the complainant and the respondent disputes;

    (D) consider tour operators there is fraud, kickbacks, ask for tips, such as damaging the interests of tourists; (E) State or provincial tourism administration identified other acts that prejudice the legitimate interests of complainants.


    Section VII, IX is amended as: "complaint handling bodies after receiving complaints, should be carried out in the 5th review complaint application of not conforming to these rules, decide not to accept, and notify the complainant in writing; decision of admissibility, in the form of complaint acceptance notice notify the complainant and respondent.

    The following inadmissible:

    (A) the people's Court, arbitration institution, other administrative departments or community mediation has been accepted or processed;

    (B) the complaint handling body has dealt with, and there is no new situation and reason;

    (C) not part of the complaint dealing with agency mandate or jurisdiction;

    (D) over the contract end date of 90 days;

    (E) does not comply with the conditions of complaint provided for in article fifth;

    (Vi) economic disputes other than as provided herein. The preceding paragraph (c) provides, complaint handling bodies have jurisdiction shall promptly notify the complainant of the complaint handling body or the relevant administrative department.

    ” Eight, tenth revised as follows: "by the complainants from the date of receiving notification of the 10th put forward opinions, written responses to the complaint handling body. In special circumstances, approved by the complaint handling body, can prolong the 15th.


    Nine, 12th amended as: "the complaint cases resolved through the following channels:

    (A) the complainants the complainants themselves consultation;

    (B) on both sides under the principle of voluntary mediation by a complaint handling body, reach a mediation agreement; (C) conciliation or mediation agreement pending the entry into force, the complainant can be according to the provisions of national laws and regulations, apply to the arbitration or initiate litigation to the people's Court of arbitration.


    Ten, by deleting article 13th. Third, 14th to 13th, and be amended as: "the complaint case, shall make a decision within 60 days from the date of acceptance.

    ” 12, according to the above modifications, adjustments to the order of the relevant provisions in these procedures. In addition, the individual words have been modified.