Beijing Provisional Regulations On The Small Passenger Car Quantity Regulation

Original Language Title: 北京市小客车数量调控暂行规定

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Beijing provisional regulations on the small passenger car quantity regulation

    (December 22, 2010 81st meeting consideration of Beijing municipality on December 23, 2010, Beijing Municipal People's Government announced order No. 227, come into force on the date of promulgation) first in order to implement the city's overall urban planning, reasonable and orderly growth in the number of small bus, relieve traffic congestion, these interim provisions are formulated. Second, small passenger cars, the number of regulatory measures.

    Annual growth of the passenger car quantity and allocation by the municipal traffic administrative departments, in conjunction with the municipal development and reform, traffic, environmental protection and other related administrative departments, according to passenger car demand and road traffic, the carrying capacity of the environment reasonably determined, reported to the municipal people's Government for approval to the public. Third passenger car configuration indicator in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness and justice, to shake-free distribution.

    Indexes of municipal traffic administrative departments administrative departments are responsible for specific tasks.

    Bodies, enterprises, institutions, public organizations and other organizations (hereinafter referred to as units), passenger car configuration, and individuals need to make the indicators, indicators should be in accordance with the provisions of this provisional regulation agency for Lottery registration. Article fourth personal residence in this city, name not registered small passenger car, the city, hold a valid driver's license, you can register with the lottery.

    Personal residence in this city include:

    (A) the officials of the city;

    (B) the Beijing forces (armed forces) servicemen;

    (C) living in Beijing Hong Kong, Macau and foreign;

    (D) members holding a residence permit in the city;

    (E) temporary residence permit and for five consecutive years or more persons paying social security and personal income taxes in this city.

    Unit registration conditions, traffic, and registered by the competent administrative authorities and the relevant Department.

    Article fifth indexes to the lottery management should obtain configuration index of unit and individual proof of index files, and to publish the results of a lottery. Personal selling, scrapping registered cars, you can directly update index, handling index documents.

    Units for sale, scrap index management of registered passenger cars by the municipal traffic Administrative Department in conjunction with the departments concerned. Article sixth indicator is valid for 6 months, and shall not be transferable.

    Index within the period of validity shall not be repeated for Lottery registration.

    Unit and individual indicators made providing false registration information is invalid, and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

    Article seventh unit and individual, complete the following procedures, shall show the index document:

    (A) the payment of vehicle purchase tax;

    (B) imported vehicles into the city, vehicle purchase tax file transfer;

    (C) invoices issued used car sales;

    (D) for vehicle donation notarization. For achieving targets, tax clearance certificate issuance of vehicle purchase tax or exemption certificate, verification of the business sector used cars when a sales invoice for vehicle donation notarization, notary agencies, should be noted.

    Units and individuals hold such documents to the municipal public security traffic Administrative Department for vehicle registration.

    Eighth passenger car sales business units should be explicitly in the premises of the city management provisions of specific content, and the signing of the sale contract writing prompt car buyers.

    Nineth taxi, rental car, coach car trading passenger car allocation stipulated separately.

    Tenth article of the provisional regulation referred to cars, including mini, mini passenger vehicles and other models that require regulation released by the municipal people's Government. 11th article of the interim provisions come into force on the date of promulgation.