Urumqi People's Government Decision On The Amendment And Repeal Of Part Of The Regulatory

Original Language Title: 乌鲁木齐市人民政府关于修改和废止部分规章的决定

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Urumqi people's Government decision on the amendment and repeal of part of the regulatory (December 3, 2010 the city of Urumqi people's Government at the 29th Executive meeting on December 13, 2010 in Urumqi municipal people's Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 104th) to conscientiously implement the State Council on regulation of the clean up notice on work-related issues (State [, 2010]28) and the General Office of the people's Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on doing a cleanup notice regulations (the new deal [2010] 126th) spirit, municipal organizations concerned to present a comprehensive cleaning of municipal regulations.

    Through research, decided to modify, repeal the following regulations:

    , Modified rules

    (A) on the following Government amended provisions of the regulations on administrative penalties for public security, will be one of the "People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations" is amended as "People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security"

    1. the provisions prohibiting graffiti depicting posted in Urumqi (municipal, 43rd), 13th

    2. the lights of the interim measures for the administration of Urumqi City (municipal, 47th) at its 20th and 22nd

    3. the management measures of the early night market in Urumqi (municipality, 62nd), 19th

    4. the Urumqi fire alarm facilities for civil air defense regulations (municipal, 64th), 21st and 22nd

    (B) references in the following Government regulations the provisions of other laws and regulations do not correspond to the name changes

    1. delete the Urumqi public and enterprise of construction engineering prevention health supervision of food hygiene regulations (municipal people's Government, the 15th) in the first and seventh of the "People's Republic of China Law on food hygiene".

    2. deletion of the Urumqi military family benefits payment system (municipal people's Government, the 18th) in the first "the Urumqi military regulations on the collection, treatment and discharge placement."

    3. deletion of the implementation measures for the demolition of illegal buildings in Urumqi (municipal, 63rd) in article "the Urumqi city planning regulations, and the first in the" People's Republic of China urban planning law "is amended as" People's Republic of China Law on urban and rural planning. "

    4. remove the measures for the implementation of the responsibility system for administrative law enforcement in Urumqi (municipal, 79th), first in the "regulations of the administrative law enforcement in Urumqi."

    (C) the relevant provisions of the following Government regulations modify individual words and phrases

    1. delete the barren hill in Urumqi city greening contract regulations (municipal people's Government, the 37th) the tenth paragraph, delete 16th to pay agricultural tax and taxes on special agricultural products.

    2. the management of bulk cement in Urumqi (municipal people's Government, the 54th) in the fifth paragraph of "Municipal Economic Commission" is amended as "municipal construction Commission", in the second paragraph of "construction" is amended as "the economy". 3. Urumqi city housing demolition management approach (City Government makes 58th,) fifth article first paragraph modified for "city property authority is this city city housing demolition work of administrative competent sector (following referred to city housing demolition administrative competent sector), city housing demolition administrative competent sector can in statutory permission within law delegate city housing demolition Management Office implementation this approach provides of about administrative punishment.

    Urban housing units Management Office within the terms of reference, based on urban housing demolition Administration on behalf of the competent authorities impose administrative penalties; shall not delegate to any other organization or individual administrative penalties ". 4. the preferential treatment provisions of the elderly in Urumqi (municipal, 87th), eighth paragraph amended as "monthly special life of the elderly aged 90 allowance. Special living subsidy eligibility and scope, submitted jointly with the Ministry of finance, responsible for the aging of approved by the municipal people's Government to the public, and adjusted according to the economic and social development are carried out in this city.

    Grant funds by the municipal, district (County) of financial liabilities under provision, by the financial sector allocated to the agencies in charge of ageing ". 5. Urumqi people air defense engineering management approach (City Government makes 103th,) 13th article modified for "new civil should built air defense basement, for geological, and terrain and construction conditions, reasons cannot built, or built area is less than ground first layer area of, by people air defense administrative competent sector by provides permission audit approved Hou, units should according to national and autonomous regions about provides paid people air defense engineering easily construction fee, Organized by the competent departments for civil air defense administration easy construction of people's air defence project ", 16th revised as" city the new buildings of the area, construction of the basement according to state regulations, by the competent departments for civil air defense chief in accordance with the national and State regulations on classification approval approval.

    Without the approval of the Administrative Department of civil air defense, urban planning and construction Administrative Department shall not issue construction project planning permit and construction permit ".

    II, repealed regulations

    1. the management of pollution-free agricultural products in Urumqi (municipal, 71st)

    2. the rental of interim measures for the administration of Urumqi City (municipal people's Government, the 98th) Third, this decision come into force on the date of promulgation. Modify the regulations be revised according to this decision, provisions order adjusted accordingly, republished or abolish regulations no longer apply since as of the date of this decision.