Administrative Measures On Quality Of Cultivated Land In Gansu Province

Original Language Title: 甘肃省耕地质量管理办法

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Administrative measures on quality of cultivated land in Gansu province

    (November 15, 2010 66th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Gansu province on November 17, 2010 74th release of Gansu province as of January 15, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the quality of cultivated land protection and construction, promote sustainable development of agriculture, in accordance with the People's Republic of China agriculture law, the basic farmland protection regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Article working in the administrative region of this province cultivated land quality protection, building, monitoring, inspection, supervision and administration activities, these measures shall apply.

    Article quality of cultivated land in these measures refers to soil fertility and field base facilities, consisting of environmental quality of farmland's ability to meet security and sustainable crop production.

    Cultivated land quality management including land use and conservation, farmland building, cultivated land quality monitoring, fields of environmental quality monitoring, supplementary cultivated land quality assessment and inspection and acceptance.

    Article fourth of cultivated land quality management should be scientific planning and rational use, combined with strict protection. Non-agricultural construction land, in accordance with the principle of compensation balance, volume and quality of supplementary cultivated land.

    Complementary quality of arable land lower than the appropriation of arable land quality, occupants should take effective measures to reach the land of the quality level. Fifth of agricultural administrative departments in charge of the province's cultivated land quality protection construction work, create quality inspection specialist libraries.

    Agriculture administration departments at or above the county level shall be responsible for the administrative area of cultivated land quality protection construction, supervision and control, main functions are:

    (A) investigate acts of law which affect the quality of the land;

    (B) for the balance of supplementary cultivated land quality evaluation of acceptance;

    (C) implement the grade identification of cultivated land quality;

    (D) on cultivated land quality dynamic monitoring of implementation;

    (E) the development of cultivated land quality protection and technical specification for building;

    (F) organize the implementation of quality construction, upgrading of the developing formula fertilization by soil testing, soil organic matter, Middle renovation, scientific water, new technology research and development, technology promotion, providing technical guidance and services for land use.

    Agriculture Administration Department may authorize their soil fertility management body responsible for specific tasks.

    Land and natural resources, environmental protection, water conservancy administrative departments according to their respective responsibilities, to cultivated land quality protection and construction work.

    Sixth people's Governments above the county level shall be cultivated land quality protection and construction in national economic and social development planning, from land transfer in land development funds for agriculture, set aside a certain percentage of cultivated land quality construction, farmland protection and construction quality requirements included in the budget.

    Chapter II protection and construction

    Seventh people's Governments above the county level shall develop cultivated land quality protection and construction planning, supporting and encouraging land users to adopt the following measures to improve the quality of cultivated land:

    (A) application of organic manure, green manure, straw and other fertility techniques;

    (B) formula fertilization by soil testing, coupling scientific fertilizing techniques;

    (C) reduced tillage, no-till conservation tillage techniques;

    (D) The salinization of arable land management and improved technology;

    (E) other measures conducive to improving the quality of cultivated land.

    Article eighth Township people's Governments should strengthen protection and construction of cultivated land within their respective administrative regions established long-term mechanism of cultivated land quality.

    Villagers ' committees and rural collective economic organizations should organize the maintenance of infrastructure in the fields of land use, improvement of farming conditions.

    Users should make rational use of arable land arable land used to protect and improve the quality of cultivated land farming techniques, scientific, rational and safe use of agricultural inputs, reduce heavy metals and pesticide residues in cultivated land, clean, recycled plastic film and other agricultural waste. Nineth is forbidden to farmland and farmland infrastructure such as irrigation canals discharge of poisonous and harmful industrial, breeding of domestic wastewater and untreated livestock manure; prohibition of the dumping of cultivated land occupied, piling up rural and urban solid waste, construction waste, medical waste, industrial waste and solid waste solid waste; prohibit field burning of straw.

    Shall not use the national ban on the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other agricultural inputs. Article tenth directly into cultivated land as a fertilizer sludge and fly ash and rural-urban solid waste, shall comply with the relevant national standards.

    Farmland irrigation water shall conform to the national standards for irrigation water quality. 11th rigid control of cultivated land occupied by construction projects, approved construction projects needed to temporarily occupy the surrounding arable land shall be agreed by the contractor, and give some compensation.

    After the expiry of temporary sites, occupants should be repaired in a timely manner, and achieve the originally standard farmland. 12th new land project in front of the project, agriculture administration departments at or above the county level should be involved in the feasibility study.

    After the project is completed, should carry out quality inspection and evaluation of cultivated land.

    13th the main contents of quality inspection of construction projects shall include:

    (A) basic land capability of cultivated land, including farmland site conditions and profile properties inspector and the soil pH, organic matter, total n, available phosphorus, potassium and other major data determination.

    (B) the field infrastructure, including the terrace level, ground level, irrigation and drainage, and so on.

    (C) soil environmental quality, including the area of pollution, pollutants, pollution and other environmental conditions of survey and the related determination of heavy metal contents in the soil.

    14th quality inspection of construction projects in accordance with the following procedures:

    (A) the project construction in the construction after the completion of the project should be submitted to the county-level departments of agriculture administration acceptance of cultivated land quality applications.

    (B) Administrative Department of agriculture soil fertility management bodies at the county level are responsible for collecting soil samples, fill out the form and collecting of soil samples sent a qualified testing agency for testing.

    (C) agricultural administrative departments at the county level should be drawn from a provincial quality inspection experts less than 5 experts, and check up the Group of experts, to apply for acceptance of the project site. (D) the acceptance of expert group reports according to the findings of the investigation and testing of soil samples, in accordance with the acceptance criteria item-by-item evaluation, formation of cultivated land quality inspection reports.

    Acceptance of different views of experts finds that the conclusion is, should be noted. (V) the quality of cultivated land in County-level agricultural Administrative Department shall receive from the date of receiving and inspection reports reviewed in the 20th over.

    Meet the requirements, issued to project construction quality acceptance certificate; do not meet the conditions, it shall notify the project owner and explain the reasons. Construction unit acceptance disagrees with the results of the project, shall from the date of receipt of the acceptance of the conclusion in the 15th review application to provincial departments of agriculture administration.

    Provincial departments of agriculture administration should review the conclusion made in the 20th.

    Chapter III supervision and management

    15th cultivated land quality certification system, procedures and criteria for identification in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State. 16th section land quality of routine monitoring systems.

    Agriculture administration departments at or above the county level shall organize regular carrying out quality surveys and publishing quality information, establish and perfect a cultivated land quality monitoring system and early warning reporting system, the establishment of quality fixed monitoring points. Soil fertility management institutions entrusted to cultivated land quality dynamic monitoring, timely reporting of agricultural administrative departments at the same level of monitoring results, and cultivated land quality management archive.

    According to different land types, guiding land users to adopt appropriate measures for soil improvement, fertility, and fair use. 17th no units or individuals may damage infrastructure and protection of cultivated land quality monitoring points mark.

    Really necessary to shift from monitoring, should ask the consent of the establishment of the monitoring points. 18th agriculture administration departments at or above the county level to the monitoring confirm that I have suffered pollution of cultivated land not suitable for agricultural production, should propose a ban on the production of agricultural products of the area of arable land and species, reported to the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval announced, and set up the sign.

    After passing the repair and monitoring, in accordance with the prescribed procedures in time change or remove nameplate.

    Article 19th Township people's Governments shall establish quality management of cultivated land archives, in quality of cultivated land in land set out in the contract, clearly defined contents and requirements of cultivated land quality protection. 20th land contractors should take effective measures to protect and improve the quality of arable land. Contractual termination or change, the rural collective economic organization or village committees should be assessed on the quality of contracted farmland.

    The contractor caused a decline in the quality of cultivated land shall bear liability stipulated in the contract; changes in land use, cause permanent damage, cannot continue to engage in agriculture, the contractor should bear the legal responsibility.

    The fourth chapter legal liability

    Article 21st of the following circumstances, caused a decline in the quality of cultivated land, agriculture administration departments at or above the county level shall be ordered to rectify, it refuses to be punished constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) the destruction of farmland topsoil soil and planting, penalty of between 100 and 2000 Yuan per Mu;

    (B) to cultivated land dump, stowage, disposal of waste, cannot eliminate the impact of harm, fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan. 22nd acts in violation of these measures involve terms of reference of the others, and related information of agriculture administration departments at or above the county level shall be handed over to the relevant authorities.

    Relevant departments should be processed in a timely manner, and will handle the results timely feedback of agriculture administration departments at or above the county level.

    Article 23rd in cultivated land quality protection and construction State of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and by their work units or departments shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Article 24th laws and regulations for other acts in violation of these regulations, is provided, from its provisions.

    The fifth chapter by-laws 25th article this way since January 15, 2011.