The Decision To Modify The Part Of The Provincial Government Of Guizhou Provincial Regulations

Original Language Title: 贵州省人民政府修改部分省政府规章的决定

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The decision to modify the part of the provincial Government of Guizhou Provincial regulations (On November 17, 2010 Guizhou Province Government 35th times Executive Conference considered through on December 1, 2010 Guizhou Province Government makes 119th, announced since announced of day up purposes) for advance law administrative, and construction rule of law Government, timely clear hinder reform and development of system sex obstacles, maintenance legal unified, and ensure Decree smooth, and guarantees people lawful rights and interests of, according to People's Republic of China legislation method and State regulations developed program Ordinance, legal, and regulations of about provides, according to

    Notice of State Council on regulatory issues related to cleanup work (run [2010]28), provincial people's Government decided to modify the following 19 rules:

    One, the Guizhou province map compilation and publication regulations delete the seventh article.

    Second, seventh in the economic and technological development zone, Guizhou province, land management measures to the "expropriation" is amended as: "expropriation and requisition"; the eighth article of "resumption" changed to "reclaim land."

    Three, the Guizhou province water permits and management of water resources fee collection section 11th "did not obtain a water permit" amended to read "without water application approval documents".

    Guizhou province, and the water supply price calculation and management measures of water fee charged 

    (A) the eighth "Agriculture and food in irrigation water" is amended as "agricultural use"; "gradual adjustment in place in three years" is amended as "three-step adjustments in place." 

    (B) the 12th "production costs, cost accounting and management regulations of water supply (water wealth [1995]226)" changed into "code for the price calculation of water supply (water finance [2007]470)". (C) deletion of the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, and modified to "13th based on national economic policies and the bearing capacity of water users, water classification and pricing. Water price of water supply objects divided into agricultural water price and non-agricultural water price. Agricultural water use is directly by the water supply of food crops, cash crops and aquaculture water; non-agricultural water use is directly by the water supply of industrial, waterworks, hydropower and other uses. Agricultural water price of water production costs, costs of compensation principles approved, regardless of profits and taxes. Compensation for non-agricultural water price in water production costs, on the basis of fees and tax in accordance with law, based on net assets provision for profit margin long-term lending rates of commercial banks in China and 2%-3% to determine the ";" after the 14th water for hydropower and power of water for other benefit purposes, Power generation water price (Yuan/cubic meter) under water hydro grid sales price (Yuan/kWh) the 0.8% approved, water after power prices lower than tenth standard approved under these measures. Price of water water used for hydro-electric power only (Yuan/cubic meters), according to water hydro grid sales price (Yuan/kWh) the 1.6%~2.4% approved.

    Cascade hydropower stations using the same water supply the generation of first stage water prices approved by the above principles, second level and below water prices should decrease gradually at all levels ".

    (D) deleted article 26th.

    Five, the Guizhou Provincial implementation of People's Republic of China town-owned land-use rights assignment and transfer of interim regulations on the way the fourth of the "expropriation" is amended as "expropriation and requisition" 51st "other construction" is amended as "other construction needs of the country"; the 55th "confiscation of illegal proceeds" of administrative penalties.

    Six, the Guizhou provincial administrative fees implementing rules of regulation deleted article 16th.

    Guizhou province, seven, the sixth article of the school physical education provision "of the sports curriculum" is amended as "the sports (and health) curriculum standards" seventh "national physical exercises standards" is amended as "the national health standard of students ' Constitution".

    Eight, the Guizhou province, measures for the implementation of the hygiene management Ordinance to remove the seventh, 19th and 22nd.

    Nine, the Guizhou province violated the public health Ordinance of administrative penalties removed the fifth, seventh, eighth.

    Of the ten, the Guizhou Provincial Science and technology incentives

    (A) article in the "international scientific and technological cooperation Award" is amended as "provincial scientific and technological cooperation Award".

    (B) the 12th paragraph amended as "provincial science and technology cooperation award to meet one of the following conditions of foreigners or foreign organizations, foreign citizens or foreign organization."

    (Three) 12th article first paragraph third items, and second paragraph modified for "for promote Guizhou province and other national, and other province (district, and city) in science and technology exchange and cooperation aspects, made major contribution of"; "province science and technology cooperation award not points grade, annual award project total not over 5 items, which, foreigners or foreign organization each items years Award project total not over 2 items, province outside citizens or province outside organization annual award project total not over 3 items". (D) the third and fourth paragraphs of the 18th article modified to "provincial science and technology progress award, provincial science and technology achievement transformation after approval by the provincial people's Government, issuing certificates and bonuses. Provincial Science and technology progress prize amounts are as follows: first prize of 80,000 yuan, 50,000 second prize, third prize of 30,000 yuan.

    Provincial achievement transformation of science and technology prize amounts are as follows: first prize of 80,000 yuan, 50,000 second prize ";" after provincial people's Government for approval, the provincial science and technology cooperation award, awarded honorary certificates and bonuses each bonus is 50,000 yuan. "

    Plenary, the Guizhou Provincial pollutants discharge registration and management measures of pollutants discharge permit

    (A) article amended to "environmental protection administration departments at or above the county level shall be the area of pollutant discharge reporting and registering authorities."

    (B) the 14th article is revised as follows: "environmental protection administration departments at or above the county level shall not exceed the total amount of emissions control targets polluters issued by emission permits; beyond the emission amount control indicator or pollutant cannot reach national, local standards issue temporary permits, and deadlines to reduce emissions".

    (C) delete the article 25th "permits and temporary permit fee by the provincial finance, approved by the authorities."

    12, the Guizhou provincial tax measures for the implementation of

    (A) the article is revised as follows: "the tax collected by the local tax authorities are responsible for". (B) the seventh article of the first amendment as follows: "State-owned land, the deed tax prices to support the person has paid the full economic benefits of the land. Transfer of land, real estate, for the actual transaction prices, including bearers should be delivered by monetary, physical, intangible assets or other economic interests "; the fourth is amended as:" to the free allocation of land use rights, approved the transfer of real estate, real estate should be transferred to pay taxes. Its tax basis to pay the land costs or land revenue.

    Before allocation to obtain land-use rights, approved to transfer after the acquisition of the land, should pay taxes, their tax basis for payment of land transfer and other transfer costs ". (C) the Nineth article is revised as follows: "in accordance with the regulations for urban employees purchased the public housing for the first time, within the specified size are exempted from; first purchase public housing exceeds the specified size of the part, levy taxes as required.

    Have purchased public housing to pay land transfer and other transfer costs of full property rights to housing, shall be exempt from land transfer tax "; add a after the sixth, as the seventh item:" Finance and the State administration of taxation of other reduction of and exemption from deed tax project. "

    (D) the 12th article is revised as follows: "taxpayers will meet the reduction or exemption of deed tax provisions, in the 10th after signing the land and housing ownership transfer contracts, imposed on the land and houses the seat of authority for the reduction or exemption of formalities."

    (V) delete the 16th and 17th.

    13, the Guizhou Provincial regulations concerning the collection of land appreciation tax (a) the fifth article is revised as follows: "ordinary standard residential meet: construction of residential floor area ratio above 1.0; single residential buildings 144m2 (including 144m2), actual transaction prices are lower than at the level land on average traded at 1.44 times times".

    (Ii) eighth article third items modified for: "except supportability housing outside, taxpayers in project all completed settlement Qian transfer real estate made of income, due to involved cost determine or other reasons, and cannot according to to calculation land VAT of, can by not below made income of 1% levy land VAT, stay the project all completed, and handle settlement Hou for liquidation, more back less fill".

    14, the Guizhou Provincial property tax rules for the implementation of article III of the revised as follows: "where the introduction of a property tax within the scope of public and private property, shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance or these rules to pay property taxes."

    XV, the Guizhou province, State Audit scheme of construction project title and in the text of "nation-building project" amended to "Government-invested construction projects."

    16, the measures for the protection of power facilities, Guizhou province, the 20th article of the first of the "(draft)" is amended as "expropriation and requisition"; the 28th "expropriation" is amended as "expropriation and requisition."

    17, the protection measures for telecommunications line facilities, Guizhou province, the seventh article "expropriation" is amended as "expropriation and requisition."

    18, the placement of demobilized conscripts in Guizhou province the regulations of 12th "expropriation" is amended as "expropriation and requisition."

    19, 13th in the Guizhou province, national defense transportation measures of the second paragraph of article "expropriation" is amended as "expropriation and requisition." This decision shall come into force as of the date of.

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