Wuhan Construction Engineering Construction Management Approach

Original Language Title: 武汉市建设工程文明施工管理办法

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Wuhan construction engineering construction management approach

    (September 28, 2010 115th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Wuhan municipality on November 4, 2010, order No. 211, promulgated by the people's Government of Wuhan municipality as of January 1, 2011) first in order to strengthen the civilization construction management of construction projects, improve the level of construction, maintain the city clean, according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to construction works within the administrative area of the city building, rebuilding, expansion, and demolition of buildings and structures, supervision and management of construction activities.

    Construction projects in these measures refers to all types of buildings and ancillary facilities and decoration, urban roads and bridges, rail transportation, landscaping, drainage, gas, electric power, telecommunications and other infrastructure projects.

    Civil construction mentioned in these measures refers to activities such as construction and demolition of buildings and structures, measures taken in accordance with regulations, improve environmental construction site work, maintenance workers health and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and sanitation construction activities.

    Third municipal construction administrative departments in charge of the city of civilized construction in construction engineering management and construction administrative departments under the responsibility within specific areas of responsibility of civilized construction in construction engineering management.

    Urban management, environmental protection, public security, land planning, water supplies, gardening, housing services relating to housing authorities, according to their respective duties, conduct of civilized construction in construction engineering management. Fourth construction projects construction by employer responsibility. Construction unit should be specified in the contract for survey, construction, supervision and other units of construction-related responsibilities, and create conditions for said units of construction.

    There is more construction units of the construction site, the construction unit shall co-ordinate the management of civilized construction.

    Construction cost of construction should be in accordance with the provisions included in the project cost, and be clear in the construction contract, paid in full and in a timely manner to the construction unit. Fifth construction units responsible for civilization construction.

    General contract of construction project by the general contractor for construction has overall responsibility for, and subcontractors shall comply with the general contractor's management, the general contractor is responsible for. The construction unit shall prepare and organize the implementation of the construction programme, establishment of responsibility system of construction, clearly responsible.

    Construction project manager is the first person of project construction, directly responsible for the civilized construction in construction site. Sixth supervision responsibility for supervision unit to civil construction, construction should be included in the scope of supervision, review compliance with construction standards of civilized construction programmes, found that uncivilized behavior of construction, rectification should be promptly stopped and asked the construction unit.

    Construction unit refused to fix, the supervisor shall promptly report to the construction and construction administration.

    Seventh units shall provide the contractor with construction site and adjacent areas in the water supply, drainage, power supply, gas supply, heating, communications, radio and television, such as underground pipeline data, meteorological and Hydrological observations of adjacent buildings and structures, underground engineering information and ensure the information is true, accurate and complete.

    Units construction projects needed, enquiries to the relevant departments or units of the information prescribed in the preceding paragraph, relevant departments or units should be provided in a timely manner.

    Investigation unit shall, in accordance with the law, regulation and engineering construction compulsory standard survey provides surveying documents shall be true, accurate, meet the needs of work safety of construction projects.

    Reconnaissance units in reconnaissance operations, should be strictly enforced procedures, take steps to ensure that all types of pipelines, facilities and safety of surrounding buildings and structures.

    Construction units for construction may damage adjacent buildings, structures and underground pipelines and other facilities, special precautions should be taken.

    Eighth construction project pre-construction, construction units concerned should organize civilized construction in construction site facilities construction and civilization construction plans reported to the construction sector, scene investigation and review by the construction administrative departments, in line with the standards of civilized construction, under construction.

    Nineth construction project should be within the approved scope of the construction site construction.

    Expand the site or off-road, should be prior to relevant departments for examination and approval procedures in accordance with the relevant provisions; not to handle the approval to expand the site, or off-road, urban management, public security departments should be promptly investigated and dealt with according to law.

    Caused by construction construction site surrounding roads, gardens and other municipal infrastructure damage, the construction unit shall be repaired.

    Tenth construction units shall in accordance with the requirements set a fire at the construction site stand out to defend, workplace safety, environmental protection, construction, engineering and construction site General layout, signage, signs should be comprehensive, detailed and accurate. Municipal infrastructure construction period and name of responsible units should be public walls prominently on sites affects traffic, should also public transportation recovery time and telephone complaints.

    Ultra-term and beyond, take up the road, by the Urban Management Department in accordance with the regulations of urban roads (198th order of the State Council) be dealt with the relevant provisions.

    11th construction site offices, work areas, living quarters should be rationally planned, separate settings. Highway crossings in and out of the construction site shall be set in accordance with requirements, the door closed the doors.

    Roads, access to the level crossing and site materials piling yard should be hardened, which can meet heavy vehicle traffic requirements. 12th construction site to implement closed management should set a fixed walls, and promotes the use of new environment-friendly materials.

    Walls should be regularly inspected, cleaned and refreshed, its strong, clean and beautiful. Main Street and cityscape of roads and airports, docks, stations, plazas and other construction projects around the construction site, wall height shall be not less than 2.4 metres; other sections of the construction site, wall height shall not be less than 2 metres.

    Acres and the construction of the district, between the construction site shall be installed not less than 1.8 metres in height of the wall. Municipal infrastructure projects, in principle, in accordance with the preceding paragraph, to the same standard set wall, special circumstances approved by the administrative departments, you can follow the construction progress segmentation settings.

    Construction time is within 1 month, you can use temporary walls, but steps should be taken to ensure that the site not sewage, mud spill polluted roads. 13th construction up to above level 2 (2), should be closed using protective nets, closed above the work surface and should be conducted in parallel. Adopting technology such as lifting or sliding formwork construction, can be closed in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements.

    Nets should be clean, firm and without damage. 14th construction equipment and building materials in the construction site General layout plans for regional classified and piled up. Stack building materials should be set signs indicate information such as the names, specifications, types of materials.

    Prohibit wall outside wall or relying on weeks piled up sediment and building materials.

    Dangerous chemicals and inflammable and explosive materials should be in accordance with the provisions of a private warehouse store, you will be kept; its use, storage shall go through examination and approval procedures. 15th article encourages the use of energy saving and environmental protection construction of advanced technology and equipment, reducing damage to the environment.

    Construction site promoting the use of video surveillance systems.

    Shall take the following measures to prevent environmental pollution in construction site: (A) the construction of access road crossing should be set to meet the requirements of vehicle washing cleaning facilities. Vehicles in and out of the site should be washed after cleaning facilities clean, before leaving the site to stop vehicles with mud and muck road.

    Construction site should configure the dedicated cleaning staff, is responsible for the cleaning of the crossing site and access. (B) construction of earthwork, construction waste and other solid waste should be cleaned up. Construction construction waste should be referred to a qualified carrier units in accordance with the approved transport route, time, and quantity of the dumping site for disposal.

    Transport of fluids, gravel, slag easily lead to environmental pollution, such as building materials and building rubbish, sealed vehicles to transport must be used against leakage along the Sub. (C) powder gray matter building materials warehouse storage. Mixing powdered gray matter building materials, should take effective measures to prevent the dust.

    Downtown construction site against spot mixed concrete and mortar. (D) the construction site should be sprinkling dust on a regular basis.

    Bare soil in more than 1 month should take simple plants cover; less than 1 month, you can take dust-proof net (cloth) covering.

    (E) construction waste within buildings and structures shall be in appropriate container and pipeline removal, prohibited air shed.

    (F) the prohibition of the burning of construction wastes, living on the construction site waste harmful gases and other toxic substances.

    16th construction site should set the sedimentation tanks, grease traps, septic tanks, construction of sewage, sewage treatment, not free emission, prohibition of discharge of sewage into drinking water and rivers, lakes and other waters.

    Construction site should be reasonable and provision of drainage facilities, ensure smooth drainage to avoid large areas of stagnant water.

    17th house demolition and civil construction by demolishing the owners responsibility, construction units responsible for the construction site. 18th before the demolition project began, dismantle the construction unit shall prepare a civilized construction plan and organize complete demolition scene civilization construction of facilities, must comply with the requirements set up a temporary wall.

    After the construction is completed, by the owners in accordance with the second paragraph of this article 12th demolition set walls, and cure the highway crossings in and out of the construction site. 19th in the process of demolition and construction, the construction unit shall take the necessary measures to prevent dust pollution, prohibition of throwing items from a height and construction waste. Winds of up to 4 level (level 4), or when encountering thunderstorms, snow and icy conditions, against house demolition.

    Using blasting demolition, initiation should be taken before and after water spray or dust suppression measures such as water bag on each floor plate. 20th removal of scrap materials, components, parts and construction waste must be in accordance with the General Plan of construction defined regional classifications focus stacking.

    Prohibition of demolition site piled up outside the walls of various types of demolition waste, construction waste stacking height of wall height. 21st dismantled after completion of construction, it should be cleaned up and removed the waste materials and rubbish, garbage removal at any time.

    Rubbish, you should pressure sprinkler spray dust from vehicles with mud and muck road. 22nd construction unit should generate noise and vibration in construction equipment and machinery to take measures such as noise, vibration, noise.

    Honking vehicles site for transport, loading and unloading of materials shall be handled with care. Apart from the repair, rescue, and the prohibition of night (22 o'clock to 6 o'clock) in residential areas, cultural and educational areas, sanitariums and other quiet environmental noise pollution in the area of construction.

    Due to the continuity of production or other special reasons, required continuous construction, the construction unit shall be filed with the Environmental Protection Department for examination and approval procedures and notify nearby residents. 23rd temporary living facilities must meet fire safety requirements.

    Temporary housing must comply with the safety and use of structural strength and stability standards, dormitory walls and roofs should use insulation or using effective thermal insulation measures, encouraging the use of light steel structures assembling standard prefabricated, prohibit the use of wall construction temporary buildings or facilities.

    24th construction set of employee dormitories, canteens, toilets on site, shall conform to the Ministry of construction issued by the construction site environmental and health standards (JGJ146-2004) requirements.

    May 25th due to construction around the unit and affect the work and life of the residents, the construction unit shall seek the views of surrounding units and residents and, where possible, to meet their reasonable demands; need water, electricity, occlude and interrupt traffic, shall be approved by the relevant units and departments or agreed in advance and inform potentially affected units and residents.

    Municipal infrastructure projects the construction unit shall prepare a detailed traffic organization programme, submitted to the relevant authorities for review and approval. Cannot completely stop traffic construction site, should be rationally set of pedestrian and vehicular traffic intersections and acts.

    Pedestrian and vehicle access to the direction of the crossing should be conspicuous and warning sign in the flow of passengers, traffic-intensive road crossing should be specialists on duty, assist in traffic management departments to maintain traffic order and security.

    26th during the construction project shut down, construction walls and entrances should be maintained clean and beautiful.

    Upon completion of the works and construction units should be 1 month (municipal road and bridge construction projects should be about half a month before the opening) are removed within walls and temporary facilities on site, clear the remaining items and garbage, after the Qing dynasty.

    27th of municipal, district construction Administrative Department shall establish a construction complaint reporting system, complaints to the public telephone, the unit and the individual complaints should be verified, belonging to the scope of construction Administrative Department shall promptly investigate; belongs to the competence of other departments, should timely transfer of relevant departments. 28th of municipal construction administrative departments, district management should strengthen the civilization construction of civilized construction in construction engineering guidance, services and training, regulatory duties seriously, civilized construction the construction site regularly to check and correct acts in violation of these measures.

    Building, construction, supervision and other units should be combined.

    Civilization construct management agencies perform their supervisory duties, the right to take the following measures:

    (A) request the units under inspection to provide relevant information;

    (B) enter into the inspected unit construction site inspection;

    (C) investigating and correcting acts in violation of these measures.

    29th building, construction, supervision and other units and associated personnel carefully carry out the work under way, and construction site meet the criteria of excellent construction, municipal construction administrative departments to give recognition and rewards.

    30th for acts in violation of these measures by municipal and district construction administrative departments or the civilization construct management institution entrusted, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities and the regulations impose administrative penalties.

    31st-building unit of the following acts in violation of these regulations, a rectification, and fined 1000 Yuan more than 10000 Yuan the following fines:

    (A) the construction site has more than one construction unit construction, the construction unit has failed to effectively coordinate and lead to responsibility Division is unknown, site management;

    (B) the units supporting projects to direct contracting, construction walls set these procedures do not meet the requirements of, or access to the crossing was not the implementation of vehicle washing cleaning measures;

    (C) is not in accordance with the provisions of the construction has not yet started to set up walls, or bare soil covering.

    Article 32nd supervision units in violation of these regulations, any of the following acts, rectification, and fined 1000 Yuan more than 10000 Yuan the following fines:

    (A) failing to review the construction programme;

    (B) found to be civilized construction, failure to stop, request rectification of the construction unit;

    (C) the contractor refuses to reform, failed to report to the civilization construct management institution.

    33rd construction violates these rules, any of the following acts, rectification, and fined 1000 Yuan more than 10000 Yuan the following fines:

    (A) is not in accordance with the requirement of the construction signs;

    (B) construction site entrances and walls set does not meet the requirements of this approach;

    (C) equipment and building materials are not stacked according to regulations;

    (D) access to the crossing does not implement measures of vehicle washing cleaning;

    (E) poor drainage of construction site, resulting in large areas of stagnant water;

    (Vi) construction site roads covered measures taken by wet or bare soil;

    (G) remove construction dust control measures taken;

    (H) the volley throw of construction waste.

    34th under any of the following circumstances, in accordance with the People's Republic of China air pollution prevention law and the construction engineering safety management regulations (State Council order No. 393) provides for punishment.

    (A) the construction dust pollution of atmospheric environment;

    (B) has not been completed in a building the dormitory.

    35th construction, construction, supervision and other units and persons responsible for violations of these procedures and not in accordance with the requirements of the rectification, or fails to rectify the building rectification Administration can legally be ordered to shut down, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of its bad behavior to be recorded and published.

    Rectification of civilized construction in construction site management, fails to reform or shut down to corrective punishment project shall not participate in construction site selection.

    The 36th article in violation of these regulations on urban management, food security, health and communicable disease prevention, environmental protection, public security and other provisions, the penalty shall be imposed by the relevant sector.

    37th construction administrative departments and civilized construction management agency staff shall conduct supervision on construction site management; neglect, abuse, or engages in, by the unit or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, the attention of the judicial organ shall investigate its criminal responsibility. 38th article of the city-wide transportation and water conservancy engineering implemented by the relevant departments in accordance with the measures and civilized construction management, provisions of relevant laws and regulations prevail.

    Rescue, recovery, response as well as other temporary buildings, household decoration, decoration and farmers built low-rise residential construction activities such as these measures are not applicable. 39th these measures come into force on January 1, 2011. On August 19, 1999, Wuhan municipal people's Government, issued by the building construction regulations repealed simultaneously.