Barrier-Free Facilities In Chengdu City Construction And Management

Original Language Title: 成都市无障碍设施建设与管理办法

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Barrier-free facilities in Chengdu city construction and management

    (December 9, 2010, Chengdu municipal people's Government at the 78th Executive meeting January 5, 2011 by Chengdu municipal people's Government to 172th published since March 1, 2011) the first (objective basis)

    In order to strengthen the construction of barrier-free facilities and management, promote the social civilization and progress, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of persons with disabilities and the People's Republic of China Law on protection of rights and interests of the elderly and other relevant provisions of laws and regulations, Chengdu practice, these measures are formulated.

    Article II (scope of application)

    In the administrative area of the city in building, rebuilding, expanding urban construction projects such as roads, public buildings and residential areas (hereinafter referred to as project) supporting the construction of barrier-free facilities and related management activities, these measures shall apply.

    The specific scope of public buildings, according to the Ministry of construction, Ministry of Civil Affairs, published by the China disabled persons ' Federation of urban roads and construction of barrier-free design standard (JGJ50-2001) and published by the Ministry of construction, Ministry of Civil Affairs of the old code for design of (JGJ122-99) (hereinafter the code).

    Article III (umbrella term)

    Barrier-free facilities mentioned in these measures refers to protect older persons, persons with disabilities, and the injuries, pregnant women, children and other persons with reduced mobility access security and the use of facilities, supporting the construction of service facilities in a construction project, including:

    (A) ramps, Curb Ramp, and blind;

    (B) barrier-free vertical elevators, lifts and other lifts;

    (C) the warning signs, tips, sound, indicating devices;

    (D) l phones, low level toilet, low sink low installations;

    (E) parking, special seats, safety handrails;

    (F) barrier-free toilets, toilet;

    (VII) barrier-free logo;

    (VIII) other persons with reduced mobility to use the facilities.

    Fourth (management responsibility)

    Construction administrative departments exercise unified management and supervision over construction of barrier-free facilities.

    City administrative departments responsible for supervision and administration of urban road maintenance of barrier-free facilities.

    Planning, public safety, transportation, real estate, home, garden and other administrative departments in accordance with the responsibility of barrier-free facilities management.

    Fifth (planning)

    Municipal construction Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with planning, urban management, civil affairs, disabled persons ' Federation, ageing, socio-economic development, and other departments in accordance with this condition, professional preparation of barrier-free facilities construction plan and reported to the municipality for approval.

    Sixth ("three")

    New construction, reconstruction and extension project of the construction unit shall comply with the requirements of standards and requirements have barrier-free facilities under construction, should be synchronized with the construction design, construction of synchronous, synchronous delivery.

    Seventh (design)

    Design Unit at the time of design and construction projects, in accordance with the design specifications, as well as other provisions of barrier-free facilities construction standards, supporting the design of barrier-free facilities.

    When design designing blind should be dovetailed with the barrier-free facilities construction projects around the existing.

    Eighth (set construction and graphic logo)

    Construction units should be in conformity with the approved design documents, supporting the construction of barrier-free facilities.

    The barrier-free facilities have been built, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of national, provincial and municipal, Setup instructions and prompts people to use the graphic symbol of barrier-free facilities.

    Nineth (final acceptance)

    Construction project when it is completed, which should include inspection of construction of barrier-free facilities and barrier-free facilities construction completion report to the municipal or district (City) County construction administrative departments for the record.

    Construction engineering quality supervision institutions in the construction engineering quality supervision report should contain contents of barrier-free facilities construction.

    Tenth (maintenance)

    Barrier-free facilities maintenance by the owners or managers are responsible for construction projects.

    Barrier-free facilities maintenance shall be in accordance with the standards and requirements of barrier-free facilities maintenance and repair, ensure that the normal use of barrier-free facilities.

    Barrier-free facilities of urban roads and bridges by the appropriate road and bridge management unit is responsible for.

    11th (barrier-free reconstructions)

    Have been built but not have barrier-free facilities under construction, or construction of barrier-free facilities but do not meet the required standards and requirements of the construction project, construction project owners or managers shall, in accordance with national standards and requirements, develop improvement plans and buy application transformation.

    Barrier-free facilities renovation Fund, borne by the building owner or a Manager.

    12th (prohibited acts)

    No units or individuals may damage or occupy closed, moved, altered, barrier-free facilities and emblems, or change in use of barrier-free facilities.

    Park closed to motor vehicles, non-motor tied up blind.

    13th (temporary occupation of approval)

    Urban construction, due to social welfare activities, it requires barrier-free urban roads shall be agreed by the management with the approval of the city.

    By the application of municipal public facilities and green transformation pipelines and tree holes, take up the road of barrier-free facilities, shall be governed by and approval of the Department of urban management programme, to synchronize the barrier-free facilities to move to change.

    Expiration of temporary occupation, occupation should restore the status quo ante of barrier-free facilities in a timely manner.

    14th (the penalties for substandard building)

    For violation of the article seventh, eighth, Nineth not according to barrier-free facilities construction compulsory standard design, the construction of barrier-free facilities provided, by construction Administrative Department in accordance with the regulations on the management of construction engineering quality and other relevant laws and regulations will be punished.

    Acts contrary to the provisions of other laws or regulations, by the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations will be punished.

    15th (accountability)

    Administrative organs and their staff in performing their functions in the process of favoritism, abuse their powers, neglect their duties, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    16th (explain)

    Problems in the application of these measures by the Chengdu municipal people's Government Affairs Office is responsible for the interpretation.

    17th (execution date) These measures shall take effect on March 1, 2011.

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