Xiamen City Construction Engineering Material Using Management Methods

Original Language Title: 厦门市建设工程材料使用管理办法

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Xiamen City construction engineering material using management methods

    (December 24, 2010, Xiamen City people's Government Executive meeting of the 121th consideration by December 31, 2010, Xiamen City people's Government to 142th announced since March 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the use and administration of construction engineering materials to guarantee construction quality and safety, to promote the use of new technologies, new materials and energy-saving materials, according to the People's Republic of China construction law, the Xiamen Special economic zone building code and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second this approach applies to the city use, supervision and management of construction engineering materials, including:

    (A) the construction, reconstruction, expansion of the materials used in construction project management;

    (B) into the qualification management of construction administrative departments of manufacturers of construction materials production management.

    Third municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and management of construction materials used in this city.

    Construction administrative departments according to their functions and the Division responsible for the supervision and management of construction materials used in the region.

    Transportation, water conservancy, quality and technical supervision administration, in accordance with their respective functions and common material used in construction engineering management.

    Article people's Governments and relevant departments at all levels should take effective measures, popularization and application of energy-saving on water, land, water, raw materials and environmentally friendly building materials.

    Chapter II construction materials for the record

    Article fifth affect the main structure of the building security and architectural features of the main construction materials law informational filing system. Municipal construction administrative departments shall regularly publish catalogues of construction materials needed for the record administration.

    Are transportation and water conservancy engineering construction materials directory, municipal construction administrative departments before the release shall seek the views of relevant administrative departments.

    Article sixth included in the filed of construction materials, manufacturers shall take the following information to the municipal construction administrative departments, construction materials, handle the formalities:

    (A) the application form;

    (B) the business license and organization code certificate;

    (C) the introduction of management system of production license, mandatory product certification of construction materials, submission of production license for industrial products, the corresponding certificate;

    (D) are registered trademarks of construction materials, submit the certificate of trademark registration;

    (E) sampling inspection by a qualified testing agency product type inspection reports, and the reports issued by time is not more than 1 year;

    (Vi) product standards;

    (G) the imports of construction materials, submitted to the customs import declarations.

    Production enterprise of distribution units filing, distribution units should also provide a power of Attorney, business license and organization code certificate distribution units. The submission of complete information, in compliance with the statutory form, the municipal construction administrative departments shall record on the spot. Certificate of record need record, municipal construction Administrative Department shall issue.

    Handle construction materials for the record shall not charge a fee.

    Article seventh documented materials for construction works ceased production or stop sales and filings to change in this city, the filing shall timely notify the municipal construction Administrative Department.

    Eighth of municipal construction Administrative Department shall timely posting of the record list of construction materials. Nineth fiscal investment and financing of construction projects using the filing range of construction materials, from the record by the municipal construction Administrative Department of engineering materials used in the construction.

    Direct procurement of construction materials not yet filed, by the purchasing party filing procedures in accordance with article sixth of this approach.

    Engineering quality supervision institutions, surveillance units in the implementation of project quality supervision, supervision of fiscal investment and loan used for construction should be found in construction materials that are not filed by the filing, to the municipal construction Administrative Department shall timely report and the relevant administrative departments.

    Article tenth administrative departments and the relevant administrative departments should strengthen supervision and inspection of the construction materials used, regularly publish the inspection.

    Chapter three energy-saving building materials

    11th construction material manufacturers or distribution units, you can apply to departments of the municipal construction administrative building energy-saving materials found in this city.

    12th of municipal construction Administrative Department in accordance with the applicant's request, organize relevant experts on a regular basis in accordance with the relevant national standards, industry standards and local standards, to review the documents for applying for energy-saving building materials identified, review results to the public, public notice period of not less than 5 working days.

    Publicity after the expiry, the city decided to issue the construction administrative departments under the public certificate of energy-saving building materials, and to the public. Energy-saving building materials certificate is valid for two years, needs to maintain that expiry, the applicant should be submitted 3 months before the expiry of the validity period finds that the application.

    Effect of energy-saving building materials market as an important basis of review finds.

    Article 13th obtained certificate of energy-saving building materials, can be provided from funds allocate funds in support of new wall materials.

    Article 14th construction engineering quality assessment, should be used as an important basis for evaluation of building energy-saving materials.

    15th new construction, renovation or expansion projects, the design process is preferred in the following architectural energy-saving technologies and materials:

    (A) new energy-efficient glass, Windows and doors, curtain wall and its accessories, accessories

    (B) central heating and combined cooling, heat, electricity and cogeneration technologies;

    (C) renewable energy such as solar, geothermal technology and equipment;

    (D) building Sun technologies and products;

    (E) building lighting energy-saving technologies and materials;

    (Vi) air conditioning and refrigeration energy-saving technologies and materials;

    (G) sustainable development of environment-friendly technologies and materials;

    (VIII) other technologies mature and effective energy-saving technologies and materials.

    16th section prohibit the use of sintered clay products in construction, but mixed with plenty of raw material to the 50% of construction waste soil and river silt and fly ash recycling material otherwise.

    The fourth chapter premixed concrete and dry-mixed mortar 17th new construction, renovation or expansion projects should use the premixed concrete.

    Except for the following construction projects, not spot mixed concrete:

    (A) the project investment of 300,000 Yuan or an area of 300 square meters under construction;

    (B) the transport conditions, ready mix concrete transport vehicle can not reach the construction site;

    (C) ready-mixed concrete ready-mixed concrete manufacturers could not supply special type;

    (D) the required specialized on-site mixed concrete construction projects.

    Meet the second requirement of situations require on-site mixed concrete shall be submitted to competent construction Department; meet the requirements of the fourth, should also be reported to the professional construction engineering Administration Department.

    Article 18th implementation of construction, reconstruction and extension used for construction of dry-mixed mortar, gradually limiting the site mixed mortar, specific restrictions on the use of the scope stipulated by the municipal construction Administrative Department and submitted to the municipal people's Government to the public. 19th of municipal construction Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with relevant administrative departments according to the quality assurance of premixed concrete and reasonable transport distances and urban development, preparation of ready-mixed concrete manufacturers point planning.

    Establishment of premixed concrete, ready-mixed concrete, sites should be in accordance with the planning requirements.

    20th implementation of ready-mixed concrete, dry-mixed mortar production enterprise of ISO9001 quality assurance system certification, ensure the quality of ready-mixed concrete, dry-mixed mortar.

    Article 21st ready-mixed concrete supply and demand sides should arrive in premixed concrete at the construction site, in accordance with the relevant national standards and norms, concrete inspection records, supervising unit under the witness field sampling of concrete blocks.

    Both supply and demand should be dry-mix mortar in dry-mixed mortar arrived at the construction site, acceptance records, supervising unit under the witness field sampling of making mortar specimens, identification of the relevant supporting documents.

    22nd construction project cost management body shall, in accordance with provincial and municipal construction administrative departments publish evaluation method, preparation of ready-mixed concrete, dry mortar market prices, on a monthly basis to the public.

    Budget and bidding of construction engineering project bidding, pursuant to the relevant provisions in the light of cost management released the ready-mixed concrete, dry mortar market prices are compiled.

    Fifth chapter of building walls and exterior door and window

    23rd design units shall, exterior door and window of architectural curtain wall (hereinafter referred to as doors and Windows) is stated in the outcome document building curtain walls, doors and Windows of the wind resistance performance indicators, key performance indicators, key performance indicators, water thermal shading performance indicators, as well as primary and secondary roads of the city facing the street residential building construction curtain wall, the file indicated in the sound insulation performance of window.

    Design of building curtain wall in the outcome document should also indicate in-plane deformation of curtain wall performance, seismic indicator.

    24th commissioned a professional curtain wall design of building curtain wall unit designs, design units should be carried out according to the design of performance index value of building curtain wall design. Employer shall entrust a qualified design is responsible for building construction design of doors and Windows and provide structural calculations, node.

    Construction drawing review body should be on building doors and Windows to review the construction drawing design.

    25th, the production of door and window of architectural curtain wall shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the materials used conform to national standards, industry standards and regulations, and factory certification, quality inspection reports;

    (B) in accordance with the design requirements;

    (C) making installation unit on each batch of building curtain walls, doors and Windows of the cutting, assembling, seal, inspection records; (D) single building curtain wall area of 300 square metres above or curtain wall the maximum elevation is greater than 24 metres or above the crowded area, and door and window area of 2000 square metres or more, made before installing the unit to be installed on the wall performance testing agencies testing.
Otherwise provided by laws and regulations prevail.

    , Door and window of architectural curtain wall engineering fabrication and installation of units at the time of construction and installation, door and window of architectural curtain wall shall be made to the employer or the engineer to provide the information prescribed in the preceding paragraph first to fourth.

    26th, door and window of architectural curtain wall works after the installation is complete, should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the special acceptance, construction and installation of units shall provide the employer with construction curtain wall, doors and Windows operation and maintenance manual, warranty book.

    27th in building walls, doors, wall installed on the prohibition of the use in the process be degradation of protective film.

    The sixth chapter building steel structure engineering

    28th in building steel structure design, fabrication and installation of unit shall obtain the corresponding steel structure design, production, installation qualification, and in the context of qualification to undertake projects.

    Architectural steel structure design, production and installation shall conform to the relevant provisions of standards and norms of the State.

    Architectural steel structure welding personnel shall access to welder certificate.

    Article 29th building steel construction materials used should be consistent with national standards, industry standards and regulations, with corresponding quality certificates. Article 30th building steel structure fabrication and installation of steel structure fabrication and installation process should be to construction records.

    Construction record includes:

    (A) procurement of raw materials, testing, use of documents or records;

    (B) after the completion of each procedure to inspect records;

    (C) the inspection records of the transfer between the various types of expertise.

    31st of the employer, the supervisor to enter the construction site should be steel components, connection identification using fasteners, welding materials, and verify the following information:

    (A) the quality certificates of the materials used;

    (B) comply with the provisions of article 30th construction records;

    (C) steel structure project construction quality approval standard requirements shall be submitted to the information;

    (D) completion inspection shall provide warranty information.

    Employer, the supervision of inspection should be signed and sealed.

    Article 32nd construction Administrative Department can legally take a sampling approach may affect the quality and safety of the steel, welding material mainly supervise and inspect the materials and fabrication processes.

    The seventh chapter legal liability

    33rd article violates these rules, any of the following circumstances, the construction Administrative Department shall order rectification; it fails to, respectively, the following shall be punished:

    (A) shall have not filed by the filing procedures and construction materials, and fined 1000 Yuan fine;

    (B) in the context of restrictions on the use, unauthorized mixing of mortar at the scene, can impose a fine of 100 yuan per cubic meter;

    (C) in building curtain walls, doors and Windows on the wall with non-degradable protective film during installation, in accordance with fines of up to 0.5 Yuan per meter.

    Second to third in the preceding paragraph shall not exceed the ceiling of fine of 30,000 yuan.

    Article 34th building curtain walls, doors and Windows and method of fabrication and installation of steel structure in violation of this provision is not to record the fabrication and installation process shall be ordered to correct serious punishable by more than 2000 million Yuan fine.

    35th financial investment and financing of construction projects using construction materials that are not filed by the filing by the municipal construction Administrative Department in charge or relevant departments shall handle; directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.

    Article 36th construction, design, construction, supervision, violates these rules, other related laws, regulations, rules and regulations of administrative punishment, in accordance with the relevant provisions of administrative punishment.

    The eighth chapter by-laws

    37th article of the approach is that the meaning of the following terms:

    (A) refers to premixed concrete made of cement, aggregate, water, and for mixing additives and additives and other ingredients according to a certain proportion of concentration measurement by truck within the specified time after mixing concrete mix transport to the place of use. (B) dry-mixed mortar, also known as "mortar dry mix", is a professional manufacturer in the production of, cementitious materials by dry sieving of fine aggregate, mineral admixtures and additives and other ingredients according to a certain proportion, measurement, mixing of granular or powdered mixture.

    Dry-mix mortar at the construction site be included in the required amount of water (or LaTeX) mixing evenly and serve to meet functional needs mortar mix, dry-mixed mortar into ordinary dry-mixed mortar and dry-mixed mortar. 38th article of the rules take effect on March 1, 2011.