Model Road Nanjing City Administrative Measures On Science And Technology Innovation Park

Original Language Title: 南京市模范路科技创新园区管理办法

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Model road Nanjing city administrative measures on Science and technology innovation Park

    (December 27, 2010 Executive meeting of the Nanjing municipal people's Government on February 25, 2011, Nanjing municipal people's Government promulgated as of April 1, 2011, No. 277) Chapter I General provisions

    Construction of the first road in order to promote a model of science and technology innovation Park, enhance the ability of independent innovation, optimizing the scientific and technological innovation environment, enhance the level of scientific and technological innovation service, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second model in these measures road science and technology innovation Park (hereinafter referred to as Park), including road, Guangzhou science and technology business model innovation of the road block streets and Nanjing international service outsourcing industry Park (city of jiangdong software), as well as other areas approved by the municipal people's Government.

    Model innovation of the road blocks east to the Central Road, West to the moat, Qin Huai River in the South Hunan road, Shanxi road, Jiangsu road, Ningxia road, Gu Lin Park, North huju road, Beijing West Road along the road north to Heilongjiang, Fujian road, Cha HA er road, including road campus of Nanjing University of finance.

    Business-Street East Zhongshan Road, Guangzhou science and technology road, westward to huju road, South of Hanzhong road, North to West Beijing.

    Nanjing international service outsourcing Industrial Park (city of jiangdong software) range via four Road West, in the East and West to Riverside Expressway, South to Jiqing Sai Road, North to Hanzhong West Road.

    Article approved by the municipal people's Government, and other science and technology innovation Park within the administrative area of the city can be used this way.

    Article fourth parks should adhere to in order to improve the capability of independent innovation as the core, system mechanism reform in science and technology pioneering, independent innovation of the Park into core, industry leaders, scientific development model demonstration area.

    Fifth unit and individual shall be encouraged innovation and entrepreneurship activities in the Park, which would be conducive to innovation systems, institutions and mechanisms in the Park pioneering, creating a culture to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Sixth municipal local government parks and park development incorporated into the national economic and social development planning, taking measures to promote the Park's construction and development.

    Article seventh municipal people's Government the establishment of coordination mechanisms to promote Park development, organizing Park local government and relevant departments to jointly promote the implementation of the Park's construction and development, coordination of matters related to major parks.

    Departments and Park, local people's Governments shall, within the terms of reference, support, service, construction-related jobs.

    Eighth body specifically responsible for the preparation of park management park construction-related plans and policies, resource integration, promote innovation and technology development and the transformation of service work?, and park management.

    Chapter II planning and construction

    Nineth Park local people's Governments shall, in conjunction with the City Planning Department to prepare the Park plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval and publication purposes.

    Preparation of park planning, should seek development and reform, housing and urban-rural development, economy and information, science and technology, Department of land and resources.

    Park planning and in the implementation process should be organized to assess and adjust according to statutory procedures for assessments on park planning.

    Tenth District Planning and management institutions should develop industries to determine the catalogue of industries for guiding, guiding Park focused on industrial development.

    Park Authority Park project evaluation mechanisms should be established, according to assessment results adjust zone industrial development guidance directory.

    11th municipal people's Government and the relevant departments, campus, local people's Governments shall, in accordance with the planning requirements, and Park and the surrounding areas of infrastructure, public facilities and other facilities of development and construction and use.

    12th national land resources departments should be in conjunction with the Park, local government, establishment of park land saving and intensive use assessment and monitoring mechanism, improve the efficiency of land use. Park construction project and the construction of supporting facilities should be mainly used in high-tech industries.

    Encourage Park within institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, enterprises will land in all kinds of innovative carrier construction.

    13th development and reform, the Ministry of land and resources, science and technology, economy and information technology, housing and urban-rural development, local Government Department shall, in conjunction with parks, established for examining mechanisms for enterprises to use land for parks, and adjustment of corporate, project, access, and moved out.

    14th development and reform, science and technology, economic and information technology sectors in the preparation of the municipal development plan and the plan, should give preference to the development of garden industry technology included in all coins to the plans and programmes.

    Chapter innovation

    15th no units and individuals may, in accordance with established enterprises in the zones and other organizations, engaged in scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

    Park to set up a technology industry, responsible for science and technology enterprises registered. 16th support joint technology of institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to form industry Alliance.

    Meet the requirements, can apply for registration as a corporation.

    Supporting industrial technology Alliance declared national and local people's Governments at major science and technology projects, all kinds of scientific and technological projects and major high-tech industrialization projects, undertake science and technology infrastructure.

    17th to encourage enterprises, universities, research institutes and other organizations and individuals, establish business incubator in the Park, use of social resources, improve service capabilities.

    18th to encourage enterprise and campus colleges and universities, research institutes established engineering technology research center, Engineering Center, laboratory, research and development institutions and public services and enterprises the Academician workstation platform, using the resources of science and technology of institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, and take on key scientific and technological projects, the combination of activities.

    19th to encourage institutions of higher learning, research institutes for technology development and industrialization have made outstanding contributions to technical staff and corporate management equity incentive, sale, stock options and other incentives.

    Universities, research centres technology transfer will post results provided to the enterprise of science and technology can be part of the net income from technology transfer Award for scientific and technological achievements to complete people and mainly contributed to the achievements of staff; joint-stock transformation, forms part of the equity awarded scientific and technological achievements of scientific and technological achievements to complete people and mainly contributed to the achievements of staff.

    Article 20th sci-tech intermediary organizations to develop in the direction of specialization, scale and standardization play intermediary institutions for scientific and technological advice, assessments, property exchange, such as services.

    And relevant government departments can be purchased through the service or any other means, support the development of intermediaries.

    21st industry associations should organize all kinds of domestic and international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation activities, help companies to enter the international market and promote your brand within the Park, to play its role in promoting industrial development and enterprise development in the Park.

    22nd to encourage scientists and technicians to intellectual property, intangible assets such as a stake in the way scientific and technological achievements to start a business.

    Intellectual property, pricing, investment firms with registered capital proportion of scientific and technological achievements can be stipulated by the funding parties; with State-owned assets shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State-owned assets management. Article 23rd joint park management should jointly introduce high-level innovative talents in colleges and universities.

    About the introduction of talent, the Park providing initial funds, priority recommendations into all kinds of major national and provincial talent project and talent grants project, first priority would be to declare national and provincial science and technology program.

    24th local government, municipal authorities and Park should be guided and supported domestic and foreign venture capital firms to invest in start-ups within the Park.

    Encourages and supports enterprises and other organizations set up in the Park, financing institutions and microfinance institutions serving science and technology enterprises.

    Encourages and supports commercial banks, insurance agencies, financing institutions and micro-lending institutions financial innovation in the Park Service, technology and capital matching.

    25th municipal departments should be for enterprises, universities, research institutes and other organizations and individuals in facilitating international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation.

    Park management organization to carry out cooperation with other science and Technology Park to promote personnel exchanges, collaborative innovation and industry collaboration.

    Encourage enterprises in production, research and development, services, and investment activities carried out abroad, promote the export of technologies, products and services, develop the overseas market.

    26th support enterprises to participate in development of industry standards, national standards and international standards, foster domestic and international influence of a strong leader and a well-known brand.

    The fourth chapter of government services

    27th of municipal park local government relevant departments and to establish joint conference system to develop work plans, decomposing work objectives, coordinate the implementation of matters related to address Park issues.

    28th the departments concerned to Park organizations and individuals apply for administrative licensing, approval, inspection and other services, management issues, should simplify procedures, shorten the term, reducing the levels, streamline processes, improve administrative efficiency and service levels.

    Article 29th Park management should establish an information service platform, the relevant departments of the Park, public construction and development support measures taken by the scope of information, standards and conditions, providing technology, personnel, funds, projects, equipment, facilities and other information.

    Article 30th departments the Park enterprises carry out inspections and supervision according to law, shall not affect the relevant research and production activities of the enterprise.

    Departments shall establish a park business credit information database, based on the corporate reputation reduced inspection frequency.

    Ban all relevant departments and other units require enterprises to participate in various forms of evaluation activities within the Park.

    Large outdoor advertising article 31st at the Park, and shall be coordinated with park planning and requirements, sets up examination and approval Department shall consult the Park Management Agency.

    32nd of municipal local government departments, parks should be implementing national and provincial tax benefits related to policies on innovation and entrepreneurship, and related services.
Institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and enterprises for innovation and entrepreneurship to provide carriers and leasing related taxes shall be given financial support.

    Use stock resources for innovation and entrepreneurship within the Park, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national, provincial and municipal fee waiver.

    Fees for financial support and relief, and must be used for park construction.

    33rd municipal departments to use existing development funds support the Park unit innovation and entrepreneurship, improving the innovation capacity and competitiveness, and promote industrial development.

    Article 34th development and reform, financial, industrial and commercial administrative departments establish and perfect market mechanism, strengthen joint audits on the listings, comprehensive coordination and guidance services, and encourage and support enterprises to be listed.

    35th of municipal administrative departments shall meet the conditions of Park, independent innovation, innovative products into the product catalog, list of recommendations into national and provincial independent innovative products.

    36th of municipal local government departments and Park should use government procurement policies, innovative products eligible within the Park to carry out the first purchase, ordering, support the innovation activities of innovation entrepreneurship.

    37th of municipal departments concerned by financing and incentive measures, support for institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and enterprises, and their associates access to patents, trademarks and computer software copyright registration.

    By way of demonstration base of industrialization of the establishment of intellectual property, guide and help the enterprises to increase the awareness of intellectual property protection, establishing and perfecting the system of intellectual property protection, improved ability to create, use, protection and management of intellectual property rights and standards.

    Article 38th of intellectual property management departments should establish and improve law enforcement collaboration, accountability and evaluation mechanisms, according to the intellectual property rights dispute, investigate and deal with violations of intellectual property rights, protection of intellectual property rights and other legitimate interests of units and individuals.

    Intellectual property management Department shall establish a reporting system for intellectual property rights violations, receive reports, complaints established intellectual property protection inspection system, investigating infringements of intellectual property rights in a timely manner.

    39th of municipal authorities and Park in the local people's Governments shall support the Park Enterprise leader in the introduction of high-end talents and its establishment of enterprise, for start-up capital, declared the project, guaranteeing the scientific research conditions, provision of office space and housing, entitlement or a residence permit, professional evaluation, administer accounts, as well as employment, education, health care and other family members is facilitated.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    40th fails to perform the statutory duties of the departments concerned, by a higher administrative authority shall order rectification aggravated by the supervisory authority or authorities responsible for the direct supervisor and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.

    41st staff of the relevant departments in managing dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    42nd believe that their legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in the industrial park administrative body against or on the specific administrative act undertaken by the departments concerned, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring administrative proceedings.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    43rd of municipal authorities and Park local Government can formulate specific measures for the implementation of the present measures. 44th article of the rules as of April 1, 2011.