Qingdao Municipal People's Government On The Decision To Modify The Part Of The Municipal Regulations Of

Original Language Title: 青岛市人民政府关于修改部分市政府规章的决定

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Qingdao municipal people's Government on the decision to modify the part of the municipal regulations of

    (November 23, 2010, people's Government of Qingdao City the 16th Executive meeting November 30, 2010, Qingdao City people's Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, order No. 207) in accordance with the regulation on the notification of regulatory issues related to cleanup work (run [2010]28) requirements and related laws and regulations, combined with the municipality, the Municipal Government decided to modify the relevant government regulations.

    And the Qingdao municipal management of aquatic fingerlings 4 Government regulations read as follows:

    (A) management measures of the Qingdao aquatic seed 1. the seventh paragraph is amended as: "in aquatic seed production of units and individuals shall obtain a fish seed production license (hereinafter referred to as production licenses). But aquaculture producers bred, for personal use except for aquatic fingerlings.

    ” 2. Add a, as the third item: "parent comes from the original for reproduction, seed, and quality in line with quality standards;" the fourth amendment: "adapt to the aquatic seed production and quality inspection of professional and technical personnel. "The addition of a paragraph, as the second paragraph:" applicants are aquaculture original, Chong Chang, should also be in line with the Ministry of agriculture, aquatic primary seed production management requirements of the specification.


    3. the article is revised as follows: "aquaculture seed production unit and individual shall provide the location of seed production departments of fishery administration application approval before production. Fishery administrative departments should be made from the date of receipt of the application within the 20th approval or disapproval decision. No permission shall be in writing and state the reasons.

    Permission is granted, and shall be reported to the municipal fishery administrative departments. Should be submitted to the next higher fisheries authorities according to law, put forward by local departments of fishery administration after review, escalation for approval.

    ” 4. the 15th amendment as follows: "aquatic seed producers before the seed out, should be in accordance with the provisions to apply qualified testing aquatic fingerlings for inspection.


    (B) management of Huangdao, the Qingdao City water supply project

    1. the title is amended as: "the West coast of Qingdao City water supply project management approach". 2. the article is revised as follows: "to strengthen the management of water supply project on the West Coast, give full play to benefit, in accordance with the People's Republic of China and other related provisions of the Water Act, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.

    ” 3. second article first paragraph modified for: "this approach by said West Coast water water engineering (following referred to water engineering), is refers to yanghe Liu circle dam, and Cao Wen he Cao Timor dam to small Zhu Shan reservoir distribution water Qian pool of all water engineering facilities, and White Horse River River to upstream 334 province road Zhijian of Geely River, and White Horse River River range within of take diversion engineering to wangshan water factory of all water engineering facilities.


    4. the article is revised as follows: "Qingdao water Administrative Department is responsible for project management of integrated water regulation and water engineering, daily monitoring and management, by the water conservancy administrative departments on the West coast of Qingdao water supply project management agency (hereinafter referred to as water supply project management agency). In xiaozhushan reservoir is a water storage reservoir, same ownership, Jiaonan water conservancy administrative departments should continue to be responsible for the management.

    ” 5. the fourth section is revised as follows: "the water source project of water allocation and scheduling priority needs of residents living on the West Coast and national key projects of water, balanced water.

    ” 6. the fifth paragraph is amended as: "the expropriation of land for the project management of water engineering and water management institutions, in conjunction with Huangdao district, Jiaonan, Jiaozhou city government laid land and mapping archive.


    7. the sixth paragraph (d) is revised as follows: "unauthorised, water diversion, water;" 8. the seventh paragraph is amended as: "authorized by the law, projects can be managed outside the scope of a certain area, designated to protect the scope of the project.

    ” 9. the tenth article is revised as follows: "special power supply line water source project of power supply facilities. LV bushing over power lines and substations of the power supply (low voltage bushings), by the power supply unit is responsible for management, LV bushing part by the bodies responsible for the management of water supply project management.

    ” 10. the 11th article is revised as follows: "water requirements for the engineering, management, maintenance, water supply project management application, submitted to the municipal water administration departments, incorporated in budget management.

    ” 11. the 12th is revised as follows: "water source management bodies in ensuring the water supply engineering and normal supply and maintenance of premise, should take into account flood control, drainage and irrigation and river ecological water demand.

    ” 12. the 13th paragraph (a) is amended as: "water under the unit should be made before October 1 of each year, prepare an annual water use plans, water supply project management.

    "By deleting paragraph (c).

    13. the 14th amendment: "water supply for water and water resource fees, collected by the water management bodies in accordance with the relevant provisions. In xiaozhushan reservoir water storage of reservoir regulation and storage fees, by water supply project management agency and settled in xiaozhushan reservoir management on a quarterly basis.


    14. delete article 16th.

    15. the relevant provisions in the "water management" is amended as "water management".

    (C) of the dagu river management in Qingdao City

    Delete the 42nd paragraph (d) of the "River surcharge".

    (D) the water tourism in Qingdao passenger regulations 1. amend article 22nd: "water tourist passenger transport operators in violation of the provisions of article sixth, Nineth, tenth, 13th, the relevant provisions should be given administrative punishment, by traffic administrative departments or the port management body to which it belongs, in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    ” 2.23rd article modified for: "water Shang tourism passenger operators violation this provides 15th article, and 18th article about provides of, by traffic transport administrative competent sector or its belongs of Hong Kong airlines management institutions give warning, ordered stop violations, confiscated illegal proceeds, and at 1000 Yuan above 5,000 yuan following fine; plot serious of, at 5,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following fine; in accordance with People's Republic of China Security punishment method should give security management punishment of, by police organ law punishment; constitute crime of, Criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    ” 3. the 25th is amended as: "water tourist passenger transport operators refuse or obstruct the administration of law enforcement personnel from performing their duties in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security penalty law on administrative penalties for public security should be given by the public security organs in accordance with the punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.


    4. the relevant provisions in the "traffic administrative departments" and "maritime administration" changed to "Department of transportation administration" and "port authority".

    5. by deleting the 18th and 28th.

    Second, the municipalities concerned laws and regulations topics referenced in the regulations changes.

    Qingdao forest seed management of City Government, such as the administrative reconsideration regulations referenced in the regulations, to reference the administrative reconsideration law; management measures of the Qingdao City water supply facilities and other municipal government regulations referenced in the regulations, to refer to the Security Administration Punishment Act.

    Third, the Qingdao City dog regulations (municipal order 117th) 11 government regulations in accordance with the regulatory procedure to be modified. In addition, on some municipal rules of writing, punctuation, and provisions in order to make appropriate adjustments and modifications.

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