Shenzhen Gateway Management Approach

Original Language Title: 深圳市门楼牌管理办法

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Shenzhen gateway management approach

    (Order No. 226, January 30, 2011, Shenzhen People's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2011) first in order to strengthen the House and property (hereinafter referred to as the gatehouse), realize the standardization and normalization of gateway address information, meet the needs of economic and social development and people's life, in accordance with the Administrative Regulations for Geographical Names, such as laws, regulations, and practice, these measures are formulated.

    The second Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as the city) Gatehouse brands within the administrative area to produce, use, gate card set up and manage, these measures shall apply.

    Numbers mentioned in these measures refers to marking compound, independent portal number name of place name signs.

    Lou mentioned in these measures refers to the marked place name signs in the buildings within the compound number name.

    Article by the municipal authorities approved the naming of geographical names a road, street, alley, independent portal should be set on both sides of the courtyard house.

    Use where a residential, business and industrial buildings should be set within the courtyard floor.

    Fourth city public security organs is the gateway brand management Department, responsible for the District Public Security Bureau and police station gate cards in the preparation, set up and management of the work.

    Land planning, housing, transportation, urban management, supervision, finance, civil affairs departments as well as public institutions, industry associations, shall cooperate with the public security organs in accordance with their respective responsibilities to do gate preparation, set up and ongoing management.

    District, subdistrict office and community stations should support and assist public security organs with the gatehouse in the area preparation, set up and ongoing management.

    Fifth gate brand of preparation, use, gate card set and its management should follow the same management, convenient for people, the principle of respect for history, remained stable.

    Sixth public security, land planning, home construction, market regulation, taxation, urban management, housing and other sectors as well as postal services, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, banking and other units at the time of registration address information should be to Gatehouse brands as the legal address information.

    Building address information provided by the employer when applying for real estate Gatehouse grades issued by the public security organs should prevail.

    Gate cards as signs indicating the address information shall not be regarded as legal proof of ownership of the building.

    Seventh beyond the historical formation of the numbering sequence, and numbers should be in a road, street, alley number to:

    (A) East-West, and numbered from East to West, number on the South side, North side of odd;

    (B) North-South, numbered from South to North, East to double, West is a single number;

    (C), northeast to Southwest, numbered from southwest to Northeast, East is double, on the West is a single number;

    (D) the Northwest to Southeast, and numbered from Southeast to Northwest, East is double, on the West is a single number;

    (V) the commercial premises in the same building, should be used "number +" series of set numbers, a geographical reservation number when made this way can also be set.

    In the absence of urban road into the building, where a series is set can be used to "district name + number" form. Building numbers should be in accordance with the order, shall not jump, repeated number of disorder.

    Spacing between adjacent buildings in the urban areas more than four metres or according to the actual situation, should set aside an alternate number.

    Building numbers are "district name + number" form, "" shaped knitting method number.

    Eighth approved construction of the building, to invest in the unit or individual shall, before applying for real estate to the local police station to apply for Gatehouse brands, and submit the following materials:

    (A) the gate card application form;

    (B) construction project planning permit issued by the land planning department, legally valid proof of ownership or State agencies approved the construction of additional files;

    (C) the General layout.

    Nineth approved the construction of a temporary building, investment and construction of units or individuals should apply to the police station, where the gatehouse brands, and submit the following materials:

    (A) the gate card application form;

    (B) planning and land of the temporary construction project planning permit issued by the Department;

    (C) the laws, rules, regulations or normative documents provide additional application materials.

    Article tenth police station after the receipt of the application, the application materials are complete and shall accept and issue a receipt; the application materials are aligned, police stations should be one-time written supplementary material on the spot.

    Acceptance of the application, shall verify the complete number of police substation, upon approval by the District Public Security Bureau in the acceptance of the application within 15 working days of the date the applicant notice of the gatehouse brands.

    The Gatehouse brands notice shall set forth the provision by public security organs Gatehouse brands.

    11th investment and construction of unit or individual shall, within ten working days from the date of final acceptance of the building to the local police station by the gateway brand notice apply setting gate cards.

    Police stations shall acceptance of the application within three working days as of the relevant information and data submitted to the District Public Security Bureau. 12th District Public Security Bureau should be from the police station to submit business information data is received within three working days of the notification system installed units. Installation unit should be completed within the time limit agreed in the contract the gatehouse of fabrication and installation work.

    Contract manufacture and installation Gatehouse validity period of a licence shall not be longer than 30 days, homemade installation date of receipt of the notification.

    Gate card making, government procurement, and installation of units shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the determined through bidding.

    13th gate cards installed in the city in accordance with the following standards:

    (A) buildings along the street door installed in the top right of the main entrance of 2.1 metres from the ground;

    (B) the floor should be installed on the external wall of the houses on both sides, and should be installed between 2-3, were blocked by other buildings, can be installed in 3 to 4 layers;

    (C) a road, street, house number or a residential building shall be installed at the same level;

    (D) other exceptional circumstances, the public security police stations according to the actual situation determine the installation location.

    Gate card specifications and style standards determined by the municipal public security authorities reported to the municipality for approval.

    14th being legally recognized as heritage, heritage architecture, historical and cultural protection area of architectural features such as buildings, you can install a special style is coordinating its own architectural style of the gate card.

    Install special characteristic building style gate card, by the municipal public security authorities, in conjunction with land planning, heritage and other competent departments concerned confirmed.

    15th in daily management of public security at the gate of the police station, found that gate card has not been set, missing, damaged beyond recognition, shall verify the registration, additional setting gate cards according to the situation and notify the administrator, use protection.

    Building owner or occupier must take care to the gatehouse, a tidy, found has not been set, missing, damaged or illegible, building owners can hold real estate certificate or other supporting documentation to the local police station to apply; building management or occupiers to make buildings issued by the owner of a power of attorney or the right to prove for application processing.

    16th gate styles, changes in specifications approved by the municipal government, organized by public security organs to exchange their gate cards building owners may apply to the local police station for renewal.

    Reasons for cancellation of Gatehouse brands such as demolition, the building owner should be to the local police station to apply for cancellation of, the public security organs verified in their daily work may voluntarily cancelled, cancellation of the original Gatehouse brands retained as reserved, or historical data archiving.

    17th article for city names competent sector new named or change road name, must new set or change Gatehouse brand of, city names competent sector should in official announcement of day up 15 a days within notification City police organ and the related sector, City police organ and related sector should in three a days within will road name change information respectively notification district police branch and district related sector; location police police station should in new named road, and changed its name road signs set Hou timely completed Gatehouse brand of prepared, and change, and notification party related change matters.

    Article 18th Gatehouse brands compiled wrong numbers, jump, repeated number of building owners or managers may apply for changes to the local police station, public security authorities can also take the initiative to correct.

    19th to temporarily removed due to building facade decoration gate cards, user shall inform the local police station, and within the facade decoration after the 3rd, gate cards installed in the specified location.

    20th archives management in public security organs should strengthen the gate cards, perfect Gatehouse management information system, realize the sharing of information with relevant government departments, and sets the gateway brand, change the information be made public, laws and regulations related to personal privacy should not be the exception. 21st uniform style gate tower of fabrication, installation, maintenance and management costs, borne by the site on which the building of district people's Government, the District Public Security Bureau, the normal supply channels to the fiscal requirements apply.

    The gate of city public security organs shall be responsible for financial management, financial, included in the annual budget of a Department responsible for arranging.

    Special style of gate fabrication, installation and maintenance costs, borne by the building owner or Manager.

    GateHouse due to poor management of buildings all damaged, lost or need a replacement Gatehouse fabrication and installation expenses shall be borne by the building owner.

    22nd due to urban renewal, road, road, road was renamed and the 18th provided these measures cause changes, such as gate cards, building owners may apply to the local police station gate card change of address proof.
Gate changes lead to the household register, certificate, business license, tax registration and other address information needs change, building owners, who rely on gate card change of address proof issued by a public security organ to the relevant departments for change of address information, relevant departments should be free of charge change procedures.

    Article 23rd, one of the following circumstances, the public security organ shall order correction within, it fails, for individual fine of up to 100 Yuan, 500 Yuan fines against legal persons or other organizations:

    (A) does not apply pursuant to article eighth and Nineth gate designation;

    (B) deliberate occlusion of the gatehouse, covered or soiled;

    (C) determine on its own, change the gate card number;

    (D) unauthorized making, demolition, move the gate;

    (E) not required position or blocks within the specified location for installing the gate cards;

    (Vi) obtaining a gate used false material;

    (VII) other acts of man-made damage to the gatehouse.

    Violation of the dier、San、SI、Wu provisions of the preceding paragraph, need to be removed, reinstall the gatehouse, the costs borne by himself.

    Violations of the sixth rule of the preceding paragraph, revoke obtaining a gate card.

    Violation of these measures article 19th, gate cards are not installed in the specified location on the back, a rectification by public security organs, it fails, in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be punished.

    Gate cards appeared in the daily maintenance and management of violations of public security regulations, in accordance with the People's Republic of China related provisions of the law on administrative penalties for public security.

    24th public security organs and their staff or management of other government departments and their staff at the gate cards failed to perform their duties or does not properly carry out their duties, shall be subject to administrative liability; a suspected crime, law transferred to judicial organs for handling.

    25th of municipal public security organs according to the administrative and practical needs, on unauthorized construction, alteration of buildings set up a temporary gate cards, unauthorized construction, converted buildings of information provided by relevant government departments. Suspension temporary Gatehouse buildings approved to officially official gate of the building can apply for a renewal of a licence.

    Building demolition in accordance with law, temporary gate cards to be recovered. 26th article of the rules take effect on March 1, 2011.