Xiamen City Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Management

Original Language Title: 厦门市城市综合管廊管理办法

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Xiamen City comprehensive pipe gallery management

    (December 24, 2010, Xiamen City people's Government Executive meeting of the 121th consideration through January 22, 2011 143th Xiamen City people's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First for the specification of this comprehensive pipe Gallery of urban planning, construction and management of intensive utilization of urban underground space and optimize, promote economic and social development of the city, according to the Xiamen municipal facilities management Ordinance provisions and related rules and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second city's comprehensive pipe Gallery in these measures (hereinafter "tunnel"), refers to the setting in the urban underground, pipeline and auxiliary facilities used to accommodate a wide range of public facilities (including ancillary facilities that extends to the ground) structures. Public utilities pipeline in the preceding paragraph (hereinafter "pipeline"), which includes electricity, cable television, communications (including monitoring circuit), gas, water supply, drainage, water pipelines, traffic signals and other public facilities.

    Ancillary facilities include to maintain normal operation of the tunnel drainage, ventilation, lighting, electrical, communications, security surveillance systems.

    Article III of the municipal management of administrative authorities is the tunnel authorities.

    Other relevant administrative departments according to their respective functions coordinate and make tunnel management.

    Fourth tunnel management should carry out scientific planning, co-ordination, development, coordination and management, resource sharing and safe operation.

    Chapter II administration of planning and construction Fifth Municipal administrative departments should be formulated in conjunction with the relevant administrative departments of the city tunnel project planning.

    Pipe Gallery integrated and coordinated planning by the city planning administrative departments, according to prescribed procedures submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval before implementation.

    Pipe racks should special plan prepared in accordance with the city's overall urban planning, adhere to the local conditions, both far and near, the principles of overall planning, step by step.

    Special planning for municipal administrative departments to prepare tunnel shall solicit views from all units of the pipeline, the pipeline shall cooperate with the preparation of the Canal corridor planning.

    Article sixth building, rebuilding, expansion and new construction of urban roads, in accordance with the pipe Gallery special planning should be building pipe racks, shall have tunnel under construction.

    Article seventh has been building pipe racks of urban roads, during the planning period, in principle, no further construction of ducts, due to exceptional circumstances needed construction, by the municipal administrative authorities audits and report to the municipal people's Government.

    Have been building pipe racks of urban roads, except for the following cases, municipal pipe Gallery special planning requirements for the executive authorities, are no longer approved the pipeline unit mining road construction line:

    (A) be included in the pipe Gallery pipe;

    (B) connection pipeline pipe Gallery with external users. Eighth the pipeline of urban road, pipeline units applied for mining road construction pipeline, after the municipal administrative authorities shall accept the application, in accordance with the principle of building pipe racks are requested to inform about the pipeline unit can be applied for, and shall be approved.

    New pipeline built within 5 years, no longer approve mining road construction pipeline, construction of really necessary due to special circumstances, by the municipal administrative authorities audits and report to the municipal people's Government.

    Nineth tunnel construction construction procedure of tunnel construction project shall, in accordance with relevant procedures.

    Tunnel construction required to wear (cross) or to use the urban roads and highways, civil air defense facilities, River and dike facilities or related to fire safety, the protection of trees, the construction unit shall go through the relevant formalities.

    Article tenth of tunnel construction project surveying, design and construction, the Engineer determines, in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations of the State.

    Tunnel construction project surveying, design and construction, shall comply with the relevant technical norms and standards.

    11th tunnel after completion of the construction, the construction unit shall, in accordance with regulations of acceptance, acceptance before they can deliver.

    Construction Administrative Department and other administrative departments discovered tunnel construction unit acceptance in breach of the provisions, it shall order the rectification, reorganize acceptance.

    12th subject to municipal laws, regulations, rules and other requirements, pipe rack construction should pipe in the 30th after project acceptance, hand over the pipe Gallery pipe rack management of municipal administrative departments entrusted management and maintenance unit, and 90 days after the acceptance, submission to urban construction archives management works files.

    Pipe rack management unit should be linked to tunnel construction tunnel junction formalities, found that ducts do not meet quality requirements, Administrative Department shall report in writing the law.

    Chapter III tunnel maintenance and management 13th tunnel shall practise the system of paid use.

    Pipe gallery management unit is responsible for the pipeline unit providing access to the tunnel and tunnel maintenance services and charge a toll tunnel and tunnel maintenance management fees.

    Tunnel tolls and maintenance management fees, municipal administrative departments of prices approved by the Administrative Department in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    14th pipe gallery management unit shall perform the following obligations:

    (A) keep the ducts clean and well-ventilated;

    (B) establish a sound management system, to make safety monitoring and inspections and other safety and security;

    (C) the integrated pipeline maintenance management, cooperate with and assist in the inspection, maintenance and repair of the pipeline unit;

    (Iv) is responsible for maintaining and sharing facilities and equipment within the tunnel, engineering maintenance, guarantee the normal operation of facilities and equipment;

    (E) organizations develop emergency response plan for tunnel management, it tube Gallery when the emergency occurred, urgent measures should be taken and inform the pipeline unit to repair;

    (Vi) to ensure safe operation of the tunnel shall fulfil other obligations.

    15th pipeline unit shall perform the following duties:

    (A) establish and improve the safety responsibility system, fit the pipe Gallery pipe gallery management unit's safe operation;

    (B) the use and maintenance of the pipeline, should implement the relevant technical specification for safety;

    (C) establish a record of regular inspections of the pipeline, record shall contain the inspection staff (number), inspection time and place (scope), found problems and treatment measures, reporting, recording and inspection staff signed;

    (D) the preparation of the implementation of the pipeline within the tunnel maintenance and inspection program, and accept the supervision and inspection of tunnel management unit;

    (E) implementation in the tunnel fire operation, shall comply with the requirements and formulate programmes;

    (F) develop a pipeline emergency, and pipe rack management unit for the record;

    (G) to safeguard into the tunnel shall fulfil other obligations for safe operation of the pipeline.

    16th ducts within the pipeline failure requiring emergency rescue excavation of urban roads, tunnel management unit shall promptly report to the municipal administrative departments and municipal public security and traffic administration departments and units shall, in the event of failure of the pipeline within the 3rd replacement road excavation procedures according to regulations.

    17th urban construction project, you need to move, alteration of tunnel facilities shall be subject to municipal administrative authorities according to procedures, and sent drawings ducts the management unit for the record, tunnel management shall promptly notify pipeline units, the costs borne by the employer.

    18th in tunnel and its surrounding area, engaged in the following activities might jeopardize the safety of tunnel should first report to the municipal administrative departments provide tunnel construction safety protection programme management Department, and in the construction of safety protection measures taken in accordance with the protection programme.

    (A) to discharge or dump corrosive liquids and gases;

    (B) the blasting;

    (C) explore the city's roads;

    (D) piling or jacking operation;

    (V) construction of buildings and structures;

    (Vi) other acts against the safety of tunnel.

    The fourth chapter legal liability

    19th article violates these rules, without the approval of unauthorized mining in urban road construction pipeline, rectification by the city administration departments, and according to the mining area is fined 100 yuan per square meter.

    20th article violates these rules, pipe rack management, pipeline units not complying with the obligations as provided herein by the municipal administrative departments of rectification, and report on administration according to law.

    21st in violation of the rules against pipe Gallery pipe rack and its surrounding region security activities, rectification by the city administration of departments, according to the Xiamen municipal facilities management Ordinance shall be punished; pipe Gallery losses caused shall bear liability.

    22nd article violates these rules, the relevant administrative departments and their staff, one of the following circumstances shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) an approved construction of ducts, pipelines;

    (B) fails to perform supervisory duties, leading to construction of tunnel construction project quality requirements are not met;

    (Iii) other dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in.

    The fifth chapter by-laws 23rd these measures shall come into force on March 1, 2011.

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