Administrative Measures On Renewable Resources, Handan City

Original Language Title: 邯郸市再生资源回收管理办法

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Administrative measures on renewable resources, Handan city

    (December 8, 2010, Handan people's Government at the 37th Executive meeting on December 20, 2010, 136th Handan people's Government promulgated as of February 1, 2011) the first to standardize the management of renewable resources and the management and maintenance operators the legal rights and interests, and promote the use of renewable resources, in accordance with the People's Republic of China circular economy promotion law and other relevant provisions, combined with practical, these procedures are formulated in this municipality.

    Article renewable resources mentioned in these measures refers to social production and consumption in the process have lost all or part of the value, after recovering, processing, enabling them to regain the value of all kinds of waste.

    Renewable resources, including scrap metal, waste products, waste electrical and electronic equipment and parts, worn out vehicles and disassembling materials, scrap wood and its products, waste paper and waste of light industry and chemical raw materials (rubber, plastic, animal impurities, hair, etc), glass, etc.

    Article this regulation is applicable within the administrative area of the city is engaged in recycling business activities of the enterprise or individual (hereinafter operator of renewable resources).

    Laws, rules and regulations for hazardous waste, medical waste, scrap auto recycling management and recycling of imported solid wastes as raw materials otherwise provides, from its provisions.

    Article fourth management of renewable resources and manpower planning, rational distribution, fair competition, the principle of operation, increase utilization of renewable resources.

    Fifth of renewable resources recovery shall adhere to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, improve appearance, to safeguard the principles of public interest and public order.

    Sixth of municipal and county-level people's Government response to significant environmental benefits of regeneration resources comprehensive utilization enterprise and renewable resource recycling, processing industries give some preferential policies.

    City, County (city, district) Governments should encourage and guide enterprises and residents to enhance awareness of renewable resource recycling, recycling of renewable resources have made outstanding contributions to the work of the unit and individual reward.

    Article seventh city, County (city, district) area by supply and marketing cooperatives are management of renewable resources recovery authority (hereinafter referred to as Management Department of renewable resources).

    City regeneration resources recycling management sector is responsible for city regeneration resources recycling management work, developed recycling standard, is responsible for on regeneration resources recycling practitioners for legal regulations and the policy publicity, provides advisory and information service, well concentrated business dot of supporting service facilities construction, guarantees regeneration resources recycling business of ordered run, with business, and police, and environmental, and Chengguan, and business, sector established coordination linkage mechanism, strengthening daily regulatory.

    The County (city, district) management is responsible for the area of renewable resources management of renewable resources, and follow their guidance and supervision of the competent Department. Eighth business departments are responsible for carrying out national and provincial policy of renewable resources.

    In conjunction with the development and reform, the supply and marketing cooperative, planning, environmental protection, industry and information technology, relevant departments of renewable resources, such as industrial development program, reported that the Municipal Government promulgated after approval.

    Development and reform commissions responsible for comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, organizing the implementation of recycling technologies, popularization and industrialization demonstration for new equipment.

    Public security organs shall be responsible for security of renewable resources management and record management of scrap metal recycling.

    Industrial and commercial departments are responsible for registration of operators of renewable resources management and market supervision and management of renewable resources.

    Environmental protection departments are responsible for the environmental pollution in the process of supervision and management of renewable resources.

    City law enforcement department is responsible for the management, impact's appearance city appearance management supervision.

    Departments are responsible for the processing of renewable resources production guidance and supervision and management.

    Finance, taxation, price, technology and other sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, management of renewable resources, recycling-related work.

    Nineth Association of renewable resources recovery industry is the use of renewable resources recovery industry self-regulatory organizations, receiving guidance in the management of renewable resources sector.

    Operators of renewable resources recovery shall join the renewable resource industry associations.

    Renewable resource industry associations should develop industry standards and supervise the members strictly reflect the members ' suggestions and requirements to safeguard industry interests and benefits.

    Tenth administrative departments shall, jointly with relevant departments of renewable resources integrating recycling business and distribution network, organize and coordinate community recycling points (points) and concentrated construction of sorting work.

    Planning and design of residential areas, should be in accordance with the development of renewable resources recovery industry planning, reserve community recycling points (points) required field.

    Established residential area, provided by the subdistrict Office community recycling points (points) required site; sites cannot be provided, shall consult with the management of renewable resources, and set up a mobile recycling bin (points).

    11th community recycling points (points) sets shall meet the following requirements:

    (A) the unified planning and sanitation facilities, and does not affect the community face;

    (B) the necessary proliferation such as walls, ceilings, leakage-proof facilities, does not affect the community environment;

    (C) covers an area commensurate with the community coverage.

    12th station of renewable resources (point) of the operators shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) recycling of renewable resources do day day shall not be piled up outside the premises;

    (B) not at recovery site to engage in any form of processing operations;

    (C) not alter, paint recycling (dot) the appearance and identity;

    (D) shall not change recycling station (dot) location;

    (E) strict implementation of the fire safety and security regulations, with the necessary fire control facilities.

    13th renewable resources of sorting, processing, distribution, storage, shall in the centralized sorting within the disposal site.

    Enterprises of renewable resources and centralized sorting and disposal site shall meet the following conditions:

    (A) with residential areas, hospitals, schools, offices and other public places are relatively isolated;

    (B) has secured since burglars can block does not affect the city appearance;

    (C) surface hardening, transportation access;

    (D) the storing of renewable resources, young sub prevention, leakage prevention measures to prevent pollution of the environment;

    (E) regular disinfection;

    (F) fire prevention and security facilities.

    14th city on both sides of the main road, around schools, hospitals, drinking water sources, large industrial and mining enterprises within 200 metres, shall not establish any form of renewable resources management network.

    Departments, enterprises and institutions shall establish a system of renewable resources, sell renewable resources in a timely manner, and improve resource utilization.

    15th recycling business, shall go through registration formalities to obtain business licenses.

    16th operators of renewable resources recovery shall, after obtaining the business license in the 30th, to renewable resources management Department filing procedures.

    Operators of recycling productive scrap metal, 15th days after obtaining the business license, public security organ for the record should also be the place of business is located.

    Article 17th operators record of renewable resources shall submit the following materials:

    (A) the record signed by the legal representative of the enterprise;

    (B) copy of business license;

    (C) the identity of the legal representative;

    (D) site location plan.

    Operators of renewable resources under non-branch, still need to submit the following information:

    (A) the list of branches of enterprises of renewable resources;

    (B) the application signed by the legal representative of the enterprise;

    (C) copy of business license of the branch;

    (D) the heads of branch identification;

    (E) the branch site location plan.

    Article 18th door can be taken of renewable resources recovery, itinerant recovery and recovery at certain places or in other ways.

    Operators of renewable resources by phone, the Internet and other forms of interaction with the units and individuals to set up information, provide convenient and fast service.

    In a residential neighbourhood, renewable resources, handling and acquisition activities should not affect the normal life of the residents.

    19th renewable resources business operators of renewable resources recovery, storage, transport, processing, should take corresponding measures such as covering, wall, cleaning, preventing flying, splashing, spills, odor diffusion, pollute the environment and harm to human health, such as the explosion occurred.

    Renewable resources in transport operator in the recycling of resources, when a leakage occurs, shall immediately take clear measures to maintain sanitation.

    Article 20th personnel engaged in the management of renewable resources flow to acquire renewable resource industry associations should be registered to the name, address and identity card number, by the renewable resource industry associations to the local public security organ for the record.

    Recycling station (point), recovery of personnel and means of transport, such as implementation of unified identity management, hang a number of resource recycling dedicated transport vehicles in urban traffic. Mobile acquisition of renewable resources shall not pass on the main road in the city.

    Specific measures for the management of renewable resources in conjunction with the public security department. Article 21st recycling of renewable resources when producing waste metals, on item name, quantity, specification, new registrations.

    Sold as a unit, shall examine the sale open source proof of registration truthfully and sale name, agent name, address, social security number; sold to individuals, shall examine the evidence of registration truthfully and seller's name, address and identity card number.

    Registration information should be kept for at least two years.

    22nd operators of renewable resources and the buyers are allowed to purchase the following items:

    (A) urban public facilities such as manhole covers, Jing Bi;

    (B) without lawful sources of railway, oil, electric power, telecommunications, mining, water, measuring, fire-fighting equipment and other equipment.

    (C) firearms, ammunition, dangerous goods, inflammable, explosive, poisonous, explosive remnants of war, there is radioactive pollution (chemical containers, etc) of dangerous goods.

    (D) included in the national control list of all kinds of dangerous goods.
(E) national cultural relics.

    (Vi) public security authorities searched for stolen goods and items of suspected stolen goods.

    (G) the provisions of laws and regulations prohibiting the recovery of other items. 23rd of municipal and county level to encourage units and individuals to invest in high technology, advanced technology of regenerative resource's integrative utilization project.

    Comply with the relevant requirements, can enjoy preferential policies, projects and technical transformation of high-tech enterprises.

    Article 24th of comprehensive utilization of renewable resources in scientific research and technology development projects, meet the conditions for approval, priority in the city and county-level science and technology plan, and to give financial support.

    Article 25th of regeneration resources comprehensive utilization enterprises, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State get the Tax deduction, unless otherwise provided by the State shall for utilization of renewable resources shall not be diverted to any other use.

    Article 26th recycling operators in scrap auto recycling business and other vehicles shall comply with the relevant national scrap automobile and other vehicle recycling regulations.

    27th operators of renewable resources in business activities, found that informed the police search of stolen goods or suspected stolen goods when items should be immediately reported to the local public security organs.

    28th disobey article 15th, not legally obtaining the business license, engaged in the business of renewable resources without authorization, by the Administrative Department for industry and commerce shall be punished according to law.

    29th under any of the following acts, by the management of renewable resources a rectification, it fails, and impose a fine of 500 Yuan to 2000 Yuan:

    (A) operators not complying with the provisions for the record to the renewable resource management procedures;

    (B) the personnel engaged in the management of renewable resources flow to acquire not registered personal information to renewable resource industries associations;

    (C) recycling (dot), recovery of personnel and means of transport, such as the implementation of an integrated identity management;

    (D) are not renewable resources focus on sorting and disposal site sorting, processing, distribution, storage;

    (E) data on industrial scrap metal recycling saves less than two years;

    (F) renewable resource recycling bin (dot) violation of article 12th (a) to (d) provided.

    30th violates the 14th article, and set network operators of renewable resources, by the Urban Management Department ordered removed; fails to dismantle, torn down according to law, and a fine of 1000 Yuan more than 3000 Yuan.

    31st article violates this article 12th paragraph (v), 16th, 20th in the second paragraph of article provisions of paragraph, 21st, 22nd, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Act and the penalties prescribed by law, to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Article 32nd producing waste metals mentioned in these measures refers to buildings, railways, power, telecommunications, water, defense, transportation, mining, oil extraction, the shared facilities of the city and its production, construction, demolition, in the process, have lost partial or total value of metal and metal products.

    Specific time in accordance with the national classification standards. 33rd article this way come into effect February 1, 2011.