Zhengzhou City, Clearing Snow And Ice Management

Original Language Title: 郑州市清除冰雪管理办法

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Zhengzhou city, clearing snow and ice management

    (November 15, 2010 in Zhengzhou municipal people's Government the 38th Executive meeting November 23, 2010 by Zhengzhou municipal people's Government, the 194th published since November 23, 2010) article to clear road surface ice, ensure safety and clean roads, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second, built-up areas, this approach applies to this work is clear of snow and ice management within.

    Article Clearing snow and ice under unified leadership, grading, regions are responsible for professional cleaning and community clean up, normal cleaning and emergency treatment with a combination of principles.

    Article fourth of urban management is responsible for clearing snow and ice in the city management; urban management is responsible for clearing snow and ice management within their respective jurisdictions;

    Zhengdong new district, Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou economic and technological development zone, Zhengzhou air harbor zone, Zhengzhou Yellow River ecological tourism scenic zone, Zhengzhou railway station area and other regulatory agencies are responsible for clearing snow and ice management within the management area.

    Municipal Government departments according to their respective functions together to clear snow and ice management.

    Article fifth district people's Government and its streets should be organized in time units and individuals completed Clearing snow and ice task.

    All organs, groups, armed forces, enterprises, institutions and individuals have the obligation to clear the snow and ice.

    Sixth city, urban management Department shall, jointly with relevant departments to clear ice and snow emergency plan, reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval organization.

    Seventh of municipal and district people's Government should be used to clear the snow and ice of critical supplies, equipment and other necessary safeguards.

    Article eighth Clearing snow and ice the following responsibilities:

    (A) the city overpasses, underpasses and pedestrian bridges, culverts, urban secondary trunk road intersection and a fast-track of ice, by city and district sanitation professionals are responsible for the removal;

    (B) the lot down the street from fencing, stone buildings to the sidewalk snow and ice, access roads, and lane reconstructing extended to the center line of the road in snow and ice, the street unit is responsible for clearing; other sections cleared by street organizations;

    (C) square, Park, Garden, public parking, airports, railway stations, markets, ice of various exhibition halls and other public places, the management unit is responsible for clearing;

    (D) residential area of ice, by the company or the residential areas are responsible for the removal of the property.

    Nineth Clearing snow and ice should be timely, ensure smooth roadways, sidewalks, bicycle lane; snowfall should be cleared after the stop drop during the day, night should be on the next day after work organization clear of snow.

    Snow removal operations should be strictly in accordance with the State of the urban roads implementation of technical specifications for snow removal operations. Tenth strict restrictions on the use of deicing products.

    Following Clearing snow and ice snow melting agent can be used:

    (A) pedestrian overpasses, viaducts,;

    (B) urban secondary trunk road intersection;

    (C) the underpasses and culvert slope;

    (D) other roads or places of the municipal people's Government.

    Area outside of the provisions of the preceding paragraph to clear snow and ice do not use deicing and other possible corrosion, damaged public facilities, damaged trees and environmental pollution by harmful substances to clear ice and snow.

    11th without deicing salt, ice, can be adapted to local conditions in situ treatment, can be stacked to not affect pedestrians, motor vehicles, motor vehicle traffic places, or pile up in tree pool, flower bed, within a green belt around the Park and river.

    Snow should be separately containing deicing collection, transport, processing, timely delivery to the designated location, and not on the sides of roads around the flower beds and green belts along the street piled up.

    12th cleared snow and ice may not be any of the following acts:

    (A) on the roadway, sidewalk snow, snow on snow, sub;

    (B) to dump snow and ice in the rain, wells;

    (C) at the bus station and around trash piled up, dumping snow and ice;

    (D) in the snow and ice on the heap dump garbage, filth, sewage and other waste;

    (E) the transport facilities or move or damage to roads and other public facilities.

    13th Park, Plaza, Park and other public places according to the actual designated snow area and facilitate members of the public to enjoy the snow.

    Responsible for the 14th to clear snow and ice may authorize removal ability of units paid removal.

    15th to remove large ice task made outstanding contributions to the unit or individual, given recognition by municipal and district people's Government.

    16th in violation of this article tenth, 11th and 12th articles, by the District Administration ordered corrective action and can impose a penalty of 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan.

    17th do not carry out clearing snow and ice responsibilities, standards or is not clear, by the District Administration ordered removed, fails to clear, organized by the city administration to clear, the costs borne by the responsible and impose a fine of 5 Yuan per square meter.

    18th City Department staff in clearing snow and ice management of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, dereliction of duty, who, by their work units or by the competent authorities to deal with it.

    Article 19th counties (cities), shangjie district to clear snow and ice management in accordance with the measures implemented. 20th these measures come into force on the date of promulgation. Zhengzhou municipal people's Government released on February 3, 2000, the Zhengzhou urban winter snow removal regulations (Zhengzhou municipal people's Government, the 84th) repealed simultaneously.