Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Provincial People's Government On The Revision Of The Detailed Rules For The Implementation Of The Placement Of Demobilized Conscripts Ordinance 20 Of Provincial Regulatory Decisions

Original Language Title: 江西省人民政府关于修改《江西省实施〈退伍义务兵安置条例〉细则》等20件省政府规章的决定

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Jiangxi province, Jiangxi provincial people's Government on the revision of the detailed rules for the implementation of the placement of demobilized conscripts Ordinance 20 of provincial regulatory decisions (On November 1, 2010 Jiangxi Province Government 42nd times Executive Conference considered through on November 29, 2010 Jiangxi Province Government makes 186th, announced since announced of day up purposes) to maintenance socialist legal unified, according to People's Republic of China legislation method, and State regulations developed program Ordinance of provides and State full advance law administrative implementation platform for of requirements, Province Government decided on Jiangxi province implementation straddling retired conscripts placed Ordinance rules

    20 provincial government regulations read as follows:

    First, Jiangxi province, implementing rules for the regulations of the placement of demobilized conscripts

    (A) in the fourth paragraph of the "civil administration" to delete.

    (B) the 13th article in the "municipal" is amended as "provincial development and Reform Commission."

    (C) in the 16th "(City)" is amended as "districts".

    (D) delete in the 21st, "explains grant provincial Department of civil affairs."

    Second, the interim provisions on the land dispute mediation in Jiangxi province

    (A) in the sixth "Governments at all levels and regional administrative office" is amended as "the people's Governments at all levels."

    (B) in the seventh article of the "regional administrative office, located within the administrative area of the city and County" is amended as "occurred in districts across the County, within the administrative area of the city."

    (C) the seventh article in the "occurs across the civil administration in the province, district, administrative boundaries, the" amended to read "cross-administrative areas of the city divided into districts in the province."

    (D) the 29th article of the "expropriation" is amended as "expropriation and requisition."

    (E) the 29th article of the "provincial land administration in conjunction with the Nanchang railway Bureau" is amended as "provincial land Administrative Department in conjunction with the Nanchang Railway Administration".

    (Vi) in the 39th "People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations" is amended as "People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security."

    (G) delete article 43rd.

    Three, Jiangxi province agricultural machinery safety supervision and administration

    (A) the tenth article of the "5 days" changed to "2 days". (B) the 19th article is changed to: "on-road tractor driver, you must have the appropriate knowledge, agricultural machinery supervision institutions after passing the examination, shall, within 2 working days issue the appropriate certification. To receive certification, to drive.


    Four, Jiangxi provincial implementation measures for the administration of mineral resource compensation fee collection 29th article is revised as follows: "the party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty to the collector, from the date of receipt of the written decision of administrative penalty within 60 days of making the decision is imposed by the authorities at a higher level for reconsideration. Level on the collector shall, within 60 days after receiving the application for reconsideration, reconsideration decision. On an administrative review decision, from the date of receiving the reconsideration decision within 15th people's Court. Parties or from the date of receipt of the decision on administrative penalty within the 15th directly to a people's Court. Parties within the prescribed time limit does not apply for reconsideration or a lawsuit, does not fulfil the penalty decision, made the decision on administrative penalty is imposed by the authorities to the people's Court for compulsory execution.


    Five, Jiangxi provincial minimum wage provisions

    (A) delete the third paragraph (d), "according to the State Council concerning the extension of the working time rules impose new working hours system the employer, before the new working hours system working time of 44 hours per week on average." (B) the fifth is revised as follows: "full-time minimum wage employment unit-labor-time for the month, part-time employment minimum wage standard working time in hours.


    (C) in the sixth, "provincial Labor Department" amended to "provincial Department of human resources and social security", "provincial economic and Trade Commission" is amended as "province, industry and information technology". (D) the article is changed to: "the employer shall in the 10th after the provincial government issued minimum wage will inform all workers of the units of the standard.


    (E) the 14th article in the "provincial Labor Department" amended to "provincial Department of human resources and social security", delete the reference to "area" requirement. (Vi) the 17th article is changed to: "between workers and employers of minimum wage dispute, according to relevant national and provincial labour disputes legislation, rules and regulations.


    (G) delete article 23rd.

    Six, Jiangxi province forest diseases and insect pests prevention Article 21st is revised as follows: "in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance, forest pest and disease control funded by financial departments at or above the county level based on forest diseases and insect pests prevention and control needs, appropriate arrangements for the necessary financial resources.


    Jiangxi province, seven, of administrative punishment hearing procedure Fourth amended as: "hearing provisional government legal agencies above the county level are responsible for the coordination of activities, guidance and supervision.


    Eight, Jiangxi province, measures for Administration of law enforcement

    In the fifth "(City), administrative law-enforcement departments of administrative law enforcement by administrative office, districts and municipal legislative affairs is responsible for issuing and managing" changed into "districts, administrative law enforcement departments of administrative documents by District municipal legislative affairs agency is responsible for issuing and management."

    Nine, Jiangxi province public security technique management provisions (A) to modify the article 12th to: "within the jurisdiction of the public security organs shall establish a system engaged in technical security engineering design, installation, maintenance, testing and operation of enterprises and personnel management.

    ” (B) the 13th article is changed to: "technology projects should be in accordance with the People's Republic of China national standards of the security engineering technical specification of security precautions and other relevant industry standards, national standards shall apply.

    ” (C) the 16th is amended as: "technical security engineering in the construction projects shall conform to People's Republic of China national standards set out in the technical specifications for security and protection engineering standards.


    Shi, Jiangxi provincial water policy monitoring requirements The article is changed to: "to safeguard the water law, the enforcement of laws and regulations, strengthen water policy supervision, maintain normal water affair order, in accordance with the People's Republic of China water law and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.


    Huan XI, Jiangxi province flood of returning land to Lake immigrant town a number of provisions

    To fifth, second paragraph article 20th, 25th, 31st in the "expropriation" is amended as "expropriation".

    12, Jiangxi provincial weather management (A) the tenth revised to read: "use anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers for artificial weather modification, should meteorological departments above the county level by the job to the application from the flight control Department; the use of aircraft to carry out artificial weather modification, by the provincial Meteorological Authority apply to the flight control Department. Applications should indicate the area of the operations to be carried out with the job location, working time, work equipment and conditions and so on, the flight control Department for examination and approval, before the weather work. After approval of the work area, should not be changed. Does need to change work area, should be back for approval.


    (B) the 12th article is changed to: "the ground anti-aircraft artillery and rocket operation for non-populated areas and important tall buildings."

    13, Jiangxi provincial people's Government on a major safety accident provisions of administrative responsibility

    (A) the article is changed to: "any of the following circumstances, for major accidents: (I) causing the death of more than 10 people under 30 (ii) 50 of more than 100 people injured, and (iii) more than 50 million Yuan to 100 million yuan of direct economic losses. Countries on major provisions of safety standards, in accordance with its provisions.

    ” (Ii) will 19th article first paragraph modified for: "major security accident occurred Hou, according to national and Province Government of about provides organization survey group on accident for survey; accident survey work should since accident occurred of day up 60 days submitted accident survey report; special situation Xia, by is responsible for accident survey of Government approved, submitted accident survey report of term can appropriate extended, but extended of term most long not over 60 day. Investigation report shall, in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations and the provisions of the relevant personnel be prosecuted administratively or views of other legal responsibilities.


    (C) would provide "full head" is consistently adapted as "Chief".

    14, regulatory documents filed in Jiangxi province approaches

    In the first paragraph of article "regulatory documents shall be published in the 30th" is amended as "regulatory documents shall be published in the 15th."

    XV implementation measures for sand mining management in the Yangtze River, Jiangxi province The eighth article is changed to: "sand sand ship power 1250-kilowatt, and gentle movement.


    16, Jiangxi province social maintenance fee collection management

    Delete article seventh.

    17, Jiangxi province, normative documents of the Executive procedure

    (A) an article shall be added as the sixth: "normative documents shall not create an administrative license, the administrative punishments, administrative enforcement, administrative fees and other matters. Normative documents on the implementation of specific provisions of the laws, rules and regulations shall contravene and are based on the host computer; not according to the laws, rules, regulations, and regulatory documents shall not be made to restrict or deprive citizens, legal persons or other organizations of legal rights or increasing the obligations of citizens, legal persons and other organizations.


    (B) in the sixth as the seventh and amended as: "belonging to the people's Governments above the county level matter within the mandate of the Department needs to develop normative documents, developed by the departments themselves. Relates to matters within the competence of two or more departments need to develop normative documents, shall be formulated by the people's Governments at the corresponding level, or jointly developed by the departments concerned.

    ” (C) an article shall be added as article 24th: "normative documents to regularly clean up the system. Normative documents generally cleaned once every 2 years, results should be announced to the public.


    (D) 23rd as the 25th, is revised as follows: "validity of normative documents system. Regulatory documents are valid for 5 years, marked "provisional", "pilot", valid for 2 years.

    The enacting body shall, within 6 months before the expiry date of the normative documents for assessment, and the need to continue and should be republished; need to revise, according to set procedures. Not complying with the provisions of the preceding paragraph to assess and publish normative documents, automatically lapse after expiry. Normative document system before the introduction of full validity period the validity period of regulatory documents needed to continue to implement, and should be assessed and published again in 6 months. "(E) an article shall be added as the 26th article:" legal and authorized rights to administer public affairs organizations to develop normative documents, reference to these provisions.


    18, civil airport in Jiangxi province's clearance and electromagnetic environment protection civil aviation way (A) the fourth paragraph is amended as: "the Jiangxi civil airports industry regulatory bodies (hereinafter referred to as the civil aviation authority) in charge of the province within the administrative area of civil airport clearance and electromagnetic environment protection of Civil Aviation Administration, and civil airports authority (hereinafter referred to as the Airport Authority) compliance, monitor the implementation of these measures.

    ” (B) the article is changed to: "the civil airport obstacle clearance protection zone and electromagnetic environment protection in the region of the people's Governments above the county level and civil aviation planning, land and resources administrative departments, should be defined according to law the civil airport obstacle clearance protection zone, electromagnetic environment protection civil aviation area into local land use planning and urban and rural planning and manpower arrangement and announcement within the protected area of the people's Governments above the county level.

    ” (Three) will tenth article modified for: "ban in law delineation of civilian airport clearance protection regional within engaged in following activities: (a) built may to air emissions large smoke, and dust, and flame, and exhaust and effect flight security of material, or built may emissions above material and effect flight security of buildings or other facilities; (ii) built range, and strongly explosion real warehouse, effect flight security of built (frame) built real or facilities; (three) built not meet civilian airport clearance requirements of built (frame) built real or facilities ; (Four) set effect civilian airport Visual help airlines facilities using or pilots sight of lights, and logo or objects; (five) planting effect flight security or effect airport help airlines facilities using of plant; (six) feeding, and flying effect flight security of birds animal, rose put no driving free balloon, and Department left balloon, launch objects; (seven) burning produced large smoke pollution of straw, and garbage, and leaves, material, or discharge fireworks, and Fireworks, and put kite,; (eight) in civilian airport surrounding territories outside 5 meters range within, Build the buildings, planting trees, digging, stacked objects, or activities affecting the safety of airport operations; (IX) other competent civil aviation authority under the State Council acts affecting civil airport obstacle clearance protection.

    ” (D) the 11th article is revised as follows: "from the civil airport runways on both sides 1 km and 3 km on both ends of the range, in addition to prohibited activities listed in the preceding article, also prohibits the construction of poultry farms.

    ” (E) the 14th article is changed to: "planning administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level and approval building built in the civil airport obstacle clearance protection zone (structure) when should conduct a review of whether a project meets the civil airport obstacle clearance protection requirements. That may affect flight safety, should seek the views of the civil aviation authority in writing by the approval. Civil Aviation Authority should be received within five days for comments on 15th, submit written observations in accordance with relevant State regulations and technical standards.


    Jiangxi province, 19, of port management The 21st article is revised as follows: "application in international container terminal, port ro business, city divided into districts, where the port should be port administration authority a written application. District of the municipal port administration authorities shall from the date of acceptance of the application shall make in the 20th approval or disapproval of the decision.


    20, Jiangxi province, farmland occupation tax measures for the implementation of

    (A) the sixth article first to second in the "provincial Finance Department" amended to "provincial tax authorities."

    (B) the 14th article in the "financial and land management Department" amended to read "local tax authorities and land management". (C) the 17th article is changed to: "arable land occupation tax collected by the local tax authorities are responsible for.

    "The 17th article in the" Finance Department "amended to read" where the tax authorities ".

    In addition, the provisions of the above regulations be modified accordingly in the order adjust. This decision shall come into force as of the date of.