Nanchang Vector Prevention And Control Measures

Original Language Title: 南昌市病媒生物预防控制管理办法

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Nanchang vector prevention and control measures

    (November 23, 2010 in Nanchang city people's Government at the 60th Executive meeting on December 7, 2010 141th Nanchang city people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to prevent the spread of diseases, protection of people's health, according to the People's Republic of China Law on prevention of infectious diseases, the patriotic health work in Jiangxi province Ordinance and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second administrative area of the city vector prevention and control, supervision and management of the application of this approach.

    Article ill vectors mentioned in these measures refers to pathogens from people spread to human beings or other animals, such as rats, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, bedbugs, and so on.

    Article vector prevention and control guided by environmental management and control vectors breed combined prevention and control principles, machinery control, adhere to government organizations, departments, units responsible for the coordination and combination of popular participation.

    Fifth of municipal and County (district) the patriotic public health campaign Committee (hereinafter referred to as aiweihui) under the leadership of the people's Governments at the corresponding level for the single organizations, coordinate the administrative structure of vector prevention and control work, carry out the following functions:

    (A) development of vector prevention and control and organize the implementation of the programme of work;

    (B) organizations to carry out vector control prevention education and training, disseminate knowledge about vector prevention and control;

    (C) to supervise the vector prevention and control;

    (D) organizing vector prevention and control work, standard vector prevention and control activities;

    (E) coordinate with members of departments within vector prevention and control work;

    (F) the city and County (area) other duties stipulated by people's Governments.

    City, County (district) aiweihui Office responsible for Wang Zuo.

    Sixth city, County (district) aiweihui members according to the following Division of labour is responsible for the supervision and administration of prevention and control of vector:

    (A) the health authorities are responsible for prevention and control of vector technical guidance, the density of scientific research, monitoring and surveillance, and vectors of various medical institutions supervise and administer the prevention and control work;

    (B) food and drug departments are responsible for food and beverage service establishments vector prevention and control work of supervision and administration;

    (C) Administration for industry and commerce is responsible for food distribution vector prevention and control implementation of the site supervision and management;

    (D) the quality supervision Department is responsible for food production site implementation supervision and management of vector prevention and control;

    (E) construction departments in charge imposed on vector prevention and control work on the construction site supervision and management;

    (F) Urban Management Department is responsible for refuse transfer stations and treatment plants, public toilets, municipal wells vector prevention and control work of supervision and administration;

    (G) the Education Department is responsible for all schools, supervise and administer the vector prevention and control;

    (VIII) other members of departments according to their respective functions are responsible for the relevant vector prevention and control implementation of the site supervision and management.

    Article seventh Township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict office and home (village) Commission shall designate persons responsible for vector control and prevention work.

    Chapter II prevention and control

    Article eighth city, County (district) aiweihui should be centralized at the annual spring and fall organization rodent activity, April-October annually organized centralized activities such as mosquito, fly and cockroach.

    Nineth Township (town) people's Governments, neighborhood offices shall, in accordance with city, County (district) aiweihui deployment, and jurisdiction of organization units (villages) people unified activity of killing vectors, control and removal of vector breeding sites, and supervision and inspection work.

    Tenth unit and UN-Habitat (village) people should take part in killing vector activity, do the following vector prevention and control:

    (A) take measures such as poison or plugging holes, sticky catching rodents, density of controls to prevent rodents;

    (B) periodic dredging and drainage pipes, ditches, leveling depressions, clean indoor and outdoor water, prevention and control of mosquitoes;

    (C) implement the garbage bags and garbage collection of transport closed, as well as for Nissan day;

    (D) the painted walls hide the seam to prevent cockroaches breeding;

    (E) timely and properly handle killing rats, cockroaches and other pests in the body.

    11th a unit vector prevention and control responsibility system should be established, the designated officer or delegate services unit vectors in biological control of vector prevention and control, working files, and accept the aiweihui guidance and supervision and inspection at the same level.

    Unit vector density should be controlled within standards set by the State.

    12th farmers ' markets, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, food processing plants, breweries, slaughtering plants, grain depots, hospitals, airports, ports, railway stations, bus stations, supermarkets and other units and construction sites, recycling, refuse transfer stations, waste-water treatment plants and other vulnerable, bred vectors in place you should configure and use vector prevention and killing facilities. 13th article development and construction of the new city and old city reconstruction, which should include killing vector prevention and facilities planning and construction.

    Building pipelines, municipal wells and sewer system shall be installed to prevent vectors against the facility.

    14th in rural areas should be combined with lavatory, environment, garbage collection and disposal work, remove vector breeding, pests prevention and control work. 15th the County (district) people vector prevention and control work should be included in the financial budgets, of which (including development zone and district) in accordance with the standard of not less than 1 Yuan per capita expenditures; the County according to the standard of not less than 0.5 Yuan per capita expenditures.

    The township (town) people's Governments shall ensure the appropriate vector prevention and control work.

    Units and UN-Habitat (village) vector prevention and control at their own expense. 16th unit or home (village) commissioned service for biological control of vector vector prevention and control, the Parties shall sign a service agreement.

    Client shall pay the appropriate drugs and services, entrusted with the Party shall ensure that the quality of service.

    Chapter III supervision and management 17th vector control services within 30th of units shall obtain business licenses according to law, the relevant materials to the County (district) aiweihui record.

    Materials submitted for the record include company name, address, business scope and basic, and so on.

    The County (district) aiweihui Office shall promptly submit records of biological control of vector units to the public, and biological control of vector service units record to inform the competent agricultural Department at the same level.

    Article 18th biological control of vector operations personnel should possess relevant expertise, be able to identify common types of vectors, master method of killing vectors and protection methods.

    Article 19th vector killing vectors of biocontrol services unit of drugs belonging to dangerous chemicals, its principal heads shall guarantee the safe management of hazardous chemicals in line with relevant laws, regulations, rules and requirements of the national standard, and the unit is responsible for the safety of dangerous chemicals.

    Operators of hazardous chemicals shall accept the relevant laws, regulations, rules and safety knowledge, expertise and knowledge of occupational health protection and emergency rescue training, and pass an evaluation test before they can post.

    20th no units or individuals are allowed to produce business and use a national ban on the use of highly toxic, highly toxic drugs killing vectors.

    21st production run killing vectors and drug businesses shall meet the conditions provided for in the regulations on the management of pesticides, in accordance with the statutory procedures for obtaining administrative permits, and industrial and commercial Administrative Department for registration. 22nd killing vectors and drug packaging should be affixed with labels or instructions.

    Label or manual Shang should indicate drug name, and Enterprise name, and products batch and drug registration card, or temporary registration card,, and production license, or production approved file, and drug of effective components, and content, and weight, and products performance, and toxicity, and uses, and using technology, and using method, and production date, and validity and note matters,; drug points loaded of, also should indicate points loaded units.

    23rd quality supervision, industrial and commercial administration, food and drug authorities in accordance with their respective responsibilities, for applications in food production, food distribution, food and beverage service activities from units or individuals when implementing the administrative license, it shall be resistant rats and insect-proof facilities as one of the conditions of administrative licensing.

    24th city, County (district) aiweihui in accordance with the needs of the Office, may be appointed supervisor vector prevention and control, is responsible for publicizing vector prevention and control knowledge, instruction and supervision unit and UN-Habitat (village) people doing vector prevention and control work.

    Vector control and prevention supervisors work shall produce their certificates.

    25th article aiweihui, shall organize the County (district) evaluation on vector prevention and control work.

    Article 26th city, County (district) aiweihui Office shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of these measures, urging units, home ownership (village) vector prevention and control work people.

    City, County (district) aiweihui on vector prevention and control has made remarkable achievements in the work units and individuals that recognize and reward. 27th no units and individuals for violation of these measures is entitled to report.

    City, County (district) aiweihui and its member departments shall establish a reporting system, public telephone, electronic mail, the tipoff time.

    The fourth chapter legal liability
28th article violates these rules, refused to participate in the activities of the killing vector, a rectification by the Office aiweihui; fails, determined by the Office of the aiweihui efficacy of biological control service unit vector, the costs borne by the relevant units.

    29th article violates these rules, and unit vectors of a density exceeding standards set by the State, by the Department of health give criticism and education, ordered up to par who fails to exceed the State standards, fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.

    30th article violates these rules be punished, within one year from the date of punishment, shall participate in the appraisal of the patriotic health Advanced Unit civilized unit; has been named the patriotic health Advanced Unit, civilized units in the evaluation authorities revoke the honorary title.

    31st is responsible for supervision and management work of vector control and prevention departments and staff, abuse of power, deception, negligence, the directly responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons shall be disposed of; constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The fifth chapter by-laws 32nd article this way come into force on January 1, 2011. Nanchang, April 14, 1998 issued by the Municipal Government of the rodent and pest control regulation of health (municipal, 63rd) repealed simultaneously.

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