Guizhou Province Urban Construction Archives Management

Original Language Title: 贵州省城乡建设档案管理办法

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Guizhou province urban construction archives management

    (November 17, 2010 the 35th Executive meeting of Guizhou province on December 14, 2010 121th promulgated by the people's Government of Guizhou province as of February 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen management of urban construction archives, play urban construction archives in the role of urban and rural planning, construction, management, according to the People's Republic of China archive law, the People's Republic of China town and country planning Act, the Guizhou Provincial Archives Ordinance and other relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second urban construction archives in these measures refers to urban and rural planning, construction and management activities in the form of the State and society are of conservation value in all its forms and history of the carrier.

    Article within the administrative areas of this province, the transfer, management and utilization of urban construction archives should abide by these measures.

    Article fourth urban construction archives work under unified leadership and management principles of implementation of city and county governments territorial management of urban construction archives.

    Fifth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen leadership of the urban construction archives work, into urban and rural construction planning of urban construction archives cause and protection of urban construction archives work and coordinated development of urban and rural construction.

    Sixth provincial housing and urban-rural construction Administrative Department is responsible for directing urban construction archives management work in Shandong province, city and county people's Government of the people's governments determine the competent authorities responsible for the administration of urban construction archives in the management of urban construction archives work.

    Urban construction Archives Archives Administration Department at the same level of supervision and guidance.

    City and County urban construction archives (RM) is responsible for the administration of urban construction archives in receiving, storage, use and so on. Article seventh urban construction archives (RM) construction of premises shall, in accordance with national standards.

    City people's Government and the people's Governments at the county level shall strengthen and improving urban construction archives work within their respective administrative areas.

    Chapter II transfer and receiving of urban construction archives

    Article eighth urban construction archives (RM) receives and manages the following archives:

    (A) urban and rural surveying, planning files;

    (B) urban and rural construction engineering archives;

    (C) the urban planning area of the underground pipeline project archives;

    (D) heritage archives;

    (E) rural and urban construction archives;

    (Vi) other urban construction archives established by the State.

    Nineth archives include surveying, planning, urban and rural areas:

    (A) preparation of urban and rural planning required, after a review of engineering geology, hydrogeology and mineral geological work of his report;

    (B) necessary for the preparation of urban and rural planning control measurement, mapping, photogrammetry, engineering survey results a copy;

    (C) rural and urban topographic maps, Census of urban underground pipeline network, and supplementary files;

    (D) with the approval of urban and rural overall planning of cities and towns, the scenic area planning and protection of historical and cultural city planning, detailed planning of urban and rural construction planning and district planning in the near future, and the professional, special planning texts, maps and related basic documents, by electronic means.

    Article tenth urban construction engineering archives include:

    (A) industrial and civil construction engineering archives, including factories, homes, businesses, government offices, schools, social welfare and other public archives works;

    (B) municipal infrastructure project archives, including urban roads and light-rail projects, squares, car parks, bridges, culverts, tunnels and sewer, lighting, sewage treatment engineering archive and map;

    (C) the utility files, including city water, city water, stations, pipelines and ancillary facilities, city gas gas storage, stations, pipelines and ancillary works, public transport (station) facilities engineering archives map;

    (D) transport infrastructure project archives, including the railway station building, car for long distance passenger (cargo) transport (station), port facilities, the airport railway tunnels, waterways, roads and transport oil and gas pipelines through engineering archive and map of the city;

    (E) Garden construction, scenic construction project archives, include urban green spaces, parks, zoos, botanical gardens, amusement parks, scenic spots, ancient and famous trees protection and urban landmark facilities, sculpture project files;

    (Vi) construction engineering archives of city appearance and environmental sanitation facilities, including waste-water treatment facilities, public toilets, refuse transfer stations, and other sanitation project files;

    (VII) flood control, seismic, civil air defense projects files;

    (H) the electric power, telecommunications, radio and television, postal facilities of construction engineering archives map;

    (I) the village of construction engineering archives, including towns, town municipal utilities, public archives works;

    (J) military archives, besides the military restricted zones and military administrative zones through the city underground pipeline and the location map on the hidden works.

    11th urban settlements in various underground pipeline project archives, including urban water supply, drainage, gas, heat, electricity, communication, broadcasting, industrial underground pipelines (step) project archives and the integrated pipeline.

    12th heritage archives, including revolutionary sites, monumental buildings and sites of ancient culture, ancient tombs, ancient architectural structures, cave temples, stone carvings, historical photos, maps, history and repair records and other files saved value.

    13th construction based archive includes the following files:

    (A) urban and rural history, historical and cultural sites, place names, the history of the building and facilities and other documents;

    (B) the planning, construction, real estate, municipal, urban and rural areas, landscaping, environmental sanitation, environmental protection, cultural relics Administrative Department, design, scientific research units and the formation of various development zones with long-term preservation of valuable business management and operational technical documents;

    (C) normative documents, plans, statistics on urban and rural construction and design, technical specifications and standard drawings for construction and other construction documents.

    14th real estate ownership archives is an integral part of urban construction archives, real estate ownership archives include:

    (A) the right to real estate owners, real estate registration, real estate ownership transfer and change, set up certificates and documents relating to his right;

    (B) defining the ownership of houses and land occupied by location; real estate divide a plane chart, Hill plan, tiered household floorplan;

    (C) real estate property registration in the form of a variety of documents, including housing, real estate application for registration in the register, the pickup receipt stubs, ownership change registration form, real estate registration form, survey questionnaire, wall and table, housing areas, real estate registration form, housing out the membership application form, real estate tax receipts, stubs, etc;

    (D) reflect and record real estate ownership information, including statistical reports, photography, photos, audio tapes, video tapes, microfilm, computer diskette, CD and so on;

    (V) other relevant information from real estate ownership documents, including the freezing of real estate ownership documents, house ownership escrow documents, historical formation of all kinds of property, title deeds, accounts, books, tables, cards, etc.

    Real estate ownership archives by the housing management authority in the Registration Department is responsible for receiving and managing.

    15th urban construction archives (RM) transfer of urban construction archives should comply with the relevant national standards.

    16th section forms of urban construction archives, in accordance with the transfer of the following time limits:

    (A) construction engineering archives in urban and rural areas within 3 months after completion, the project is located urban construction archives (room) the transfer; (B) urban and rural settlements in various underground pipeline project archives shall file form within 3 months from the date, the project is located urban construction archives (RM) handed over.

    Underground pipeline General Survey and supplementary, fill the painted form of underground pipeline project archives shall survey, mapping within 3 months of the end, the project is located urban construction archives (room) the transfer;

    (C) the survey of urban and rural planning, heritage protection and urban construction Archives Foundation archives, should be within 1-5 years from the date the archives, to the local urban construction archives (RM) handed over.

    Otherwise provided for by laws, rules and regulations, from its provisions. 17th construction units shall provide the investigation, design, construction and supervision units clear the collection, compilation, transfer of responsibilities and requirements for construction project document.

    Investigation, design, construction, supervision and other units should be carefully collected the forms of engineering documents, timely transfer to the unit, overseeing units should assist the employer to supervise and inspect the unit formation, filing, archiving of project file. Construction unit in the Organization of construction prior to completion, shall be according to the relevant regulations of the State reported to the local urban construction archives departments of engineering to acceptance of construction engineering archives. Project location rural and urban construction archives (room) after you receive files, should be proof of transfer of urban construction archives.

    When housing management authority in the Registration Department at the time of building property right registration, prove the transfer of urban construction archives should be included in the property cadastre file.

    Article 18th renovation or expansion projects, the construction unit shall organize the investigation, design, construction and supervision unit revised, the original project archives, realigning project file, and within 3 months of the project completion acceptance record project location rural and urban construction archives (RM) handed over.

    19th the people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the management of urban underground pipeline project archives, management of underground pipeline project has not been included in the urban infrastructure program should be organized to supplement existing underground pipeline survey and mapping, and life cycle of forming additional surveying and underground pipeline project archives, from urban construction archives (RM) unified access and management.
20th underground piping before covering, the construction unit shall entrust a qualified unit, in accordance with the relevant national standards for accurate survey data files and pipeline engineering survey maps, and in urban construction Archives within a specified time frame (room) handed over.

    21st underground pipelines management units should be changed, scrap, missing parts of the underground pipeline project archives, amendments and supplements to this unit in a timely manner on the professional figure of the underground pipeline and updated professional of underground pipelines and related information submitted to the project location urban construction archives departments.

    Chapter III management and utilization of urban construction archives

    Urban construction archives should be covered by article 22nd State secrets shall be determined in accordance with the national archives and the secret level security classification, secret archives custody and shall comply with the privacy laws and regulations of the relevant provisions of the State.

    Article 23rd urban construction archives (room) and many other units keep urban construction archives, sound archives management system should be established, to ensure that the integrity of the urban construction Archives collection, safe storage, management and effective utilization.

    Article 24th urban construction archives (room) should strengthen the urban construction archives, collection, sorting, filing, archiving and transfer guidance, and provided free of charge.

    25th urban construction archives (room) the urban construction archives should be open to the public.

    Section 26th unit and individual legal proof that free and open use of urban construction archives. 27th units can use the project location and its adjacent area of urban construction archives to ensure quality of design, construction and supervision of construction projects.

    Urban construction archives (room) should be provided for its use.

    The fourth chapter legal liability

    28th article in violation of the rules by the urban construction archives departments will be punished according to law.

    29th article violates these rules, the construction unit was not submitted to departments of urban construction archives project files, correction, fines of between 10,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan.

    Article 30th disobey article 21st, correction, fines of between 10,000 yuan.

    31st urban construction archives in urban construction archives management work of Department staff, favoritism, abuse of power, dereliction of duty, does not constitute a crime, administrative sanctions according to law.

    The fifth chapter by-laws

    32nd railway, transportation, water, airport construction and forestry, conservation and other professional file coincides with the present measures of urban construction archives cross section, should the provisions of these regulations to the local urban construction archives (room) reported.

    Article 33rd foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan organizations and individuals in the province engaged in construction activities in the administrative area of construction project archives, are managed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State. 34th article of the rules take effect on February 1, 2011.