Decision On The Changes Of Government Regulations

Original Language Title: 关于修改部分政府规章的决定

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Decision on the changes of government regulations (December 15, 2010 Zhengzhou municipal people's Government at the 42nd Executive Meeting December 25, 2010 by Zhengzhou municipal people's Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 196th) to maintain the uniformity of the legal system, by 2010 the goal of establishing a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics by the end of, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Council and the provincial government, the municipal government organized to clean up the existing effective government regulations.

    Clean, the city decided to modify the following Government regulations:

    , The following Government regulations referenced in the "People's Republic of China regulations on administrative penalties for public security" is amended as "People's Republic of China public security management punishment law":

    (A) of the financial supervision and inspection scheme in Zhengzhou City (city to 113th) 21st

    (B) the implementation of public health emergency, Zhengzhou city Ordinance rules (municipal 132th 32nd) section

    Second, following Government regulations and related laws and regulations inconsistent changes:

    (A) the production safety accident hidden danger treatment of Zhengzhou City (the city, 149th)

    1. will 25th article first paragraph subsection (six) items modified for: "ordered stop production business activities for rectification, rectification Hou not application rectification acceptance or experience received not reached rectification requirements unauthorized recovery production business of, confiscated illegal proceeds; illegal proceeds 100,000 yuan above of, and at illegal proceeds 1 time times above five times times following of fine; no illegal proceeds or illegal proceeds insufficient 100,000 yuan of, single at or and at 100,000 yuan above 500,000 yuan following of fine; plot serious of, be close, and law revoked about card as;" 2. the 25th article in subparagraph (VII), amended as "major accident hazards cannot guarantee security of excluded or excluded, production and business operation entity and does not withdraw from the hazardous area personnel to temporarily stop production and business activities, shall be ordered to suspend production and business activities in accordance with law.


    (B) the higher injury risk enterprise, Zhengzhou City Farmer workers ' employment injury insurance policy (170th of the municipal government)

    1. remove the 12th article. 2. to modify article 24th to: "safety production license issued by the Agency for issue and administration staff in safety production license or extending procedures, in accordance with this regulation examination of farmer workers ' employment injury insurance certificates and payment vouchers, high injury risk enterprise that does not meet the criteria for the licensing procedures of, and by their work units or departments with administrative privileges shall be given administrative sanctions.


    (C) the management measures of the Zhengzhou Yellow River wetland nature reserve (City Hall 175th)

    Deletion of article 18th, 23rd (d).

    (D) the management of Zhengzhou construction engineering requirements for seismic (municipal 180th) The 11th article is revised as follows: "except as provided in article eighth of this approach into the Government building construction project management process works, the construction unit shall, before design, earthquake resistance protection of construction engineering requirements submitted to the municipal or County (City), determination of seismic work, shangjie district authorities.


    (E) the name of Zhengzhou city regulations (municipal 181th)

    Delete 11th paragraph (d), 28th.

    (F) the management measures of the Zhengzhou city affordable housing (municipalities, 189th) In 45th article in the increased "unauthorized change type proportion of" as subsection (five) items, original subsection (five) items into subsection (six) items, increased "has Qian paragraph subsection (four) items behavior of, by city housing guarantees and real estate management sector each sets sentenced 3000 Yuan above 10000 Yuan following fine; has Qian paragraph subsection (five) items behavior or commercial dot distribution built proportion Super area of, by city housing guarantees and real estate management sector sentenced 30000 Yuan fine. Preceding paragraph the circumstances are serious, recommended that the original issuing authority shall revoke its business license and certificate.

    "As the second paragraph.

    Third, some changes to the following government rules inconsistent provisions Management measures of the Zhengzhou city adjoined housing (municipal 122th) 19th article is revised as follows: "special maintenance funds for housing has been established, according to the Zhengzhou city housing regulations of the management of special maintenance funds. ”