Zhuhai Menqiansanbao Accountability Management

Original Language Title: 珠海市门前三包责任制管理办法

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Zhuhai menqiansanbao accountability management

    (January 10, 2011 seventh Zhuhai city people's Government at the 173th Executive meeting January 27, 2011, 77th Zhuhai city people's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2011) the first to build a beautiful, clean, civilized urban living and working environment, construction and standardization of menqiansanbao responsibility to maintain public order, and enhance the city's image, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second Street in the urban built-up area, businesses and households (hereinafter collectively referred to as the responsible person), should comply with these measures.

    Article menqiansanbao liability in these measures, refers to those responsible for areas of responsibility within the sanitation, afforestation and beautification, city of order management and maintenance responsibility system.

    Article fourth of responsibility system of administrative departments in charge of sanitation menqiansanbao guidance, inspection, monitoring and evaluation.

    Street (town) is menqiansanbao responsibility of management, is responsible for the implementation of the organization-specific.

    Neighborhood committees assist in menqiansanbao accountability work.

    City Administration, public security, industry and commerce, transport, health, environment, planning and other departments, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, coordinate the implementation of these measures.

    Article fifth menqiansanbao content as follows: (A) environmental health.

    Is responsible for do responsibility district range within sanitation of cleaning cleaning, keep responsibility district within ground no confetti residue, and abandoned packaging real, and fruits skin nuclear, and obviously phlegm track, sewage dirt real, implemented garbage classification collection; Sheng put waste facilities should placed shop within, no placed in menqiansanbao responsibility district within; wall surface, and door (Cabinet) window, and advertising no product dust damaged; public facilities clean. (B) afforestation and beautification. Is responsible for maintenance good responsibility district range within of since species flowers, and trees and the green growth good, modified neatly; stop pick or damage flowers, and trees, and flower beds and carved designated trunk, behavior, is strictly prohibited occupied green; keep ground, and road, and margin stone, and steps, and ramp, and block wall, and railing, and lamp rod, municipal facilities of intact; built (frame) built colonization, wall State surface to keep clean, and beautiful, set eaves shed, and shade cloth, and lighting, and neon, and advertising, and signs or opened, and celebration need in front placed basket, and pot, items of,

    Shall comply with the relevant regulations. (C) the order of appearance.

    Is responsible for the maintenance of good order of appearance in the area and a management order, or any business merchandise display shall not be outside the gates, may not go beyond the gates set up business in the catering trade, prohibition and suppression of outside violation of debris piled up, chaotic parking, post, chaotic set up, nails hang city environment and disrupts the public transport, and so on.

    Sixth menqiansanbao responsible person established in accordance with the following principles:

    (A) the roads on both sides of the menqiansanbao by the building owner responsible for the property owner, Manager, contract management responsibility between the user and agreed by the person responsible for operating stores by the operators, not operator, the owner is responsible for.

    (B) market menqiansanbao market operators.

    (C) menqiansanbao the unit is responsible for the construction site.

    (D) residential property services company menqiansanbao responsible for, is not borne by the owner of the property services companies, neighborhood committees are responsible for coordination.

    (E) parking menqiansanbao by operators. Article seventh menqiansanbao range refers to the area of responsibility responsible Street building (structure) prior to the floors, walls, space environment as a whole.

    Responsible for the custom built before and after (structure) between wall and road kerbs (wide), left and right to the adjacent wall.

    Area of responsibility is not clear, drawn by the District Department of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration and delegate to the subdistrict office (town) informed the responsible person.

    Street (town) in the district departments of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration, under the guidance of area cycling site for scientific delineation.

    Eighth municipal and district departments of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration shall, jointly with relevant departments, according to the principles of convenience and help the people, less intrusive, organizing Street, neighborhood committees, combined with regional practice, designate certain areas, arrange street vendors hawking concentrated, standardized management. Nineth menqiansanbao's area of responsibility of maintenance work for self-maintenance and delegate combination of conservation systems.

    Those responsible for mandatory conservation, should pay a maintenance fee, charged by a district neighborhood committee responsible for unification, commissioned a professional environmental sanitation work or employ a person responsible for maintenance. Tenth Article maintenance work on menqiansanbao's area of responsibility, who serves as the principle of charging, the charging unit is responsible for.

    On the main areas of responsibility of maintenance-free, and subdistrict office (town) nuclear clearance area, approved by the municipal and district departments of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration, to be funded by the financial Department of the municipal and district address.

    11th sanitation operations should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of public places, streets, public toilets, public storage () septic, public waste facilities such as cleaning the cleaning work of public health facilities. 12th the waste generated within the area of responsibility shall be approved by the departments of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration of sanitation operations unit is responsible for removal. Responsibility shall removal contract with the sanitation companies, payment of removal costs.

    Responsible for the property management service to clean the fees collected by the sanitation jobs to property services companies. 13th responsible to others to violate the menqiansanbao Accountability Act to discourage and combat responsibilities.

    Discourage and prevent invalid, the person responsible to report city appearance and environmental sanitation, municipal and District Chief Executives Department or city administration departments dealt with according to law. 14th Street (town) should sign menqiansanbao management responsibility and liability, and to supervise the implementation.

    Responsible for change, should sign a new menqiansanbao management responsibility. 15th menqiansanbao established accountability check evaluation system, graded examination system.

    Municipal departments of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration organization responsible for the appraisal of the City; Department of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration is responsible for organizing the subdistrict office (town) evaluation; Street (town) is responsible for organizing the neighborhood of appraisal and establish a daily inspection system.

    Evaluation standard of evaluation method and examination by municipal and district shall be formulated by the Administrative Department of sanitation.

    16th city administration departments should establish a rapid response and handling, acceptance and disposal of acts contrary to the menqiansanbao system.

    Article 17th departments of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration shall establish a responsibility system for menqiansanbao management system of rewards and punishments, management of outstanding achievements, commendations and awards; management of the responsibility is not fulfilled, mismanagement and accountability in accordance with law.

    18th in violation prescribed in this way, any of the following acts, shall be punished by the city administration sector:

    (A) responsibility in the area of responsibility of garbage, not clean, collected and transported to designated dump sites shall be ordered to correct, and a fine of less than 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan.

    (B) responsible for incinerating waste in public places and public waste facilities, correction, and a fine of less than 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan.

    (C) responsible in the area of responsibility of the building it is not kept clean and beautiful, affecting appearance city appearance, rectification, and a fine of less than 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan.

    (D) responsibility in the area of responsibility of external walls of buildings, public facilities, write, doodle, stick on (hang) banners, signboards, rectification, may be of less than 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.

    (E) responsible for production, renovate your home, garbage, sludge was not cleaned in time, and random occupation of public channels, roads, clearings, lawn trash, rectification, and may be fined not more than 200 Yuan more than 2000.

    (Vi) responsible for opening, celebration, placed flower baskets, flower pots and other items without approval, or placed in excess of the approved period, rectification, and may be fined not more than more than 200 Yuan 1000 Yuan.

    (VII) responsibility for unauthorized removal, migration, occupation, destruction, closure of public facilities, and ordered to make restitution or compensation, may be of less than 3,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine. (VIII) responsible without approval, the device stalls or debris piled up in public spaces, a rectification, it refuses to, impose a fine of less than 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan.

    The excess covers an area of operation outside the store not complying with the provisions of, correction and the punishment of confiscation of goods.

    Other acts violating menqiansanbao accountability, in accordance with the provisions of the special economic zone of Zhuhai city appearance and environmental sanitation regulations, administrative law enforcement by the city administration departments will be punished. 19th article this way come into force on March 1, 2011. The urban area of Zhuhai city on August 1, 1999 "menqiansanbao" management of accountability (22nd Zhuhai city people's Government) abrogated.

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