Qinzhou Bonded Port Area Management Approach

Original Language Title: 广西钦州保税港区管理办法

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Qinzhou bonded port area management approach (October 12, 2010 Executive meeting of the 11th session of the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for the 69th review on October 27, 2010, the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the 56th released come into force on December 1, 2010) first in order to regulate the management of Guangxi qinzhou bonded port area, Guangxi Beibu Bay economic zone development, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the official reply of the State Council on approving the establishment of Guangxi qinzhou bonded port area (State letter (2008), 48th),

   These measures are formulated.

    Qinzhou bonded port area (hereinafter referred to as port) in the management, development, construction, operation and application of this approach.

    Bonded port area the specific scope in accordance with section II of the official reply of the State Council on approving the establishment of Guangxi qinzhou bonded port area (State letter (2008), 48th).

    Article bonded port area construction and development should insist on innovating, pioneering, build a fully functional and run policy easing, efficient, beautiful environment and high open areas under special customs supervision.

    Fourth, qinzhou city, and formulate preferential policies and promotion measures, policies, plans, projects, land, tax, financial, personnel and other support for the port's construction and development.

    Article fifth increase the intensity of all levels of government investment in bonded port area, implement and improve related preferential taxation policies.

   Sixth qinzhou bonded Port Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as MC) as an autonomous agency of the Government, is responsible for port administration, and is responsible for the co-ordination and interface ports, customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime and border protection, port, industry and commerce, environmental protection, taxation, foreign exchange, public security and other departments concerned in the administration of bonded port areas.

    Approved by the relevant departments, the CMC can be set up, adjust the relevant administrative bodies, and gives its corresponding management responsibilities.

    Seventh bonded port security, fire protection, Hong Kong's political system, shipping, water transport and road traffic safety management, managed by the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations to implement it.

   According to the autonomous regional people's Government of the CMC article eighth authorized or accepted, qinzhou city people's Government and the relevant departments under the Commission of the autonomous region, can be bonded port area within the following administrative approval:

   (A) the approval of foreign investment projects;

   (B) the approval of investment projects, registration and approval of feasibility study, preliminary design;

   (C) project site submissions and the construction of land use planning permits and planning permit of construction engineering audit;

   (D) construction project to use State-owned land and sea review and approval;

   (E) construction project reporting, project design and construction approvals;

   (F) the temporary occupation of roads, road excavation, construction waste and disposal of construction waste emissions, and approval;

   (VII) the municipality determines that the Commission exercise such other administrative examination and approval of the Management Committee.

    Administrative examination and approval should be submitted to the Commission on the implementation of the Management Committee's administrative departments; commissioned by administrative departments on the implementation of administrative examination and approval of the Management Committee for direction and supervision.

    Nineth Management Committee established in the port dealt with the administrative approval items where implementation of a window to receive, centralized management, limited completed in time, tracking system.

    Tenth article approved by the autonomous regional people's Government, the CMC can power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment.

   11th CMC organization bonded Harbor area industrial development planning, regional planning, and dovetailed with the qinzhou city-related planning and implementation after the report approved by the autonomous regional people's Government.

    Bonded port area development and construction shall meet the bonded Harbor area industrial development planning and regional planning. 12th set up enterprises in bonded port area, the law should be approved by the relevant administrative department before registration, organized by the CMC administrative departments dealt with.

    Industrial and commercial administrative departments should be completed within 7 working days from the date of acceptance of the registration and approval procedures.

    Administrative bodies within the 13th port service commitment system, organization, functions, procedures, commitments and other content publicity Council public website, provides an efficient and convenient services for the enterprise.

    14th MC organization stationed in bonded customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime ports, border control and other units to establish bonded Harbor area joint monitoring coordination mechanisms, and to coordinate the regulatory supervision of bonded port area, port supervision system of innovation, improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

    15th joint inspection mechanism in need of inspection of incoming and outgoing goods, ships, people, customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime, border control and other departments as needed for identification. 16th in and out of port personnel and transport, special documents issued by the CMC in the specified channel traffic.

    Management Committee is responsible for the coordination of customs, frontier inspection, the inspection and quarantine authorities, guarantee access to the bonded Harbor area personnel and transport, safe, orderly and convenient traffic.

    Article 17th bonded port development and operations of the municipality determines, bonded port area development rights and the right to use, rights and benefits of the investment project, responsible for the non-operating infrastructure facilities and supervision of maintenance, management and operation of facilities and other logistical support.

    18th Reserve Management Committee is responsible for organization and management of land within the port.

    Article 19th Administrative Committee in conjunction with the customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime and border protection, port and other units to promote the informatization construction of bonded port areas, timely release of bonded port areas of public information, for bonded port area information resource integration and sharing.

    20th CMC shall establish consultation mechanisms with the qinzhou city people's Government, strengthening port and the adjacent areas of planning, industrial, projects, urban services and infrastructure, such as docking, realize the benign interaction development.

   21st port enterprises to enjoy national and port related preferential policies, qinzhou city, autonomous region, whose legal rights and interests are protected by law.

    Enterprises in the bonded port area shall comply with laws, ethics, business ethics. 22nd article this way come into force on December 1, 2010.

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