Management Services In Sichuan Province Association For The Development Of Exhibition Industry Regulations

Original Language Title: 四川省加强管理服务促进会展业发展的规定

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Management services in Sichuan Province Association for the development of exhibition industry regulations

    (February 17, 2011 the 76th meeting of the people's Government of Sichuan province considered by Sichuan Provincial Government order No. 252, published since March 23, 2011 as of May 1, 2011) first for promoting healthy development of Convention and exhibition industry, regulating industry market order, strengthen coordination in the management, coordination, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with practical, Sichuan, these provisions are formulated.

    Article enterprises, institutions, social organizations and other organizations in the administrative area of Sichuan province, held within the exhibition, on behalf of the Sichuan province, in the province outside the exhibition or exhibition organized jointly between the provincial as well as provide support services for the exhibition, these provisions shall apply.

    The provisions of article III of the Convention refers to the exhibition in a specific place and held within a period of of goods and technology exhibition and trade and other business activities or services, including exhibitions, trade fairs, expositions, trade fairs and other forms of business exhibition.

    Fourth to establish coordination mechanisms for promoting the exhibition industry development, society for the development of exhibition industry development policy measures, integrate and coordinate the major problems in the development of Convention and exhibition industry.

Fifth commercial administrative departments at or above the county level shall be responsible for the supervision and guidance for the development of Convention and exhibition industry management work within the administrative area.

    Industry and commerce, public security, science and technology, education, intellectual property, safety supervision, quality supervision, health, housing and urban-rural construction, price and other relevant departments according to their respective responsibilities to development of exhibition industry related services and management.

Sixth, encourage and guide social capital to invest professional exhibition company, encourages new, form exhibition group.

    Based on industry, location, resources, as well as the cultivation of the market strength, high integrity, strong competitiveness of the large exhibition or exhibition group.

Seventh, to encourage and support the organizing features, with impact, scale, subject specific exhibition, actively undertaking national and international and well-known professional exhibition.

    Leading industry support, development potential, an important exhibition to the brand, international development to foster a number of private label Conference and exhibition, increase brand exhibition publicity.

    Eighth major exhibition organized by the articles, within the administrative region of this province, for periods before and after 4 months of General no longer held the same or similar exhibition; other exhibition held in held before and after the period of 3 months, in principle the same or a similar exhibition.

The Nineth open Association for the exhibition industry cooperation, the introduction of domestic and international famous exhibition enterprises and service businesses, encourage domestic and foreign well-known exhibition organization in the province to set up branches or agencies, supports fair business partners with international renowned exhibition company.

    Active enterprises in the province to participate in activities outside the province, outside the exhibition, promotion of exchanges of information with domestic and foreign investment and trade cooperation.

    Tenth provincial finance on a large scale, better social benefits, which are potential and exhibition held regularly in the province and an important exhibition, exhibition give appropriate subsidies to the public cost of the brand.

    The 11th article in accordance with the principle of balance between supply and demand and long-term market-oriented role into full play, scientific planning and exhibition venues, perfect exhibition venues services facilities.

The 12th financial institution should provide credit support for fair business, and provides facilities and services such as financing and settlement.

    Customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments should provide foreign exhibition staff and exhibiting goods provides convenient customs clearance and entry-exit inspection and quarantine services.

Article 13th exhibition professionals training base, developing exhibition industry market planning, marketing, service, and management personnel.

    Active introduction of exhibition industry professionals, encourage cooperation with domestic and foreign exhibition organizations or agencies exhibition industry in training senior personnel.

    14th around the Convention and exhibition industry chain form, to develop decoration information, consulting, advertising, exhibits transportation, hotels, travel tickets and other exhibition services.

15th exhibition industry organizations established according to law shall be encouraged, strengthening self-discipline, safeguarding member interests, trade organizations in the development of exhibition industry service standards, the establishment of industry evaluation system, Conference exhibition information information and guiding and standardizing operational role.

    Encourage all kinds of professional industry organizations as members provides information, organizations for taking part in the specialized exhibition, promoting the development of Convention and exhibition industry.

16th exhibition organizers, the contractor shall have legal personality. Exhibition organizers responsible for exhibition planning and implementation of programmes, to co-ordinate the exhibition exhibition activities, organizations and arrangements.

Exhibition subject to approval in accordance with law, apply for the approval procedures of the Exhibition Organizer; does not need approval of the exhibition and publishing units for the organizers of the exhibition information. Exhibition Organizer entrusted by the Exhibition Organizer is responsible for the implementation of the Convention and exhibition plans and implementing programmes, specific handling exhibition, exhibition, exhibition-related matters.

    Without a delegate, sponsor other units may not be listed as a sponsor.

    17th without consent, other units of the exhibition organizers, contractors may not be as organised, support, sponsor or other participants.

18th the organizers responsible for the exhibition.

    Organizer without consent from other units as organizers or false as the Organizer, organizer responsible for the exhibition.

Record 19th exhibition should be organized in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) on behalf of the Sichuan province in China exhibition or exhibition organized jointly between the provincial, the organizer shall, within the exhibition exhibition before the information was released on 15th to the provincial departments in charge of Commerce;

(B) holding shall be subject to the approval of foreign economic and technological cooperation and other international exhibition, the organizer shall take the examination and approval authority approving documents in the exhibition exhibition before the information was released in the 30th to the provincial departments in charge of Commerce;

(C) organization subject to this section, (a), (b) provided outside of the exhibition, the organizer shall, within the exhibition exhibition before the information was released on 10th to the host city (State), County (city, district) departments in charge of Commerce.

    On food safety, hazardous chemicals and other aspects of exhibition, Business Department shall notify the relevant situation after a record 3rd business, health, quality supervision, safety and other relevant departments.

When filing the 20th article, the organizers shall submit the following documents and information:

(A) effective Organizer, organizer legal personality proof;

(B) Conference and exhibition programme

(C) the mice used;

(D) the authorities agreed with the organizers, contractors, co-organised, supported, sponsored and other documents;

    (E) subject to the approval of the exhibition held, approval documents should also be submitted to the approving authority. 21st organizers submitted documents and materials are not complete, competent commercial departments should be required to pay in their 7th related documents and materials.

    Fails to pay, shall be deemed not filed.

22nd exhibition organizers release exhibition information should include the following:

(A) the exhibition name, main content;

(B) the starting and ending time of the exhibition, exhibition place, charges;

(C) the Convention Organizer, sponsor address, contact person and contact information, bank account number;

(D) subject to the approval of the Convention, approval number shall be released to the approving authority;

    (V) Convention filing authority record.

23rd exhibition information should be objective and true shall not be inconsistent with the exhibition content.

    Released to the exhibitors participating in the same exhibition exhibition information, exhibition names, content, time, place and other key issues should be the same.

    24th exhibition after the release of information, the organizers changed the exhibition name, content, time, place and other major matters, shall inform the Exhibitor after the change in the 3rd and 5th in accordance with the provisions of the record.

25th organizers shall go through security clearance, fire inspection and other procedures.

    Organized exhibition might affect the surrounding areas of transport and the environment, the organizers should be at the exhibition held in the 10th before the exhibition time, location, size and other relevant information submitted to the local public security and traffic, sanitation and other relevant departments. 26th the organizers should be developed and work programme on implementation of the Convention and exhibition security and emergency, safety responsibility, have been effective.

    Organizer, exhibitors should be fit. 27th exhibition space provider should protect places and facilities comply with State safety standards and safety requirements.

Professional exhibition venues should configure the surveillance equipment, alarm, emergency alarms, firefighting facilities and entrance security check, etc.

    Held precious items such as gold and silver jewellery, clocks and watches, heritage exhibition venue except in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be set in accordance with requirements of protection booth, showcase.

    28th scientific planning and reasonable layout of exhibition venues, perfect exhibition venues facilities, strengthen the stadium functional division of labor and cooperation, prevent duplication and competition.

    Article 29th of intellectual property, copyrights, business, and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, completes the exhibition trademark, copyright, patent rights and other intellectual property protection, strengthen the guidance, coordination and supervision, timely investigate and deal with all kinds of infringement of intellectual property rights.

    30th of industry and commerce, health, quality supervision, safety supervision and management departments should strengthen food security, supervision and management of dangerous chemicals, such as exhibition.

31st statistical offices should be established in conjunction with the departments of commercial Administration Conference and exhibition industry information and statistics system, improve the statistical index system of Convention and exhibition industry, strengthening the statistical analysis of industry data, regularly publicize the province's exhibition industry related information. Provincial departments in charge of Commerce shall establish a Convention and exhibition industry information publishing platform, publishing industry information in a timely manner.

    Exhibition organizers, organizers, exhibition venue provides information in a timely manner.

    32nd province, formulated in conjunction with the provincial Administration Department in charge of commerce contract demonstration text of exhibition industry, standardize the contract of parties to the Convention and exhibition industry, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of the parties.

    33rd fiscal, pricing and other relevant administrative departments should strengthen the cooperation, involving items, basis and standard of Convention and exhibition industry, stop charging.

    34th in violation of this provision, not on behalf of the organizers release exhibition information or sponsor of unauthorized release exhibition information, rectification by the Commerce authorities; fails to correct the penalty of between 2000 Yuan.

    Violation of the provisions of the 19th article of the 35th article, exhibition held in accordance with stipulations for the record, ordered by the Commerce authorities record; fails to record, less than 2000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.

    36th article in violation of the provisions of article 23rd, fluttering false information published, the Administration for industry and commerce shall order rectification, and fined a maximum of 3000 Yuan.

Violation of the provisions of the 25th article of the 37th article, without permission from the security and fire exhibition held checks without authorization, by the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations will be punished.

    Violation of the provisions of the 25th of article, not reporting to the police traffic, sanitation and other relevant departments, transportation, sanitation and other relevant administrative departments of public security ordered to report penalty of between 2000 Yuan of the overdue report.

    Article 38th exhibition organized cheating on behalf of other people's property, constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; do not constitute a crime, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security shall be penalized.

    39th organizers collect participation fees or booth fees, exhibitors, sales of fake and shoddy goods or price-gouging and commerce, price and other administrative authorities to investigate and punish, constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal liability.

    40th business departments and other relevant administrative departments of personnel who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engage, constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal liability does not constitute a crime shall be given administrative sanctions.

    41st and relevant government departments organized exhibition, the organizers should be released in the exhibition the exhibition information in the 5th before the competent commercial departments informed of the situation. 42nd article of the regulations come into force on May 1, 2011.