Benxi City Local History Management

Original Language Title: 本溪市地方志工作管理办法

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Benxi City local history management

    (March 17, 2011, Benxi City, 14th session of the Standing Committee of the people's Government of the 82nd review through April 6, 2011 156th, Benxi City people's Government promulgated by May 15, 2011) norms and strengthening the work of local history article, comprehensive, objective and systematic recording, preservation, use of local records literature, promote economic and social development, according to the regulations of the local history of the State Council, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article local history in these measures, including comprehensive Yearbook and related records, local historical documents. Local history book, refers to the comprehensive and systematic account of the administrative nature, political, economic, cultural and social history and information on the status of documentation.

Includes comprehensive local history books and professional books.

Comprehensive local Yearbook refers to the description of the administrative nature of the system, the political, economic, cultural and social aspects of the annual information documents.

    Related historical documents, refers to the description of basic books, organizations, departments, and units.

    Third article this regulation is applicable within the administrative area of the city local records compilation, management, development and services.

Fourth city, County (district) Government Office responsible for the administration of the local history local history administrative work, performs the following functions:

(A) development (development) program for the administrative area of the local history and its codification programme, and to the higher levels of Government and local history record;

(B) compilation of the level a comprehensive local history book, comprehensive Yearbook and related history books, review, and acceptance within their respective administrative areas level under a comprehensive local history books and similar professional local history books; compilation of local history books and related books;

(C) the Organization, guidance, supervision and inspection, local history, training of local records compiling personnel, collection, sorting, saving local history documents and information, local records theory study;

(D) organization development and utilization of local history information, advocacy, disseminate the results of the local history, research, local history museum building (room), local history library, local history website, reading and using local records available to the public service;

    (E) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations. Fifth of municipal and County (district) Government should strengthen the administrative leadership of the local history, and local history into local economic and social development plan.

    Local history master plan approved by the level of Government, requirements are included in the Government budget.

Sixth city, County (district) administrative title of books, by the governmental management departments in accordance with the plan of work of local records compilation and report higher levels of Government and local history record, other organizations and individuals shall not be published. Local records Office should be supported and encouraged the organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions, compilation and publication of other organizations and individuals contribute to the economic and social development of other local history books.

    Responsible for the operational guidance to codification activities, and do a good job record.

Article seventh city, County (district) every 20 years compiling a comprehensive local history book, comprehensive Yearbook compiled on an annual basis.

    Upon completion of the comprehensive local history book revision, should launch a new round of comprehensive local history book the continuation of work.

Eighth compiling local records shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) of the Constitution, the confidentiality provisions of the Act and the Archives Act and other laws and regulations;

(B) comprehensively and objectively reflect the administrative nature, political, economic, cultural and social history and the status quo;

(C) comply with log book style format;

(D) the wording is accurate, contents structure;

(E) the punctuation marks, the use of units of measurement and digital codes, standards;

    (F) binding and printing meets published requirements. Nineth compiling local records should involve relevant experts and scholars to attend.

Full-time and part-time local records compiling personnel combined Allied codification personnel should have appropriate expertise. No unit or individual shall not require the compilation of officers making false accounts in the local history.

    Compilation personnel should assume lifelong responsibilities about the local history.

Article tenth local history Office Access, extract, copy, forms may be used, to inform the State organs, public organizations, enterprises, institutions and other social organizations and individuals to collect related local history information, relevant units and individuals shall truthfully and in good time to provide relevant information, involving State secrets, business secrets and personal privacy, and does not meet the requirements of file opening, should indicate to the codification of staff.

Local history information owners or holders shall not knowingly provided false information.

    Local Chronicles and the owner or holder to provide relevant information, you can get adequate remuneration. 11th article in the local history in the process of compiling, compiling local records compilation of personnel for the implementation of this task or use of material and technical resources of the entity collecting, accumulation of local records and related information shall be in accordance with the provisions of archive management.

    No person shall damage or for themselves.

12th local history books published a review, inspection system. City, County (district) local records compilation of the book, should be implemented after approval by the Government.

After compilation is complete, review of local records office by the level of government organization, and after approval by the higher levels of government local history Office, shall not be published.

    Other industry records, Department records, corporate records compilation is complete, organized by the unit accreditation, and reported to the city's local records office after review and approval, prior to publication.

    13th levels of local records and compilation of books should be in local history books and books published within 3 months after to this level and superior management of local records work Department to submit the sample copy and electronic text.

    Article 14th in city, County (district) administrative name name of local records, comprehensive Yearbook-works, the copyright enjoyed by the agencies compiled by the Organization, persons involved in compiling shall enjoy the right of authorship. 15th local history books should be open to the public.

    Units and individuals are free to use local chronicles website, extract and use local history literature.

    16th in the units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to local history, by the city and County (district) recognizes and rewards from the Government.

17th article in violation of these regulations, any of the following circumstances, managed by the local history department be ordered to desist from the illegal act and rectify; it fails, by their work units or relevant administrative departments of the head and persons directly responsible shall be given disciplinary actions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) compilation and publication without permission to cities and counties (district) administrative title of local records and books;

(B) public officials without undue delay, refused to provide local history information or refused to undertake the task of writing;

(C) all damaged units or local history information held or claimed;

(D) wilfully provide false local history information or without codification does not meet, and with city, County (district) local history contradicts the historical data;

(E) without review, acceptance, approval, unauthorized publishing of local history books and related books;

    (F) failed to submit within the prescribed sample copy and electronic versions.

    18th article in violation of these regulations, concerning breach of confidentiality and copyright and other laws and regulations of the other, by the relevant departments shall punish. 19th article this way since May 15, 2011.

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