Inspection Of Major Construction Projects In Fushun City Approach

Original Language Title: 抚顺市重大建设项目稽察办法

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Inspection of major construction projects in Fushun city approach

    (June 14, 2011, Fushun city people's Government, the 29th Executive meeting on June 27, 2011 159th Fushun city people's Government promulgated as of August 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the supervision and management of major construction projects, and promote the smooth implementation of the project, improve investment efficiency, according to the State Council on reform of the investment system decision, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article in major construction projects within the administrative area of the city inspection activities for these measures.

    Inspection of major construction projects mentioned in these measures refers to inspection of major construction projects Department (hereinafter referred to as inspection authorities) to supervise major construction projects implemented at national, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, rules and policies, check project status, activities such as evaluation of project performance.

Article on major construction projects in these measures include:

(A) financial investment, financing of projects;

(B) the use of national policy of loan projects;

(C) using various Government special funds into financial management project;

(D) using international organizations or foreign government loans or aid projects;

(E) the use of national or provincial and municipal bonds that financed projects;

(F) infrastructure, public utilities and other public interests, public safety projects;

(G) the superior inspection departments entrusted inspection of the project;

    (H) the reports required inspection items.

Fourth municipal development and reform Department, Inspection Department, is responsible for the inspection of major construction projects in the city, if the inspection bodies responsible for specific tasks, and the County and district inspection of major construction projects to guide and supervise the work.

    Development and reform is the County, district, County and district Inspectorate Department, responsible for the inspection of major construction projects in the administrative area.

    Fifth inspection work special requirements included in the budget at the same level.

    Chapter II duties and powers

Article sixth Inspection Department's main responsibilities include:

(A) organize inspection of major construction projects;

(B) Organization of government investment project construction in the process of approval procedures, construction progress and project quality, bidding, use of funds, budget for the adjustment and acceptance of the implementation of supervision and inspection;

(C) monitor the relevant departments to carry out national and provincial and municipal investment policies and regulations;

(Iv) for violations, according to the relevant provisions put forward opinions and suggestions;

(E) the inspection unit to be mainly responsible for the evaluation of management, rewards and punishments proposed recommendations;

    (Vi) assist superiors to carry out inspection and special inspection of major construction projects.

    Article seventh inspectors check and protected according to law, and no organization or individual may refuse, illegal obstruction of inspectors to exercise their powers.

    Eighth in the work of inspection, inspectors shall not be check and accept any gift, remuneration, benefits, reimbursement of expenses shall not be check in, should not participate in the inspection units to entertainment, tourism, or to pay visits and other activities, shall not be check unit for themselves, relatives, friends, or others for personal gain.

    Nineth when inspectors go through inspection, or any of his close relatives and the inspection unit or of interest in inspection matters, should be avoided.

Tenth article inspection staff of any of the following acts shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) to check major discipline problems hidden units do not report or with the collusion of fabricating material inspection units;

(B) disclose State secrets, the inspection unit business secrets;

(C) participation in and interfere with the Inspection Unit's normal building and daily production operations;

    (D) violations of the acts listed in article eighth of this approach.

    11th inspectors in inspection work, outstanding achievements, make significant contributions to safeguard national interests, shall be rewarded.

    Chapter III content and method

12th inspection of major construction projects:

(A) urban planning, environmental protection, land-use and related implementation of the investment policy;

(B) the implementation of the investment program;

(C) State-approved content, building size, building standards and engineering implementation of the investment;

(D) in place and use of funds, construction, equipment and materials procurement, engineering, quality, implementation of the plan;

(V) financial accounting, budget control, delivered the authenticity, lawfulness, effectiveness of the asset;

(F) the completion and acceptance of the project, investment results;

(G) the project legal person responsibility, public bidding system, project supervision and contract management system, implementation of laws and regulations;

    (H) the laws, rules and regulations or by the sector, other matters determined by the people's Governments at the corresponding level.

13th inspection work, can be taken in the following ways:

(A) hear the Inspection Unit reports on the project, held in check and check and matters relating to the meeting into inspection and inspection matters relating to the Conference;

(B) inspection inspection units and construction of project-related documents, technical data, financial reports, accounting vouchers, account books and other financial information, as well as other relevant information;

(C) into place on the works associated with the construction projects and equipment inspection for identification and related information systems forensics, investigations and verification of construction project tendering and bidding, contracts, construction, building standards, construction progress, quality and engineering, quality equipment and materials, and so on;

(D) to project-related units or personnel and inspection relating to the subject matter and to obtain relevant information;

(E) to other units and departments to survey and inspection relating to the subject matter of queries are check and bank accounts associated with the project, and access to or copies of the relevant information in accordance with law;

(F) in conjunction with the monitoring, finance, audit, construction, and other relevant departments to conduct a joint inspection.

(G) employ experts, technicians or authorized intermediaries to check matters specific to the inspection, verification, assessment, review or provide related consulting services.

(H) the method of recording, sound recording, video recording, photography and copy and evidence gathering;

    Supervision, finance, auditing, construction on major construction projects and other departments in accordance with law, conclusions of the examination, inspection work can be used.

14th major project filing system.

    City, County and district administrative authorities for major construction projects, should be copied to check and record at the same level.

    15th major construction projects to major changes or budget adjustment before completion and acceptance, Inspection Department inspection should be carried out.

    16th inspection sector in front of the check and shall notify the General Inspection Unit, under special circumstances, can also be taken not to inform in advance.

    17th inspection departments may find that question, survey, design, construction, supervision, material and equipment supply, build agent, bidding Agency, consulting related to the assessment, testing and construction of the project unit, extending inspection agency. 18th Inspection Unit, Inspectorate-related units and individuals shall cooperate with the work of the inspectors, and requested by the inspectors provide project-related documents and information, reports on major issues in the construction and management process.

    Without delay, denial, concealment, falsifying.

    19th construction project Department and the relevant government departments should support, with the work of the inspectors, inspectors inspection units of the circumstances and the information provided.

    The fourth chapter legal liability

20th to participate in major construction projects construction in the course of construction shall not be any of the following acts:

(A) violations of construction project approval, construction procedures provides that unauthorized construction of major design changes, or adjustments in the budget estimates;

(B) commitment of matching funds are not put in place in a timely manner;

(C) fraud in obtaining government investment, financing, national policy loans and international organizations or foreign government loans, assistance funds;

(D) use of funds does not meet the approved content and violated the country's financial system, squeeze on, embezzle funds of projects;

(E) violation of investigation, design, supervision, planning, land and resources, environmental protection and cultural relic protection, fire protection, epidemic prevention, quality of construction, safety, acceptance of such laws, regulations, rules and regulations;

(F) violation of legal person responsibility, public bidding, supervision and contract management provided by laws, rules and regulations;

(G) violations of the relevant provisions, project budget, project delay, increased project quality accident, or did not report in a timely manner and properly handle major quality accidents;

(H) major construction projects, bidding Agency, cost, evaluation, accounting, auditing and other intermediaries illegal services, suspected of fraud, false or erroneous conclusions and reports issued;

    (I) the violation of the relevant provisions of other major construction projects.

21st inspection results can be used to check and report writing, rectification notices, circulars and other forms check units.

    Inspection units should according to inform and request the rectification, and corrective action reports to be submitted within the stipulated time.

    22nd inspection departments should monitor the rectification, rectification and project review, until it reaches the target of rectification.

Article 23rd check and violate construction and management regulations and inspection departments shall make the following decisions:

(A) a rectification;

(B) notice of criticism;

(C) suspend projects or canceling projects;

(D) the proposal suspended disbursement of the financial sector, freezing or recovery of financial construction funds;

(E) to prohibit the participation in projects within a certain period;

(F) suspend the approval of relevant departments and enterprises of similar new projects, approval; Involving other departments, inspection departments should be handed over to the relevant Department in written form.

    Feedback should check and record the results.

Article 24th inspection departments in carrying out inspection activities of relevant administrative organs found in one of the following acts, reported to the people's Government at the criticism and ordered rectification in serious cases, approval of the people's Government at the suspended approval of similar new projects:

(A) the interception, misappropriation of Government funds;
(B) intervention project bidding;

(C) does not perform duties such as project approval, construction management, resulting in serious problems of project construction and management.

25th Inspection Unit has one of the following acts, by relevant executive authorities are directly responsible for the charge and other direct liable persons shall address constitutes a crime, and handed over to judicial organs for criminal liability:

(A) the violation occurred during the construction of the project;

(B) refuse or obstruct, threaten inspectors check according to law;

(C) refuse, without undue delay to provide inspectors needed to check the relevant information and data;

(D) destroy, conceal, falsify evidence and information;

(E) the rectification notice of decision and rectification opinions refusal or undue delay of execution;

    (F) other acts of obstruction of the inspectors to perform their duties.

    Article 26th laws and regulations violations otherwise provided in major construction projects, from its provisions.

    27th Inspection Unit inspection sector specific administrative acts, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring administrative proceedings.

    The fifth chapter by-laws 28th article of the rules take effect on August 1, 2011.

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