Chongqing Urban Construction Fee Collection Management

Original Language Title: 重庆市城市建设配套费征收管理办法

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Chongqing urban construction fee collection management

    (April 15, 2011 Chongqing Municipal People's Government at the 98th Executive meeting April 20, 2011, No. 253, promulgated by the people's Government of Chongqing as of June 1, 2011) first in order to promote the construction of urban infrastructure in our city, the collection and management of the urban construction auxiliary charges, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article where in the city (town) within the planning area, renovation or expansion unit and individual projects (hereinafter referred to as project operator) shall pay a fee for urban construction as provided herein.

    Urban construction fee in these measures (hereinafter referred to as accessory), is imposed by law by the Government for urban (towns) planning and construction of urban infrastructure facilities within the area of special funds.

Third municipal construction Administrative Department is the coordination fee collection and management departments of the city, the daily work of the municipal urban construction management office (hereinafter package).

    District (County) of construction administrative department responsible for supporting the administrative fee collection and management work, accept the guidance of municipal construction Administrative Department. Fourth in the main urban area of supporting fee levied by the municipal support Office is responsible for.

    Outside of the main urban area of ancillary fees imposed by the construction project is located district (County) of administrative departments in charge of construction.

Article Fifth coordination fee collection standards of the main city by the Municipal Department in charge of price together with the municipal finance, municipal construction Administrative Department in accordance with economic and social development and infrastructure needs of the city, approved by the municipal people's Government announced the implementation.

    Outside the main urban area coordination fee collection standards, district (County) prices Department in conjunction with the financial and construction administrative departments under the economic and social development and urban infrastructure needs, report published after approval by the people's Governments at the corresponding level implementation.

    Sixth, supporting Office and outside the main city of district (County) of construction administrative departments (hereinafter referred to as is imposed by the sector) should open collection basis, standards and procedures.

Article seventh construction project owners should apply for a construction permit or under prior to licensing procedures, determined according to the construction project planning permit area pay ancillary fees.

Construction project is planned in phases for the construction permit or under license procedures which allow for phased pay ancillary fees.

    Not complying with the provisions of ancillary fee payment procedures, relevant departments shall not handle or start licensing procedures for construction permits.

Article eighth pay ancillary fees, construction project owners shall submit to the collection Department the following information:

(A) the planning permit for construction project planning permit or rural construction;

(B) confirmation of the construction project bidding.

Relates to exemption from or reduction of ancillary fees paid, shall submit the following materials:

(A) project approval or registration certificate of enterprise investment projects;

(B) preliminary design approval;

    (C) relates to exemption, reduction and effective basis or evidence.

Nineth ancillary fees in accordance with the standard planning permission and construction projects to determine the area meter paid.

    Construction project owners pay ancillary fees in stages, in accordance with the standard and construction planning permission set that corresponds to the employer on the project construction area total pay.

Review section tenth Department upon receipt of the application materials, materials available and to meet the requirements of, be admissible; materials are incomplete or do not meet the requirements, Parties shall be notified once corrected.

    Collection Department within 10 working days from the receipt of accounting support fees payable amount and issue a payment notice and of the non-tax revenue payment. 11th construction project owners shall be held within the time stated in the payment notice to the non-tax revenue payment Bank contribution.

Pay support fee, issued by the collection Department already pay fees for supporting evidence. Construction project owner does not pay the matching fee within the time specified in the payment, the payment notice automatically invalidated. Need to continue matching procedures, the new declaration.

    Before the new declaration supporting the adjustment of the fee is imposed by the requirements and standards, according to revised regulations and standards.

12th construction completion inspection record link should be to check the supporting fee payment. Confirmed upon completion and acceptance of construction project construction area and construction permit payment is determined when the area is inconsistent, construction project owners shall declare review coordination fee.

Levy after the Department, increased floor area, as stipulated in the supplementary declaration of standard makeup and accessory charges; to reduce the area to pay ancillary fees, contributions to the collection Department to apply, is imposed by the authorities and the financial sector after verification in accordance with prescribed procedures and is a subject standards be refunded.

    Not pay ancillary fees as required, the Department concerned shall apply acceptance record.

13th the following construction projects reviewed is exempt from supporting:

(A) school and kindergarten teaching rooms;

(B) social welfare facilities, welfare facilities;

(C) enjoy the tax breaks the State enterprise production and living rooms for the disabled;

(D) high-tech enterprises and productive space;

    (E) scientific research institutions.

14th the following construction projects, after reviewing the pay support fee reduction:

(A) reconstruction and expansion projects, according to the original house registration certificate against the original floor space of buildings, new building area is counted as paid;

(B) school student dormitories, canteens and other logistical services with 50% is counted as paid;

    (C) dangzhengqun office operations room, public security organs, non-profit healthcare agency medical building which paid by 50%.

15th article apart from the 13th, 14th, provided these measures, the city's other provisions relating to exemption, subtract pay supporting fee, should be considered for adoption by the Standing Committee of the municipal people's Government, and implementation of starting and ending times.

    Laws, rules, regulation of ancillary fees exemption, reduction and another set from its provisions. 16th in line with the approach set forth in 13th, 14th construction project, after you complete the Declaration and examination of direct relief.

    Meet the requirements of paragraph one of this article 15th construction project, according to "two lines of income and expenditure" principle, first imposed after the arrangement.

    17th relief supporting construction projects for planning reasons, no longer meets the conditions for relief shall pay ancillary fees again, and press the new declaration provisions and standards. Article 18th ancillary fees up to the amount payable for the project area can be divided into installments.

First pay shall not be less than the prescribed amount of the initial payment amount, and shall not be less than 50% of the total amount due, the balance shall be paid within 6 months.

    The provisions mentioned in the preceding paragraph amounts and amounts paid by the municipal people's Government and the main city for the first time outside of the district (County) people according to the region's economic and social development level, adjusted and promulgated. Article 19th ancillary-fee exemption, reduction and paying, within the main city by the municipal construction Administrative Department in accordance with the provisions for approval by the construction project is located outside the main city of district (County) of construction Administrative Department in accordance with the provisions for approval.

    Without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to approve related fees exemption, reduction and time to pay. 20th support charges in urban maintenance and construction funds management, introduction of earmarking.

    By construction Administrative Department, in conjunction with the Ministry of finance to prepare annual plans, issued after approval by the people's Governments at the corresponding level arrangements and to monitor their usage.

    21st-approved pay ancillary fees and construction project owners are not paid within the time limits stipulated in this way supporting the charges, ordered to pay by the collection Department, and from the date of late, plus delayed Geithner five out of 10,000 late fee per day; if not paid, may apply to a people's Court according to law enforcement.

22nd collection of departments and their staff in violation of the provisions, of any of the following acts, by its superior administrative body or supervisory organs shall be ordered to correct, and persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions:

(A) allowed to increase or reduce matching fee collection standards;

(B) exempted or reduced, and supporting charges without authorization;

    (C) not complying with the statutory time limit for the supporting procedures. 23rd these measures come into force on June 1, 2011. On July 1, 2000 by the Chongqing urban construction fee collection management policy (Chongqing Municipal People's Government, the 85th) repealed simultaneously. The city's other relevant supporting provisions is inconsistent with this approach, in accordance with these rules.

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