Administrative Measures On Urban Taxis In Yunnan Province

Original Language Title: 云南省城市出租汽车管理办法

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Administrative measures on urban taxis in Yunnan province

    (April 12, 2011, Yunnan Provincial people's Government, the 55th Executive meeting by Yunnan Provincial people's Government, the 167th release May 6, 2011 as of August 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of urban taxis, improving the quality of taxi services, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, operators and their employees, according to relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

Article within the administrative area of the city, the province, the taxi industry planning, management, service, management and other activities, these measures shall apply.

    Taxi in these measures refers to legally obtained the right, according to passenger preference for passenger services in the city, according to the mileage and time billing of small passenger cars.

    Third city of the taxi industry development should be commensurate with the level of urban construction and economic and social development, and coordination with other modes of public transport passenger.

    Fourth District of municipal or County (City) Government (hereinafter referred to as the city people's Government) should strengthen management of the taxi industry, the rational allocation of resources, encourage the use of environmentally-friendly, energy-saving vehicles, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, the implementation of information management to guide operators to implement large-scale, company management.

    Article fifth Administrative Department of transport should be based on the overall urban planning, in conjunction with the development and reform, housing and urban-rural construction (planning) and public security departments of urban passenger taxi development planning, the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

Sixth province, State administrative departments in charge for transportation under guidance of the urban taxi trade within their respective administrative areas.

Cities within administrative authorities responsible for the administration of transportation under supervision and administration of taxi.

    Other relevant departments according to their respective responsibilities and make management of urban taxi.

    Seventh taxi industry association should be in accordance with the law, regulations and the articles of Association of the taxi industry for self-regulation.

    Chapter II administration of qualification

Article eighth enterprises engaged in taxi business, shall meet the following conditions:

(A) the number of vehicles municipal people's Government;

(B) appropriate capital, premises and facilities;

(C) safety in conformity with business technology, ticketing, vehicle management, scheduling, driving and other professionals;

(D) with management support of the operation, security, financial, insurance, labor and personnel management system and service quality assurance measures;

    (V) other conditions stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

Nineth individuals engaged in taxi business operators shall comply with the following conditions:

(A) vehicles that meet the people's Government of the city;

(B) liability claims of accident risk, the corresponding capacity of civil liability;

    (C) other conditions stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

For taxi business qualification card article tenth of the enterprise, in addition to submitted to the Department of transportation administration to prove their eighth materials conditions under these measures shall also submit the following documents:

(A) the application;

(B) the articles or agreements;

(C) the corporate identity of the owner of, Attn proof of identity and the power of Attorney;

(D) the investment vehicles undertaking, including quantity, grade and type of vehicles such as;

(E) credit certificate, proof of site use or rental.

Apply for a taxi operating license individual operators, in addition to the Administrative Department of transportation submitted materials to prove their article Nineth conditions shall also submit the following documents:

(A) the application;

(B) identification of the applicant;

(C) laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the other materials.

    Administrative Department for transport shall from the date of acceptance of the application make a decision on whether to permit in the 20th.

11th city taxi service drivers, subject to the following conditions:

(A) have a local identity or residence;

(B) a motor vehicle driver's license of the appropriate type, and have 3 years driving experience;

(C) age 60 years of age, in good health;

(D) does not occur primarily within 3 years or over full responsibility for major traffic accidents;

(V) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

    Comply with the conditions prescribed in the preceding paragraph driver shall submit an application to the competent administrative Department of transportation and taxi vocational training examination, made transportation after the driver's passenger certificate issued by the competent administrative department, before engaging in the city taxi service. 12th urban taxi business licensing implementation limits, specific licensing terms determined by the municipal people's Government.

    As provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.

13th licensed enterprises or individual operators engaged in taxi business (hereinafter referred to as taxi operators), shall take the taxi business certificate, business license, tax registration, private vehicle licence and insurance certificate, apply to the Department of transportation administration certification for vehicle operation.

    Taxi business certificate and the vehicle operating permit shall not transfer.

14th Administrative Department of transportation taxi operators should also credit quality assessment, to taxi workers ' credit assessment, examine the State of vehicles.

    Vehicles testing shall not charge any fee.

    15th city taxi operator merger, Division, change of address and other registration matters, should declare to the Department of transportation administration of the original license, and registration in accordance with the provisions of the relevant departments.

    Chapter III administration of passenger services

16th city taxi operators and practitioners should be implementing national standards of quality or service.

    Taxi operators and taxi drivers signed a management services agreement, contract rights and obligations of the parties and the quality of service and so on. 17th urban taxi cab operator shall, in accordance with the approved number of vehicles put into operation, it may not suspend or terminate the operation.

    Need to suspend its operations, should be reported to the competent administrative Department of transportation approval to terminate operations, 3 months in advance to the competent administrative Department of transportation should be reported and the relevant procedures.

    18th city taxis operating in the city, where the subjects shall not operate in remote office.

    19th city taxi prices to Government pricing, programming by pricing departments in accordance with administrative rights, implemented after being approved by the people's Governments at the same level.

20th city taxi cab operators shall comply with the following provisions:

(A) business training for drivers and managers on a regular basis, strengthening the professional ethics and safety education;

(B) the person responsible for document management, establish the appropriate account;

(C) establishment of driver and vehicle records;

(D) drivers and Annual Registration formalities on time and assist the relevant departments to properly handle driver traffic accidents and insurance claims;

(E) assist management with the day-to-day supervision and inspection, complaint handling, and lost search;

    (Vi) based on relevant technical specifications for regular maintenance of vehicles, testing to ensure vehicle technology is in good condition.

21st technical performance of urban taxi should be up to national standards, and comply with the following requirements:

(A) body, compartment clean and tidy;

(B) conforms to specified requirements of vehicle, exhaust, vehicle performance in good condition;

(C) the vehicle licence of clear and complete;

(D) compliance with the taxi logo and identity management requirements, obvious body parts set the operator name, complaint telephone compartment set standards, monitor phone calls and other service marks;

(E) the installation, configuration, use the car rental Dome light in accordance with regulations, pricing manager, fire extinguishers, anti-robbery and empty cars for rent signs and satellite positioning vehicle terminal and keep in good condition;

    (F) meet other requirements for passenger service specifications for vehicles.

22nd city taxi driver shall comply with the following provisions:

(A) neatly manners;

(B) keep the vehicle clean and tidy;

(C) onboard the vehicle operating permit, driver's passenger certificate;

(D) under the rational route or routes passenger requirements; without the consent of passengers shall not be a detour or inducing a person to take;

(E) items found missing passengers in the car, it should be kept properly and promptly report to the competent administrative Department of transportation or a public security organ;

(F) obey the traffic laws, maintaining the order of operations, supervision and inspection to the management;

    (VII) other requirements of the relevant specification for passenger service.

Article 23rd drivers using a taximeter shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) accredited by the quality and technology supervision departments;

(B) according to the meter displays the amount of data and charge;

(C) cheating passengers may make use of the meter;

(D) no private split the meter seal, change the parameters of quality and technical supervision departments set or on the parts of the vehicle structure, affect the accuracy of the meter;

(E) when no one is riding or for rent should be empty signs erected, passengers should put a sign, use the meter;

    (Vi) the meter failure should immediately stop operating, repair to designated locations in a timely manner qualified before the operation, it may not change the mounting position of the meter.

24th taxi implementation raised car, booking reservations, site rental and Charter passenger services.

Traffic Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with the public security organs traffic management sectors in the commercial center of the city areas, residential areas and major roads, according to the principle of passengers and road conditions, provided with a clearly marked taxi, passengers under temporary stops.

    Airports, railway stations, urban mass transit stations, ferry terminals, bus stations and other public places that curbside, you should set up special taxi waiting point.

25th city taxi driver refuses to transport passengers, without justification shall not have the following behavior:

(A) refused to carry passenger hubs or road edge for rent;

(B) passenger operation during a break in service;

(C) the passenger need parking after the passenger;

    (D) the laws and regulations of the other Act and the regulations.

Article 26th bus passengers should civilization, and abide by the following provisions:
(A) shall not, when in or out of his car in littering, no smoking and defacing vehicles;

(B) not carry inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods on board;

(C) shall not be required in a no parking places on and off;

(D) must not have the effect of driving safe driving behavior;

    (E) the laws and regulations of the other Act and the regulations.

27th article, passengers shall, in accordance with the meter price to pay fares and en route to the section of the lawful collection of road and bridge tolls.

Passengers need to reach a destination, may generate road and bridge tolls on the way, drivers should be in origin to the passengers, the passengers refused without good reason, drivers can refuse service.

When one of the following circumstances, passengers can refuse to pay the fare:

(A) the taxi without meter or meter is not used;

(B) drivers do not issue invoice;

(C) driving without consent of the passengers it was obvious a detour;

(D) without the consent of passengers carrying another person;

    (E) due to people driving reason, price mileage vehicle malfunction or accident, did not complete delivery service. 28th passenger to remote areas, the drivers may require the passenger to accompany to the nearest police authorities for verification of registration and report its taxi operators.

    Passengers should be matched.

    Fourth chapter of supervision and inspection

    29th Department of transportation administration law enforcement officers to taxi operations when conducting supervision and inspection, wearing flag shall, in accordance with provisions and administrative law enforcement documents show.

30th transport urban people's Government administrative departments shall establish and improve taxi business reputation for quality appraisal system.

Transport city people's Government administrative departments and taxi operators should publish complaint telephone number, address or email address, subject to public supervision.

People's Governments of cities Department of transportation administration after receiving complaints, shall be effective as of the date of acceptance in the 7th processed complex, approved by the Department head, can be disposed of in the 15th, and will inform the complainant of the result. City taxi operator after receiving the complaint shall be replied within the 7th since the date of acceptance.

    Passengers on the responses to objections, may apply to the Administrative Department for transport under the city.

31st city Administrative Department for transport under the acts in violation of these rules, in front of the administrative penalty, suspended passenger service licence and driver's passenger certificate, and proof of withholding.

    Administrative Department for transport under the city in the process of conducting supervision and inspection, for no vehicle operator who cannot provide proof of a valid passenger vehicles on the spot, he may be temporarily and issue a withholding certificate.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    32nd transportation administrative departments who violate these rules, abuse of power, deception, negligence, disciplined by their work units or higher authorities constitutes a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their.

Article 33rd without taxis operating qualifications certificates, vehicle operator engaged in passenger transportation management, Administrative Department of transportation by the city people's Government ordered to stop operating, more than 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fines; dedicated to vehicles operating illegally, the Department of transportation administration under the State Council shall be punished in the unlicensed investigation against measures constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Exceed range engaged in passenger transportation management, the Department of transportation administration ordered corrective action and penalty of between 5000 and 1000 Yuan.

    34th article violates these rules, unauthorized transfer of taxi operating certificate or vehicle operating license, Administrative Department of transportation by the city people's Government ordered corrective action and fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

35th city taxi operators have one of the following acts, by people's Government of the City Department of transportation administration be punished in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) is not in accordance with the approved number of vehicles put into operation, without authorization, to suspend or terminate the operation, business fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan; for self-employed below 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine

    (B) contrary to article 20th, correction can be fined a maximum of between 3000 and 1000 Yuan.

36th city taxi drivers have one of the following acts, by people's Government of the City Department of transportation administration be punished in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) contravenes section 22nd (a), (b) provision of, be warned, may be fined a maximum of 50 Yuan and 100 Yuan;

(B) contravenes section 22nd (c), (d) provisions, fines of between 100 Yuan and 200 Yuan;

(C) contrary to article 23rd (a) the requirement shall be ordered to correct, fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan;

(D) violation of article 23rd (ii) to (vi) provisions, penalty of between 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan;

    (V) violate the provisions of article 25th, penalty of between 100 Yuan and 200 Yuan.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 37th article of the rules take effect on August 1, 2011.