Shanghai International Tourism Resort Management

Original Language Title: 上海国际旅游度假区管理办法

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Shanghai international tourism resort management

(May 23, 2011 Shanghai Municipal People's Government consideration at the 108th General Meeting May 26, 2011, Shanghai Municipal People's Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 65th) article (purpose and basis)

    In order to protect Shanghai as an international tourist resort (hereinafter referred to as an international tourist resort) the development, construction and orderly operation and sustainable development, in accordance with the law, regulations and related policies, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

The second (regional)

Scope of international tourist resort: North to the S1 highway East East Road, South to the week Deng Highway, West to the S2 line west of about 1000 metres.

    International holiday resort range adjustments should be in line with the planning of the premise, in accordance with legal procedures for approval.

Article III (functions)

    According to requirements of national and city development strategies, international tourist resort should be core on the Shanghai Disneyland project, integration of tourism resources development, build international tourist resort areas of the high energy, strong radiation and theme park, tourism, exhibition, cultural creativity, retail, sports and leisure industry cluster areas.

Fourth (management responsibility) This municipal establishment of Shanghai international tourism resort Administrative Committee (hereinafter referred to as MC).

CMC is a Agency of the municipal government, according to this regulations shall perform the following duties:

(A) participate in the preparation of international tourism resort, organizations develop international tourism vacation district industrial policy and coordinating relevant administrative departments and administrative units, the Pudong new area Government to accelerate;

(B) promoting international tourism resort development and construction, supervise the implementation of relevant international tourist resort early land development, coordinating major projects and infrastructure construction in the region;

(C) receive delegates of administrative departments, responsible for international tourism resort administrative examination and approval work;

(D) regional development, integrating international tourism vacation district Industry Development Fund, promote the improvement of investment environment and public services, attract investment, promote the development of modern service industry;

(E) the drafting area of fire, special equipment, construction project, cityscape, travel services and other standards and technical regulations, standardization and international tourist resort services public information system standardization construction;

(F) development and implementation of international tourism resort development and implementing provisions for the protection of, and coordination of international tourist resort development in the region around conservation efforts;

(G) harmonization of customs, entry and exit inspection and quarantine departments, into an international tourist resort and provides facilitation services.

    City Administration and the Pudong new area Government shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to coordinate work related to international tourist resort.

Fifth (Industrial Development Fund) The city an international tourist resort development fund to support international tourism resort development, construction and management, according to the international tourism resort industry guidelines to promote international tourism resort function of the development of modern service industry.

    Administrative measures on the use of funds, industrial development, municipal finance and Management Committee of development and reform Department separately and reported to the municipality for approval.

Sixth (development)

    Shanghai Chendi (Group) limited in accordance with the approved planning, development and construction work related to international tourist resort.

Seventh (development planning and industry guidelines)

Management Committee shall, jointly with the municipal development and reform, land planning, tourism, broadcasting, film and television, sport administrative departments and government organizations such as the international tourism resort development plan and reported to the municipality for approval.

    Management Committee shall, jointly with the municipal development and reform, business and economic information, tourism, broadcasting, film and television, sports administration and the Government of Pudong new area, according to State and city development strategies as well as international tourism resort development plan, develop and publish the catalogue of industries for guiding the international tourism resort.

Eighth (planning)

International tourism resort city planning and land administration in conjunction with the CMC, the Pudong new area government organizations and in accordance with the statutory procedures for approval; in the process of planning, in accordance with State and city regulations for environmental impact assessment and traffic impact assessment, evaluation file reviewed by the municipal administrative departments concerned.

    International tourism resort planning, municipal management, planning and land administration, in conjunction with the relevant professional sector, CMC, Pudong new area, government organizations, and in accordance with the statutory procedures for approval.

Nineth (development)

Management Committee shall, together with the city administration and the Government of Pudong new area, according to the approval of the Municipal Government's plan, develop and implement international tourist resort development provisions implemented for the protection of nature.

    Land development and construction projects in the international tourist resort, shall comply with the relevant planning approval from the municipal government.

Tenth (delegate the implementation of administrative examination and approval)

CMC, Pudong new area, or relevant administrative departments entrusted implementation in the international tourism resort administrative examination and approval of the following matters:

(A) investment management departments to delegate approval of enterprise investment projects and record;

(B) business management departments entrusted by foreign-funded enterprises set up, change and approval;

(C) the Planning Department commissioned the project site submission, assessment, planning and design requirements, planning permit for construction, construction project planning and design, construction project planning permit approval, acceptance and completion of the construction project planning;

(D) commissioned by the Department of land management of State-owned land use right transfer, assignment of construction projects for the pre, but collection of peasant collective land, agricultural land into land for construction, construction project except occupies unused land;

(E) construction and traffic management departments to delegate construction preliminary design review, construction permit approval, temporary occupation of urban roads and explore the city's approval of the road, as well as the occupation of urban road pavement set facilities and other matters approval;

(F) Environmental Protection Department commissioned the construction project environmental impact assessment, pilot production, acceptance and approval, construction approval of construction site at night;

(VII) supporting greening greening the city administration commissioned construction projects design approval and acceptance, green space for temporary use license (including public green space), migration, felling of trees (except for the ancient tree and famous tree) approval of outdoor advertising and non-advertising facilities approval approval of temporary post, the authorisations or slogans;

(VIII) commissioned by the Department of water affairs management on river management within the scope of construction projects and water supply and drainage for approval;

(I) the knot civil defense projects commissioned by the Civil Administration Department for approval, construction drawing review, acceptance of the record;

(10) other relevant administrative departments to delegate administrative licensing items.

Administrative examination and approval matters entrusted to the specific content of the preceding paragraph, by the Management Committee with the Administration be clear in the instructions.

    Management Committee entrusted the implementation of administrative licensing items should be submitted to the Commission on the situation of Administration; commissioned CMC should be implemented by the administration of administrative approval items for guidance and supervision.

11th (outdoor advertisements)

    CMC shall, together with the greening of the city, planning, land, industrial and commercial administrative departments, setting positions of outdoor advertising facilities, according to the plan, preparation of international tourism resort setting positions of outdoor advertising facilities implementation plan, in accordance with the prescribed procedures after submitting them for approval, as evidence of the approval of outdoor advertising facilities.

12th (day-to-day management)

Management Committee is responsible for the international tourism resort in the day-to-day management of the following:

(A) build construction projects, bidding and completion of filing construction project management;

(B) other than large-scale installation project construction project quality, safety monitoring and construction management;

(C) the supervision and management of development and protection;

(D) comprehensive maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, green;

(E) the maintenance and management of civil defense engineering and supervision and inspection;

(Vi) public transportation operation management;

(G) environmental and pollution monitoring and supervision;

    (VIII) fire, food security, protection of intellectual property rights, special equipment safety, emergency medical services, emergency management, coordination of construction waste disposal.

13th (enforcement)

    Management Committee should coordinate, relevant administrative departments and Government of Pudong new area, performing administrative duties according to law at the international tourist resort.

14th (local service)

    Police, fire, food and drug administration, quality supervision, industry and commerce administration, taxation and other administrative departments can be established in the international tourism vacation district local institutions or accredited staff, carry out related administrative functions and the provision of public services.

15th (policy) CMC can be based on industry needs, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this municipality, in collaboration with the municipal administration and the Pudong new area Government drafting preferential policies for promoting the development of modern service industry, approved by the Municipal Government to the public.

    Eligible enterprises may enjoy corresponding preferential policies.

16th (Public Affairs and Government services)

Management Committee shall, in accordance with the requirements of open Government, will be entrusted with the implementation of administrative approval items basis, content, conditions and procedures, deadlines, and need all the material submitted to directories and application model in the work place and the site be publicized, and free of charge for the citizens, legal persons and other organizations to provide advisory services.

    Management Committee shall set up a Central Office to facilitate the citizens, legal persons and other organizations carry out administrative examination and approval procedures.

17th (the implementation date) This approach come into force on the date of promulgation.

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