Examination Of Civil Servants, Shaanxi Province (Trial)

Original Language Title: 陕西省考试录用公务员办法(试行)

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Examination of civil servants, Shaanxi Province (trial)

    (March 2, 2011 149th published the people's Government of Shaanxi Province as of April 1, 2011) directory

    Chapter I General provisions

    Chapter II responsibilities

    Chapter recruitment plan and post conditions

    Chapter fourth audition announcements

    The fifth chapter registration and eligibility

    The sixth chapter written

    The seventh chapter interview

    Eighth chapter physical examination and inspection

    Nineth chapter publication of examination and approval

    The tenth chapter special post audition

    The 11th chapter staff of examination and appointment management

    The 12th chapter examination security and management

    The 13th chapter of discipline and supervision

    14th chapter legal liability

    The 15th chapter by-laws

    Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to standardize the examination work, raise the level of scientific examination of civil servants, to ensure basic quality of newly recruited civil servants, in accordance with the People's Republic of China and other related provisions of the Civil Service Act, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second this approach applies to the provincial examination and appointment as a principal staff member or other equivalent levels of non-leadership positions in the civil service.

    Article examinations civil servants adhere to public examination, the principle of fair competition, merit.

Article fourth examination of civil servants should be conducted in accordance with the following procedure:

(A) the establishment plan formulation and implementation of programmes;

(B) publish recruitment notices;

(C) registration and qualification;

(D) written examination;

(E) review and interview;

(F) medical examinations and investigations;

(G) the public;

(VIII) for approval.

    Civil service departments can make adjustments to the program, if necessary.

    Article fifth civil service authorities shall take measures to facilitate citizen applicants.

    Chapter II responsibilities Sixth province to set up examination of civil servants work coordinating body responsible for civil service recruitment through examination of organization, guidance, coordination, supervision, and so on.

    Coordinating Office in civil service departments, is responsible for the examination of civil servants for daily work. Article seventh civil service departments are the Department of the provincial civil service examination, responsible for organization and implementation of the integrated management of the civil service examination.

Its specific responsibilities include:

(A) implementation of the national civil service examination laws and regulations and the relevant provisions;

(B) the civil service examination system, drew attention to the development of the province;

(C) organize the implementation of civil service examination;

(D) guiding and supervising district, following examination of civil servants at all levels;

(E) undertake examination commissioned by the national civil service authorities concerned work;

(Vi) examination made outstanding contribution in work units and individuals to be commended.

    Civil service departments as needed, commissioned a set of departments under their jurisdiction of the civil service examination civil service jobs.

Eighth District of city civil service departments in accordance with the regulations, be responsible for examination of civil servants about their respective jurisdictions.

    Employing units in accordance with the regulations, civil servants responsible for exam-related work.

    Chapter recruitment plan and post conditions

Nineth examinations civil servants at least once a year. Examination taken positions in civil service entrance examination, test and inspection methods.

    Few short or is desperate for jobs, can recruit by the professional focus.

Article tenth examination of civil servants, shall, within the prescribed staffing quota, and there is a corresponding vacancy.

    Full strength because of work, of the urgent need for civil servants, the employing unit shall be exclusively submitted to the sibling preparation and administration. 11th the employer prepared in accordance with the quotas, job vacancies and job requirements, by optimizing the personnel structure, practical work and some additional principles are needed, declare to the competent civil service departments at this unit was to hire civil service job titles, amounts and MBA.

Review of civil service departments, and made the hire scheme. The County (city, district), city divided into districts hiring plans step by step to the competent Department of the civil service.

Province of the vertical management system hiring plans, escalation, after by its provincial authorities audited and submitted to the provincial Department of the civil service. Employer hiring plans are examined by the management bodies at the same level in amount.

    Management bodies should perform their duties according to employer needs, scientific, reasonable and legal audit amount of employers ' hiring plans.

    12th civil servants planned by the Department of civil service examination.

13th civil servants plan shall include the following:

(A) the employer's name, the authorized quantity, staffing quota and the number to be hired;

(B) recruit positions number of names, categories, descriptions, plans, as well as job conditions;

(C) the enrollment object, scope;

    (Iv) other matters requiring clear. 14th recruit job conditions set should be based on the employer's functions, levels and job requirements, comply with laws and regulations, embodies the principle of fairness.

May not set up has nothing to do with their job requirements of residence, region, education, restrictions, prohibiting gender discrimination. Civil service departments should develop a list of professional civil service examination, after approval for release to the community.

Employer to set conditions for recruitment post professional professional directory.

Professional and technical jobs can be set for specific professions, general management and administrative jobs in professional requirements which are detailed.

    Scope of employers to recruit, recruit, apply for job conditions and other special requirements, and should be reported to the approval of the Civil Service Department.

15th civil service departments to develop civil service entrance examination work programme, submitted to the examination and organization.

    Districts, authorities entrusted with the Organization of the civil service examination civil servants work, its recruitment programme of work should be reported to the competent Department of the civil service.

    Chapter fourth audition announcements 16th provincial civil service departments in accordance with the civil service entrance examination work programme, develop audition announcements.

Audition notice should make clear the following:

(A) the employer, number of jobs, plans to hire;

(B) recruit the scope, object, MBA;

(C) the time, place and manner, and materials need to be submitted;

(D) recruitment methods, procedures, written examination and interview, etc;

(E) written public and professional subjects and grades weight ratio;

(F) written examination time and place;

(G) other matters shall inform the applicants.

    Audition notice should clearly Advisory modes to facilitate applicants for advisory.

17th civil service departments should be the registration start date of 7th through provincial people's Government Portal to the public recruitment announcement and in major news media released enrollment message.

District municipal Web site should be reproduced audition notice in a timely manner.

    Audition announcement, announcement should not change.

    The fifth chapter registration and eligibility

18th to apply for civil service, shall meet the following basic conditions:

(A) the People's Republic of China nationality;

(B) aged 18 years old and above, 35 years of age;

(C) support People's Republic of China Constitution;

(D) of good moral character;

(V) conditions of normal functioning of the body;

(Vi) ability to meet the requirements of the work;

(G) the National Administrative Department of education accredited college education;

(VIII) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

    The preceding paragraph (b), (g) the conditions set out in, the provincial civil service authorities to make appropriate adjustments. Article 19th candidates in addition to the basic conditions set out in article 18th, post conditions shall be announced along with enrollment.

    Apply for provincial, district and municipal level positions should have two years of experience in grass-roots.

20th personnel under any of the following circumstances, civil servants shall not apply:

(A) have been subjected to criminal punishment for crime;

(B) have been discharged from public employment;

(C) for violation of exam discipline, during the term of limits to apply for civil service;

(D) shall not be employed as civil servants in other circumstances prescribed by law.

    Candidates shall not apply for civil service posts listed in the 68th.

Applicants shall, in accordance with article 21st audition notice in the manner provided in registration, complete, true and accurate registration information.

Civil service departments should be published at least 2 recruitment posts the number of applicants during the application period.

    District and city civil service departments, provincial authorities should be in accordance with the article 18th, 19th, 20th, review of applicants for registration information, confirm whether or not it has within the prescribed entry requirements.

    The sixth chapter written

22nd public accounts that the written examination prescribed by the State.

    Position of civil service departments based on enrollment needs can set up courses for the written test. 23rd civil service departments in accordance with State and civil service posts respectively as public and professional accounts written content, exam outline.

    Syllabus with the admission notice announcement.

    Article 24th province departments in accordance with the syllabus and the requirements of the civil service, public and professional accounts written proposition, business volume. 25th entrance examination written examination for the post of proportion by number of confirmed candidates and plans to hire ratio of not less than 3:1 OK.

    Below 3:1, should be scaled back or canceled enrollment plan.

26th of provinces or districts, departments in charge of the civil service examination civil service public accounts written of organization and implementation, or you can delegate specific examination work related institutions.

Civil service departments consolidated public accounts marking the written examination.

    Provinces, districts and municipal civil service departments shall establish a written test and search platform, to facilitate the candidates query results. 27th provincial civil service authorities designate public accounts the minimum control points.

    If necessary, level, category, geographical delimitation of public accounts the minimum control points.

    28th civil service departments should arrange professional examination, district of the city civil service departments or provincial units responsible for implementation.

    The seventh chapter interview

29th civil service departments should develop interviewing procedures, clear evaluation projects, methods and procedures, and so on.
Organizational units and interview the interview participants interview procedures should be strictly implemented.

    30th civil service departments or districts of the city civil service departments, personnel in public accounts the minimum control points written above, in accordance with the recruit posts 3 times the number of employed, according to the written test score from high to low in the order determining the eligibility review interview personnel.

Last written test score appears side by side, side by side at the same time determined to be interviewing qualified reviewers.

    Single-subject to zero shall determine eligibility review staff for the interview.

31st civil service departments shall, prior to the interview, organization, civil service departments, districts or provinces, in accordance with the conditions laid down, to interview review staff review the application materials submitted to determine interviewer.

Vacancy for review after the formation of the interviewers, in accordance with the provisions article 30th elected.

Need to adjust interviewing qualified staff, civil service departments shall determine the transfers starting 7 days before the date of the interview published announcement.

    Review officers not complying with the provisions of the interview time and place of review of the interview, as a waiver for an interview.

    Article 32nd civil service departments at the beginning of 5th interview, interviewing qualified staff and to society announcements made interview arrangements.

33rd provincial civil servants competent departments implement interview job can also delegate district and city civil service authorities or the provincial authorities of the province, the vertical management system implementation. Organizational units should be based on the interview interview procedure developed interview programme.

District and city civil service department or province of the vertical management system interview programme submitted to the provincial civil service department approval before implementation. Interview process to the public, allowing the media and a number of members of the public to attend.

    Audit personnel shall abide by the interview room discipline. Article 34th interview shall form Panel of interviewers.

    Interview panel usually consists of different layers, sector, region consisting of 7 or more singular interview, examiners established 1. 35th place interviewers selected, Exchange System.

    Every interview team should have more than half of the interview by the Department of civil service selected, Exchange.

Article 36th civil service departments consolidated life interview questions.

Interviewers should be objective and impartial independent rating, determined not to discuss the interview.

    Interview results should inform the interviewer on the spot at the end of the interview, and be signed by him.

    Eighth chapter physical examination and inspection 37th, civil service departments, provinces, districts according to the audition programme, in accordance with the written and an overall high score to the lowest score matching to determine the order of examination or inspection personnel.

    The comprehensive performance bottom side, high total score for the written examination examination or investigation personnel; written test score at the same administration occupational aptitude test scores for examination or inspection personnel. Article 38th of provinces or districts, civil service departments, provincial organizations provincial departments in charge of the vertical management system medical.

Medical projects and standards in accordance with national regulations.

Medical medical institutions designated by the city divided into districts more authority. Medical finished, principal doctors should review medical opinions and signature stamped in medical institutions.

Medical organizer shall inform the examination object will result in a timely manner. Physical examination fails to take an examination object due to special circumstances, shall, on the date of the medical examination before 2nd apply and explain the reasons to the medical organizations, provincial authorities agreed to suspend the civil service examination. Deferred examination in principle not more than 6 months.

Physical examination after the obstacle is removed in the 10th, physical object to medical organizations should apply in medical units, medical organization unit shall arrange medical examinations.

    Physical objects do not require the time and place to take medical examinations deemed abandoned medical.

39th medical disagrees with the conclusions of the examination, received notification of the result in the 7th, you can review application to medical organizations, medical organization unit shall arrange to retest.

If necessary, the provinces or districts, departments may require a medical review of the civil service. Review in the medical institutions in principle or otherwise designated medical institutions. Specified medical technology rating not less than the original examination of medical institutions of medical institutions.

Review only once. Review should have a medical discipline inspection personnel to participate in an organizational unit. Re-inspection shall timely inform the review of the organizational unit object the recheck conclusion.

    The result is subject to review conclusions.

40th provincial Unit study of the civil service to be hired by the employer organization; districts, following review of the civil service to be hired from civil service departments the city divided into districts.

Study include candidates of political ideology, moral quality, competence, learning and performance, compliance, self-discipline and the presence of avoidance and so on. Investigation shall form a group, group made up of 2 or more people.

Study should be widely solicited opinions, full, objective and impartial manner the studied opinion, civil service departments at the same level.

    Related posts investigated otherwise require, in accordance with national regulations. Formation of the 41st medical gap, according to the recruitment post from interviewing applicants, according to the comprehensive scores from high to low replacement.

    Study the formation of gap no longer elected.

    Nineth chapter publication of examination and approval

42nd civil service departments to district and city civil service departments or provincial employers submit review review of qualified personnel and to the public. Publicity deadline is 7th.

    Publicity included recruitment job title, candidates to be hired names, gender, candidate number, school or work, and monitor phone calls, and so on.

Article 43rd provincial civil service Department of public notice no problem or issue does not affect employment, as reflected, in accordance with the prescribed procedures for hiring approval formalities. To reflect a serious problem, but it is hard to verify, deferred hiring, to verify the information and conclusions before deciding whether to hire.

    Suspension of employment shall not exceed 3 months. 44th new civil servants shall, after receiving the admission notice, within the prescribed time the registration formalities.

Without due cause fails to report, considered giving up hiring.

Province province of the vertical management system departments, districts and municipal and County (city, district) Department of the civil service, and the employer shall, within 10 working days registration. Approval the new hire employee filling out employment forms, according to the personnel management authority, respectively, by the district municipality responsible for civil service or provincial employers audited and submitted to the approval of the Civil Service Department.

The employer shall deposit civil servants form into a personal archive.

    Civil service departments, employers, as well as related functions should be in time for the new civil servants can be increased to increase the funding, household moving changing of procedures. 45th new civil servants for a year's probation.

Newly recruited civil service probationary period from employment notice report under date of start.

Civil service departments and the employer shall organize the trial period beginning within the civil service training and professional training. Newly recruited probation examinations for civil servants, be served; assessment are disqualified, or not appropriate for my employer, should be reported to the approval of the Civil Service Department, cancel the hire.

Cancel the offer, shall inform in writing to cancel the hiring personnel.

Non-statutory basis and without going through statutory procedures shall not cancel the hire.

    Newly recruited public servants ' time, calculated from the date of completion of probation.

    The tenth chapter special post audition

Article 46th position, according to special positions in recruitment:

(A) the position involves national security, important secrets, who are not open audition;

(B) posts special, need specialized testing skills;

(C) post geography competition, special requirements such as;

    (D) other special positions of civil service recruitment.

    47th special job recruitment of civil servants shall be subject to approval of the provincial civil service department, implementing rules for the examination separately.

    48th district and city civil service departments or special positions of the provincial units involve civil service entrance examination, shall be submitted exclusively to the competent civil service sector hiring plans.

    49th hired special positions, can use special enrollment system, method, simplified admission procedure, adjust the proportion of written examination, weight scale, and so on.

    50th Township (town) or the people's Government above the county level ethnic Affairs Department when civil servants, civil service departments in accordance with the law and proper care by the relevant provisions on minority applicants, you can set the positions specifically for minority applicants.

    The 11th chapter staff of examination and appointment management 51st propositions drawn civil service departments in charge expert, interview and examination staff and coordinate their support units.

    Civil service departments and personnel involved in the examination should strictly adhere to examination requirements, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, timely, accurate examination of the work.

52nd civil service authorities shall establish a civil service examination proposition expert team, signed with the proposition experts guarantee of confidentiality, dynamic management of proposition team.

    Topic experts should participate in training for civil service examination, and pay the relevant research tasks.

53rd civil service departments in charge of civil service examination interviewer qualifications, set up interview team, dynamic management of interviewing team.

    Interviewers should participate in training for civil service examination interview, earnestly fulfill their duties.

54th provincial, district and city civil service departments are responsible for the examination staff training and supervision and management.

    Examination staff should seriously perform their duties, test management, qualification examination, invigilators, timing and scoring, and so on.

    The 12th chapter examination security and management

    55th examination requirements for civil servants at all levels budget to protect it.

56th payment and payment management to implement the relevant provisions of the candidates.

    Enjoy minimum living guarantee gold town families and poor families in rural areas of the candidate is exempt from examination fees.
57th provincial and municipal people's Government shall be divided into districts for the civil servants examination standardized written tests, interviews, venue construction, to provide the necessary support.

    Article 58th province, district and city civil service departments coordinate with relevant departments, has hired civil service exam environment management:

(A) the Education Department to help resolve issues related to the definition of the degree, scheduled for a test site and related test resources to provide the necessary support;

(B) public security departments are responsible for maintaining the order of examination and test center security, traffic, assist in screening candidate ID, required network monitor, investigate and punish, such as using the Internet to sell exam questions exam security breaches harm;

(C) the radio Management Department is responsible for examination and test center of radio signal monitoring and security provide the necessary information and technical support for the exam;

(D) the health sector is responsible for the examination, test center infectious disease prevention and control, coordination of sick students medical treatment;

(E) illicit training, press and publication departments for industry and commerce is responsible for advertising, publications, and investigated;

    (F) power supply unit security examination and test center consumption.

59th civil service departments and is commissioned to take the civil service examination of employment agencies shall not be produced to hire civil service exam materials may not be selling exam reference book to the candidates and shall not hold any relevant exam courses.

Any training institution may make use of "civil service departments, the proposition experts" training in the name of propaganda to mislead candidates.

    No excuse to any Publisher "hiring civil service examinations, Shaanxi Province," published in the name of the relevant training materials, information and publications such as audio and video products.

    The 13th chapter of discipline and supervision

60th examination civil service organization assistance, topic experts, interview and examination shall strictly observe the laws and regulations and examination discipline.

    Examination and appointment civil servants organization, topic experts, interviewers may not be involved in civil servants examinations of social training activities, shall not be published on hiring civil service test preparation materials and books. 61st interview organizational unit should be on camera recording the interview process. When there is a dispute on the interview process, you can view the video recordings.

    Video recording data implementation of the relevant provisions of the State.

    62nd examinations civil servants work shall be subject to the discipline inspection and supervision and the supervision of the superior civil service departments, take the initiative to accept supervision by the media and society.

    63rd on the citizens, legal persons and other organizations for examination complaints of violations in the work of the civil service, civil service departments and related departments should promptly accept and manage permissions.

    64th staff members engaged in the examination of civil servants, all circumstances set out in article 70th by civil servants, should be avoided.

    14th chapter legal liability 65th under any of the following circumstances, and as plots, respectively, by the duly empowered authorities be ordered to rectify or declared null and void, the unit will be criticized.

Staff with leadership responsibilities and direct responsibility, subject to criticism and out of the examination of civil servants on the job, or the offender constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) not complying with the prescribed staffing quota and job conditions employed;

(B) in positions not complying with the provisions of the conditions and procedures for hiring;

(Iii) issued, changing the policy of employment without authorization;

(D) fraud, irregularities for favoritism;

(E) not complying with the provisions of a hiring decision or not timely recruitment procedures;

    (Vi) other acts disturb the order of examination work.

66th in the examination of civil service staff have one of the following, by the competent Department of the civil service or his unit, subject to criticism and education, away from the workplace, or the offender constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) the cat questions and other examination of the bag;

(B) use, falsification of test results or other examination of;

(C) the use of facilities, help candidates cheat;

(D) neglect, caused enrollment to, or caused serious social impact;

    (E) violation of laws and regulations or other acts of examination work discipline.

    67th examination civil servants organization, topic experts, interviewers hired civil service exams training activities, by the provincial civil service departments or districts, civil authorities giving criticism and education, correction and make the appropriate treatment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

68th entrusted to take the civil service examination of employment agency any of the following circumstances, be dealt with according to law and according to the management authority of its Chief and disciplined person directly responsible constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) according to the provisions test;

(B) examinations;

    (C) other situations such as exam security.

    69th of applicants providing false, invalid material, malicious registration information, as well as of written tests, interviews, medical examinations, inspection and other violations, depending on the circumstances, were given appropriate education, correction announced exam results invalid, Cancel when examinations or to hire qualified, five years or life shall not apply for civil servants constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

70th, to cancel their examination of applicants, disagrees with the decision, shall be entitled to make a decision or by a superior authority and to defend themselves.

    Newly hired staff to cancel the hiring decision, in accordance with the relevant provisions to apply for a review or appeal.

    71st administrative litigation cases involving the examination of civil servants, such liability must appear in court.

    The 15th chapter by-laws

72nd civil service management unit hired workers for persons other than staff, these measures shall apply.

    Open recruitment or directly from the employment of qualified personnel in the civil service, in accordance with the measures of the relevant procedures. 73rd these measures come into force on April 1, 2011. , Examination of civil servants in this way prior to the implementation of the relevant provisions be repealed simultaneously.

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