Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone Management Approach

Original Language Title: 宁波杭州湾新区管理办法

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Ningbo Hangzhou Bay new zone management approach

    (June 17, 2011, Ningbo Municipal People's Government for the 103th General Meeting June 27, 2011, Ningbo Municipal People's Government, the 187th announced as of August 1, 2011) first in order to standardize the Ningbo Hangzhou Bay new zone (hereinafter referred to as new district), safeguarding and promotion of new construction and development, according to the People's Republic of China Law on administrative licensing, the People's Republic of China on administrative punishment law and other relevant laws and regulations of the relevant provisions of these measures.

Within the second area engaged in the development, construction, operation and management of activities, these measures shall apply.

    Zhejiang Cixi economic development zone Zhejiang Cixi export processing zone and the development, construction, operation and management of activities, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, in accordance with these rules.

    Third new development should be based on system and mechanism innovation, planning and construction of high starting point, based on the new type of industrialization and urbanization in new interactive development, focusing on building a modern industrial system, gradually build a clear function and development orientation clear and coordinated development of urban and rural economic and social and ecological modernization of new city.

    The fourth Ningbo Municipal People's Government the establishment of Administrative Committee of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay new district development (hereinafter referred to as zone administrative) as its agency, responsible for new development, construction, operation and management, economic and social management functions within the purview of the provisions.

The fifth zone mainly perform the following duties of the CMC:

(A) responsibility for laws, regulations, rules and policies in the area of the implementation, develop, publish new regulations and implementation;

(B) developing new medium-and long-term economic and social development plans and special plans, organization of annual plans for national economic and social development, responsible for organization and implementation after approval;

(C) responsible for organizing the preparation of the new master plan, planning, zoning and regulatory detailed planning, links up with the master plan of Cixi city, and submitted to the approval of organization and implementation;

(D) is responsible for the new investment promotion and investment projects management;

(V) is responsible for processing trade zone Cixi export processing zone management and goods in and out of the district administration;

(Vi) is responsible for the district's land, oceans, urban development, urban management, real estate, construction and housing management;

(Seven) is responsible for district of economic trade, and financial, and place tax, and State-owned assets, and prices, and fisheries, and agricultural, and forestry, and water, and farm machinery, and traffic, and technology, and statistics, and audit, and financial, and food drug supervision, and Enterprise listed, and tourism, and Foreign Affairs, and personnel, and labor and social security, and business administration, and quality technology supervision, and safety, and environmental protection, and public resources trading, aspects of management work;

(VIII) responsible for the area of comprehensive management of public security, public order, petition, culture, education, sports, health, population and family planning, civil, ethnic and religious, weather and other social and administrative affairs;

(I) the harmonization of customs, inspection and quarantine, foreign exchange, tax management, and water, electricity, gas, telecommunications, financial institutions, and other units of work;

    (J) taking Ningbo Municipal People's Government assigned other duties.

    Sixth District Management Committee in accordance with the principle of simplification, uniformity and efficiency, establishment of relevant administrative bodies, specifically responsible for the district administration of economic and Social Affairs, and in accordance with development needs, the administration settings are adjusted.

Cixi city, the seventh and the district should support each other and promote each other, share resources and jointly safeguard public interests and social stability.

Cixi, Ningbo city, according to the relevant provisions of people's Governments and associated with the new agreement, supported the new duties.

    Area should respect history, take a long-term perspective, properly handle the interest relations with Cixi, for mutual development.

Eighth article in accordance with the relevant provisions of the laws, regulations and rules, the new District Administrative Committee need to be entrusted with the implementation of administrative licensing or newly developed area management Committee is a member of the organization need to be entrusted with the right to impose administrative penalties, such as administrative law enforcement, commissioned by or relevant administrative organs, Cixi city, Ningbo before implementation.

    Delegate authority, and entrusted with the authority shall, in accordance with the provisions of the procedures and signed a trust agreement, clearly delegate specific matters, rights, responsibilities and legal basis, and so on.

    Nineth relatively centralized administrative punishment right in urban management, by the district in accordance with the laws, regulations and the relevant provisions of the provincial people's Government.

    Tenth, Cixi city, Ningbo, and administrative organ or organization authorized by the laws and regulations set at the new agency should be in accordance with the principle of integrated, streamlined efficiency, with internal institutions at the zone administrative offices.

11th principal organs should be-Tech Zone Management Committee and the organizations concerned to implement the strengthened executive action to guide and supervise, provide timely and entrusted with the authority to perform functions necessary for official documents, seals and inspection, testing and other technical services.

-Tech Zone Management Committee and the relevant organizations should be supervised by the principal organs, and to report to it on a regular basis was entrusted with administrative enforcement.

-Tech Zone Management Committee and the relevant organizations of violations of provisions was entrusted with administrative enforcement and delegate authority to order correct.

    -Tech Zone Management Committee was entrusted with the implementation of administrative law enforcement bear corresponding responsibility.

    12th due to laws, rules, regulations and working conditions significant change needs to delegate specific matters of administrative law enforcement, rights, responsibilities, deadlines and statutory adjustments according to the content of the, commissioned the Parties shall, in accordance with the prescribed procedures and content change protocols.

    Administrative organs and their staff should be in the 13th district administration according to law, improving administrative efficiency, for new organizations and individuals to provide quality, efficient and convenient service.

    14th zone administrative administrative approval items of administrative examination and approval Center, receiving, vetting, the introduction of a window are limited to processing and tracking systems.

15th article outside of administrative licensing decision can be made on the spot, the Executive authority shall accept administrative licensing applications within three working days as of making decision on the administrative license. Did not take a decision within three working days, approved by the head of the administrative organ, you can extend the 2nd, and shall inform the applicant of the reasons for such further period.

    Otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.

16th-Tech Zone Management Committee and other relevant administrative bodies responsible within the scope of new foreign-funded projects approved and funded project approvals, approval, for the record, is responsible for the establishment, alteration and cancellation of registration.

    National, provincial and municipal approvals required, approval and filing of projects, by the District Management Committee and its related bodies reported by program.

    17th-Tech Zone Management Committee of industrial structure adjustment in accordance with relevant guidelines and related provisions, develop industry policy and industry support policies, established the Industrial Development Fund.

18th district especially those circular economy, low-carbon economy industrial projects, intensive use of land resources, in line with the transformation and upgrading of national, provincial and municipal-oriented industrial projects and promoting urban development, promotion of urban service industry.

New focus on the development of the following industries:

(A) the equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, new light sources, electronic information and marine industries, such as high-tech as the main and advanced manufacturing;

(B) the headquarters economy, financial services, sports and leisure, logistics, creative design, modern services such as education and training;

(C) high-tech modern ecological agriculture;

    (D) in line with other industries of the new policy.

19th new homes should be identified working bodies, specifically responsible for the State-owned housing on land expropriation and compensation work, assume the expropriation and compensation matters relating to the executive acts of the work.

New construction activity is a collection of houses on State-owned land ', collected by the Cixi municipal people's Government in accordance with laws on housing decisions.

    New low-income housing projects and old city reconstruction project of Cixi city, is imposed by the State-owned land on the housing plans into national economy and social development annual plan.

    20th district should be in accordance with Government-led, social capital, market-oriented operation model, strengthening the construction of investment and financing platform, innovation of investment and financing system and policies to encourage social capital participating in the construction of new infrastructure and public services.

    21st District should be established in accordance with relevant regulations of the State development and construction, land development and construction of new infrastructure.

22nd district shall operate within the enterprise, fair dealing and honesty, social responsibility.

    Enterprise production and management activities in the area shall conform to the requirements of industry development, not development of high energy-consuming and highly polluting projects.

23rd District to encourage State (territory) internal and external personnel to new employment.

    Introduction of the new students as well as foreign technology, management and operating personnel, in accordance with the provisions of the municipal government policies enjoy preferential treatment.

    24th district should be requested by the innovation development, balancing development in rural housing system, promoting employment, development of new type of economic organization, social management of the pioneering, exploration of improving the supply system of public products and services, promote the integration of urban and rural development.

25th District Management Committee of Ningbo Municipal Government information resources should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of shared management, information resource sharing platform for building a new Government, advancing the integration and sharing of information resources.

    -Tech Zone Management Committee should be in accordance with the requirements set out in government information Government information public.

    26th district, Ningbo city, shall, in accordance with overall planning and deployment requirements of intelligent city development, accelerate the construction of international advanced level of information technology infrastructure, first to promote advanced information technology in administration, business, public services, urban management, community building and other fields of application.

    27th District Management Committee should support and assist the relevant administrative bodies in accordance with the statutory procedures in administrative law enforcement responsibility; after the relevant administrative institutions law enforcement inspection shall be made to the District Management Committee informed thereon. 28th article district of management range, including Cixi territory of following regional: East water cloud River (four stove Pu reservoir North has surrounding Beach and the not surrounding waters except), South to seven Tang Highway, West to wetland reserves West border, North to Bay waters line within of 20 a villages, specific for: new town of horse Tan Road village, and Xia a stove village, and Pudong village, Chong life town of rich North village, and Hainan village, and three ocean village, week Xiang town of Road Bay Village, and West three village, OM Dong Zhen of new East Village, and new boat village, and Ma Zhongcun, and xinglucun, and fumin village, and

New village, South, starfish, Wah Hing village, HongQiao, Qiao Nan Cun, Pearl River village.

    Andong town, Cixi city hongxing village, Wan Village, Dong village was commissioned by Cixi zone management. 29th these measures come into force on August 1, 2011.

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