Interim Measures For The Southern University Of Science And Technology Management

Original Language Title: 南方科技大学管理暂行办法

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Interim measures for the Southern University of science and technology management

    (May 24, 2011 Shenzhen Municipal People's Government order No. 231, published as of July 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First to South China University of science and technology innovation and norms (hereinafter "Southern University") management and operation, guarantees the autonomy of the University, in accordance with the People's Republic of China higher education Act and other laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.

    Second large South is Shenzhen Municipal People's Government (hereinafter "the city"), created by law to public colleges and universities.

    Article III-South University has an independent legal personality, run independently and managed and supervised by the Government and society.

    Fourth large South and carry out the State's education policy, to cultivate creative talents as the core, through knowledge innovation and technological innovation, service for local and national development, and explore the establishment of modern University system with Chinese characteristics, building high level research University of international repute.

    Article fifth large South insisted on the pursuit of excellence, academic freedom, academic autonomy of the University, following the principle of Council governance, professors, academic autonomy, nurture and play the dynamism and creativity of the University should be, implement principal accountability system under the leadership of, and in accordance with this approach, and large South regulations imposed on university management.

    Chapter II rights and responsibilities

    Sixth South University of exercising their rights and performing their duties according to law, shall bear civil liability independently, not because of the laws, regulations and the subject matter as provided herein, without interference by other organizations and individuals.

Seventh large South to property management and use of the following:

(A) the property of municipalities;

(B) legitimate income, including tuition;

(C) include the various endowments and financial subsidy;

    (D) other property lawfully obtained.

Eighth South University based on the actual needs and the principle of streamlining and efficiency, set the teaching, research, administration and other internal organizations.

Large South in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and these rules set under the body, but independent of legal persons in public institutions, shall be submitted to the municipal authorities for the preparation of departmental approval.

    Large South consultants, advisory bodies may be established to serve the University.

Nineth, establishments, large South Department staffing standards established within the personnel total due to operational requirements, the total more than staffing standards of staffing requirements, should be submitted to the municipal agencies approved by the Department.

Large South can actually develop in line with the characteristics of post management, hiring, salary compensation, occupational pension system of human resources management.

    South University can lawfully employed within the total personnel staff.

Tenth large South to cultivate creative talents as the Center, set up and adjust disciplines and specialties, teaching, scientific research and social services. In implementing whole-day schooling education University of South.

Subject is set mainly in science and engineering disciplines, and some characteristics of Humanities and management discipline, positive developments in national and regional development requires an interdisciplinary and emerging discipline.

    Large South according to teaching needs, develop teaching plans, compiling the teaching materials and organize the implementation of activities.

    11th South HKUST according to social needs and condition, as well as relevant provisions of the State, make admissions programme, in accordance with the principle of scientific, public, explore the self-enrollment.

    12th South University in accordance with the relevant provisions to charge students to develop fee-waiver system and open to the public.

13th a large South according to their educational needs, both inside and outside China high level universities and research institutions to carry out exchanges and cooperation in science and technology.

    Encourages large South with enterprises, institutions, public organizations and other social organizations in personnel training, scientific research, technology development and promotion of various forms of cooperation.

    Chapter III governance

    14th South University set up a Council, principal, School Board and academic Committee, and if necessary, set the necessary academic units and administrative units, and other organizations, carrying out activities in accordance with the provisions and regulations in these measures. 15th Council is composed of representatives of the Government, large South school principals and management team, composed of staff representatives and celebrities. Council established pursuant to the Director and Vice President, the Director of the staff appointed by the mayor or mayor of Shenzhen.

    Director appointed by the City Government.

16th Council for South University's decision-making body, in accordance with these procedures and the provisions of the Constitution shall fulfill the following duties:

(A) according to the appointment or dismissal of principals as provided herein;

(B) under President Vice President proposes the appointment or removal;

(C) the approved draft revised statute or regulation;

(D) authorized School of financial budget and final accounts report;

(E) to examine and approve the school medium-and long-term development plan, the annual work programme, its annual report;

(Vi) examine and approve the total school personnel and human resources management system;

(VII) considering and approving academic and administrative units for the establishment, amendment or cancellation;

(VIII) other significant matters to examine and approve the school development.

    The preceding paragraph (c), shall be reported to the Ministry of education approved, paragraph (d) shall be submitted to the City Government approved by the established procedure, (b), (e), (f), (g) should be reported to the relevant departments of the municipal government for the record. 17th meeting of the Council meets at least twice a year. Sessions of the Council shall be convened and presided over by Chairman of, the Director can work, or not less than three members of the written proposal, convened meeting of the Council.

On behalf of the Director-General may appoint a Vice is responsible for convening and presiding. Should two-thirds more directors attend the Board session was held.

    Council resolutions shall be adopted by the Conference attendees more than two-thirds.

    18th President is the legal representative of the large South, overall charge of the school's teaching, research and administrative work, Council, Executive Board resolution, compliance with laws, regulations, rules and other duties as prescribed by the articles.

19th Governing Council according to the principal principal selection Committee recommended candidates according to prescribed procedures examination and appointment by the municipal government. Principal selection Committee is composed of government representatives, Faculty representatives, student representatives, foreign experts and community leaders in higher education and so on. Shall be a Chairman, elected by the members. Members appointed by the Council, which has a professor or Associate Professor the ratio shall not be less than one-second qualified members.

    President principal selection Committee for the post, dissolved itself.

20th session of the principal for a period of five years, and agreed by the Board may be reappointed after the expiration; more than two consecutive terms, starts the selection process and should be determined by the Council in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    President incompetent or unable to perform his duties, the Council members agreed to move from their posts at or above the recommended two-thirds, reported that the municipal government decision according to prescribed procedures.

21st large South and may have a number of Vice-Presidents, assisted the headmaster schools. Vice President nominated by the Governing Council under the principal employment.

    After the President left office, be nominated by the new President, Vice President and re-appointed by the Council. 22nd Council by the President, Vice President, head of academic and administrative units, and faculty representatives, shall have a Chairman, and chaired by the President.

    Consideration of student-related matters of the Council, should have a student representative to attend.

Article 23rd Council of school teaching, research and administration in making decisions on important matters, which shall perform the following duties:

(A) consideration of draft revised statute or regulation;

(B) consideration of the medium-and long-term development plan, the annual work plan and the draft annual work report;

(C) consideration of financial budget and final account draft report;

(D) to consider matters of significant financial and asset disposal in approved school;

(E) total consideration of school personnel and human resources management, and other important system, draft;

(F) consideration of the academic programme and the appointment and removal of the head of unit and the administrative unit set and procedures provided for in the by-laws;

(VII) considering and approving disciplines, specialties, teaching and research plans, recruiting other draft to the Commission programme and academic;

(VIII) other duties as prescribed by the articles.

    School Board to consider matters related to academic, must first be approved by the academic Committee.

    24th members of the academic Committee consultations by the Professor, which does not assume the title of Professor by the representative shall be not less than one-second per cent.

25th academic Committee is responsible for the teaching, research and other important academic matters for consideration, shall perform the following duties:

(A) consideration of the school's academic development plan;

(B) consider the set of disciplines, professional programmes, teaching and research programs;

(C) consideration of teachers and supporting staff recruitment, promotion and dismissal;

(D) organizational assessment, teaching and scientific research results;

    (E) consideration of other academic matters. 26th-South University to establish academic unit. Academic unit is responsible for matters relating to teaching and research in schools, within the mandate of the school autonomy and management.

    Professor head of the academic unit should have qualified.

    27th South University to establish the administrative unit, is responsible for Administrative Affairs, services, teaching and research work.

    28th-South University Professor set up, as South University academic professors, research exchanges, participation in university management of autonomous organizations, responsible for consultations members of the academic Committee. Article 29th-South University to set up Advisory Board as an advisory body to the large South, is responsible for the school's development put forward views and suggestions on major issues.

    Member of the Advisory Board composed of well-known experts, scholars, composed of senior managers and business people, appointed by the President.

    The fourth chapter staff

Article 30th-South University Faculty to implement terms, based on the principles of fairness, impartiality, openness, community-oriented open recruitment.

    Large South shall sign written contracts with their staff, specify the rights and obligations of both parties, the implementation of contract management.

31st-South University based on job requirements, refer to higher education human resources salary levels in the market, reasonable determining faculty salary scheme.

    Large South can set up distinguished Professor post, Professor implementation agreement wage system.
Article 32nd South University establish a sound performance evaluation system and the evaluation results as a staff retention, dismissal, rewards and punishments, and the basis for determining the remuneration.

    Article 33rd South University in accordance with the relevant provisions of this city for its hiring of staff participating in the basic old-age, medical, work injury, unemployment, maternity and social security, and the establishment of occupational pension systems.

Article 34th South University Faculty Congress established, is that faculty members participation in school management and oversight of an important organization, responsible for the election of representatives to the Council and to the Council.

    Council to consider matters involving personal interests of the Faculty shall first seek the views of faculty Congress.

    The fifth chapter student

35th large South should protect the legitimate rights and interests of students, provide students with study, research, communication and sports activities, the necessary facilities and conditions, and in accordance with principles conducive to cultivation of talents, enhancing education, student management, highlighting the students ' capability of independent innovation.

    South University students to school, carrying out the credit system and educational system with flexibility.

    Article 36th-South University scholarship and grants, and encourages enterprises, institutions, public organizations and other social organizations and individuals in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to establish various forms of scholarships, bursaries, pay incentives and grants to eligible students.

37th Namhkok to law students organize student groups. South student organizations set up student associations.

Student's learning in school, life and other matters related to the rights of self-regulatory organization, is responsible for the election of student representatives to the Council.

    South University students organizations according to law student groups should be provided the necessary guidance and support.

    Article 38th University the establishment of student appeal system in the South and the students ' interests.

    The sixth chapter management and supervision

39th South University to establish a financial allocations, supplemented by other channels of funding of the school funding system.

    Encourage social funds to participate in the running of the municipal government, forming multiple school funding.

40th will be validated by the Council of the Municipal Government of Nanning funding for HKUST input into budgets, by the municipal people's Congress Standing Committee after the adoption of the Municipal Finance Department allocated in full and on time.

    South University teaching, research, community service and other activities belonging to the Government about the scope of special funds, according to relevant government regulations apply for assistance.

    41st large South in accordance with national, provincial and municipal regulations established Foundation, accept donations, used for the school's educational and scientific research.

    42nd large South earning transfer of intellectual property, as well as other scientific and technological achievements, in addition to the provision for research personnel awards should be used for the school.

    Article 43rd South University shall establish a scientific and standardized, public financial management system, improvement of internal audit and internal control systems use.

    44th of municipal audit departments shall exercise audit supervision over large South.

    Article 45th South HKUST should be considered for adoption by the Council of annual work report and financial reports submitted by the municipal government, and open to the public, subject to public supervision.

    Article 46th violations of Council members and staff from relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions and contract responsibility.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    47th South University start-up period, the construction of institutions in rights and obligations according to relevant regulations of the large South these measures. 48th article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2011.

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