Shaanxi Charge Card Management

Original Language Title: 陕西省收费证管理办法

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Shaanxi charge card management

    (June 28, 2011 152th promulgated by the people's Government of Shaanxi Province as of August 1, 2011) first to enhance charge card management, regulate the charges, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, according to the Shaanxi Province, administrative fees and other relevant provisions of regulation, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second, within the administrative region of this province, charges for administrative fees permits and operating services certificate (hereinafter referred to as charge cards) received, issuance, use, and management of, these procedures apply.

    Third price administrative departments at and above the county level shall be responsible for the administrative charge card issued by the management.

Fourth are required by law to charge fees of legal entities (hereinafter referred to as flat fee), shall, in accordance with the following classification for a charge card:

(A) administrative fees certificate to the price departments receive the same level, ministries Mission in Shaanxi and unit administrative fees certificate to the provincial Department in charge of price price, or province, districts and cities entrusted by the competent Department in charge of price to receive;

    (Ii) management fees and certificates to the enterprise registration authority or non-profit organization approved the establishment of prices at the same level of authority to receive.

Article charge card to receive program:

(A) in the price Department to receive or Government charge card registration form download standard style;

    (B) the charge card content to fill out the registration form and attach a proof of qualification, charge approval documents and laws, regulations, and other information submitted to the Department in charge of price regulations.

    Article sixth price departments shall, in accordance with the right to approve agency fee audit registration form of approval documents submitted on the charging unit, meet the criteria, to issue charge card within 15 working days; does not meet the criteria, to give reasons for no license. Premium card is divided into an original and seven copies, valid for five years.

    Original charging units issued, copies of issued according to the number of charges. Eighth charging unit shall hold a permit fees, no certificate of management fees shall not be charged.

Prohibited to forge, alter, fraudulently use, lent charge card.

Charging unit changes its name, merger, Division, transfer or grant an extension fee period, items, restructuring charges and rates increase or decrease range shall be from the date of approval to the original issuing authorities for charging in the 20th card change. Loss of charge card should be timely notice voided and reissued to the original certificate authority.

This article fifth replacement charge cards regulations.

Stop charging unit shall be from the date of approval to the original issuing authorities for charging in the 20th card cancellation procedures.

    Set aside in the charging unit, price departments shall be announced timely write-off rate card and set aside.

Nineth toll permit an annual audit system.

Annual audit organized by the price departments in accordance with State regulations implemented audit time for the first quarter of each year, annual verification does not charge any fee requirements by financial burdens at all levels.

    Fails verification and the rate card shall automatically cease, carried out by the Department in charge of price announcements and fails to examine the failure rate card audit recovery.

    Tenth, premium unit shall pay place settings produced by the Department in charge of price rate announcement cards, publication charges and fee standards, acceptable price and other relevant departments and social supervision. 11th toll personnel shall take the toll collector card post.

    Toll personnel management approaches by the provincial Department in charge of price separately.

12th price stipulated charge card issued by the competent departments in accordance with this approach, units and individuals have the right to report to the superior Department in charge of price.

    Receives reports of superior Department in charge of price shall, jointly with relevant departments timely investigation and whistle-blower told the processing result. 13th price departments shall establish a charge certificate files.

    Archive content including premium certificate registration form, pay approval documents, certifications, change records, and annual testing, and more.

    14th price departments shall establish a fee service network information system, timely and card announced receiving, issuing, change, cancellation and annual testing, and other related information.

    15th the price administrative departments shall conduct supervision and inspection on a regular basis the use of charge card, charges for irregularities in the use of the card.

16th charge violates these rules, any of the following circumstances, the competent authority shall order correction within; fails to change, give notice of criticism, and concurrently impose a fine of less than 2000 Yuan and 5,000 yuan in serious cases, cancellation charge card.

(A) the charge certificate is not handling an annual audit, change procedures continue to pay on time;

(B) the charge certificate is lost or damaged replacement continues to charge not according to stipulations;

    (C) no publicity or the charges did not show any charge card.

17th toll violation of these rules, any of the following circumstances, the competent authority shall order correction within, give notice of criticism; illegal charges, returned illegal fees charged by the deadline, and liable to a fine of less than 2000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan; illegal documents, collection of illegal documents.

(A) no fees;

(B) forge, alter, fraudulently use, lending charges fees;

    (C) the failure rate fees.

    18th of the charging unit is not charging cards approved fees, range, and standard charges, by the price departments in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Article 19th in accordance with this approach a fine of more than 5,000 yuan, it shall inform the parties have the right to request hearings.

    Party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.

    Article 20th in violation of this article 16th, 17th head of the charging unit and the circumstances prescribed persons shall be given sanctions by the relevant authorities.

21st price Department staff have one of the following, based on administrative rights, or supervisory organs shall be given administrative sanctions by the competent Department; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial authorities to investigate and punish.

(A) is not public or not inform the charging unit accreditation procedures and information required;

(B) did not follow the approved document contains fees specified in the project, standards issued by the fees certificate;

(Iii) it fails to charge card issued by the specified time limits;

(Iv) does not comply with the licence conditions issued by charge card;

    (E) used his position to ask for or accept money or property.

    22nd acts in violation of these rules, other laws, regulations, penalties, from its provisions. 23rd article this way as of August 1, 2011.