The Gansu Provincial Government Approval Of Investment Projects And Administrative Measures On Special Funds Allocated

Original Language Title: 甘肃省政府投资项目审批和专项资金拨付管理办法

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The Gansu Provincial Government approval of investment projects and administrative measures on special funds allocated

    (April 9, 2011, the 77th meeting of the people's Government of Gansu Province passed April 16, 2011, in Gansu province, the people's Government of 80th released come into force on the date of promulgation) first in order to further strengthen the management of government investment projects and special funds and improve administrative efficiency, accelerate projects, promoting economic development, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second government investments in these measures refers to all or part of the Central grant of financial capital, local government funds, municipal bond funds, special funds to invest in the project. Article III construction project Department according to the existing examination and approval rights, improving internal coordination mechanisms, further simplifying the approval link.

    Except for major projects or otherwise provided by the State, will project proposals, feasibility studies, preliminary design of "three" approval process is simplified to "two way", project proposal and feasibility study report for approval.

    Fourth project proposal or feasibility study report in accordance with the conditions, materials available, when accepted, within 3 business days (not including the applicant additional materials delayed review and Advisory Unit of time) preliminary design material and accessories are available for examination and approval, within 5 working days from the date of acceptance (not including the applicant additional materials delayed review and Advisory Unit of time). The fifth commitment prior to project approval authorities should speed up the relevant formalities of the reset function.

    Environmental impact report, report, table 30, within 20 business days approval throughout; project siting, planning permission, construction licensing procedures, construction drawing design document review of record, full range of materials and accessories, within 5 business days from the date of acceptance throughout; land pre-trial comments within 3 business days from the date of acceptance of the completed.

    Sixth, establishment of a joint review of the project system, led by the project authorities, organize the relevant departments and experts to conduct a joint review and evaluation, scientific, rational determination of investment project, a sound specification project repository.

    Seventh project authorities and implementing units have completed the preliminary work, carry out the construction conditions, timely implementation arrangements at the national and provincial funds for construction projects should be started on time and speed up construction progress, investment spending as soon as possible.

    The eighth unit authorities and implementation of the project is the project management and financial responsibility for implementation of the budget, is responsible for the regulation the whole project and special funds, track performance, promote construction of anticipated benefits of project management and financial use appearing in major violation, violations should be promptly reported to the disciplinary inspection, prosecution.

    Nineth part of government budget sources of investment project, depending on financial resources by program in the budget, part of loan funding project by project authorities supervise project implementation units according to plan the implementation of credit funds.

    Tenth special funds included in the budgets of projects, project authorities must be prepared to refine the budget directly to the project implementation unit, shall not be detained for secondary distribution.

    11th special funds across the State Treasury centralized payment, where departmental budgets at the beginning of the approved project funding, by the project authority or unit according to the construction schedule timely reparation payment plan, financial departments receive payment within 3 working days after the application for funds directly allocated to the unit.

    12th article annual budget implementation in the, for central financial issued special funds, project clear of, project competent sector with Treasury door in received budget index file Hou 10 a days within issued project plans, and by concentrated paid program timely allocated funds; project is not clear of, project competent sector with Treasury door by provides program determine project plans and funds distribution views, and approval issued project plans Hou, by concentrated paid program timely allocated special funds.

    13th article grants City (State), and County (district, and city) of project funds, Province Department of Finance according to project plans and budget index file will special funds directly allocated to City State and provincial County; City State or provincial County received project plans and budget index file Hou, in 5 a days within will special funds by project implementation progress directly allocated to project units, shall not interception, and crowding out, and misappropriated; involved Government procurement of project, to urged its perform government procurement program.

    14th project authorities for involving "three agriculture", people's livelihood, such as timeliness strong project, must fully take into account special factors such as seasonal, speeding up the project plan approval and release efficiency; in a formal project plan before they are issued, the financial sector according to preliminary project plans and project needs, set aside special funds to ensure the time schedule, play for money. 15th provincial project authorities to early budget special funds budget, according to the construction schedule, and in principle before the end of June and the end of September every year, issued the equilibrium ratio shall not be less than 60%, 90%. By the end of November, Central and provincial projects funds must all be ordered finished.

    The project authorities and implementation unit using special funds allocated by not complying with the provisions of, the financial sector according to prescribed procedures to recover funds. 16th discipline inspection and supervision departments to increase government investment project approval, project implementation and disbursement of funds and the use of supervision and inspection.

    The middle of the year or by the end of the priority sectors and key project management in the conduct of inspections; for not complying with the time limit for project approval and disbursement of funds, irregular use of funds, project management, and leading cadres according to party and government accountability and administrative accountability mechanisms for the relevant provisions of the fault responsibility investigation started, serious to hold those responsible accountable.

    17th the project authorities and the relevant approval authorities is subject to this regulation, strengthen project construction and management of special funds, revision of special funds for the Department relates to project approval and disbursement management system to continuously improve administrative efficiency. 18th article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.

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