Administrative Measures On Wanshan Oceanic Developing Experiment Zone Of Zhuhai

Original Language Title: 珠海万山海洋开发试验区管理办法

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Administrative measures on Wanshan oceanic developing experiment zone of Zhuhai

    (December 20, 2010 Executive meeting of the 171th seventh in Zhuhai city people's Government considered February 12, 2011, 79th Zhuhai city people's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First to advance Ocean island development and the economic development in the city, Wanshan sea development experimental zone, promoting comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, standardized management system and operation mechanism in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Wanshan marine development experimental zone in these measures in article (hereinafter referred to as wanshanqu), is approved by the people's Government of Guangdong Province, set up comprehensive marine development experimental zone in Zhuhai, range of Mount Laurel, Wanshan, Tam Kon three designated town and its islands and the neighboring city of its seas.

Article wanshanqu into the construction and development of national economic and social development plan of the city.

    Comprehensive coordination of municipalities to strengthen the wanshanqu of the marine economic development of the island, according to the industrial development needs to encourage and support the development of wanshanqu policies.

    Fourth wanshanqu Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as wanshanqu Committee) is the Agency of the municipal government, on behalf of the Municipal Government to exercise economic and social management at the municipal level permissions and entrusted with the exercise of the appropriate administrative permissions.

    Article fifth wanshanqu in order to promote integrated marine development as the primary task, international marine business and leisure resort, the State-level comprehensive marine development experimental zone, Zhuhai city, Guangdong Province, and ocean management demonstration areas.

    Sixth wanshanqu should be according to the needs of scientific development, in the development, management, industrial policy, technology and the sea, the island development and use, environmental protection, innovation in terms of oceanic island development model for government services.

    Article seventh municipal strengthening harmony with the force, border and port building, vigorously promoting marine island opened to the public.

Eighth municipal government fiscal transfer payments, and enhance wanshanqu power supply, water supply, transportation, terminals, garbage and sewage treatment and other special construction of the infrastructure of the island and the people's livelihood.

    Wanshan port and port inspection units, improve the operational infrastructure, achieved million port workers and cargo clearance facilities.

    Chapter II management system and industry development

Nineth economic and social management wanshanqu Management Committee exercises the following permissions:

(A) preparation of the wanshanqu development master plan, approved by the municipal organization.

(B) development and reform, science, trade and industry and information technology, environmental protection, financial, transportation and other related departments of the municipal government in the wanshanqu administrative permissions.

(C) is responsible for wanshanqu the planning, construction, land and property-related work.

(D) approval or approval of wanshanqu investment projects, reported to the relevant functional departments of the municipal government.

(E) coordination of customs and border protection, inspection and quarantine, maritime management, industry and commerce, taxation and other vertical body of work.

(F) Municipal Government awarded the management of other economic and social rights.

    Laws and regulations not grant exclusive economic and social management of the wanshanqu permission, should coordinate and organize the relevant departments of the municipal government through the integration, joint management or centralized management and improve efficiency. Tenth wanshanqu to implement a financial management.

Wanshanqu Management Committee is responsible for wanshanqu financial revenue and expenditure budget preparation and approval process.

    Revenue generated wanshanqu, except as provided by paid outside the country and part of the province, all owned by wanshanqu.

11th wanshanqu of land resource in accordance with unified planning, development, rational use, intensive development, the principles of orderly development and management.

    Wanshanqu of paid use of land within the planning proceeds, in addition to the relevant provisions of the State, province, paid part, the rest used for construction and development of wanshanqu.

    12th wanshanqu CMC educational, cultural, health, administration, safety management, population and family planning and other social responsibilities, promoting the reform of public administration, improve the social construction and service.

    13th wanshanqu CMC power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment system established in accordance with law, according to the approved and permission, wanshanqu a right of administrative penalties.

    14th wanshanqu in accordance with the principle of standardized, streamlined and efficient decision wanshanqu of the administrative, management, benefits, appointment and dismissal of the staff of public institutions and punishment, advancing the reform and innovation.

15th head of the local Office of the relevant functional departments of the municipal government in the wanshanqu entry and exit shall seek the views of Management Committee of wanshanqu.

    Heads of agencies accept wanshanqu's job performance assessment during his tenure.

    16th wanshanqu focus on the development of marine tourism, marine fisheries, logistics and sealift and ocean technology industries.

    Article 17th Enterprise set up in wanshanqu, when the industrial and commercial registration, in addition to laws and regulations restricting the operation of projects, industrial and commercial administration sector no limits for its scope.

    18th wanshanqu access conditions and implement targets set out of the imported project should be controlled to ensure the project quality, environmental protection and economic efficiency.

    Chapter III of sea island management and greater openness

    Wanshan sea and Islands, 19th wanshanqu to unified planning, utilization, the principle of combining rational exploitation and management protection, according to marine functional zoning and marine economic development plan the use of seas and Islands.

    20th wanshanqu land island ferry, bus terminal and connector roads and supporting infrastructure construction, maintenance into traffic in the city development plan and the Municipal Government's annual investment plan, phased implementation.

    21st wanshanqu Management Committee accepted marine administrative departments, delegate, is responsible for the issuance of the waters within the scope of the Wanshan warrants clear right to use sea areas.

    22nd wanshanqu, marine administrative departments, CMC received delegate responsible for protection and utilization of uninhabited islands within the wanshanqu and management.

    23rd Wanshan sea Anchorage International by wanshanqu into the management of sea area use.

    24th wanshanqu Wanshan sea, organization and coordination of the CMC's national, provincial and city-level marine nature reserves to take measures for the protection of the marine environment.

    25th wanshanqu Management Committee, Department of port administration and shall, together with the transport and port, customs, frontier defense and frontier inspection, inspection and quarantine units, innovative customs clearance mechanism, achieved million port workers and cargo clearance facilities.

    26th wanshanqu should strengthen communications and contacts with Hong Kong and Macao, Pearl Hong Kong and Macao regional marine scientific and technological innovation, marine tourism and cooperation in marine environmental protection, promote the construction of Zhuhai-Macau offshore island development cooperation.

    27th article approved by the relevant departments of the State or province, agreed that wanshanqu can implement the Hong Kong and Macao residents with their resident identification card and foreign personnel in Wanshan port after you apply for a temporary visa Wanshan Islands.

    28th article approved by the relevant departments of the State or province, agreed that wanshanqu can implement the yacht in the Wanshan sea fishing, ship mooring, and its personnel in Government-designated locations on the island.

29th article approved by the relevant departments of the State or province, agreed that wanshanqu can be implemented by international (tour) round at the Wanshan Islands tourism and supplies.

    Approved by the relevant departments of the State or province, agreed that wanshanqu can be implemented for international shipping berth Wanshan port supply and consumption.

    The fourth chapter by-laws 30th article this way come into force on March 1, 2011. As of January 10, 2000 of the Wanshan oceanic developing experiment zone of Zhuhai city regulations (24th Zhuhai city people's Government) abrogated.

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