National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone In Zhongguancun Enterprise Registration

Original Language Title: 中关村国家自主创新示范区企业登记办法

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National independent innovation demonstration zone in Zhongguancun enterprise registration (June 21, 2011 Beijing City Government 95th times Executive Conference considered through June 24, 2011 Beijing City Government makes No. 234, announced since announced of day up purposes) first article to specification Zhongguancun national independent innovation model district within of enterprise registration behavior, according to State on agreed support Zhongguancun technology park construction national independent innovation model district of reply and Zhongguancun national independent innovation model district Ordinance (following referred to Ordinance) and national about enterprise registration of provides,

    These measures are formulated.

    The second national independent innovation demonstration zone in Zhongguancun (hereinafter referred to as the model district) registration of enterprises in the application of the Ordinance and these rules; provisions of the Ordinance and these rules, not, apply the provisions of relevant laws and regulations of the State.

    Article in enterprises established within the demonstration area, shall comply with the regulations of industrial development and demonstration zone development plan. Article fourth demonstration areas established by the municipal administration for industry and Commerce Bureau of industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as registration authority), responsible for company registration within the demonstration area.

    Registration authority according to need, commissioned a demonstration Park District, where Commerce and industry branch specific registration of the enterprises in the Park.

    Fifth model in-zone enterprises won the national well-known trademarks or famous trademark, may apply to the registration authority in the name of protection approved by the registration authority to be protected, without the proprietor's consent, other businesses may not use the trademarks in the name.

    Sixth government investment or Government-approved demonstration area set up within the demonstration area of direct services to the construction and development of the enterprise, can be used in the name of "Zhongguancun."

    Article seventh with registered capital of 50 million Yuan or more, the nature of economic activities across industries of the national economy within the demonstration area of more than 3 major categories of enterprises, can apply for a business name in the sectors of the national economy is not used language indicating the industry or business characteristics.

    Article eighth application in enterprises established within the demonstration area, registration authority on enterprises of association or partnership agreement of the name, residence or main business place, names of investors and registered capital or financed amount, time and other information for review.

Nineth application model of enterprises established within the area, except in the scope of laws, administrative regulations or the State Council decided that the pre-registration subject to the approval of the project (hereinafter referred to as specialized licensing project), may apply to the Central Office area after physical partition in separate areas as residence, registration authority be indicated in the license. Centralized work area by the demonstration area and administration, in conjunction with the district and county governments determined and announced to the public.

University Science Park, Business Park, business service centres, business incubators, and other entrepreneurial incubator can become a centralized office areas.

    Central Office management unit shall establish and improve rules and regulations, strengthen management and services for enterprises, and enterprises in industry can be requested.

Tenth in the demonstration zone established enterprises or increase its registered capital, investors in intellectual property rights and other monetary valuation and transfer of scientific and technological achievements in accordance with law pricing, investment, funded ratio prescribed by the investors themselves, among them, State-owned assets, shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State-owned assets management.

    Investors can use the currency and the investor can be transferred according to law, registration authority in accordance with the relevant provisions to be registered.

    11th in model establishment of venture capital organizations, registered capital in accordance with the investor's writing to both the staging in place.

    12th established within the demonstration area of domestic-funded enterprises or domestic firms to increase registered capital, investors with cash, can be issued by the commercial bank of the proof of deposit investment funds as the capital verification certificate; funded by non-monetary property, can be legally established assessment report as the capital verification certificate issued by assessment bodies.

    13th law approved by the Commerce Department, natural identity of Chinese citizens and foreign enterprises and other economic organizations or natural persons setting up joint ventures, cooperative enterprises in the demonstration area, the registration authority shall be registered.

    Article 14th established within the demonstration area in science and technology enterprises, except as special licensed projects in scope of business, registration authority in accordance with the business scope approved by the industry category of the national economy; specific scope of enterprises applying for registration, the registration organ shall be approved.

    Section 15th of the application working in the demonstration zone outside the industrial classifications of the national economy, laws and administrative regulations do not prohibit the new industry and business projects, meet other requirements stipulated by laws and regulations, the registration authority shall be registered. 16th section established within the demonstration area businesses, operating range have special permissions in project, you can apply for registration of establishment.

Meet the established criteria, the registration organ shall directly handle the establishment registration, issuance of business licenses, and indicated in the license to build the project. Preparing for a period of one year, special cases, approval by the registration authority may be appropriately extended. Preparation period enterprise may not engage in production and business activities not connected with preparation.

Lead applicant preparation activities of enterprises liable.

    Laws and regulations on the construction of provisions of registration in, from its provisions.

    Article 17th preparation period, special licensing approval for the project, the Enterprise shall promptly apply for registration of change; expiry of the preparation period is not approved or construction, the Enterprise shall apply for cancellation or change of registration, without applying for, registered with the registration authority may cancel its construction.

    Article 18th Industrial Technology Alliance registered as a corporate enterprise, meet the requirements, the registration organ shall be registered.

    Article 19th equity incentives to apply for registration of changes in ownership, registration authority in accordance with the relevant provisions to be registered.

    20th enterprise development need to be filed with the registration authority's application for change of enterprise organization, registration authority in accordance with the relevant provisions to be registered.

Article 21st branch affiliation change, when you change the branch name in the other parts except the original owning company name be retained; scope of operation shall not exceed belongs to the business scope of the enterprise after the change.

    Application to change branch affiliation shall submit the change before and after the company agreed to change the agreement.

    22nd parent company with registered capital of 30 million Yuan more than, parent company and a registered capital of RMB 50 million Yuan or above, application for group registration, the registration authority shall be registered.

    23rd the registration authority in accordance with the provisions of the regulations, strengthening the management of enterprise credit information, progressive classification regulations imposed on enterprises, promotion of enterprises to enhance credit awareness. 24th model no adverse credit history in the region business-annual implementation report.

Enterprises can use electronic inspection system or the registration authority may be served by post, direct service and convenient ways to submit inspection materials.

    Enterprise responsible for annual check the authenticity and accuracy of the material. 25th registration organs should perform their duties according to law, establish and improve the supervision and management system of the enterprise, inspections, visits, guidance and service and other means to promote business regulations.

    Enterprises that violate the legal regulations relating to industrial and commercial administration, be dealt with by the registration authority in accordance with the relevant provisions. 26th article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.