Dongjiang In Guangdong Province Xinfengjiang Fengshuba Baipenzhu Reservoir Water Resources Protection Measures

Original Language Title: 广东省东江流域新丰江枫树坝白盆珠水库库区水资源保护办法

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Dongjiang in Guangdong Province Xinfengjiang fengshuba baipenzhu reservoir water resources protection measures (January 21, 2011 Guangdong Province 11th session Government 68th times Executive Conference considered through March 4, 2011 Guangdong Province Government makes 157th, announced since May 1, 2011 up purposes) first article to strengthening East River domain Xinfeng River, and Maple dam, and white basin beads reservoir library district water resources protection, ensure Dongjiang water security, according to Guangdong Province water management Ordinance, and Guangdong province East Jiangxi North River Han River domain water resources management Ordinance, and Guangdong Province drinking water water protection Ordinance

    And other related laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

Article II of this regulation is applicable in the province within the administrative area of Xinfengjiang, maple, baipenzhu reservoir dam area (hereinafter referred to as reservoirs) of water resource protection activities.

    Water resources protection in the reservoir area should stick to focusing on prevention, comprehensive planning, integrated management, strengthening supervision, specimens and governance principles.

    Third provincial water conservancy administrative departments administrative departments are responsible for organizing the implementation of reservoir in Dongjiang water resource protection of unified supervision, guidance and coordination.

    Fourth area should be the people's Governments above the county level in the reservoir area water resources and water environment protection into local economic and social development plan, adjust industrial layout, water pollution and countermeasure of prevention and control measures, to improve the ecological environment, ensure that the water quality in reservoir area to surface water features and water environmental function zoning requirements, responsible for water quality in the reservoir area.

Article fifth Administrative Department of environmental protection for reservoir water environmental protection and exercise unified supervision and management of water pollution control, regular monitoring of water quality in the reservoir, and water pollution in the reservoir area.

Land and resources administrative departments are responsible for monitoring and protection of geological environment in the reservoir area, to supervise and administer the exploitation of mineral resources in the reservoir area.

Forestry administrative departments responsible for reservoir area of forestry ecological environment construction and protection of forestry resources.

Fishery administrative departments responsible for reservoir fish production management.

Agricultural administrative departments in charge of reservoir area agriculture, livestock farming production supervision and management of the environment, preventing the irrational use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and water pollution caused by livestock farming.

    Reservoir management unit responsible for reservoir management, maintaining safe operation of dam and hydropower station, in consultation with relevant work of water resources protection in the reservoir area.

Sixth regulatory agencies should be coordinated in Dongjiang reservoir area people's Government above the county level designated reservoir area management and protection.

Referred to in the preceding paragraph the scope of management for the dam of the reservoir upstream dam Crest line or line of land requisition of land and waters, for the scope of protection in the reservoir area dam upstream dam Crest line above or land line to the first line of the watershed Ridge between land and water.

    After the management scope and delineation of the scope of protection in the reservoir area, should be within the range border permanent markers, established pursuant to any entity or individual may move and destroy boundary markers.

Article seventh reservoir water resources protection plan by the management authority in Dongjiang reservoir area where the people's Governments at the county level, provincial water conservancy administrative departments and in consultation with the departments concerned at the views and prefecture-level city people's Government, submitted to the provincial people's Government for approval.

    Approved planning of water resources protection in the reservoir area from the East River basin management organizations.

    Within the scope of article eighth in reservoir management, shall comply with the People's Republic of China water pollution control law and the administrative regulations of Guangdong Province water conservancy project, the Guangdong provincial drinking water protection Ordinance such prohibitive provisions of laws and regulations.

    Nineth articles within the scope of protection in the reservoir area, through controlled burning or massive mechanical cultivation is prohibited, such as planting economic forest, prohibition of planting fast-growing and high-yield forest of eucalyptus, eucalyptus planting fast-growing and high-yield forest of shall gradually implement forest forest transformation, engage in quarrying, mining, destruction of water resources soil, steep land clearing, reclamation and large-scale livestock farming activities, such as deforestation. Tenth in the reservoir area management and protection within the construction, expansion and renovation of all types of construction projects, its construction programme should seek the views of the East River basin management bodies.

Dongjiang River Authority did not sign or review does not meet the planning of water resources protection in the reservoir area, and relevant competent administrative departments shall not be approved.

    Construction projects under construction in the preceding paragraph shall be subject to the Dongjiang authorities and the inspection and supervision of water conservancy administrative departments, acceptance shall be managed in Dongjiang bodies and water conservancy administrative departments. 11th in the tributary inflow of non-drinking water source protected zone important river building, rebuilding, expansion of sewage outlet, must pass through the East River basin management institutions and areas relating to County Water Conservancy administrative departments, by jurisdiction in environmental protection Administrative Department is responsible for the approval of the environmental impact statement of the project.

    Constructed outfall, deadline management, achieve discharge; unable to discharge within a closed. 12th in the reservoir area management and within the scope of protection should strictly control the construction of tourism projects. Is really necessary to build, shall solicit the views of the East River basin management bodies, and with the concurrence of the provincial water conservancy administrative departments reported to the relevant authorities.

    Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

    13th authority in Dongjiang reservoir and storage quality of main rivers of important water resources monitoring, found that total emissions of major pollutants exceed the control indicators, ribbon or water quality does not meet the functional requirements on water quality of the waters, and shall promptly inform the concerned shall take measures within the basin, and to inform the Administrative Department of environmental protection.

    14th in violation of the provisions of article Nineth, by the water conservancy administrative departments or other relevant competent administrative departments in accordance with the terms of reference, shall be ordered to correct within, legal persons or other organizations to a fine of up to more than 1000 10000 Yuan, the citizens shall be fined not more than 100.

    15th Dongjiang River management agencies and their staff negligence, abuse of power, favoritism, and disciplined by superior authority or unit to which the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 16th article of the rules take effect on May 1, 2011.

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