Nanning City Parking Management Approaches

Original Language Title: 南宁市停车场管理办法

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Nanning city parking management approaches

    (February 11, 2011 12th session of the Standing Committee of the people's Government of the 110th, Nanning city, considered by February 25, 2011 the Nanning Government the 38th release as of May 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the planning, construction and management of parking lots, regulating the activities of vehicle parking and parking services, road traffic safety, according to the People's Republic of China town and country planning Act, the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety law, the State Council regulations on the administration of urban roads and the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second car parks within the urban planning area of planning, construction and management of the application of this approach.

Third parking means vehicle parked in these measures of outdoor or indoor places, including public car park, private parking, on-street parking garage.

Public car parking is based on planning an independent building, and construction of public buildings for the public parking place.

Private parking refers to this unit, a residential area parking, private location.

    Road parking refers to temporary set on a road in the city parking garage, driveway parking and sidewalk parking.

Fourth municipal public security traffic management Department is the Administrative Department of the city parking lot, is responsible for the supervision and management of parking lots.

Head of Administrative Department of urban management-track parking parking management.

    Planning, construction, prices, Commerce, transport, land and resources, housing and real estate management and other departments concerned in cooperative parking management work within the scope of their functions.

    Article fifth Park management should consider the overall planning, principles of construction and standardized management, convenient to the masses.

    Chapter II car park planning, construction

Article sixth overall urban planning, urban transportation system planning, and transportation needs of city planning administrative departments shall, jointly with the municipal public security traffic management Department scientific preparation of parking planning, after they have been to the public for comment, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval before implementation.

Set by the car park shall be consistent with city regulatory detailed planning, special planning land-use planning and car parks and parking demand, vehicle and pedestrian safety adapted to traffic conditions and road capacity, ensure the basic functions.

    Car park design should conform to the State, autonomous communities and city design standards and setting standards.

Article building, rebuilding, expansion of public buildings, residential areas and the Mall (area), tourist attractions, the great (middle) architecture, standards must be set in accordance with the design specifications and construction, building more parking lots.

State organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations shall, in accordance with plans and standard parking, or configure a dedicated site, for the employees in this unit and its vehicles and vehicle use of foreign staff.

New construction parking should be synchronized with the main part of the project design, construction, inspection and delivery simultaneously.

    Encourage new construction over the parking lot set up standard construction of additional parking spaces.

    Article eighth city planning administrative departments in the review of construction projects involving parking, should seek the views of municipal public security traffic Administrative Department.

Nineth following buildings and sites are not in accordance with the parking lot design and setting standards have car park under construction, owner or owners shall fill in the alteration, expansion construction or to buy up parking spaces, such as:

(A) train station, ferry terminal, airport, bus station;

(B) Stadium (Museum), Convention and exhibition centers, theaters, libraries, hospitals, tourist attractions, business offices, as well as undertaking external Office of administrative services;

(C) the building area of more than 5000 square metres of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and business sites;

(D) the building area of more than 5000 square metres of residential areas. Change the nature of the building, parking spaces are not up to the required standards of the original building, nearby covered building or to buy up parking spaces.

    Not filled prior to a change of the nature of parking spaces.

Article tenth carpark of nature, without legal process shall not be changed. Without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to change the built in approved parking or reducing the scope of use.

Need to change the nature or narrowing the scope of use of the car park shall be reported to the competent administrative departments of city planning.

    Before the implementation of these measures has been allowed to change for parking or narrowing the scope of use shall, within one year from the date of implementation of these measures to correct and restore. 11th to encourage units and individuals in various ways to invest in and operate public car parks. Encourage construction of stereoscopic parking lot and underground space public car park.

Construction and operation of public car park is subject "who invests, benefits" principle.

    Units and individuals to invest in public car parks, in accordance with the regulations for public parking lots offer specific preferential measures shall be formulated separately by the Municipal Finance Department, in conjunction with relevant departments.

12th municipal public security traffic Administrative Department should organize public parking information system planning and construction, and public parking is available in a timely manner the information.

    Public car park operators and the road parking operator shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards, provide parking services to the municipal public security traffic management information.

    Chapter III public car park management

13th public car park operators and managers should comply with the following provisions:

(A) in prominent positions in the import/export settings of parking guidance, car park signs and information publicity boards;

(B) delimit parking in a car park line, set the entrance sign, guide signs, corner safety as mirrors, Po (pass) road skid line;

(C) allocation of necessary ventilation, lighting, drainage, communications, fire control, monitoring, and other facilities;

(D) maintaining the order of vehicles parked in the car parks and the running order;

(E) to prevent loading of flammable, explosive, toxic and dangerous goods and hazardous waste, slag cars parked in the parking lot;

    (Vi) keeping the parking sanitation clean. 14th engaged in public car park management should be to the industry and commerce administration departments and tax departments for registration and registration procedures for those submitted to the municipal public security traffic management departments in the 10th after the record.

Record shall provide the following information:

(A) the car park management system;

(B) the car park fire protection technical information;

(C) the business license, tax registration certificate;

(D) the car park floor plan;

(E) the number of parking spaces and the operating hours.

    Car park operators to change registration or dissolution, shall be in accordance with the regulations for industry and commerce related alteration, cancellation of registration formalities, tax departments and the modification and cancellation of registration date of 15th to the municipal public security traffic Administrative Department filing procedures, and announced to the public.

15th public car park operators should strictly comply with parking fee management system.

Government pricing public car park operators, should be to charge prices apply for approval, the approved fees and standards.

    Public car park operators can implement market adjusted prices according to region, and section levels introduce differential charges and time charges.

16th public car park operators in addition to complying with section 13th provides, shall perform the following services:

(A) is responsible for the access to vehicle identification registration;

(B) public car park name, services, fees and standards, pay basis, monitor phone calls and business license;

(C) the unified tax invoices issued by parking in accordance with the regulations;

    (D) equipped with safety facilities and management personnel meet parking safety management obligations.

17th public car park operators should strengthen the maintenance and management of parking facilities, facilities damage occurs should be repaired in a timely manner, and keep running.

    Public car park operator because of his negligence caused loss of or damage to parked vehicles, shall bear corresponding responsibility.

    Fourth chapter dedicated car park management

    18th special parking should configure the necessary ventilation, lighting, drainage, fire protection, transportation and other facilities, and keep it running.

19th residence car park or parking cannot meet the demand, the owners decided according to law, can in the way of the owners and other vacant spaces delimit parking area.

    Parking space shall occupy green land, fire exits and in accordance with the planning and construction of private land shall not obstruct traffic will not affect the normal life of the residents.

20th residential plans called for construction of car parks and parking should be available to the community of owners, property use, not idle.

    Parking assignments, priority shall be transferred to the residential area, the owners; owners of leased parking the parking right of first refusal.

    21st property management service provides parking management services within the community, should be specified in the Realty service contract; property services contract of of parking management services agreement, the owners ' Committee determined in consultation with property management service.

    22nd residential zone parking lot or parking management in accordance with the provision of property management, parking charges shall strictly implement the provisions of price control and clearly marked.

    23rd dedicated parking lot met the parking needs of the premise, can provide to the community management of parking services parking operations provides to the community, shall comply with the provisions of chapter III of this approach.

    The fifth chapter establishment and management of road parking

24th road parking shall follow the principle of strict control, strict management.

Municipal public security traffic Administrative Department according to the parking planning road parking and the present regulations set, when setting up a sidewalk parking should seek the views of competent administrative Department of the city administration.

Set up draft parking programme should be open to the public, seeking the views of the public; public notice period of not less than 30th.

    Any other unit or individual is prohibited on city roads within the Park and various forms of road parking or parking signs.

25th the following cities within the prohibition set road parking:
(A) urban arterial road, Expressway roadway, crossroads, railway crossing, sharp road bends, bridges, steep slopes, tunnels and the distance between these locations within 50 meters of the road section;

(B) lateral strip between the sidewalk and the width of less than 5 m Street;

(C) the clear width is less than 3 metres from the sidewalk;

(D) the share of non-motor vehicles and motor vehicle road;

(V) distance of public transport, extension within 30 m;

(Vi) evacuation routes and fire exits around the large public buildings, barrier-free access;

(G) pedestrian crossing the street on both sides of the entrance and within 5 m of the channel;

(H) the road covers around within 1 m of the pipeline;

(I) within 30 metres of a fire hydrant;

(J) has been built to provide adequate parking spaces in public car service within a radius of 300 meters;

    (11) other settings section should be prohibited.

Article 26th parking parking signs and lines should be standardized and clear and eye-catching; parking fees shall be identified in a prominent position sets the fees and publicity; electronic instrument pricing method is used should be explicitly in the striking position instructions for using electronic instruments toll collection facilities, ensure that installations are tidy and in good condition.

    Publicity cards includes operator's name, items and standards, school fee basis, parking, parking time, supervision and complaints, and so on.

27th road parking is set one of the following circumstances, municipal public security traffic Administrative Department shall be adjusted or removed road parking:

(A) road parking do not meet technical standards or conditions;

(B) the changes in traffic conditions, road parking impact of vehicles and pedestrians;

(C) road reconstruction, extension, repair and maintenance.

    Citizens, legal persons or other organizations think that road parking does not meet the standards that have been set, you can appeal to the municipal public security traffic management departments, municipal public security traffic administrative departments shall be verified. 28th road parking paid transfer of management according to law.

Municipal public security traffic management, urban management as required by the Administrative Department for public tender or auction established operators, proceeds from the auction or tender to pay financial, for the construction of urban road maintenance and public parking facilities.

    Municipal public security traffic Administrative Department according to the parking demand in the non-busy road sections delimit adequate free street parking garage.

    29th road toll of Government pricing, pricing departments in accordance with the same principles of regional road parking above the off street parking and to distinguish between types of vehicles, stopping time, region and other factors to determine the maximum parking standards.

30th road toll taken on time, or charging by the way.

Timely billing, according to regional road traffic situation can be short free parking and progressive billing methods billing.

    Free parking in the short programme shall be separately formulated by the municipal public security traffic Administrative Department.

    31st held major events or when a sudden public events, related regional operators of road parking should be requested by the municipal public security traffic Administrative Department, suspended road parking operation.

32nd road parking operators shall comply with the following service specifications:

(A) staff members wear the uniform identification and license plates;

(B) the vehicles ordered parking;

(C) ensure that the parking facility, the normal operation of the equipment;

(D) strict implementation of the prices Department of parking standards, printed bills issued by the tax authorities;

(E) using billing billing meter parking facilities, used explicitly in the striking position descriptions;

    (F) establish a safety management system, fire, vandalism, theft, and so on, should take appropriate measures in a timely manner and report to the public security organs in a timely manner.

33rd road parking parking type parking service operator shall, in accordance with public notice, refuse to parked vehicles into space.

    Units and individuals shall not in any way hinder the normal use of the road parking.

    The sixth chapter parking management 34th vehicles should be ordered to park in the parking lot.

Drivers parked vehicles shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) comply with the car park management system, obey the staff's guidance, no creasing, cross-line parking;

(B) not damaged car-parking facilities and equipment;

(C) car parking shall berth design models on the road to the right clockwise;

(D) motorcycle and bicycle parking should be consistent;

(E) road parking restriction period, shall not exceed the stipulated time period of parking;

(F) as required to pay parking fees.

    Before the driver does not comply with the provision, park staff have the right to refuse the vehicle is parked.

35th under any of the following circumstances, the driver is entitled to refuse to pay parking fees:

(A) staff not wearing uniform identification and license plates;

(B) not issued or issued does not comply with the provisions of the Bill;

(C) the fees charged for parking of not complying with the provisions;

    (D) the names, charges, and do not follow the required public operators standard, basis, stopping time, supervision and complaints.

    Article 36th all units and individuals have the right to price control, traffic, urban management departments complaints, report any illegal operators, shall without delay handle the complaint Department.

    The seventh chapter legal liability

    37th buildings, places, units are not provided by this article Nineth fill building or to buy, such as topping up parking spaces, by the competent administrative authority shall order rectification of planning, refuses, not for renovation or expansion of buildings and changing the nature of the examination and approval procedures.

    38th article violation this approach tenth article provides, unauthorized change parking using nature or narrowed using range of, by urban and rural planning administrative competent sector ordered recovery undisturbed, can according to change parking nature or narrowed range of berth number sentenced each berth 1000 Yuan of fine; late not recovery undisturbed of, forced recovery, and according to change parking nature or narrowed range of berth number sentenced each berth 2000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following fine.

    39th car park operators to violate article 16th, 32nd duty or standard of service provided by the municipal public security traffic management departments or administrative departments of the city administration in accordance with their respective rights shall order rectification fails, fined a maximum of 200 Yuan and more than 1000; serious, drew attention to the Administrative Department for industry and commerce business license shall be revoked.

    40th article violates article 24th of this approach provided in the fourth paragraph, in the context of urban road temporary parking lots, roads, parking garages or parking signs, by the public security organs traffic management departments or administrative departments of the city administration in accordance with their respective rights shall be ordered to correct, refuses, torn down, and according to the number of berths each berth will be fined a maximum of 500 Yuan over 2000.

    41st disobey article 33rd, refusing to parked vehicles into space, or to impede the normal use of the road parking, traffic management by public security organs Department or administrative departments of the city administration in accordance with their respective rights shall be ordered to correct, and punishable with a penalty of 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan.

    42nd parking operators do not use price labels in accordance with the regulations, without raising fees, do not issue pay Bill, illegal charges, prices, tax authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Article 43rd public security traffic administrative departments, city management and its staff has one of the following, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) use the convenience of duty ask for and accept other people's property, or seeking other interests;

(B) illegal road parking road parking or participate in management;

(C) violations of law to investigate or not to inform the Administrative Department has jurisdiction;

    (D) failure to perform or improper performance of parking management duties.

    The eighth chapter by-laws

    44th of municipal parking management within the county can refer to these measures. 45th article of the rules take effect on May 1, 2011.