Hohhot Kitchen Garbage Disposal Management Method

Original Language Title: 呼和浩特市餐厨垃圾无害化处置管理办法

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Hohhot kitchen garbage disposal management method (May 4, 2011 Hohhot City Government 36th times Executive Conference considered through May 31, 2011 Hohhot City Government makes 2nd, announced since July 1, 2011 up purposes) first article for control meal kitchen garbage on environment caused pollution, guarantees people body health, maintenance city sanitation, promote meal kitchen garbage harmless of processing and utilization, according to People's Republic of China solid waste pollution environment control method, related legal, and regulations, combined this city actual,

    These measures are formulated. Article of food waste in these measures, means other than residents of food processing, food and beverage service activities such as food waste, food residues, expired food.

    (Does not include waste edible oil)

    Article within the scope of the city food waste collection, transportation, disposal and related management activities for these measures.

    Fourth of municipal environmental protection administration is the kitchen garbage disposal authorities, municipal waste edible oil Management Office is responsible for the day-to-day supervision and management of restaurant-kitchen garbage disposal work.

    Health, urban construction, agriculture and animal husbandry, food and drug regulation, urban management, industry and commerce, quality supervision departments, according to their respective functions together do a kitchen garbage disposal.

    Fifth article of the city calling for fresh-cut vegetables listed, to improve food processing technology, civilized dining and other ways to reduce food waste.

    Kitchen garbage disposal and resource utilization of units and individuals that have achieved outstanding successes, and municipal people's Governments shall give commendations and rewards.

    Article sixth of kitchen waste generating units should be food waste and other domestic waste sorting collection storage, should not be dumped, piled up kitchen waste.

    Seventh kitchen waste unit should be based on food waste types and quantities, in accordance with the provisions of the standard pay the kitchen waste collection and disposal fees.

    Food waste collection and disposal fees payment standards by the municipal finance, development and reform the administrative authorities and the Administrative Department of environmental protection shall be formulated.

    Eighth city environmental protection administration departments should be determined through tenders open kitchen waste collection, transportation, disposal unit issue service licenses, and announced to the public name of the collection, transportation, disposal, and locations.

    Units or individuals cannot get the service license, banned from food waste collection, transportation and disposal services.

    Nineth kitchen waste collection, transportation, disposal unit shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) signed with the kitchen waste collection agreements, determine the collection time, place, type, quantity and timely collection of kitchen waste, so Nissan day;

    (B) the establishment of collection accounts, and regularly report to the Administrative Department of environmental protection, food waste collection and transportation conditions;

    (C) the collection of kitchen waste transport of vehicles must be sealed, and shall not be disclosed, and the impurity, and keeping the body clean and tidy;

    (D) food waste disposal sites in accordance with relevant regulations of the State or local environmental protection, and consciously safeguard the city appearance and environmental sanitation around the disposal site;

    (E) take effective pollution control measures, harmless disposal and comprehensive utilization of pollutant discharge should meet state environmental protection standards;

    (Vi) food waste disposal unit products shall conform to the national standards.

    Article tenth of food waste disposal unit of the unit must be qualified to provide the resulting kitchen waste, kitchen waste must not be provided except as provided in this article eighth units or individuals.

    11th food waste is prohibited directly as animal feed.

    12th no units and individuals have the right to violate the provisions of kitchen waste management unit and individual complaints and reports.

    Administrative Department of environmental protection received reports and complaints, to the scene to investigate and handle in a timely manner and will address the report or informed complainants of the outcome.

    13th article violates these rules, with one of the following acts, the Department of environmental protection administration a rectification, it fails to mend, fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 the following fines:

    (A) the kitchen waste kitchen waste and other garbage mix, mixed;

    (B) food waste dumping without permission;

    (C) food waste collection units are not regular collection, Nissan Nissin food waste;

    (D) collection and disposal does not establish the collection, transportation, disposal account.

    14th article violates these rules, food waste generating units will provide to not collect food waste transport and disposal services authority of the permit collection, transportation, disposal, and by the Administrative Department of environmental protection a rectification, it fails, fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan.

    15th article violates these rules, do not have the kitchen waste collection and transportation service licenses to engage in food waste collection and transportation, confiscated by the competent administrative Department of environmental protection kitchen waste, and fined a maximum of between 3000 and 1000 Yuan.

    16th in violation of this regulation, vehicles using the closed lax collection of kitchen waste or spilled food waste spills, managed by city departments in accordance with the Hohhot city appearance and environmental sanitation regulations and related provisions to deal with it.

    17th article violates these rules, food waste disposal units manufacturing products do not meet the standards set by the State, by the quality and technical supervision, agriculture and animal husbandry departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to deal with.

    18th article violates these rules, food waste as animal feed directly, the Department of agriculture and animal husbandry administration according to the relevant laws and regulations to deal with.

    19th environmental protection and other relevant departments and their staff in the kitchen garbage disposal management dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in, by the unit or by the competent administrative department shall be given administrative sanctions.

    20th of municipal Administrative Department of environmental protection in accordance with these measures, formulate implementing rules.

    Article 21st County kitchen waste disposal management in accordance with the measures implemented. 22nd article this way come into force July 1, 2011.

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