Decision On Abolishing Some Regulations Of The People's Government Of Shanxi Province

Original Language Title: 山西省人民政府关于废止部分规章的决定

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Decision on abolishing some regulations of the people's Government of Shanxi province

    (December 31, 2010 73rd Executive meeting of Shanxi province on January 28, 2011, Shanxi province people's Government announced order No. 230, come into force on the date of promulgation) 73rd Executive meeting, Shanxi province people's Government decided to abolish the following 27 Government regulations:

    1, the rules for the protection of radio and TV facilities in Shanxi province (provincial people's Government, 5th)

    2, Shanxi province, community hospitals and individual practice management approach (the 13th province people's Government)

    Administrative measures for pollution control facilities, 3, Shanxi province (provincial 19th)

    4, the transfer of State-owned land use right transfer and urbanization in Shanxi province implementing procedures (provincial, 42nd)

    5, provisions on the protection of seismic monitoring facilities, Shanxi province (provincial, 43rd)

    6, Shanxi province's industrial enterprises owned by the implementing rules for the migrant contract workers (provincial 49th)

    7, communication facilities construction and protection in Shanxi (province 50th)

    Radioisotopes and radiation-emitting devices, 8, Shanxi province, administrative measures for radiation protection (provincial people's Government to 51st)

    9, the administrative measures for the development and utilization of agricultural land resources in Shanxi province (provincial people's Government, the 54th)

    Interim provisions on the minimum wage, 10, Shanxi province (provincial 60th)

    Cultural relic market management, 11, Shanxi province (provincial 64th)

    12, Shanxi province improved style of the administrative efficiency of regulations (trial) (provincial, 65th)

    13, Shanxi province, the local budget implementation measures for the implementation of audit and supervision at all levels (provincial, 67th)

    14, special use of interim measures for the administration of the Fund for pollution prevention and control in Shanxi province (provincial, 70th)

    15, Shanxi province approved collection and management practices for water (76th province people's Government)

    Computer safety management regulations, 16, Shanxi province (provincial 82nd)

    Volunteer fire organization management, 17, Shanxi province (provincial, 115th)

    18, Shanxi province, interim measures on the management of packaging printing industry (provincial 125th)

    Fat fan of security technology, 19, Shanxi province supervision and Administration (130th province people's Government)

    Shanxi province, 20, a concentration of fire safety regulations in public places (146th province people's Government)

    Floating population's family planning methods, 21, Shanxi province (provincial 149th)

    22, Shanxi province villages and towns coal mine safety production regulations (provincial 151th)

    Interim measures for the management of security services, 23, Shanxi province (provincial 159th)

    24, Shanxi province to implement the public health emergency Ordinance (trial) (provincial 163th)

    25, the Shanxi provincial safety production supervision and management (provincial 172th)

    26, administrative provisions on matters of national security, Shanxi province (provincial people's Government, the 173th)

    Road toll collection and management provisions, 27, Shanxi province (provincial government order No. 215) This decision shall come into force as of the date of.

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