Yinchuan, Levying Sewage Treatment Fees Using A Management Approach

Original Language Title: 银川市污水处理费征收使用管理办法

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Yinchuan, levying sewage treatment fees using a management approach

    (July 27, 2011 yinchuan Government 79th times Executive Conference considered through August 2, 2011 yinchuan Government makes 3rd, announced since September 1, 2011 up purposes) first article to specification sewage processing fee levy, and using and management, guarantees sewage processing enterprise of construction, and run and maintenance, improve city water environment quality, promote save water and water pollution control, improved ecological environment, according to about legal, and regulations, combined I city actual, developed this approach.

    Second approach applied to city planning in yinchuan district sewage treatment fees of collection, use, and manage.

    Third municipal construction administrative departments in charge of the city's sewage treatment fees of collection, use, and management.

    Prices of municipal finance, audit, and other departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, the levying of sewage charges for supervision and management, use, and manage.

    Fourth to the sewage treatment plant and sewer (refers to the collection and discharge of wastewater and rainwater pipes, ditches formed by canals, pumping stations and other facilities of the network system) discharge of wastewater from units and individuals shall pay a sewage treatment fee in accordance with the relevant regulations.

    Article fifth sewage treatment fees charged according to the following pattern:

    (A) the use of city public water supply units and individuals, charged by a public water supply enterprises in the water when I collected;

    (B) the use of units and individuals bring their own water, from municipal water Administrative Department in charge of water resources fee collection together;

    (C) sewage treatment fee of dewatering and drainage of construction enterprises, municipal services, construction management, facilities management unit, unit collection.

    Total amount of fees received for sewage treatment 3%-5%, specific standards by the municipal building, approved according to the proportion of levying sewage treatment fees of the financial sector.

    Sixth sewage treatment charges collected by public water supply enterprises, and public water supply water collection for a Bill; levied by other departments, fiscal harmonization bill. Article seventh sewage charges levied and exemptions, in strict accordance with the standards set, objects, area Executive.

    Apart from the State, autonomous regions and municipalities except as expressly provided, no unit or individual may unlawfully sewage treatment fee relief.

    Eighth levied sewage charges should be paid to the State Treasury in full, included in the budget, the implementation of two lines of income and expenditure management. Sewage treatment fees earmarked for sewage treatment enterprises in operation, maintenance, renovation, construction and supervision.

    No unit or individual may intercept or appropriate or divert.

    Nineth obtained the franchise of sewage treatment enterprises should fulfil their obligations in accordance with operating the concession agreement, and operation service fee.

    Article tenth of sewage treatment enterprises according to the operation of the concession agreement apply to departments of the municipal construction administrative operations service, municipal construction Administrative Department according to the approved water quantity, water quality report issued by the Municipal Finance Department, the municipal finance department upon completion of the audit operation services allocated to sewage treatment enterprises, relevant feedback and municipal construction Administrative Department.

    11th of municipal construction Administrative Department each December, overall revenue and operating under the sewage charges service fees total expenditures, preparation of sewage charges for one year under the annual plan, submitted to the municipal financial Department for approval.

    12th of municipal construction administrative departments should establish and improve the supervision and management of sewage treatment system, to monitor the operation of sewage treatment enterprises to check and correct violations of sewage treatment enterprises.

    13th city environmental protection departments should strengthen supervision and management of urban drainage stations to monitor discharged into the wastewater and drainage pipe network of sewage treatment enterprises, ensure the safe operation of sewage treatment facilities and sewer.

    City Environmental Protection Department monthly water inlet and outlet water of sewage treatment enterprises should be not less than one sampling inspection and issue a report.

    14th no unit or individual shall hinder or obstruct the collection management personnel shall be levied sewage charges.

    15th operation of sewage treatment enterprises shall not misrepresent the actual data or fabricate data, fraud operations services.

    Sewage treatment companies lied about their actual operating data or fabricate data, fraud operations services, operated by the municipal construction Administrative Department to recover fraud service charge, and a cheat 1 time more than 3 times the amount of a fine, but shall not exceed a maximum 30,000 yuan constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    16th article violates this approach, units and individuals failing to pay sewage charges, paid by municipal construction Administrative Department ordered; still fails to pay the overdue, on engaging in business activities of polluters, fine fee payable shall be sentenced to 1 to 3 times, but shall not exceed a maximum 30,000 yuan; for other polluters, a fine of 100 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.

    17th municipal construction Administrative Department in charge or relevant departments and their staff, levying sewage treatment fees in using management abuse, negligence, malpractice, by their higher competent authority or discipline inspection and supervision organs directly responsible in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given disciplinary actions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 18th article this way come into force September 1, 2011.