Chongqing Urban Living Garbage Disposal Fee Collection Management

Original Language Title: 重庆市城市生活垃圾处置费征收管理办法

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Chongqing urban living garbage disposal fee collection management

    (July 18, 2011 the 106th meeting of the people's Government of Chongqing considered by August 1, 2011 Chongqing Municipal People's Government promulgated as of September 1, 2011, No. 255) first to promote municipal solid waste minimization, recycling and environmentally sound disposal, improving the urban living environment, according to the Chongqing City appearance and environmental sanitation Administration Ordinance and the relevant regulations of the State, these measures are formulated.

The second city, town planning areas within the built-up area of solid waste unit and individual shall pay a fee for municipal solid waste disposal in accordance with these measures.

Municipal solid waste in these measures refers to the urban daily life and for the solid waste produced in the service of life, as well as laws, rules and regulations as a waste of municipal solid waste, excluding construction waste, waste, industrial waste and hazardous waste.

    Municipal solid waste disposal in these measures refers to the Government shall be collected and used for municipal solid wastes from municipal refuse transfer facilities refuse disposal sites for disposal and related management costs.

Article city environmental health Administrative Department is responsible for the city's municipal solid waste disposal fee collection management and supervision of their day-to-day work by the municipal environment sanitation management agencies.

City life garbage disposal fees are collected by District (County) Government implement its collection of work by District (County) city administrative departments in charge of environmental health.

    City and district (County), finance, civil affairs, price departments shall, within their respective mandates, joint municipal solid waste disposal fee collection and management of related work.

Fourth municipal solid waste disposal in accordance with the following provisions of article classification is counted:

(A) the resident household levy;

(B) the State organs, institutions, social organizations, according to employees and is counted in the number of temporary personnel;

(C) schools, hospitals, military units, factories, markets, wholesale markets according to the actual amount of solid waste generated is counted;

(D) commercial stores (outlets) and other commercial business area of taxation;

(E) food waste based on the actual production levy;

(Vi) other municipal solid waste generated by units and individuals in accordance with fixed or measuring the levy.

    To transport garbage to the garbage disposal sites on their own, according to the amount levied in disposal fees and a reduction of transfer costs.

    Article fifth municipal solid waste disposal fee is imposed by the specific standards by the Municipal Department in charge of price together with the municipal finance, urban environmental health Administrative Department in accordance with the regulations, approved by the municipal executive. Sixth municipal solid waste disposal charges on a monthly basis.

    Residents can be quarterly or annual pre-payment, to pay on an annual basis. Seventh city life garbage disposal fee which can delegate the tax authorities, water and electricity supply businesses, financial institutions, or town Governments, subdistrict office collection.

    Consignor and consignee shall sign a written trust agreement.

Following object by the subdistrict office, people's Government of the eighth article of first instance, district (County) environmental health administrative departments of municipal solid waste disposal fees waived upon approval:

(A) the family subsistence allowances for urban residents;

(B) the national provisions on pensions and preferential treatments of the family;

(C) non-profit social welfare institutions;

(D) more than two months in a row, and water, electricity, gas watch households free of charge with zero number go to zero period between municipal solid waste disposal.

    Laws, rules and regulations on urban garbage disposal fees otherwise provided, from its provisions.

    Nineth municipal solid waste disposal charges shall be issued by the Department in charge of price charged licenses and charging documents issued by the competent administrative Department of urban environmental sanitation, printed using finance departments or the tax authority's private collection (votes). The tenth article, yuzhong district, Dadukou district, Jiangbei district, shapingba district, jiulongpo district, and Nan ' an district, beipei district, Yubei District, and district, the North zone is imposed by municipal solid waste disposal fee paid in full market finance, municipal finance under collection system used on a quarterly basis.

Other district (County) municipal solid waste disposal fee paid into the Government.

    District (County) of environmental administrative departments for public health shall before the 10th of each month, municipal solid waste disposal fee collection of submitted last month, sanitation regulatory agency. 11th municipal solid waste disposal charges for two lines of income and expenditure management, for use in transport of municipal solid waste, disposal and management.

    City and district (County) in sanitation, finance, audit, and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, strengthening the supervision and management of municipal solid waste disposal.

    12th article violates these rules, do not pay less falsification or pay a fee for municipal solid waste disposal, by District (County) of urban environmental sanitation Administrative Department ordered to pay late is still not paid, shall pay a fee for municipal solid waste disposal for unit three times and not more than 10000 Yuan fine, penalty of 100 Yuan and 300 yuan for individuals.

13th, urban sanitation, and his staff of any of the following acts by the administrative authorities, by their Department or the competent departments and supervisory organs shall be given administrative sanctions; a suspected crime, transferred to judicial organs for handling:

(A) without a toll permit, special collection (ticket) of charging and charging documents;

(B) alter the range of fees and standards;

(C) conceal, withhold, and divert municipal solid waste disposal;

(D) municipal solid waste disposal fees on behalf of other fees;

    (E) other acts of abuse, malpractice, neglect their duties. 14th the measures take effect on September 1, 2011. As of May 1, 2004 of the Chongqing municipal solid waste disposal fee collection management policy (Chongqing Municipal People's Government, the 165th) repealed simultaneously.

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