Hebei Rural Five-Guarantee Measures For The Implementation Of The Amendments

Original Language Title: 河北省农村五保供养实施办法修正案

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Hebei rural five-guarantee measures for the implementation of the amendments

    (October 9, 2011 Hebei Province Government 95th times Executive Conference considered through October 20, 2011 Hebei Province Government makes [2011] 10th, announced since announced of day up purposes) a, and third article modified for: "levels Government should strengthening on rural five dependent work of led, on five dependent object give care and care, and encourages social organization and personal for rural five dependent object and rural five dependent work provides donor and service.

    Civil affairs departments above the county level people's Governments in charge of rural five-guarantee work within their respective administrative areas.

    (Including nationality township or town, the same below) people of rural five-guarantee work within their respective administrative areas. Villagers ' committees assist the Township people's Government for rural five-guarantee work.

    ” Second, fourth, revised as follows: "old age, disability, or age of 16 villagers, no work and no has a source and cannot support, upbringing, support obligations, or its legal support, maintenance, maintenance obligations, without maintenance, upbringing, support capacity, enjoy the benefits of rural five-guarantee.

    ” III, sixth revised as follows: "enjoy the benefits of rural five-guarantee, should submit an application by the villagers themselves, according to the procedures provided for in the seventh of the procedures.

    ” Four, seventh revised as follows: "five guarantees supporting in rural areas no longer meets the conditions laid down in article sixth of the regulations, or the death of rural five-guarantee, village committees or rural five-guarantee service agency shall report to the Township people's Government, the Township people's Government approved and submitted to the approval of the County Civil Affairs Department to end its five-guarantee treatment and verification of its rural five-guarantee certificate.


    Five-eighth, is revised as follows: "rural five-guarantee includes the following support:

    (A) the supply of grain, oil and food, drinking water and fuel;

    (B) provide clothing, bedding and other supplies and pocket money;

    (C) provide basic living conditions of housing;

    (D) providing treatment, unable to take care of the care;

    (E) for a funeral matters.

    Rural five-guarantee under 16 years of age or have reached the age of 16 is still compulsory, should guarantee that they shall be subject to compulsory education requirements. Disease treatment for rural five-guarantee, with local links up rural cooperative medical system and rural medical assistance system.

    ” Six, one paragraph is added, as the Nineth article: "rural five-guarantee funds, according to the relevant provisions of the State and the province. Collective operation income place, you can allocate funds from the rural collective operation income, used to benefit and improve the lives of rural five-guarantee. Farming rural five-guarantee contract are handed over to the others, and all of its proceeds to the five guarantees supporting in rural areas object.

    ” Seven, tenth amendment: "rural five-guarantee object can be in one of the local rural five-guarantee service organizations concentrated or dispersed support at home. Forms of rural five-guarantee object can choose to support.

    ” Eight, 11th modified to: "counties (cities) should construction of rural five-guarantee services, districts and municipal districts according to the local needs of rural five-guarantee work building rural five-guarantee service.

    ” Nine, 12th is revised as follows: "people's Governments at the county level will be institution-building in the economic and social development of rural five-guarantee service planning for rural five-guarantee service organizations to provide the necessary facilities, management of funds, and are equipped with the necessary staff.

    ” Ten, 13th, 14th in the "nursing home" is amended as "rural five-guarantee service.


    XI by deleting the 16th and 19th. Article 12, 20th to 18th, and be amended as: "the provinces named star five-guarantee services, advanced support units, model dependent individual activities. Selected advanced units and individuals, recognition and reward from the provincial Civil Affairs Department.

    ” 13, 24th shall be replaced by article 22nd and will "publish", "issue" changed to "released.

    ” 14, according to the above modifications, adjustments to the order of the relevant provisions in these procedures. In addition, the individual words have been modified.