Beijing Price Monitoring

Original Language Title: 北京市价格监测办法

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Beijing price monitoring

    (October 11, 2011 105th Executive session of Beijing Municipal October 19, 2011 order No. 240 of Beijing Municipality announced since December 1, 2011) first to standardize the monitoring prices, guaranteed price monitoring the accuracy and timeliness of information, and play the role of price monitoring in macro-economic regulation, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on price, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to price monitoring work in the administrative area of the city.

    Price monitoring in these measures refers to the price departments on important product related information and services for tracking, collection, analysis, early warning, reporting activities.

    Third municipal, district, County, price authorities are responsible for monitoring work within their respective administrative areas, organizing price monitoring reporting system, monitoring and analysis of prices of essential goods and services and changes in market supply and demand situation; tracking price effects of policies and measures implemented; implementation of price forecasting, early warning, timely recommendations.

    Price established by the Department in charge of price monitoring agency-specific price monitoring.

    Fourth article of the monitoring of important goods and services, on the following charges:

    (A) grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and other agricultural products;

    (B) industrial capital goods such as steel, cement, non-ferrous metals;

    (C) agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, plastic sheeting, pesticides;

    (D) oil, gas, coal and other energy products;

    (E) vehicles, communication equipment, household appliances and other electrical products;

    (Vi) sale, leasing and land;

    (G) medical, education, passenger and freight transportation services;

    (H) countries and other important goods and services identified in this municipality.

    Fifth of Municipal Department in charge of price under the State price monitoring report system and the actual conditions are formulated, price monitoring and reporting system, determine the specific monitoring of prices of essential commodities and services projects, clear price information collection, compilation, analysis, and reporting.

    Price monitoring covered by article sixth unit and individual shall cooperate with the Department in charge of price price monitoring, and truthfully provide information on the price.

    Seventh price monitoring includes regular monitoring, special investigations and emergency monitoring and other means. Article eighth Department in charge of price, price monitoring report, under this system, determining legitimate, reputable, industry representative operators as fixed-point units, carrying out regular monitoring.

    Price department signed an agreement with fixed-point units.

    Price authorities shall issue certificates to fixed-point units and signage, and announced to the public.

    Nineth fixed-point units have the right to understand the provision of goods and services prices average in the region.

    Fixed units shall establish a price monitoring account, plan a full-time or part-time staff, according to the price monitoring reporting requirements, submit accurate, timely and complete pricing information.

    Tenth point unit production and management adjustments, cannot meet the needs of price monitoring, price authorities shall promptly withdraw certificates and signs, and announced to the public.

    11th under any of the following circumstances, price authorities can carry out special investigations:

    (A) of the hot and difficult problems in the economy;

    (B) the degree of social concern higher prices;

    (C) the pricing policy and the implementation of measures.

    12th survey survey response should be clear, develop surveys to obtain specific information about the prices of goods and services, provide timely and accurate information and analysis, provide a reference for macroeconomic regulation.

    13th under any of the following circumstances, price departments shall carry out emergency monitoring:

    (A) the public focus on the purchase of certain types of goods;

    (B) certain types of fluctuations in commodity prices is obvious;

    (C) developments in other emergency monitoring should be conducted.

    14th price departments shall establish a sound price monitoring and early warning network, development of emergency monitoring plan, clear plan for starting and conditions, working procedures, safeguards and other content, promptly to the local government level Department in charge of price reports and market price fluctuations during the emergency monitoring situation, reasons and recommendations.

    15th the price administrative departments for fixed-point units to give policy advice, operational guidance and training, and provide necessary working conditions.

    Price monitoring information shall not be used for macroeconomic control and price management purposes other than work.

    16th price monitoring staff should have the expertise required to engage in price monitoring, according to the price monitoring reporting requirements, standards, methods, and procedures documented price monitoring.

    Price monitoring information is a State secret, or trade secrets, pricing departments and their staff should be kept confidential.

    Article 17th price departments establish a price monitoring system of expert consultation, in accordance with the needs, in conjunction with relevant experts analyses market changes, forecasting price trends in a timely manner.

    18th price departments shall be submitted to the local government level and pricing departments to submit price monitoring reports.

    Price monitoring report includes the following:

    (A) to monitor the operation of the prices of goods and services and social response;

    (B) to monitor changes in the prices of goods and services cause analysis and trend forecasting, early warning;

    (C) the price is the effect of policies and measures;

    (D) the recommendation of policies and measures;

    (E) other circumstances relevant to the monitoring of prices of goods and services.

    19th the price administrative departments should strengthen the informatization construction, improve information collection, processing and transmission system, open channels of information submitted to achieve relevant government departments to share information.

    Price monitoring requirements included in the budget.

    Article 20th price monitoring staff of any of the following acts, shall be given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) not according to the price monitoring reporting requirements, standards, methods, and procedures, monitoring of prices;

    (B) concealing, falsifying or tampering with the price monitoring information;

    (C) disclose State secrets or business secrets price monitoring information;

    (D) the price monitoring information for macroeconomic control and price management purposes other than work.

    Article 21st disobey article sixth, price monitoring units and individuals involved refused to cooperate or refuses to provide information that affects prices monitoring, the competent authority shall order correction within; fails to change the imprisonment penalty of 30,000 yuan.

    22nd in violation of paragraph II of this article Nineth, fixed-point units are not accurate, timely and complete submission of price-related information, the competent authority shall order correction, to a penalty of 10,000 yuan. 23rd article this way come into force December 1, 2011.