Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government On The Amendment Of The Decision Of The Regulations On The Administration Of Public Cultural Facilities In Heilongjiang Province

Original Language Title: 黑龙江省人民政府关于修改《黑龙江省公共文化设施管理规定》的决定

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Heilongjiang provincial people's Government on the amendment of the decision of the regulations on the administration of public cultural facilities in Heilongjiang province

    (The 63rd Executive meeting of December 5, 2011 in Heilongjiang province on December 9, 2011 6th Heilongjiang province people's Government promulgated as of February 1, 2012) Heilongjiang provincial people's Government for decision on the regulations on the administration of public cultural facilities in Heilongjiang province made the following modifications: A, and third article modified for: "This provides by said public culture facilities, is refers to by levels Government or social power held of, to public open for carried out culture activities of public of Museum, and library, and Memorial, and Technology Museum, and archives, and masses Museum (cultural centers), and township integrated cultural center, and Gallery, and Palace, and green Palace, and community culture activities Center (culture room), buildings, and site and equipment.

    ” Second paragraph, sixth is: "the cultural administration departments at or above the county level responsible for the administration of public cultural facilities in management, supervision and guidance, and organize the implementation of these provisions.

” Third paragraph: "development and reform, housing and urban-rural development, land and resources, financial, science and technology, archives, and other departments and organizations such as trade unions, the Communist Youth League, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to make public cultural facilities planning, construction, protection, use, and management of related work.

    ” , 11th paragraph modified as follows: "encourages citizens, legal persons and other organizations, investment, construction and management of donated public cultural facilities.


Four, 13th revised as follows: "public cultural facilities should be open to the public and facilitate public order events may not be idle for no reason. According to free admission to national museums and memorial halls, public libraries, cultural centers (stations) and galleries and other public cultural facilities, not out.


    Five, by deleting article 14th. Six, 17th to 16th, the first paragraph is amended as: "to dismantle public cultural facilities due to urban and rural construction should be rebuilt; does not rebuild, local people's Governments concerned before making a decision, shall organize the demonstration, and level on the consent of the Administrative Department, reported to people's Governments at a higher level for approval, ex situ reconstruction. Redevelopment, construction area, and may not be lower than national standards.

” Addition of a paragraph, as a fourth paragraph: "the relocation work should stick to the first building after demolition or construction and demolition carried out of principle. Relocation costs caused by relocation of the unit.

” Addition of a paragraph, as the fifth paragraph: "new construction, renovation or expansion of public cultural facilities shall conform to the cultural function of demand.

    ” Section VII, 18th to 17th, the second paragraph is amended as: "the Government's purpose of public cultural facilities absolutely necessary to change the culture, local people's Governments concerned before making a decision, experts should be organized, with the consent of the cultural Administrative Department at a higher level, higher level people's Government.

    ” Section eight, 19th to 18th and amended as: "organized by the Government of public cultural facilities sells, transfers or as capital investment, should ask the public cultural facilities authority consent, according to the State-owned assets and land asset management regulations implement procedures.

    ” Article nine, 20th to 19th, amended to read: "because of the special situation of temporary occupation of public cultural facilities, shall obtain the consent of public cultural facilities managers agree and returned in a timely manner, elapsed time of not more than six months in a row.


    Ten, 22nd to 21st, the second amendment: "without the permission of occupation of public cultural facilities or the occupation of public cultural facilities for more than six months in a row is not returned in a timely manner".

Plenary, and 23rd article to 22nd article, modified for: "violation this provides, has following behavior one of of, by culture administrative sector or about competent sector ordered its deadline corrected; confiscated illegal proceeds, illegal proceeds 5,000 yuan above of, and at illegal proceeds twice times above five times times following of fine; no illegal proceeds or illegal proceeds 5,000 yuan following of, can at 10,000 yuan following of fine; on has responsibility of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel, law give administrative sanctions:

(A) activities related to public cultural facilities function, use incompatible service activities; (B) violation of the provisions of public cultural facilities.


In addition, some of the provisions of the order and individually adjusted the text accordingly.

This decision shall take effect on February 1, 2012. The public cultural facilities in Heilongjiang province after the corresponding changes in the regulations in accordance with this decision and publish it again.