Shenyang Agriculture Development Fund And Project Management Method

Original Language Title: 沈阳市农业综合开发资金和项目管理办法

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Shenyang Agriculture Development Fund and project management method

    (February 9, 2012, Shenyang city people's Government, the 59th General session through February 16, 2011, Shenyang city people's Government, the 33rd release come into force on April 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions 

    First in order to strengthen the agriculture comprehensive development funding and project management, ensure the safety and effective use of funds and ensure smooth implementation of the project in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second agricultural development in these measures refers to regulatory approval by the national and provincial agricultural comprehensive development project, using special funds and other funds established by the financial, land management and industrialization project of comprehensive development and utilization of agricultural resources activities.  

    Third, agricultural development, the funding and project management, these measures shall apply.

    Article fourth comprehensive development of agricultural comprehensive development in agriculture (hereinafter referred to as developed counties) management system.    

    Development refers to the County by the national agricultural comprehensive development and administration of agricultural comprehensive development project area, counties (cities). Fifth of municipal financial Department of the people's Governments in charge of the city Agriculture Development Fund, and project management.

Development in the financial departments of the county people's Governments in charge of the area agricultural development fund and project management.

City and development of County agriculture development authority specifically responsible for the agricultural development fund and project management.   

    Agriculture, water, forestry, land and natural resources, environmental protection, power and other sectors within the scope of their respective duties, to complete the comprehensive agricultural development work.   

    Sixth city and developed County people's Governments shall organize the relevant departments to prepare agricultural comprehensive development of medium-and long-term planning, and comprehensive agricultural development work within the administrative area of the economic and social development plan.

    Article seventh joint conference system for municipal and development of County agriculture comprehensive development, research coordination, to address agricultural development funds and major issues in project management.

    Chapter II administration of funds

Eighth agricultural comprehensive development project funding include:

(A) the Central, provincial and municipal finance establishment of a special fund for agricultural development;

(B) agricultural production and operation organizations and individuals to raise funds, to fold funding and villagers to vote labor fold funding;

(C) through financial investment attracted financial funds;

(D) community Endowment Fund;  

    (V) other relevant provisions of national and provincial funding. Nineth agriculture comprehensive development and use of special funds reimbursement system at county level. Development of County agriculture comprehensive development and management institutions shall implement the provisions of accounting processes and procedures.

    Agricultural comprehensive development in agriculture development fund shall, in accordance with the financial and accounting systems, implemented by professionals, special accounts accounts, earmarking may not be diverted to any other use.  

    No unit or individual is allowed to agricultural comprehensive development in obtaining special funds, free use of special funds to pay may not be used.

Tenth comprehensive agricultural development land management project management includes:

(A) in accordance with State regulations development of County agriculture comprehensive development under the land management project in the annual plan of financial 1% in terms of the proportion of the total project management of funds;

    (B) municipal, development finance according to no less than last year's land management project 3% project arranged by the total plan funds management funds;

    (C) by contracting, leasing, auctions the project obtained income;

    (D) the township (town) people, neighborhood offices, the villagers ' Committee, farmers specialized cooperative organization and benefit farmers so as to project management and protection money. 11th engineering management funds are mainly used for agricultural comprehensive development in agriculture comprehensive development engineering of using public works and equipment maintenance necessary simple management tools and monitoring equipment.

 May not be used for the purchase of vehicles and administrative institutions ' wages, subsidies and other operating expenses for administrative expenses.

    Agricultural development engineering management funds of using declared and approval by agricultural development land governance project management subject proposed with paragraph plans application, by where village Committee and Xiang (town) Government, and subdistrict offices financial sector review agreed, about sector and related technicians on maintenance engineering budget for cost audit Hou, reported by agricultural development management institutions audit approved Hou, according to approved of with paragraph plans, according to County financial reimbursement system about provides paid funds. 12th agricultural development land management of the project financed by the agricultural development authority and manpower arrangement and management, the implementation of separate accounts, earmarking.   

    Balances for the current year funds to be carried forward to the next year.  

    13th of municipal and development of County agriculture comprehensive development management should do agricultural development funds performance evaluation, improving the efficiency of Fund utilization.

    Chapter project management

    Article 14th agricultural comprehensive development project including land management projects and industrialization projects.

    Land administration project, including mine construction of basic farmland, high standard field demonstration projects, cotton, oil and other commodities of superior agriculture products bases, seed breeding, the land reclamation project field, pasture improvement, watershed management, desertification control, ecological construction of forest ecological management projects, supporting medium irrigation project.

    Industrialization projects, including forest and agricultural cultivation, animal husbandry and aquaculture farming base, agricultural product processing, storage and preservation, wholesaler market circulation facilities.

    15th city and development of County agriculture development authority shall, in accordance with the higher annual declaration Guide and comprehensive agricultural development planning, project notice issued annual step by step. FA development tasks within the County, and township (town) people, neighborhood offices, farmers ' specialized cooperation organizations, farming enterprises, as well as have some land to grow the scale of individual projects combined, according to the Guide to Declaration, written applications to the developing County agriculture comprehensive development and management institutions.

    An accepting institution shall organize relevant experts on field trips, made preliminary review opinions, meet the requirements, should be publicized, and submitted to the municipal agricultural development authority pursuant to the provisions. 

    Agricultural comprehensive development management should organize experts or authorize the Agency to review the project proposals, meet the requirements, submitted to the provincial agricultural development authority for approval.

    Article 16th agricultural comprehensive development project shall conform to the national, provincial and municipal regulations and construction standards, the construction does not exceed a maximum period of two years. 

    Approval of agricultural comprehensive development project implementation unit or individual, content, location and scale are not allowed to change; does need to change, should be in accordance with the provisions of comprehensive agricultural development and administration.

Article 17th Declaration of land management projects shall satisfy the following conditions: (A) the project field should be consistent with the overall land use planning, there are clear regional, according to river or irrigation districts planning, project water assurance, flood protection, drainage outlet, the backbone of irrigation and drainage engineering; block set piece, the yield potential.

Annual individual projects are relatively integrated development area, plains of hilly area of not less than 10,000 acres, in principle no less than 5000 acres; (B) ecological management projects should have clear regional scope, controlling area of set piece, the development governance conditions, to improve the agricultural production conditions and ecological environment has a significant effect.

A single contiguous area of the project of the year, small watershed management and desertification control more than 5000 acres; (C) supporting medium irrigation projects should be consistent with regional water resources use planning and water-saving irrigation development plan directly to the agricultural comprehensive development project area water conservancy irrigation and drainage conditions.  

    Design of irrigation area of not less than 50,000 acres, less than 300,000 acres.

    Article 18th declared land administration project, villagers ' Committee shall be subject to a democratic approach, seek the villagers, "one thing one debate", and according to applicable regulations issued by the villagers agreed to finance vote labour and project-related documents.

19th Declaration industrialization project shall meet the following requirements:

(A) in line with State industrial policies and development programs, has obvious advantages in resources and characteristics;

(B) the applicant or the control unit shall have an independent legal personality;

(C) comply with the requirements of market economy management mechanisms have been established, to ensure projects are completed according to plan and the financial standard, safe, and effective use;

(D) work closely with farmers to establish reasonable benefit coupling mechanism;

    (E) operating period, economic and financial indicators are in line with national and provincial agricultural comprehensive annual guide to Declaration of the management and other related requirements.

    Article 20th agricultural comprehensive development project tendering and bidding system, project construction supervision system and public announcement system, management system.

    Land management projects are primarily individual engineering survey and design, construction, supervision and procurement of major equipment, the implementation of public bidding.

    Land administration project of major individual projects under construction, carried out by the unit with appropriate professional qualification or ability of supervision. 

    Agricultural development funds, rural collectives and farmers to raise the necessary funds use of funds, construction the main content of the project, project construction units should be public in the project area.  

    Article 21st project implementation units should be implemented in conformity with the approved design, construction units should be strictly in accordance with the design and construction, are not allowed to change the project location, size, standard and main building. 22nd agricultural comprehensive development project is completed in accordance with the relevant provisions of article acceptance.  

    Development of County agriculture comprehensive development and management should do a good job getting ready for a project acceptance.

    Article 23rd developing County agriculture comprehensive development management and acceptance of land management project, should clarify management, organize and handle the transfer formalities.

24th the small reservoir land management project (Dam), irrigation and drainage pumping stations, and irrigation and drainage channel, bridge gate, JI Geng Lu, power transmission lines and ancillary equipment, electrical and auxiliary rooms, spray (drop) infrastructure, such as irrigation facilities after the completion, management and maintenance by the following organizations and individuals:

(A) identify regulatory agencies across development of rural water conservancy projects by County;

(B) cross village Township relevant regulatory agencies;

(C) project for villagers ' committees or village within a village collective economic organizations; 
(D) involving a farm household individual projects for the benefit of farmers.

    Fourth chapter of supervision and inspection

    25th of municipal management and development of County agriculture comprehensive development agencies should strengthen supervision and inspection, prepare for comprehensive agricultural development projects, funds after built and maintenance supervision, examination and evaluation of the situation, and so on.

    Municipal development and County Finance Department should strengthen the agricultural development fund and financial supervision and inspection of the work.  

    Article 26th city and development of county governments audited departments shall, in accordance with the responsibility, an annual inspection audit of agricultural development fund.

    27th agricultural development authority should be public procedures, subject to public supervision.  

    Reports of violations in agriculture comprehensive development, the relevant Department shall accept, and in accordance with their respective responsibilities, reports the matter to ascertain the facts dealt with according to law.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    28th article violates these rules, project financial reporting units or individuals obtaining agricultural comprehensive development fund, managed by the agricultural development agency recovery of financial funds being cheated, is obtaining special funds and fines of 10% up to 50% the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    29th article violates these rules, developing counties are not in accordance with the requirements of full implementation of the management of the project funds shall not be declared land management projects.

30th article violates these rules, project implementation unit or individual has any of the following acts, by the development of County agriculture development and administration a rectification; it fails, not declared in three years of agricultural comprehensive development project:

(A) the presentation of project materials to deception;

(B) not implemented construction standards, or alter the project implementation unit or individual, content, location and scale;

    (C) no such extension of the construction period of the project or the project failed to pass the annual inspection.  

    31st article violates these rules, intentionally damaging, destruction of agricultural comprehensive development project facilities, the public security organs shall be punished. 

    Article 32nd agricultural development authority and staff of the relevant departments in agricultural comprehensive development of abuse, negligence, malpractice, shall be given administrative sanctions.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles  

    33rd of municipal local project, development of the county-level financial agricultural development activities, in accordance with the measures shall apply. 34th article of the measures shall take effect on April 1, 2012.