Dalian Municipal People's Government Decision On The Amendment 12 Municipal Regulations

Original Language Title: 大连市人民政府关于修改12件市政府规章的决定

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Dalian municipal people's Government decision on the amendment 12 municipal regulations

    (December 26, 2011 Dalian municipal people's Government at the 46th Executive Conference review by December 26, 2011 Dalian municipal people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2012, 116th) female workers of urban enterprises, Dalian Municipal Government decided to trial procedures for 12 pieces, such as city of birth insurance regulations read as follows:

One, the female workers of urban enterprises of Dalian maternity insurance trial procedures for (municipal order 4th release) (A) amend article 19th for "violation of the regulations, underpaid maternity insurance premium not paid by the enterprise, the labour administrative department in charge shall command the deadline to pay; if not paid by the day plus five out of 10,000 of the amount in default of payment of a late fee, late fee into the maternity insurance fund.

    (B) delete 22nd and 23rd.

Second, the measures for the supervision and administration of contract in Dalian (hubs of [1995]85, published in document; hubs [1997]111 first amendment; hubs of [2000]74, the second amendment; the city third amendment, the 112th)

    Delete article 17th and 18th.

Third, the Dalian international container road transport management policy (hubs of [1996]30, published in document; hubs [2002]23 amended)

(A) in the third, fifth, "traffic in Dalian port authority" is amended as "Dalian municipal Bureau of traffic", "Dalian road transport administration" is amended as "road transport administration, Dalian City (the city Canal)". (Ii) 18th article first items modified for "(a) no road transport business license engaged in international container road transport of, confiscated all illicitly acquired, and can at illicitly acquired amount 1 to 3 times times of fine, refused to accept check or continues to engaged in business activities of, temporarily buckle its vehicles, and equipment, and tool, and issued by province road transport management institutions unified business sent of temporarily buckle voucher.

    (C) the deletion of article 23rd.

Four, of the interim provisions on the administration of funeral and interment in Dalian City (hubs of [1997]59, published in document; municipal order 48th Amendment)

    Delete 16th fourth.

Five, the liquefied petroleum gas regulations in Dalian (hubs [published in document 1997]71)

(A) the fourth section of "the Dalian municipal public affairs administrative Bureau" is amended as "Dalian urban and rural construction Committee."

(B) delete the article 25th, 31st.

    In addition, the individual words have been modified.

Liu, the Dalian civil servants staff maternity insurance provisions (hubs [published in document 1998]7) (A) amend article 17th "the timely delivery of the prescribed time limit to pay maternity insurance fund. Fails to pay the overdue, from the date of late, levy an assessment on a daily basis five out of 10,000 late fee, late fee into the maternity insurance fund.

    (B) delete the article 19th.

Seven, the urban environmental sanitation regulations (hubs of [1998]52, published in document; municipal order amended for the first time, 37th; municipal order 48th second revision) Delete the article 25th.

    In addition, the individual words have been modified.

Eight, the Dalian pig slaughtering and product flow management rules (hubs of [1999]10, published in document; hubs [2002]23 first amendment; the city second amendment, the 112th) 25th amendment for "breach of this provision, Commerce, agriculture, industry and commerce administration, health sectors according to their respective functions, in accordance with the provisions of law and rules and regulations will be punished. Provisions of laws and regulations, the regulations are not, has illegally obtained, the illegal income fined not more than 3 times (not more than RMB 30,000); no illegal proceeds, more than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.


Nine, the Dalian port shoreline management policy (38th of the Municipal Government published municipal 112th amended) 15th article amended to read "(a) stipulated in violation of eighth, tenth and 11th, a rectification; it fails, by the port administration authority for the people's Court for compulsory removal of illegal construction of facilities, and to a fine of between 50,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

” Second amendment to "(b) contrary to article 12th, ordered dismantled, and a fine of less than 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan. Overdue refused to dismantle, by the port administration authority for the people's Court for compulsory demolishing the illegal building of the facility.


Ten, the Dalian City on the settlement of arrears and the provisions on the deduction of wages for rural migrant workers in the construction industry (city to 51st release) 20th article modified for "violation this provides, units not on time allocated engineering paragraph, led to arrears agricultural migrant workers wage of, by construction administrative competent sector ordered its deadline allocated, late not allocated of, construction, and labor guarantees administrative competent sector can to planning land, and land reserves, and property, sector sent assist began contact single, land reserves sector not approved its new starts construction project, not handle bid notice; planning land sector not for its handle with to, and planning procedures; construction administrative competent sector not issued Construction license, not the quality supervision, acceptance of filing formalities; not for commercial property sector pins (pre) sell licenses, certificates of title. Unit for serious arrears, leading to arrears of wages, group visit event is raised, the City Government right to recover their land in accordance with law, and public exposure.


XI of the regulations on the monitoring of land and resources in Dalian City (municipality the 70th release) Amend article 16th "was ordered to stop the illegal practice of units and individuals to continue construction of land and resources watchdog can be ordered to dismantle the new buildings and other structures, fails to remove, may apply to court for mandatory demolition.


12, the Dalian protection construction management measures of protection (Municipal Government announced 89th)

Delete the 24th article.

    In addition, the articles adjusted accordingly. This decision shall enter into force on January 1, 2012. The female workers of urban enterprises of Dalian trial procedures for 12 pieces, such as city of birth insurance regulations be revised according to this decision, republished.

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