Hebei Province People's Government Decision On The Changes Of Government Regulations

Original Language Title: 河北省人民政府关于修改部分政府规章的决定

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Hebei province people's Government decision on the changes of government regulations

    (December 28, 2011 Executive meeting of the Hebei provincial people's Government, the 99th review by people's Government of Hebei province December 30, 2011 (2011) published 17th come into force on January 1, 2012), delete section 15th of the implementation measures for waterway management in Hebei province. Second, will the funeral management article 31st of Hebei province, the first paragraph is amended as: "the violation of the provisions of this article eighth, a rectification by the home sector; it refuses can be enforced.


    Article 34th "restitution" amended to "rectify".

    Article 35th of the "original landscape restoration" amended to "rectify". The 37th article is revised as follows: "violation of the provisions of this article 21st, confiscated by local departments of civil affairs in conjunction with the industrial and commercial administrative departments, can manufacture and sales amount more than 1 time and fined a maximum of 3 times.

    ” Third, delete the implementing rules of the Hebei Province State secrets in the 37th "legally enforceable", will be "enforced by the Executive made the decision according to law or apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution" is amended as "the Executive made the decision apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.

    ” Four, the Hebei provincial highway management regulations amend article 23rd: "cause damage to the roads, ancillary facilities of roads, highway protection managed by the Highways Agency in accordance with the relevant laws and administrative regulations to implement the administrative enforcement.


    Five, of the interim measures for the collection and payment of social insurance in Hebei province of the 17th section of "2 per thousand" amended to read "five out of 10,000." Article 18th is revised as follows: "the employer fails to pay social insurance contributions or make up, the local tax authorities may query its account to banks and other financial institutions, and allocation of social insurance contributions apply to the relevant administrative departments at and above the county level for decision written notice to the Bank or other financial institution to transfer social insurance contributions.

    Employer account balance is less than the payment of social insurance contributions, the local tax authorities may require the employer to provide security, enter into a deferred payment agreement. Employer fails to pay the social insurance premiums and are not guaranteed, local tax authority may request the people's Court seizure, attachment, auction property of their worth should pay social insurance fees, proceeds from the sale against payment of social insurance.

    ” Six, the Hebei provincial public health emergency measures for the implementation of article 28th of the revised as follows: "to close contacts of patients with infectious diseases, medical and health institutions should be taken where hospital, medical observation or specify a different location under medical observation at home. Returning officers in key areas from infectious, medical observations on it the people's Governments above the county level may decide. Medical and health institutions, neighbourhood or village Committee and observers by medical units or other related units, medical observers should be placed under medical observation, supervision and logistical support.


    Article 30th is amended as: "departments, health agencies of infectious diseases should be done early discovery, early reporting, early quarantine and early treatment, cut off transmission and prevent proliferation. Infectious disease outbreaks, epidemics, streets, villages and towns, as well as residents ' and villagers ' committees shall organize, solidarity and cooperation, prevention, assist in the Administrative Department of public health and other relevant departments, medical and health information, the collection and reporting, personnel and decentralized implementation of quarantine, public health measures, information to residents, villagers on infectious diseases prevention knowledge.


    Seven, the circulation of food quality and safety supervision and management in Hebei province in the 14th article of the provisional regulations "suspension, sealed" is amended as "sealing up, distraining." Eight, 18th in the Hebei province supervision and administration of environmental pollution prevention and control measures is amended as: "environmental protection administration authorities can make on-site inspections of the units according to law. On-site inspection can be carried out on-site monitoring, collecting samples, check out the information and found that units caused, or is likely to cause severe environmental pollution case, should take immediate emergency measures.


    Nine, and will Hebei province River mining sand management provides 33rd article and 34th article in the of "late not recovery undisturbed of, temporarily buckle, and sealed or demolition mining sand job tool, by County above water administrative competent sector on behalf of recovery, by needed costs by mining sand units and personal bear" modified for "late not recovery undisturbed of, by County above water administrative competent sector application Court forced implementation".

    Ten, delete the public energy-saving measures in the 39th, Hebei province "does not report the number of official cars". XI, Hebei province, will be the governance of overloaded freight vehicles provisions article 12th amended as: "overload of law enforcement personnel to overload freight vehicles, to Highway management rights provisions of ordering illegal responsible uninstalls itself. Does not accept the uninstall process, will not be leaving.

    ” The 16th article is revised as follows: "to disturb the order of overrun detection, highway protection managed by the Highways Agency in accordance with the relevant laws and administrative regulations be forced away from the, or impound vehicles.

    ” Delete the 35th in the second paragraph of article "fails, force the restitution, the costs borne by the liability.

    ” 12, will be the Nineth of Hebei rural collective economy audit regulations is amended as: "rural business management organization conducting audit, found the auditees and associated personnel transferred, concealed, tampered with, destroying accounting vouchers, account books, financial statements and other financial information Act, power to stop.


    In future, any inconsistent with the administrative mandatory law to the relevant provisions of administrative enforcement, from the date of implementation of the administrative enforcement law are suspended. This decision shall enter into force on January 1, 2012.