School Safety Management Of Guangzhou Municipality (For Trial Implementation)

Original Language Title: 广州市学校安全管理规定(试行)

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School safety management of Guangzhou Municipality (for trial implementation)

    (1th January 16, 2012, Guangzhou people's Government Executive meeting announced on March 7, 2012, people's Government of Guangzhou City, the 66th since April 1, 2012) first to ensure school safety, maintaining the normal teaching order, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on education and the People's Republic of China compulsory education law and other relevant laws and administrative regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Second kindergarten within the administrative area of the city, ordinary primary and secondary schools, secondary vocational schools (technical school), special education schools (hereinafter schools) safety management of the application of this provision.

    Article security work in schools should implement people-oriented principles of prevention and safety.

    Fourth school should ensure school safety funding school security funds included in the annual education budget to ensure normal operation of school safety.

    Fifth of municipal educational administrative departments responsible for the implementation of this provision, city, district or county educational administrative departments in charge of school safety, secondary vocational school authorities are responsible for school safety.

    Relevant government departments should, in accordance with their respective functions to manage duty school safety, to create a favorable security environment to ensure school safety.

    Sixth city, district or county educational administrative departments shall, in conjunction with human resources and social security, public safety, transportation, urban management, industry and commerce, health, food and drug administration, safety, environmental protection, judicial supervision, construction, land and housing, quality supervision, CDPF, culture radio, press and publication sectors to establish coordination mechanisms address school safety issues on a regular basis to ensure school safety.

    Article at all levels of education administration departments of area schools and secondary vocational school security and school security performs the following functions:

    (A) is responsible for the preparation of school safety education work plan to guide schools targeted, systematic student safety education, constantly improving the effectiveness of education;

    (B) the complete control of school safety, school security assessment goals include school safety work in management by objective annual evaluation and periodic assessment;

    (C) establishment of safety work responsibility and accountability, eliminate security risks in a timely manner, guidance to schools on the proper treatment of students ' injury accident;

    (D) develop school safety emergency plan, guide and supervise the school establish and implement safety management systems;

    (E) coordination of related functions of other government departments, has good management of school safety, assist in the Organization of local people's Governments for school safety accident rescue and investigation process;

    (F) the laws, regulations and other school safety management.

    Educational supervision agencies shall organize special supervision of school safety, school safety work as an important area of responsibility of inspectors supervise the content. Eighth schools shall establish a safety management system and identify person responsible for school safety.

    School safety is first responsible person of the legal representative, in charge of school safety official is directly responsible for the safety of the school.

    Nineth schools shall, in accordance with the proportion of students in school full-time security personnel, define its security responsibilities, and are equipped with the necessary safety equipment and monitoring, alarms and other devices.

    Tenth schools shall establish a sound system for safety of the following:

    (A) safety and security, security, security system of education and safety awareness;

    (B) the incident and other reports of security incidents, emergency response system;

    (C) education, supplies and facilities management systems, including dangerous reports, food, drinking water, electricity, fire safety, drug, dangerous goods, laboratory items, sports, sports equipment, physical education equipment and facilities management systems, boilers, elevators and other systems such as the use of special equipment safety management;

    (D) safety communications system;

    (E) the campus network and information security management systems;

    (F) students ' health records system;

    (G) the system of legal education of teachers and students;

    (VIII) other school safety management system. 11th schools shall establish a sound guard system, establishing school registration or certification of school personnel, prohibited without consent of school personnel and vehicles to enter.

    The vehicle should be approved for school speed limit road and parked at designated sites.

    Prohibition of non-teaching use inflammable, toxic substances, animals, control equipment, and other items into the campus that might jeopardize school security.

    Except for the following cases, at 7 o'clock to 18 o'clock time period, schools should allow students to stay in school and in the school:

    (A) statutory holidays;

    (B) the administrative departments of education or secondary vocational school's Department of epidemic prevention, security and other arrangements;

    (C) other circumstances as stipulated by laws, rules and regulations. In accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, students stay in school and in the non-teaching period of school shall comply with the relevant regulations.

    Specific measures for the administration of the municipal educational administrative departments shall be separately formulated by the authorities or secondary vocational schools.

    12th public security organs should strengthen the schools and students in the surrounding area schools, policing and patrolling and control of key road sections during school, law and order situation in the complex surrounding the creation of the school security guard posts and alarm points, investigation in a timely manner to disrupt school order, infringes on students ' and faculty members ' personal and property security cases.

    City law enforcement and construction departments should strengthen the neighborhood planning and construction inspection of law enforcement; business, health, culture radio, press and publication sectors should strengthen the school around business service management and supervision, to investigate and punish illegal behavior.

    Safety supervision, industry and commerce, planning and other related departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to any entity or individual in violation of the relevant laws, regulations, rules, norms, set up in schools around inflammable, explosive, poisonous, corrosive and radioactive production, management, storage and use of the sites or facilities, as well as other information which may affect the safety of school premises or facilities. 13th school shall give priority to reducing the noise of project funds, take measures to ensure a quiet environment.

    New school buildings should be used to eliminate the noise performance of design and building materials.

    Public security, construction, transportation, urban management and planning, environmental protection and other relevant departments should strengthen the school perimeter road vehicles, site, place of business, such as the source of the noise regulation to guarantee noise within the school day does not exceed 70 DB, not exceeding 55 decibels at night.

    14th public security, traffic and construction departments in the school, such as surrounding roads provided warnings, speed, slow, traffic warning signs and safety facilities, in front of the school on the road to delimit the pedestrian line, to set up the traffic lights, speed bumps, pedestrian bridges and other facilities.

    Public security organs traffic management Department is located in a complex section of the school to school, according to the need to deploy police or traffic Coordinator for maintenance of road traffic near schools school order.

    Primary school adjacent to the traffic, public security and traffic management departments should maintain a good traffic order, safeguard students ' schooling, school safety through school should arrange to escort younger students cross the road.

    15th public security organs traffic management authorities should strengthen supervision and inspection of school bus runs, investigating school bus road traffic violations in a timely manner, regular officer vehicle driver road traffic violations, traffic incident information CC unit and the administrative departments of education or vocational departments.

    Illegal modification of vehicles, safety performance does not meet national standards, the public security organs traffic management departments shall not for its inspection procedures.

    The administrative departments of education or vocational departments should strengthen inspection and supervision on the use of a school bus, use do not meet national safety standards, found to be false false certificates, licensed, unlicensed, assembling or scrap vehicles, shall order the school to stop using and to inform the public security organs traffic management departments.

    Administrative departments of education or secondary vocational school authorities, the public security organs traffic management, transportation and other related departments shall establish and improve school bus safety information sharing mechanism.

    16th school student of the school bus shall satisfy the following conditions:

    (A) compliance with motor vehicle safety standards, special school bus for special school bus in accordance with national standards, and motor vehicle inspection certificate;

    (B) on both sides of the cab units number name contains, and spraying cars, body spray as required uniform color, body spray at the back "school bus";

    (C) install safety devices such as handrails, railings, seats with seat belts;

    (D) are equipped with escape hammer, dry powder fire extinguishers, first aid kits and other safety equipment to ensure good performance and effective application;

    (V) installation and use satellite positioning features of digital tachograph;

    (F) registration, registration procedures and the administrative departments of education or secondary vocational schools registered by the authorities. HUC student vehicle owner name must be identical to the unit name.

    Cars for hire have to rent vehicles which include passenger eligibility as student transportation, and sign the rental contract.

    17th school should be equipped with 1 or more full-time managers with full care ride on the school bus students, and regular vehicle safety education full-time managers, organizations with full-time managers of road traffic safety laws and regulations, safety and first aid.

    Truck full-time managers shall perform the following duties:

    (A) when the students get on and off, in the car boot, commanding, maintaining the order of on and off; students need to cross after you get off the road, students safe passage;

    (B) found that drivers without driving a school bus, or alcohol, the driver found the school bus overloading and there is other clear of obstruction of the traffic safety situation, stop the school bus line and reported immediately to the head of school;

    (C) by car count the number of students to ensure that car safety seat, started the school bus the driver confirm the beckoned after door is closed; (D) Suppression of student seats in the school bus driving and other dangerous behavior;
    (E) to verify the number of students have got off, after making sure that students have all been from the car by car I can from the car.

    Infant and primary school students ride the bus to school, or school-leaving, truck full-time managers should work with students ' parents or other guardians of connection of the school bus stops.

    18th school bus carrying students in bus lanes and other prohibited social traffic but allow vehicle access roads.

    School bus stopped on the road and students should be on docked on the right side of the road, turn on hazard warning lamps, will stop the driver from bat out of the window, the rear vehicles should stop waiting for any excess.

    School bus passenger shall not exceed the authorized number, shall not be overloaded for any reason.

    School vehicle shall comply with the road traffic safety laws, regulations, speed limits, but when driving on the roads in the city, and a maximum speed not exceeding 60 km.

    19th school school buildings, sites should meet safety standards. Schools should be on their buildings, structures, facilities, supporting green, geological disaster risk and safety management.

    Found safety problems exist, schools should promptly to the administrative departments of education or vocational departments to submit written reports and immediately stop using, enclosed protection, safety precautions such as warning and effective regulation.

    Education administration departments shall organize regular schools or secondary vocational school security.

    New school site shall conform to the safety standards, avoiding possible floods, landslides and avalanches, landslides, land subsidence, areas of disasters such as lightning strikes, and production factories, warehouses, storage of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods; should be far away from railways, highways, elevated roads, power lines, substations and refuse collection points, hospitals, the morgue and other places may undermine the physical and mental health of minors.

    20th boarders of the school should be equipped with special responsibility for accommodation in student life management and security work, establish and perfect the dormitory management system, implementation of the night watch, inspection responsibility and strengthen security checks to Hall electrical and fire alarm installations.

    Characteristics of school should be for a girls ' dorm security, strengthening the safety management of the dormitory.

    21st schools shall establish and improve fire protection safety responsibility system, enhance security evacuated equipment, fire-fighting facilities and equipment maintenance to ensure that fire service installations and equipment in good working condition; development of fire safety, fire hazard rectification, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods system and fire-fighting and emergency evacuation.

    Fire Department cooperative educational administrative departments or vocational schools are urged by the authorities to fulfil the duty to guarantee fire safety to help schools carry out fire safety education and emergency drills. 22nd school shall insure the safety education and teaching equipment and facilities shall not purchase production license or there is no relevant proof of safety education and teaching equipment and daily necessities, utensils.

    School laboratory skills, arts, sports and other facilities, equipment, safety checks should be carried out before use, inspection, maintenance and record.

    Article 23rd schools should strengthen the teaching experiments in the use of hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, and biological safety management of live samples and biological agents, security operations and standardize experimental teachers ' guidance system.

    On toxic chemicals, and easy business HIV chemicals, and radioactive material, and biological living sample and the biological preparations, dangerous goods, school should according to national about legal, and regulations for registration record, established dangerous chemicals, and radioactive material, and biological living sample and the biological preparations of purchase, and custody, and using, and check and scrap, management system, set meet legal, and regulations provides of specifically warehouse, on toxic harmful waste unified collection, and classification store, and referred to the has related qualification of units transport and disposal.

    24th security duty system should be introduced for school leaders and teachers of the school, students during an outdoor living space arrange inspection, management, clearance, protection of students, students or other illegal risk behaviors, delinquent behavior, should be warned in time, stop.

    Schools should be in dangerous buildings, swimming (water) pools, Highland, stairway, guardrail prone to dangerous places, such as warning or protective facilities.

    Should schools be conservation of trees with management responsibilities, to eliminate potential safety hazards. 25th school students participating in teaching, training, work or social and educational activities such as meetings, cultural and sports activities, shall inform the students need to be aware of the security considerations in their activities, and to take the necessary protective measures.

    Participating in military training, live-fire training, implementation must be organized in accordance with the training regulations.

    Schools shall organize primary and middle school students attend business celebrations; shall not be in any form and, on behalf of students engaged in contact with inflammable, explosive, toxic, harmful, such as labor, nor the students ' physiological and psychological characteristics or activities beyond the scope of their ability to protect themselves; may organize minors to participate in rescue operations and relief activities; school pupil shall be likely to endanger the safety of site activity. Secondary vocational school students practice outside the safety management system should be established and abide by relevant laws and regulations of the State, to provide students with the necessary practice conditions and safety and health practice work environment.

    Shall not arrangements a grade students to enterprise, units top gang internship; shall not arrangements students engaged in high, and well Xia, and radioactive, and toxic harmful, and flammable easy burst, and national provides of fourth level physical intensity places and other has security hidden of labor; shall not arrangements students to bar, and bath Mu foot and nightclub, and theaters, business sex entertainment internship; shall not through intermediary institutions agent organization, and arrangements and management internship work. 26th school organization student activities outside school should establish a security-safety work programme guarantees students; should have prior knowledge of large-scale recreational facilities test and the day of the event attendance, avoid stream of security issues.

    Banned organization students entering the illicit attractions.

    Other units of the school principal or organizing students to participate in extracurricular activities together with other units, should be entrusted with the unit or units on security agreed in writing, in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations and conventions, and to take effective measures to provide security for the students.

    The 27th Government should increase investment in construction of students ' health channel.

    Schools should be in public security, cultural radio and television under the guidance of the Department of press and publication, to strengthen the school LAN security monitoring, set the necessary security barriers to prevent student violence, pornography, superstition, cults, gambling, and other harmful Web content.

    Within 200 meters of the school shall not set up Internet cafes, Internet cafes must not allow minors to enter.

    28th the health Administrative Department on the school education facilities, sanitation facilities and drinking water of life conducting supervision and inspection, school of public health.

    Food and drug supervision and management departments should school canteens and other catering services link of the food security situation of conducting supervision and inspection, guidance to schools catering food security work.

    Industrial and commercial administrative departments should strengthen the campus supermarket, the commissary stores, such as supervision and inspection of the food security situation, ban the sale of expired, mildew disease, mixed with foreign matter or other do not meet food safety standards, the food may be harmful to human health. Schools available to students, faculty, food, medicines and daily necessities, shall conform to the national standards and local standards.

    School canteens should be established with canteen goods designated procurement, certificates, registration system and food inspection, record-keeping system, check drinking water hygiene and safety conditions to ensure food hygiene and safety of teachers and students.

    Enter the campus shop and cafeteria food, through preferential supplier bidding.

    29th schools should be equipped with the appropriate health professionals and medical supplies, diseases prevention and control of the relevant laws, regulations, rules and policies, found that infectious disease patients or suspected patients of infectious diseases, shall immediately report to the local disease prevention and control institutions and take temporary measures and inform the guardians of underage students.

    Health administrative departments shall organize and supervise medical units and professional control bodies to the prevention and control of communicable diseases, common diseases, and strengthen the supervision of infectious diseases, prevention and control of common diseases in schools. Article 30th schools should carry out the system of periodic health examinations for students, student health records.

    Health records should be confirmed by the guardian of the minor students.

    School of idiosyncrasy, students of a specific disease or abnormal mental conditions, should be given special attention and care.

    School certified by a qualified hospital suffering from mental illnesses, infectious diseases or other circumstances affecting the safety of the school's faculty members, and shall take necessary security measures, such as adjusting jobs, post treatment. 31st school shall establish a safety communications system of juvenile students, students of the school to the school and after school hours, students ' normal absence or without authorization from the school and the student body and the message that security relations of abnormal psychology, told the guardian in a timely manner.

    Guardian students should provide a valid contact information, guardian's contact information changes, should inform the school.

    Schools shall take good care of the student's health and safety information, and other information on students, to protect student privacy. Article 32nd school safety education system should be established, in accordance with national standards and local curriculum requirements semester, school year safety education programs, safety education and skills training for teachers and students to improve rescue, self-care and mutual capacities of teachers and students.

    Safety education shall not be less than two hours per semester. School safety education should include the prevention of and response to community safety, traffic safety, public health, accident, information security, natural disasters, and other accidents or incidents affecting the safety of students, schools should be based on safety education teachers and students to carry out various forms of accident prevention and drills.
    33rd schools should establish psychological consulting rooms, and staffed with full-time or part-time Advisory counsellors, offer mental health counseling courses or seminars on mental health counseling students.

    Schools should work with students ' guardians cooperate actively, strengthen mental health education, prevention and reduction of self-harm, self-mutilation, breaking accident of students.

    Article 34th school safety incidents occurring, schools should be based on existing conditions and ability to take timely measures to rescue the injured, protect the scene of the accident, and promptly notify the injured person guardian or next of kin. 35th found school district students or schools exist in the region around hazards or major security risks for personal safety, schools shall immediately take the appropriate precautionary measures and report to the relevant departments.

    Local people's Governments and relevant departments shall deal with and eliminate security risks.

    School safety incidents occurring, schools and school authorities shall, in accordance with relevant provisions of emergency information reported in Guangzhou, and promptly report to the competent Department of the people's Governments at the corresponding level and upper level. After the authorities received a report of the accident, the officer shall immediately rushed to the scene of the accident, organization assistance, on-site disposal.

    Schools shall cooperate and resume normal teaching order.

    Schools may conceal, report deceitfully or delay in reporting accidents.

    Article 36th on students ' personal injury compensation matters, the parties may negotiate or belongs to the school of education administration departments, authorities and related departments for mediation in secondary vocational schools can also initiate proceedings directly.

    37th in the school accident during processing, relevant government departments and schools cooperate with, to take the necessary measures to strengthen the safety and security of schools.

    38th schools shall apply for school liability insurance, insurance requirements included in the spending on education. Promote voluntary purchase accident insurance for students.

    Schools should provide facilities for students to participate in accident insurance, but may not charge any fees.

    39th administrative departments of education or secondary vocational schools have one of the following to the competent authority, by the local government or its higher administrative authorities shall order within a time limit, informed criticism in serious cases, to the administrative departments of education or vocational departments primarily responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    (A) in violation of the provisions of the seventh article, fails to discharge the responsibilities of school safety management;

    (B) violation of the provisions of the 15th article stipulates that finds student school buses do not meet national safety standards and other rules, there is no time to stop and take measures;

    (C) violation of the provisions of the 19th article stipulates that school is not potentially unsafe building (structures), sites or facilities, such as supervision and take appropriate measures;

    (D) violation of the provisions of article 35th received school safety incidents reported, not timely or not timely guidance to schools to be disposed of;

    (E) other acts of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism.

    40th and relevant departments of the Government in violation of the law, regulations and the provisions of the present regulations, fails to discharge the responsibilities of school security monitoring, management and protection, the higher levels of Government or administrative authority shall order correction within serious and managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    41st article school has following case one of of, about competent sector should ordered its deadline corrected; refused to corrected of, on public school statutory representative people or directly responsibility people give administrative sanctions, and on school sentenced 30,000 yuan following of fine; on private school of school held who, and statutory representative people, and security responsibility people or other directly responsibility people sentenced 30,000 yuan following of fine, and 5 years within shall not engaged in school business management or education management affairs; constitute crime of, law held criminal:

    (A) in violation of the provisions of article eighth, failing to establish safety management responsibility system, determine the person responsible for security work in schools;

    (B) violation of the provisions of article Nineth, no dedicated security personnel, equipped with the necessary safety equipment and monitoring, alarm and other equipment;

    (C) violation of the provisions of the tenth article does not establish safe systems of work;

    (D) violation of the provisions of article 11th first to second paragraph, does not establish the guard system or non-teaching use inflammable, toxic substances, animals, control apparatus and others likely to endanger the safe items into the campus of the school;

    (E) violation of the provisions of article 11th paragraph, is not allowing students to stay in school and in the school;

    (F) violation of the provisions of article 16th hire drivers or school bus;

    (VII) in violation of the provisions of the 17th article, does not have full-time managers with car care on the school bus ride students or full-time managers did not fulfill the educational and management responsibilities;

    (VIII) violation of the provisions of the 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd article, does not enhance the safety of school buildings, dormitories, educational equipment and fire safety;

    (I) violation of the provisions of article 23rd, buy, use, and management of hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, living specimens and biological agents and other dangerous goods;

    (J) the violation of the provisions of article 24th, failed to ensure the safety of student activities;

    (11) the violation of the provisions of the 25th and 26th in the second and third paragraph provides that students engage in risk of not suitable for students to participate in labor, sports and other activities;

    (12) the violation of the provisions of this article 28th diyi、er、sankuan, refuses or fails to cooperate with relevant departments shall implement supervision and administration of the security;

    (13) violation of the provisions of the fourth paragraph of the 28th article, the procurement does not meet national standards of food, medicine and other daily necessities;

    (14) in violation of the provisions set forth in the 29th, 30th, not equipped with health professionals, implementation of students ' regular health screening system or the establishment of student health records;

    (15) in violation of the provisions set forth in 31st, 32nd and 33rd, has not established a minor student information reporting system, security or set up psychological counseling room of the education system;

    (16) the violation of the provisions of article 35th, conceal, misrepresent or delay in reporting accidents or impede the investigation, providing false information;

    (17) the violation of the provisions of article 38th do work for school liability insurance or provide facilities for students to participate in accident insurance, fees;

    (18) other school responsibilities related to violation of the provisions of regulation.

    42nd truck full-time managers in contravention of this article 17th second to third paragraph, did not perform their duties, by the school shall be ordered to correct or replace; the circumstances are serious, be dismissed.

    43rd school mentioned in this provision shall include public schools and private schools.

    Sponsor of a public school, refers to the Government funded investment in schools at all levels of people's Governments and relevant administrative departments.

    Organizers of the private school, refers to the use of non-State financial requirements, community-oriented social organization or individual other than the school of national institutions.

    44th approved the establishment of educational institutions and other training institutions of security management, reference to the provisions. 45th article of the regulations come into force on April 1, 2012.

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