Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Vff Incentives And Measures Of Protection

Original Language Title: 新疆维吾尔自治区见义勇为人员奖励和保护办法

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Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, VFF incentives and measures of protection

    (February 2, 2012, Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region people's Government Executive meeting of the 30th through February 10, 2012 174th of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people's Government promulgated as of April 1, 2012) first to promote social justice, strengthening the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of VFF, these measures are formulated.

Second autonomous region within the administrative area of heroic behavior declarations, references, recognition, reward and protection, these measures shall apply.

    Declaration of national heroic behavior, referrals, recognition, awards and other activities, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

Article good Samaritan acts are protected by law and should be respected by the whole society.

    Legal persons, other organizations and citizens with full civil capacity, should support and protect the VFF.

    Fourth prize to the VFF and protection should be objective, fair and moral encouragement, a combination of economic incentives as a supplement and provide social security principles.

Fifth article of the approaches implemented by the people's Governments above the county level, specific work by the comprehensive management of social management agencies.

Public security, civil affairs, finance, human resources and social security, health and other competent administrative department within the scope of their statutory duties, responsible for VFF rewards and protection work.

    Radio and television, education, the press and publishing sectors and trade unions, women's federations, Communist Youth League, the Federation and other social advocacy groups should be done heroic work. Sixth people's Governments above the county level through financial grants, accept donations and other special funds for establishing heroic; conditional regions, and good Samaritan Foundation, established by law.

Heroic funding (base) Gold is mainly used for the following:

(A) the VFF's reward, consolation, sympathy;

(B) for heroic sacrifices, disability allowance;

(C) financial support for the relatives of the heroic sacrifices life difficulties;

(D) dealing with for heroic sacrifices, the disabled, the bearer of life insurance;

(E) other fees to be paid.

    Encourage social organizations and individuals dedicated to the heroic funding (base) donation management sectors.

Article citizens in addition to statutory responsibilities, legal obligations or contractual obligation, any of the following acts, should be recognized as good Samaritan behavior:

(A) the Suppression of national security, social security or that is detrimental to social order offences;

(B) against the State, a collective or another person's personal and property security of the illegal and criminal activities;

(C) assist the public security and judicial authorities chased, capturing wanted criminals or suspects;

(Iv) to protect the State, a collective or another person's personal and property security, emergency rescue, disaster relief, rescue,

    (E) other acts should be recognized as heroic.

Eighth heroic acts by County (City) social comprehensive management organization for confirmation.

Good Samaritan acts or any of his close relatives, units or individuals may approach the heroic acts of the County (City) facets of public administration institutions Declaration, recommended to confirm good Samaritan acts.

    Good Samaritan Act did not declare, references, facets of public management institution may, on terms of reference for confirmation. Nineth report, recommended good Samaritan Act, shall be submitted within one year from the date of an heroic act.

    Due to special reasons, cannot be raised within a year and may be extended as appropriate.

Tenth report people, references should be submitted to the good Samaritan Act related proof materials.

    Good Samaritan Act beneficiaries have an obligation to provide good Samaritan acts and documents.

11th the County (City) comprehensive management of social management receives requesting confirmation of the good Samaritan Act Declaration, recommended materials, acts considered heroic meets the conditions for higher people's Government recognize, reward, and step by step to the superior facets of public administration bodies for the attention of confirmation, and these measures are in accordance with article 14th to give commendations and awards.

    The VFF's commendations and awards, generally held once every two years.

    12th facets of public administration institutions shall receive requesting confirmation of the good Samaritan Act Declaration, recommendation materials within 30th of investigation to verify, to confirm or not to confirm the decision in writing.

    13th recognizes the heroic behavior of comprehensive management of social management agencies should organize public security, civil affairs, human resources and social security, health professionals and relevant experts, scholars and other departments, for righteous behavior evaluation, if necessary, you can organize hearings.

   Article 14th persons recognized as heroic, give commendations and awards in accordance with the following provisions:

   (A) the special highlight of the heroic deeds, has great influence within the State, drew attention to the autonomous regional people's Government granted the honorary title, and give a reward of not less than 50,000 yuan;

   (B) righteous deeds, and in States and cities (ground) within affected, drew attention to the State, (about) people's Government (Administrative Office), a title of honour and reward of no less than 30,000 yuan;

    (C) righteous deeds more prominent, in counties (cities) within affected to the attention of County (City) Government awarded the honorary title, and give a reward of not less than 10,000 yuan.

15th due to heroic sacrifice of people, completely lost the ability to work or most of the incapacity of the person who, by County (City) Government once sent to good Samaritan Act, respectively the previous year, when the per capita disposable income of urban residents of the autonomous region 30 times, 10 times, 20 times times times the bonus.

    National and State-level poverty-stricken counties (cities) there is difficulty in implementation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, by autonomous financial excess subsidies.

    16th commendations and awards VFF's activities should be conducted in public, but rewarded staff requested confidentiality or relevant departments shall be kept confidential except.

    Article 17th for good Samaritan wounded personnel, shall be promptly escorted to medical institutions, medical institutions and their staff shall organize a rescue, treatment.

18th VFF's medical and rehabilitation costs, hospital food subsidies, transport lodging, delay compensation, disability AIDS, disability living allowance, funeral expenses and so on, by the offender or the person liable in accordance with relevant laws, rules, regulations and relevant regulations of the State, autonomous regions bear the appropriate compensation to the beneficiary should be given.

Offender, responsible person is unable to pay, or do not cause harm, the person responsible, and paid in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) the VFF units should participate in and do not participate in work-related injury insurance, according to the work-related injury insurance benefits paid by his employer;

(B) the VFF units have participated in work-related injury insurance, paid by the social insurance agency in accordance with the work-related injury insurance benefits;

(C) the VFF no work unit, managed by the recognition of heroic social comprehensive management bodies from the good Samaritan Fund, good Samaritan Fund payments.

    VFF of civil service or civil service management, institutions, social groups of staff, paid by his employer in accordance with the treatment of work-related injuries.

    19th good Samaritan wounded during treatment, should be regarded as regular attendance, the unit may not deduct their salaries, bonuses and other benefits. 20th disabled due to heroic workers, their level of disability evaluation shall be organized by the relevant authorities.

    VFF partial loss of working ability, the unit should be scheduled within, is allowed to unilaterally terminate the labor contract. 21st due to heroic sacrifice of personnel, in accordance with the State and the autonomous communities for all the public (workers) to casualties of the regulations.

Evaluation as a martyr or give awards and victory of the VFF, except in accordance with these measures to recognize, reward and compensation, but should also implement the martyrs praise Ordinance and the relevant regulations of the State Council.

    VFF organization and grass-roots organizations to this unit, this area gives awards to the VFF. 22nd VFF under the same conditions, access to employment, schools, military recruitment, promotion, promotion, contract management and other aspects of priority.

Access to provincial level honorary title of honorable, and enjoy the benefits of model workers of the autonomous region.

    VFF partial loss of working capacity or that life is difficult and self-employed, the departments concerned should give tax, fee remission in accordance with the provisions of care.

23rd caused disability, due to heroic sacrifice family life difficult, VFF domicile of the counties (cities) people should be included in the social assistance system, implementation of the relevant treatment organization or the units should give support in areas such as economic, social.

    Families enjoy the benefits of local subsistence VFF, its heroic bonuses and pensions, is not included in the calculation of family income base.

    24th facets of public administration institutions shall provide VFF archive creation, classification management and tracking services.

25th VFF or their close relatives as a result of heroic acts or falsely accuse or frame, retribution, or threats to personal and property security, request relevant administrative departments to protect their legitimate rights and interests according to law, and relevant competent administrative departments shall take effective measures to protect.

    VFF and its close relatives requests for legal aid, legal aid should be provided.

    Article 26th heroic acts benefit beneficiaries escaped, hiding facts, refused to testify, facets of public administration authorities shall verify, and exposure to the community.

    27th employer VFF partial loss of working capacity and for unilateral termination of labor contract, the Department of human resources and social security administration ordered corrective action and be dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

    28th or falsely accuse or frame, retaliate against or VFF and its close relative, the relevant administrative departments of public criticism; the circumstances are serious, shall be punished according to the law on public security administration punishments constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
Article 29th of deception, defrauding heroic honors and awards, by the honors and awards granted authority to revoke its honorary title, recovery certificate, bonuses and related subsidy constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Article 30th relevant administrative departments and their staff of VFF's treatment and related costs be handled according to the provisions, or does not carry out protection duties, by its competent authorities or their supervisory organs shall be ordered to correct, cancel the annual assessment of the unit or individual qualifications and directly in charge of personnel and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.

    31st facets of public administration bodies and the staff of the competent authorities in the reward and protect good Samaritans work in fraud, deception or corruption, diverts the righteous project funding (base) gold, does not constitute a crime, by its competent authorities or administrative supervision organ directly in charge of personnel and others directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 32nd article this way come into force on April 1, 2012.

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