Ningbo Central Heating Management

Original Language Title: 宁波市集中供热管理办法

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Ningbo central heating management

    (January 19, 2012 Ningbo Municipal People's Government for the 118th general meeting February 5, 2012 announced since March 20, 2012, Ningbo Municipal People's Government 193th) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to regulate the heating management, promote the development of district heating, according to the People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Act, provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second approach applies to heating within the administrative area of the city planning, construction, operation, use and management.

    Central heating in these measures refers to by heating using heat produced by enterprises of steam, hot water through pipelines or other carrier to provide users with thermal heating within a certain area. Article city authority is the central heating industry administrative departments.

Municipal centralized heat-supply management agencies commissioned by the municipal Bureau of city administration, specific management for central heating.

The County (City) district people's Government's administrative departments in charge of central heating central heating industry management work within their respective administrative areas.

    Development and reform, the economy, environmental protection, work safety, quality and technology supervision, planning, construction, public safety, transportation, trade and other competent administrative departments shall, consistent with their respective mandates, in collaboration with good management of central heating.

Article central heating industry development of unified planning, rational distribution, security, promotion of energy saving and environmental protection, the principle of optimizing the allocation of resources.

Encourages research, extension, use of advanced heating methods, technologies and equipment, to upgrade their technological level and quality; encouraging the use of clean energy.

    Encourages and supports industry organizations and agencies involved in the heating industry management and technical services, advocacy training, and so on.

    Chapter II planning and construction

Fifth of municipal centralized heat-supply planning should be integrated into national economic and social development of the city planning, coordination with the overall urban planning and energy development plan.

    City development and reform of the executive departments shall, in accordance with the State industrial policies, urban planning, economic and social development needs in the region, in conjunction with city Administrative Department of central heating, central heating, prepare plans and procedures set forth by that organization after approval.

Sixth of municipal centralized heat-supply planning is the basis of construction and management of central heating.

    Municipal centralized heat-supply planning approval without changes, is absolutely necessary to change, according to the original examination and approval procedures should be reported to the approval.

Article building, rebuilding, expansion of centralized heat-supply engineering, shall comply with the municipal centralized heat-supply planning, and carry out capital construction program under the law.

Before central heating projects in building, rebuilding, expansion projects, the development and reform of administrative departments should seek the views of competent administrative Department for central heating.

    Before central heating project for the construction, the construction unit shall seek the views of heating engineering design.

After completion of the eighth district heating, heating project construction units shall in accordance with the   

State regulations for acceptance; acceptance before they can run.

    Heating construction units should be acceptance from the date of completion of the heating in the 15th, following the completion of acceptance to the competent administrative authorities of central heating.

    Nineth concentrated heating project for the design, construction, supervision, shall comply with the relevant national technical standards and specifications, and by tendering and bidding determined in the form of a qualified entity.

Used by the tenth central heating engineering equipment, materials, appliances and should be used in accordance with the relevant national technology standards and qualified products, components, pressure vessels and pressure piping and pressure pipeline safety accessories, safety protection devices shall comply with the standards required by the specification.

    Relevant supervisory and administrative departments shall, in accordance with the central heating engineering equipment, materials and apparatus for quality supervision and inspection.

    Chapter district heating and heat management

    Article 11th Central heating business enterprises shall comply with the relevant State industrial policies and industrial development.

    12th heat enterprises and heat supply enterprises shall follow the relevant heating thermal energy utilization of the State compulsory standards, strengthen management, ensure quality.

13th heat enterprises and heating heating facility maintenance and management should be strengthened to ensure a safe, continuous heating without unreasonable stops heating.

Due to urban construction, heating facility construction or maintenance equipment maintenance and other reasons need to

    Less heating or stops heating, heat source, heat supply enterprises shall advance to the competent administrative authorities of central heating, and 72-hour advance notice to users; limit is due to force majeure when heating or stops heating and heat supply enterprises shall immediately repair, and notify the user.

14th need heat units and individuals shall apply to heating companies and signed for hot contract.

    Hot contracts should include heating, heating, thermal properties, number of parameters, duration, fees, payment time limits, clearing the way, security liability, breach of contract and other matters as agreed by the parties.

15th user shall pay the heating costs in accordance with the contract on time, overdue payments, shall pay the penalty in accordance with the contract.

    Users in receipt of a reminder notice with heating heating not paid after 15th and liquidated damages, heating companies without prejudice to the interests of other users of hot situations, can be limited in accordance with the contract or stops heating. 16th district heating price in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, province.

    Heating enterprises and users may appoint a mutually agreed third party pricing services for heating price determination.

Article 17th without consent of the heating company, users shall not be any of the following acts:

(A) without authorization, remove, move, add to, changed the heating facilities;

(B) incorporation, netting and expand on their own amount of heat, changed the heating facilities using nature and operation mode;

    (Iii) other damage or affect the heating effect of heating facilities.

18th user shall cooperate with the heating company for inspection and maintenance of heat supply facilities,

    And according to the heating technology thermal specifications, reflected for occur during hot issues in a timely manner.

19th heat enterprises, heating enterprises and users shall use the statutory qualification of verification standards body heat and required the installation of measuring instruments.

    Heat the use of measuring instruments, periodic inspection and management shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State.

20th heat measurement of temperature and flow measurement instruments and related fees and clearing heat costs. Heating enterprises and users of measurement dispute, by a statutory inspection qualification bodies to test for the measuring instruments.

    Nuclear heat supply enterprises shall, in accordance with test results to a heat charge.

The fourth chapter 21st of municipal and county facilities management (City) competent administrative departments shall, in conjunction with the urban and rural planning of district heating and other departments concerned in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations for heating protection.

Heating safety protection range, prohibit the following acts:

(A) construction of a building or structure, (ii) mining, drilling, pile driving, buried shots;

(C) blasting operations;

(D) the piled up garbage, debris, waste emissions;

(E) other behaviors that affect heating facilities.

    Due to construction needs, needed for heating within the scope of protection for laying pipes, pile driving, jacking, excavation may affect the heating facility security activities such as unit prior to construction to heating enterprises or enterprises of heat source to identify heating and with heating or heat enterprises signed a security agreement, set construction, protection plans, take appropriate protective measures.

    22nd construction needs, needed demolition, removal or modification of heat supply facilities, the construction unit shall agree to consent of the heating or heat source enterprises, and by heating or heat source enterprises is responsible for construction, the costs borne by the employer.

Article 23rd update of heat supply facilities, alteration, repair and maintenance responsibilities determined according to the following classification:

(A) heat source enterprise factory planning outside the red line within 1 m of heating by heat source is responsible for;

(B) heat enterprises planned red line 1 m to users other than household heating pipe NET first valve responsible for;

(C) customer service pipe NET first valve yihou and indoor heating equipment is the user's responsibility.

Non-resident users and heat supply enterprises for heating facilities maintenance, agreed by the maintenance responsibility, their agreement shall prevail.

    Users can delegate heating repair and maintenance for heating.

    The fifth chapter safety management and supervision

    24th heat and heat supply enterprises shall make safety operation management, maintenance of heat supply facilities, accident repair, emergency and regular inspection system.

25th heat and heat supply enterprises shall have full-time maintenance personnel and necessary repair equipment, equipment to ensure efficient and timely rescue and treatment of accidents. 

    Users find heating indications, risks of accidents shall be promptly reported to the heating, heating company after receiving the report, shall immediately organize inspection, assessment and repair.

Article 26th heat enterprises and heat supply enterprises shall provide security to the user guidance and service of heat.

    Users shall strictly comply with the safety thermal requirements, protection of heating facilities.

    27th heat enterprises and heat supply enterprises shall be according to the relevant regulations of the State in the periodic inspection of the heating within the statutory inspection cycle.

28th heat enterprises, heating units and users within the scope of their conservation should be heating equipment safety warning flag is set.

    No unit or individual shall not alter, move, cover, removed or damaged safety warning signs. Article 29th sudden failure of the heating facilities in need of immediate repair, heating companies in ensuring the safety of heating conditions first under construction, and timely replacement of the relevant approval procedures. 

    Relevant departments should support the heating company, guaranteed repair work carried out in a timely manner.

    30th of municipal or County (City) competent administrative departments shall establish and improve the safety of district heating heat protection system and the supervision and inspection system, organizations implementing the emergency plan for central heating, accident investigation, emergency response work, shall conduct supervision and inspection on central heating enterprise. Article 31st enterprise credit supervision system for central heating.
City, County (City)

Central heating and administrative departments shall organize relevant departments and trade associations from the heat source enterprises, heating, other related enterprises in the construction of central heating, heat production, business activities meet statutory obligations, contractual obligations of credit monitoring, promoting the construction of enterprises ' credit.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    32nd breach of these measures under article eighth, unqualified acceptance or acceptance of centralized heat-supply engineering operation, be ordered by the competent administrative Department for central heating to correct, the fines of between 50,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

    33rd article violates this article tenth provides that central heating is not used to comply with the safety specifications of pressure piping and pressure piping components, pressure vessels and their accessories, safety device, the Department of quality and technical supervision Administration ordered corrective action and more than 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.

    34th in violation of the provisions of article 17th, by the Administrative Department shall be ordered to correct for central heating, resulting in the loss shall bear liability.

    35th article violates this article 21st paragraph, for heating safety protection affect the behavior of urban heating facilities within and by the Administrative Department shall be ordered to correct for central heating, fined a maximum of 500 Yuan and more than 5000 Yuan.

    36th article in violation of the third paragraph of the article 21st, heating within the scope of protection for laying pipelines, pile driving, jacking, excavation may affect the heating facility security activities such as unit is not heating or heat enterprises signed a security agreement or protective measures or the protection programme in place, by the administrative departments responsible for central heating units of between 50,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.

    37th in violation of provisions of this article 22nd, units without heating or heat source company agrees, demolition, removal or modification of heat supply facilities, be ordered by the competent administrative Department for central heating to correct, and to a fine of up to 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    38th article violates article 28th of these measures, source enterprises, heating units and users within the scope of their conservation is not set or altered, moved, units and individuals covering, dismantle and damage heating equipment safety warning signs, by the Administrative Department shall be ordered to correct for central heating and can be fined a maximum of 2000.

39th article violates these rules, source enterprises or heating company, one of the following acts, by the Administrative Department shall be ordered to correct for central heating and can be fined a maximum of between 5000 and 1000 Yuan:

(A) the use of substandard heating facilities;

(B) the formulation of safety operation management of heating facility maintenance, accident repair, emergency and regular inspections, rules and regulations; 

(C) did not have full-time maintenance personnel and the necessary repair equipment, tools or failing to timely repair of heating failures;

(D) fails to perform the obligation, without limit or stop heating;

    (E) refuses to meet the thermal condition of the entity or individual heating.

    40th of sabotage, theft of urban heating facilities or theft steam, hot water or hinder, beatings, insults according to staff on mission, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security penalty case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 

    41st article concentrated heating administrative competent sector and other about administrative sector and staff has following behavior one of of, law held its administrative responsibility: (a) unauthorized change by approved of concentrated heating planning of; (ii) not according to provides perform related approval procedures of; (three) received reported, and complaints Hou not timely accepted, or found violations not timely for investigation of; (four) not perform this approach provides of other obligations of.

    42nd acts in violation of these rules, the laws and regulations we have legal liability provisions from its provisions.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

43rd article about the meaning of the term in this way:

(A) the source enterprises, is defined as the heat production and heat units;

(B) the heating company, refers to the use of heat energy in operating heating unit;

(C) users, refers to the use of heat supply enterprises to provide thermal energy for its production and living services for units and individuals;

    (D) the heat supply facilities, are used for production, storage, transmission and distribution of heat energy for various devices and ancillary equipment, including heat source plant, boiler room, transmission and distribution network, heat exchanger stations, pumping stations and valve Chamber (pit), indoor plumbing, heating, measuring instruments, thermal equipment and accessories.

    Article 44th of heating by other than central heating, its management activities in accordance with the measures implemented. 45th article of the rules take effect on March 20, 2012.