Guangzhou City Construction Engineering Construction Management

Original Language Title: 广州市建设工程文明施工管理规定

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Guangzhou City construction engineering construction management

    (December 16, 2011 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Guangzhou City, the 163th review January 5, 2012, Guangzhou City people's Government, the 62nd release as of March 1, 2012) first to strengthen civilization construction management of construction projects, maintain the city clean, according to the provisions of relevant State laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Article construction in these rules refers to activities such as construction and demolition of buildings, structures, measures taken pursuant to the provisions, protect environment, sanitation and construction site work construction workers healthy and effective construction activities to reduce adverse impacts on the surrounding environment.

    Article within the administrative area of the city engaged in the construction and demolition of buildings, structures, supervision and management of the relevant activities, these provisions shall apply.

    Emergency rescue and disaster relief projects, railway and military construction projects these rules do not apply.

    Article fourth of urban management, construction, administrative departments in charge of the management of organization and coordination work, and organize the implementation of these provisions.

    City management established under the administrative authority and civil construction hotline (12319), establishing fast exchange of information between administrations and complaints-handling mechanism.

    Article fifth construction, water Affairs and forestry gardens, transportation, urban management and Administration Department (hereinafter referred to as project administration) according to the following duties, respectively responsible for supervision and management of construction projects and civil construction:

    (A) the construction Administrative Department is responsible for building and infrastructure engineering construction supervision and management.

    (B) the water Administrative Department is responsible for water engineering construction supervision and management.

    (C) Forest Garden administrative departments are responsible for landscape engineering construction supervision and management.

    (D) road traffic administrative departments to occupy or dig the city (except for sidewalks and public spaces) construction supervision and management.

    (E) Administrative Department is responsible for the management of the city sidewalk excavation and occupied the pavement construction of supervision and management.

    (F) the port administrations are responsible for port engineering construction supervision and management.

    (G) the highway administrative departments are responsible for highway engineering construction supervision and management.

    Comprehensive urban management enforcement and engineering administrative departments responsible for violations of administrative penalty according to law.

    Article sixth of the Administrative Department of engineering construction inspection system should be established, make inspection records, and the inclusion of enterprise civilization construction management of enterprise credit evaluation system.

    Article seventh unit shall perform the following management responsibilities:

    (A) invited tenders in construction and demolition of buildings, structures or when the employer directly, clear requirements and measures of the construction, a separate safe and civilized construction measure fee.

    (B) in the preparation of the project budget, budget, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, clear in the contract the safe and civilized construction measure fee and the application, approval, payment and settlement terms.

    (C) at the time of the construction permit, construction contracts, safe and civilized construction measure the relevant documents.

    (Four) in construction design file determine Qian, organization design units on engineering around buildings, and structures and various pipeline, and facilities for site exploration, proposed civilization construction of specific technology measures and requirements, and will engineering by involved buildings, and structures and pipeline, and facilities management units of written views and environmental administrative sector proposed of design requirements, submitted to design units, and construction units and road tube raised units.

    (E) the implementation of safe and civilized construction measure fee, inspection, supervision, assist construction unit construction, construction units shall not be required to reduce construction standards.

    Eighth design unit in the preparation of the design documents should be based on the construction survey files and the civilization construction of the construction units to provide written comments, on construction projects around the buildings, structures and pipelines, facilities protection requirements and preferred to civilized construction technology, construction technology and building materials.

    Nineth construction unit shall perform the following management responsibilities:

    (A) in accordance with the requirements of this provision, implement the various civilized construction management measures, implementing the civilization responsible for construction, building of civil construction inspection system.

    (B) implementation of general contract management of construction engineering, subcontractor shall comply with contracting regulations, civilized construction management responsibility for implementation of the subcontracted works.

    (C) in accordance with unit construction of written submissions and the design document, files clear and civilized construction in construction organization design of specific measures and present supervisor approval before implementation.

    Construction units in the event of violation of the provisions of the Act should be timely rectification.

    Article tenth supervision of engineering, supervising units shall carry out the following responsibilities:

    (A) audit construction preparation of construction organization design of paper, urge the construction units implementing the civilization construct management measures, civilized construction measure fee check the construction unit usage.

    (B) supervision process, the construction unit has found violations of civilized construction management and construction units should be requested rectification; construction unit refused to reform and construction units should be required to suspend, and to report to the unit.

    (C) violation of civilized construction in construction management refused to reform or not to stop the construction, timely report to the Administrative Department of engineering.

    In accordance with the laws and regulations do not need to implement supervision of engineering, by the units ' management responsibility to implement the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

    11th construction unit should be away from the project for the 7th commencement notices posted around at the site, notices should include engineering, construction plans, construction liability company name and the name of the project, complaint calls and so on.

    Greater impact on traffic in urban road construction projects, the construction unit shall develop traffic diversion programmes, emergency and road rehabilitation programme, and city-level TV stations, newspapers, radio stations and other media construction information such as announcements, bus interim adjustments.

    12th construction site set up related facilities shall, in accordance with the following requirements: (A) in conspicuous construction nameplates, and posting relevant licenses.

    Nameplate shall specify project name the construction, building, construction, the engineer and Project Director's name, name of supervisory authority, start, plan completion date and monitor complaints and so on.

    (B) construction work areas and offices, living quarters should be set separately, has adequate safety distances, take appropriate isolation measures occupy or dig the construction of urban roads, no office space, hostels and other non-essential areas and facilities. (C) continuous, closed around the construction site should be set around.

    Pipeline Engineering, part-closure of the city projects, such as road blocks surrounding stalls should be used.

    (D) vehicle access should be set within the site car wash site and sedimentation tanks, equipped with high-pressure washing water; does not have sets of car wash facilities piping, non-closure of the city, such as construction, construction units concerned should adopt mobile flush flush construction site vehicles, and to have someone cleaning.

    (V) site used facade scaffolding steel erection, erection prohibiting the use of bamboo or steel-bamboo mix, warning of the scaffold should paint provides color paint, there should be no obvious rust, elevation, unified mesh safety screen enclosed green key.

    (F) building material and construction site equipment and facilities shall be in accordance with the construction plan stored neatly in designated areas, and set the label, shall not be stacked in the field outside the enclosed.

    (VII) construction site road should be open and unobstructed drainage facilities and emergency facilities. 13th construction units shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the prevention and control of environmental noise pollution against construction noise pollution, noise emissions shall not exceed national and local noise emission standards.

    Construction units should be in accordance with the building construction site noise measurements and monitoring of construction site noise values.

    14th construction unit shall comply with the following provisions of the control of dust:

    (A) construction shall use bulk cement or concrete due to objective conditions such as traffic, construction sites, require the use of bags of cement, should be approved by the building administration.

    (B) the construction site the bulk construction materials piled up, closed or covered and other dust control measures should be taken.

    (C) prohibition of aerial dispersal construction waste, construction waste should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of this city, cleaned up and dissolve.

    (D) bulk material, bulk material management, transport shall comply with the relevant provisions. (E) remove construction spray dust control measure should be taken.

    Upon completion of the demolition work could not begin construction land in the 30th, the construction unit shall take measures such as covering, surface hardening, simple green.

    (F) the loading and unloading construction materials or in the area of the construction site dust, shall take shelter enclosed or water spray dust suppression measures.

    (G) the prohibition of the burning of construction waste and household waste.

    15th construction units shall apply to the water supplies Administration Department construction drainage permit procedures and according to the provisions of temporary drainage connections.

    Construction site should set the sedimentation tank and the drain (tube) network, banned sites directly discharged into the municipal sewer or river mud.

    16th construction unit for welding or night time lighting, effective shielding light measures should be taken to avoid light reflection residential.

    Addition to site the night security needs, site 22 o'clock to 6 o'clock the next day should stop at night using a strong light.

    17th in urban road construction jobs, construction units should be approved within the section and time of construction operations, and set at the safe distance from the construction site to the obvious security warning signs, and take protective measures. In urban road maintenance, maintenance work, shall be in accordance with the requirement of specification safety warning signs and security guards.

    Road maintenance vehicles, machinery shall be installed warning lights, spray the obvious pattern, operations should turn on warning lights and hazard warning lamps.
Construction project near the sidewalk or roadway, construction units should be built above a road safety protection facilities, and warning and guiding signs.

    Article 18th building units and construction units shall do a good building site construction site security, implementation of security, fire prevention measures.

    19th construction process, construction units concerned should do on the surrounding units, communities on the impact of the construction of follow-up work, multiple visits, according to feedback improve the civil construction work.

    20th construction units shall establish a civilized construction archives, records and civil construction.

    21st construction projects are completed, construction units shall, before acceptance of construction organization dismantled the site enclosed, safe protection facilities and other temporary facilities, and removal of waste.

    To occupy or dig after completion of the construction of urban roads, construction units concerned should clear the obstacles on the road to eliminate security risks, and to clear the area before the expiry of the approval of construction.

    22nd specific standards of civilized construction in construction engineering, construction of Guangzhou City, according to the provisions annexed to the implementation of engineering construction standards; needs to be adjusted, revised and published by the municipal construction Administrative Department.

    Municipal construction Administrative Department, together with the relevant administrative departments to establish a city civilization construction of evaluation system of engineering, organization and corporate culture construction evaluation, evaluation results administration of City Management Department audit released to public.

    23rd any unit and individual have the right to report violations of the provisions of the construction Act.

    Employer, the design does not fulfill the provisions of article 24th article seventh, eighth and civilized construction management responsibility under, the engineering Administration Department shall order rectification fails to change, more than 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine, and recorded in the evaluation of enterprise culture construction files.

    25th engineer, construction units are not set out in this article tenth of the civilization construct management responsibilities, the engineering Administration Department shall order rectification fails to change, the engineering Administration Department Department fined not more than 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.

    Article 26th units not complying with the provisions of the present article 11th advertised, the engineering Administration Department shall order rectification fails to change, more than 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.

    12th 27th construction violates the provisions of article (a), (b), (e), (f), (g), construction site facilities do not meet the requirements of, the engineering Administration Department shall order rectification fails to change, more than 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.

    28th construction violates this provision Article 16th lighting requirements, consists of comprehensive urban management enforcement authority shall order rectification fails to change, more than 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.

    Construction units in violation of the provisions of article 29th 12th paragraph (c), (d), 14th, 17th, consists of comprehensive urban management enforcement authority in accordance with the Division of Guangzhou's comprehensive urban management enforcement rules to determine administrative punishments.

    Violation of the provisions of other illegal acts, laws, rules and regulations on penalties, by the relevant administrative department in accordance with its provisions.

    30th relevant administrative departments and their staff to perform their duties, by appointment and removal or administrative permissions for the monitoring authorities are directly responsible for the competent and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.

    31st these provisions come into force on March 1, 2012.

    Annex: Guangzhou construction engineering construction standard

    First, the construction enclosed

    (A) the wall.

    1. the housing construction, duration, in more than half of municipal engineering, water works and buildings and demolition works should be using the wall closed.

    2. the unified brick 18 cm thick brick wall, and capping height of 2 meters.

    3. masonry base feet and walls, Foundation buried depth of not less than 50 cm feet, not more than 3 m distance between wall and column, wall and wall connections should be solid, safe and reliable.

    4. outer wall plastering and finishing, and landscaping, and encouraged construction outside the characteristic shape and green walls.

    5. using the wall set of commercials and public service announcements, shall comply with the People's Republic of China advertisement law, Guangzhou City, and the outdoor advertising signboards and setting regulations and other related regulations.

    (B) boards.

    1. duration of more than six months following 15th of municipal engineering, water engineering and demolition closed boards should be used.

    2. light steel frame aluminum plate (plate) or prefabricated double-sided color steel sandwich panel (Board room), a height of 1.8 meters, wall plate with angle iron support and c-shaped steel column and in ground consolidation, steel columns spaced no more than 3.3 m.

    3. uniform brick enclosed feet line 20 cm high and 18 cm thick brick walls to prevent hoarding of debris spilled out.

    4. the pillars, bearing, connection of curved profiled sheet of color must be solid, safe and reliable, color of the boards should be consistent.

    5. the enclosed should be set near the motorway finished cast iron or steel bull bar, according to traffic regulations night reflective warning flag is set.

    (C) key button steel fencing (iron horse).

    Duration below the 15th municipal engineering, water supply project should adopt the standard key buckle steel fencing (iron horse) enclosed.

    Second, site access doors

    (A) the site gates and posts should be solid in appearance, not be less than 2 metres in height, the width should not be less than 5 m.

    (B) the door adapted to use material and the wall, wall, gate should have a corporate logo.

    Third, site management

    (A) the construction site shall be in the following end of hard measures.

    1. construction site inside and outside the gate channel, temporary facilities indoor floor, material stacking, steel processing, warehouse areas, should water the thickness of not less than 20 cm, hard bottom of the strength of concrete not less than C15.

    2. construction site nude for 3 months or more in land and afforestation measures should be taken; nude for 3 months, should take cover, compaction, watering and other cleaning measures.

    (B) the construction site set up temporary facilities (offices, dormitories, kitchen, toilets, temporary water and electricity facilities, warehouses) uniform used prefabricated house or brick houses. Using prefabricated housing activity should have a product certification as a whole.

    Brick-based unified use of brick walls, zinc, iron and tile, white sides of the wall finishes, roof Typhoon-proof reinforcement measures should be taken. (C) the construction site should have the loop road, and often smooth, do not stack components, materials, the road should be the formation of a solid, no large areas of stagnant water.

    Vehicle channel width should not be less than 3.5 m, lateral drains should be set. (D) the scratch vehicle access should be set in concrete in the construction site during the 30 cm wide, 40 cm deep trench surrounded by 3 meters, 5 meters long rectangular car wash site and sedimentation tanks, equipped with high-pressure washing water guns, drove away from the site of motor vehicles should be pulled out before rinsing.

    Do not have settings municipal car wash facilities, pipelines, construction units should flush flush mobile site vehicles, and to have someone cleaning. (E) set the drain (tube) network to ensure smooth drainage.

    Construction of waste water, mud flow or pool of pipe flow to the site set uniform sedimentation, polluted and not free construction areas along rivers and roads. (Vi) safety nets hanging flat, dense spell connected, neat appearance, not hanging, spill off.

    Removal using the façade of the fence should be impervious to dust and color should be harmony with the surrounding environment.

    (G) implement closed management on site.

    1. the entrance should have a full-time guard staff and guard management system and played guard role.

    2. to enter the construction site personnel should wear "project green card" such as cards, cards should be worn in order.

    (VIII) you may not take up the examination and approval of municipal road construction scope of office space, dormitories and other facilities.

    Four living facilities (A) the living space should be set to the following facilities: tea room, lavatory and shower, flush or portable toilet, enclosed garbage containers.

    During construction in summer you should configure heatstroke prevention equipment and facilities such as tea pavilions and water barrels.

    (Ii) the kitchen. 1. construction site set up collective kitchens, should stay away from the building line grid, job sites, sewage and other pollution sources.

    Kitchens require ventilation, sanitation, kept clean, to separate between raw and cooked, white porcelain tiling the wall 2 meters high within, the other plain white, kitchen countertop, workstations and other facilities and selling both inside and outside of the window sill should be white paving, doors, Windows and entrance to set screens, good surface drainage. 2. the cafeteria building, the cafeteria health must comply with the hygiene requirements.

    The Cook must have a medical certificate issued by the health and epidemic prevention departments, cooked foods should be stored separately, canteen kitchen staff wear white overalls, canteens and health checks on a regular basis.

    3. canteen should be clearly visible health and implement the responsibility system to humans.

    (C) dormitories.

    1. shall meet the moisture, ventilation, lighting, beds per person occupies an area of not less than 1.7 meters, and properly separated.

    2. for every 25 people shall have a direct entrance, main channel width not less than 1.2 m.

    Dorm living more than 3.15 not less than 1.2 metres wide.

    4. construction of dormitories and bathing for men and women should be able to meet peak needs.

    5. workers ' dormitory facilities should be neat, articles for daily use category unified storage.

    6. dormitory management system, and implement security, fire prevention, health administration responsible.

    (D) toilets.

    1. set the sink, toilet bowl auto flush devices, covered septic, prohibition of waste directly discharged into sewers and rivers.

    2. Dado should be white porcelain tile height of 1.5 meters, tank bottom and side laying against white, and squat on the ground using cement surface.

    3. to implement the special cleaning the toilet, spray on a regular basis, no smell, keep clean and hygienic.

    Five, the construction site signs

    (A) the construction site of the inlet should be neat and clear "five-figure":

    Engineering managers list and monitor phone calls; fire guard; safety; civilization construction and construction site master plan.

    (B) sign, neat tag should be standardized, and fonts neatly.

    (C) the construction site should set propaganda such as blackboard newspaper bar, gardens, rich content, praise good deeds.
Six, noise pollution control

    (A) in urban administrative Street and town noise control range within of building, and decorative, and municipal engineering, and clear split construction site, using various drill pile machine, and drilling machine, and mixer, and bulldozers, and excavator, and hoist, and oscillation device, and chainsaw, and electric planing, and saw wood machine, and wind motivation with and other construction mechanical caused environment noise pollution of, except repair and rescue engineering outside, its job time limit in 6 o'clock to 22 o'clock. (B) likely to produce noise concrete delivery pump, air compressor and large diesel generators and other equipment, as set at the construction site in a location away from the residential side, and with noise functions in its own room, operation.

    Distance from homes, hospitals, schools and other buildings of less than 5 metres from the construction site, Wai file should be set with the noise reduction function.

    (C) the demolition job, after approval by public security organs, within the required time.

    Seven, dust pollution control

    (A) the construction site placing bulk cement and mortar tanks (silo) and other storage devices, devices of all persons responsible for the management of bulk cement submitted registration form.

    (B) construction site, Earth focus stacking, 100% take measures such as covering or cured. (C) removal of spray dust prevention measures must be taken, weather forecasters when the wind speed reaches level 5, should stop the demolition works.

    Muck completed demolition within 3rd day of removal is completed, and should follow a dismantling project management requirements.

    Eight, health emergency

    (A) the number of construction sites with more than 500, shall establish a medical room, other construction site must be an effective first-aid box.

    (B) the construction site should have a trained and qualified first aid personnel, know first aid knowledge.

    (C) for the protection of workers ' health, health and disease prevention in the epidemic season and usually a regular education.

    Nine, construction waste and solid waste treatment

    (A) the construction site located airtight garbage stations, Administrative Department, urban management, in accordance with relevant provisions on waste management and waste storage.

    (B) solid waste should be cleared up, concentrated transport of loaded containers, and personnel management.

    (C) it shall not be the burning of toxic and harmful substances, disposal of toxic and harmful substances in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    Ten, temporary architecture, construction of low-rise residential and other investment by farmers at 300,000 yuan, or 300 square meters of construction standards for small

    (A) with blue corrugated sheet enclosed façade with green safety net protection.

    (B) the construction time limit on the job daily from 6 o'clock to 22 o'clock. (C) construction and clay or solid waste emissions shall comply with the relevant provisions of the city, transport vehicles pulled out of the construction site should be clean. Exposed: proactive public key words: urban and rural construction and civil construction order